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on August 15, 2002
Notting Hill - You either love it or you hate it, and since you don't spend this much money on a DVD without knowing whether or not you like the film this review is purely about the extras on the DVD, ultimate edition. When I was trying to choose between the Collectors Edition and the Ultimate Edition I couldn't find any helpful reviews so here is the first Amazon review I have ever written.
Disc 1 -
Widescreen version of the film. Choice of English or French language, English captions and Spanish subtitles. Since I can't read Spanish I don't know what the difference between captions and subtitles is.
Feature commentary (subtitles available) - The Writer, Director and Producer talk over the whole film, providing a wonderful glimpse behind the scenes. Non-stop anecdotes about filming, props, sets, stars and supporting cast. The history of the blue door and the fate of garden benches. Why the entire production crew had to dress up in jackets and ties. Which of those locations were in fact sets on a sound studio and loads of other stuff that makes you view the film with a fresh eye. If you are still in love with Anna Scott and Wil Thacker, don't watch this as it does, to some extent, take away the magic of the story.
Spotlight on location (subtitles available) - 14:00 minutes - Scenes from the film with chat from the writer, director, producer, Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, Emma Chambers and Hugh Bonneville.
Seasonal walk down Portobello Road - 3:30 minutes - Disappointingly short but very interesting. The Special Effects Supervisor explains just how they filmed Hugh's one minute walk through six months of London's weather changes.
Deleted Scenes - 6 scenes cut from the finished film. Many others are mentioned during the feature commentary but these are entertaining enough although personally I am glad they didn't make it to the final version. William tries to tell his parents, another blind date at the dinner table, Spike serves Anna pepperoni pizza, Spike messing things up even more after Anna leaves, Spike giving wedding day interviews to the media and an alternative ending set in Tony's prospering restaurant.
Music Highlights - Direct jumps to nine songs from the movie
Recommendations - Just a trailer for Erin Brockovich
Travel Book - About three pages of text from a (very poor) travel guide to Notting Hill with a map and list of restaurants. I felt very cheated as I was expecting a live tour of the real Notting Hill; hoping for something like a thirty minute documentary you might see on the travel channel.
Production Notes - About a dozen pages of text, much of which is mentioned in the commentary.
Cast and Film Makers - Brief Bios of the main actors, the writer, producer and director.
DVD Newsletter - Web address to register for on-line newsletter. It didn't inspire me to register so I can't tell you anything about it.
DVD-ROM - If you have the hardware on your computer there 'might' be access to wallpapers, screen savers and internet sites. It doesn't say exactly what and since I don't have a DVD-ROM I can't tell you anything else.
Disc 2
Full screen version of the film - Language and subtitles the same as disc 1
Feature Commentary - Same as disc 1
Music Highlights - Same as disc 1
Travel Book - Same as disc 1
Production Notes - Same as disc 1
Cast and Film Makers - Same as disc 1
DVD Newsletter - Same as disc 1
DVD-ROM - Same as disc 1
Hugh Grant's Movie Tips - 4:00 minutes - Disappointingly short. Meet his parents and some of the crew.
Elvis Costello video - Elvis Costello singing his version of 'She'. This video gave me a headache. There are only four verses but I lost count at 50 camera jumps from Elvis in the theatre, Elvis sitting down and Elvis standing outside. Some clips from the film included
Shania Twain video - Cute video of Shania singing 'You've got a way' with some clips from the film. Nicely done.
Photograph Montage - 4:45 minutes - This I thought was going to be another space filler but I was very pleasantly surprised. Stills from the film and a few behind the scenes shots set to the Anna and Wil music score by Trevor Jones. I found it amazing how much more I saw in a still that I missed in the film. Very well chosen pictures and beautiful music.
US Theatrical Trailer - 2:45 minutes - As seen in American Theatres
International Theatrical Trailer - 2:10 minutes - As seen in English Theatres - These two trailers are totally different and really bring home the cultural differences between England and America. I was surprised to see clips from a deleted scene here.
There it is. If you got this far, thanks for reading. By the way, I loved the film. Like Four Weddings and a Funeral it is just so English. Being English myself, from London, with a crush on Hugh Grant, I am of course extremely biased.
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on May 9, 2011
As Notting Hill is one of my most favorite movies I had to give it five stars. The Blu-ray picture looks great. The extra "Spotlight on Location" featurette (14.5 minutes) and music videos: "She" by Elvis Costello and "You've got a Way" by Shania Twain are a nice bonus. That said let me move on to a technicality. This is evidently a UK bluray edition? I am not a terribly observant guy. No nitpicking here, but even I noticed that the final song during the credits: "No Matter What" was missing. Instead we hear "From the Heart". I double checked with my dvd copy and I was not mistaken. I have no idea what else might have been changed. I have no intention of running the two versions side by side. I will leave that to others more interested. I didn't notice anything else on the first run so I am satified, but..... Oops, just noticed that the feature commentary from the dvd version is missing.
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on November 13, 2013
What a wonderful, sharp romantic comedy. Finally easily available on Blu Ray, Notting HIll does not disappoint.
The BR disc itself has an excellent crisp video transfer - it doesn't seem to be a new HD master but it looks great. The features are the same as those on the earlier DVD.

The movie is unfairly dismissed or pigeonholed as just another Julia Roberts rom-com, but this movie is so much more. A well written, bittersweet romance with solid performances all around. Although the movie ( like writer Richard Cutris' Love Actually ) does take place in fantasy land, Curtis realizes this and manages to tweak conventions enough to make it fresh and delightful. Roberts' character is not a fairy princess but instead is a pretty unlikable hothead, and the script deals with that. Grant's everyman is understandably overwhelmed to find a movie star falling for him ( and he for her ), and finds out that true love is messy and hard and intoxicating all at once. Just like this beauty of a movie.
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on December 28, 2016
For so many actresses... talent and beauty even... simply does not put them above the rest of their profession, Julia Roberts for about 12 or so years ... was this character... a beautiful girl but too radiant... inside and more... something that most people recognized as a kind of archetype.

Which sounds perhaps like a little too much... but this strange little film is really about fame itself, loneliness, the thrill of being that person in the mass mind yet isolated.

The movie is written extremely well and many lines are memorable and almost all of them are amusing.

Hugh Grant is very good but I still think he was miscast and yet his lines are written for him specifically and his odd very funny cadence.
That casting is not so out of the loop that one can not forget it but I kept thinking that... the couple's chances of stability was slime, with another English actor that might not have been the case.

There is a scene where they crawl over a fence that says it all and yet... in that scene, Julia is actually that American girl who is amused at the English version of manhood and still likes him very much. That felt real.

Because of the strange psychic place of Julia Roberts player herself... the movie on that level is fascinating and often for that, tender. Lovely romance for any person who has found themselves unexpectedly faced with overwhelming beauty right in front of them and for all who have dreamed of that situation.
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on January 12, 2017
The love of friends and all there really is! Brilliant, especially character actor performances abound:
Such as Gina McKee as Bella, the accident-crippled but positively ethereal wife of the great compassionate Tim McInnerny as Max, of Fairy Tale , Black Adder and Johnny English fame.
Hugh Bonneville, as Bernie, is a vulnerable, unsuccessful-stockbroker in a tour de force (of more recent downtown Abbey fame.) when he grabs a gorgeous reporter and kisses her!
Emma Chambers as Honey Thacker, Hugh Grant's spot-on perfect "Average" sister is award worthy! And speaking of which, Grant is a highly underrated actor and is award worthy as well.
This may be Roberts only worthwhile performance of her entire career since the obligatory and iconic prostitute performance in Pretty Woman. It could easily be considered award worthy rather than the forgettable, rigged Erin Brockovich.
But how can we ever forget the hilarious, vulgar, grubby, unshaven, mayonaisse slurping Rhys Ifans as Spike?
Emily Mortimer as Perfect Girl truly was!
Blu ray is good quality but hardly worthy of a double dip over the excellent dvd version with no significant additions to the previously wonderful special features.
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on October 13, 2008
These are two of my favorite Julia Roberts movies and two of my favorite movies in general of all time, so I was really happy to see them offered in a twin pack. "Notting Hill" is a charming romantic comedy with Hugh Grant set in London with a great soundtrack. "Erin Brockovich" is a true story about how Erin Brockovich fought against corporate giant Pacific Gas and Electric Co. This movie has it all: funny, uplifting, sad and touching. I recently met the real Erin Brockovich Ellis at a conference and she is an amazing lady and very much the way she was portrayed by Julia Roberts in the movie. My husband really enjoys these two movies also. Buy this set and you'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll enjoy them both over and over....
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on February 18, 2002
I am not a big fan of romantic comedies in general, but "Notting Hill" is one of my favorite movies. "Notting Hill" is a love story between travel book store owner, William Thacker played by Hugh Grant, and world famous actress, Anna Scott played by Julia Roberts. There is a special chemistry between Grant and Roberts that I seldom see in modern films. There's a perfect blend of romance and comedy. Rhys Ifans, who plays Thacker's flatmate Spike, adds to the comedy. The soundtrack is also wonderful, and includes the beautiful song, "She". This movie might have been billed as a "chick-flick" but both my wife and I enjoyed it immensely. "Notting Hill" is highly recommended.
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on September 15, 2013
This story by Richard Curtis is a wonderfully entertaining romantic comedy. I have watched this movie probably more than 15 times and it remains magical. Hugh Grant is simply excellent here and the chemistry between him and Julia Roberts works perfectly. The Blu-ray transfer is super particularly with the 1080P high definition picture. It was very much worth upgrading to this from my DVD version.
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on February 11, 2014
I am phasing out my VHS tapes so I wanted this on DVD. I'm glad I bought the Blu-ray version. The picture is great, and the story is fun. In my opinion, it would have been an even better movie without the occasional coarse language that movie makers seem compelled to throw into most movies of this type. Regardless, I still enjoy this movie a lot and have seen it several times.
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on November 15, 2016
Oh Rom Coms...they lure us into their fantasy world and so does this one. Everyone is funny, witty, lovable and supportive. There are hilarious and poignant moments and quotable lines ("I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her"). When done right with confident actors like Roberts and Grant, it's a warm and comfy ride with a happy ending to the tune of a gorgeous song sung by Elvis Costello. Synopsis: Regular lovable guy rescues famous actress who is at a personal crossroads in her life. Though drawn to him she holds back and ends up treating him dismissively. But when she needs to escape bad press she runs to him as a safe house and romance ensues, except that the press tracks her down. Feeing betrayed (erroneously), she leaves him but he realizes he has fallen in Iove and, we later realize, so has she. About 6 months later they meet again but he thinks she still disdains him (oh, those movie misunderstandings) so he leaves. She shows up at his shop and tries to reconcile (I'm just a girl...speech) but he says that it won't work. Later, with his friends, he realizes what an idiot he was and there is a mad cap dash through streets of London to crash a press conference and declare his love through a Q&A which, I confess, is adorable. Happy endings all around.
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