Customer Reviews: 5 Nozzle Fan Mister - Outdoor Misting Systems
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on June 6, 2011
This is a marvelously simple and effective product.
It comes pre-assembled and just clips to the front of any fan and then hooks up to a garden hose.
The ties are durable, the mist jets are adjustable, and the whole thing is unobtrusive.
It needs to go on a fairly large (18" or more) fan, and one with plastic blades is probably best, due to the moisture from the misters. A high velocity fan would probably be even better.
I put mine on an 18" pedestal fan that I leave on the patio. I can use it as a regular fan, or run the hose to it and get instant cooling mist.
Before this I had an overhead mist system, but it didn't reach the seating area effectively, or dripped water. I also had a ceiling fan, but the mister ruined it, making the "gravity-powered" mist even less adequate.
This company has several sizes. I used the 5 nozzle length for my 18" fan, and it's just right.
I highly recommend this versatile, inexpensive and effective system.
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on May 27, 2011
Mounted this to a $35.00 fan from walmart. Love it, works awesome,easy set up.
Wish I would have payed attention to the price in this economy. I could have bought a second
Orbit 20066 20' misting system for around $10.00 cheaper, and used my own wire ties, cut
it to fit or just loop 1/4" water line in a circle and zip tied it for the same effect.
The reason that outside mister fans are expensive is the electric motors are sealed for your
protection and they have a GFI wired into them. This means if you are wet and
electricity gets a hold of you then you can be electricuted (you can't move,or let go,
or break the cicuit). You need to make sure your fan is plugged into an GFI outlet. Or pick up (next to extention cords at Lowe's or online)they make short GFI extention cord GFI's that will accept 3 plug in's as long as you don't exceed amperage. Every plug in your home that is next to a water source or outside your home that you even think there is a chance of getting wet should have a GFI! (Ground Fault Interupter) meaning you get to live. Hope this helps yah!
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on July 27, 2011
I tried 3 different fans. 1 really cheap 16 inch fan(first one that I tried for my mothers patio), 1 cheap plastic 18 inch fan(at my brothers house patio) and the last one, an 18 inch moderately expensive fan for my patio. All three fans worked with the 5 nozzle kit. I use the oscillating function on all three fans and it lessens the amount of water that lands on surfaces and people in range of the jets but still cools them. I actually recommend the cheaper fans either 16-18 inches that are plastic. They seem to be more resilient to the water and if the fan motor dies on you it is cheap to replace.

Above all, THESE WORK VERY WELL, 10-15 degrees cooler almost instantly. We used this during the record breaking heat of over 100 degrees(installed them just in time) and were able to sit out on our patios and porches while everyone else took shelter inside. My mother who is elderly and has emphysema and normally has trouble breathing in the heat was comfortable out on the patio. I hadn't thought of it but when they use oxygen in hospitals they often use a mist to help the patient breath. Although I don't think that a doctor would recommend it, my mother does.

Installation was easy, directions are easy to understand and follow. Installation takes about 5-10 minutes. Mind you, you do get a little damp but in 3 different households, nobody seemed to care about the moisture instead, they enjoyed the cooling effect. Also yes this does lessen the amount of mosquitoes but does not eliminate them. We found that they congregated under tables and such where they could shelter from the mist. For extra cooling I suggest running the kit hose through ice water. This happened purely by mistake, the hose fell into the open cooler with ice and the beer. It actually got a little chilly in the 100 degree heat.

One other thing, these use very little water. When you turn off the hose, the mist keeps coming for almost 10 minutes.
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on June 9, 2015
The nozzle connecting the hose to the garden hose blew out after 20 minutes of use, rendering the entire system inoperable. We'll see how the return/replacement process goes.

EDIT: Only offers refunds, no exchanges, and will not refund shipping. I'm paying the cost of shipping to not have a fan mister. Still one star.
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on November 3, 2011
This is one of the best purchases I have ever made from Amazon! I have been looking for a mister type fan for my Trex deck because my deck is extreamly hot in the summer since we have full sun all day. I was worried that my 2 year old would not want to play on the deck because it was too hot for him. Plus, when he was napping I wanted to lay out without sweating to death! The Mister fan nozzle saved my summer!

1) Yes, you need a large fan (I suggest a standing oscillating fan) because it does mist quite strongly. You can purchase a cheaper model fan if you want. Mine was only $30 and works great!

2) You do not need to turn on the water pressure much at all when attached to the hose which is stated in the directions. A slight turn goes a long way!

3) If you do not wish to be soaked, place the fan across the end of the deck/yard and make sure it is oscillating back and forth. The closer the fan is to you the more wet you get!

4) You can still get "misted" by turning the fan off completely if it is attached to the hose if you are sitting or laying close enough to the fan.

5) LASTLY, I have LITERALLY sold this system to 5 of my friends that came over and had the change to use the Misting System. They all agree they cannot live without it! I plan on buying another one for a gift for my Yankee Swap this Christmas because it was such a hit this summer!
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on June 20, 2012
I just want say this seller met and exceeded above and beyond on all aspects of this purchase. Not only that but it also shipped lightning fast on standard shipping. I must also add that I had placed an order for 2 5 port misters and the had given me 2 7 port misters due to a shortage. They did not have to do this for me and could have easily told me it was back ordered. For everything I want to say a big thank you and the timing was perfect cause it's 95 degrees out now and I am sitting writing this review under my new 7 port mister. Also quick add the quality was very good and does not need very much water to operate at all. So after reading this people you want to keep looking I urge you to look no further. This thing fits the bill very well.

Sent from Mike Gordon's iPad.
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on July 31, 2012
Everything was as advertised except they said the mist evaporates in about 4 to 5 feet. Well mine soaked everything within about 15 feet. It also dripped water at the base of the fan making a large puddle!
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on July 20, 2010
I purchased this product to use in my greenhouse since I live in Texas and it's really hot in there this time of year. It does reduce the temp about 10 degrees.
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on September 10, 2013
I attached this to a big shop floor fan to keep my dogs cool in the back yard during the Texas summers. I attached it to a water timer on the water and an electric timer on the fan and it comes on automatically around noon and runs until around 6:00p. The dogs curl up on the ground in front of it during the summer and seem content. Will buy it again if the dogs chew it to pieces. <B(
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on January 1, 2013
I use this in my garage while working in the summertime heat, and we took it camping to the beach this past summer. It works great!!!!! I just might order another to leave in the camper just in case I forget to bring it.
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