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on February 27, 2011
I received this produced plugged it into the wall after a few minutes heard a pop smelled a burnt smell from the product. It didn't work anymore, sent an email to the seller and never got a response.
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on January 14, 2012
I bought this very cheap charger to charge a Sony NP-F550 lithium battery that I only use in my Neewer 160 LED camcorder light. I do not have the Sony camera and charger to charge and check the state of the battery, only this $4 charger. The charger came with absolutely no instructions - zero - nada - nichts! It has a LED that can be green, red and sometimes yellow - but what do these colors mean? You have to guess! When is the battery fully charged and ready to be removed from the charger? You have to guess! Does it even know when the battery is fully charged, and to stop charging the battery to avoid cooking it? You have to guess the answer to this one too! On the outside of box are printed some very limited characteristics of the charger. It is supposed to charge a 4.7 volt battery in 2.5 hours. This is totally misleading. My 4.7 volt battery takes more than 4 hours to reach a state of charge anywhere near "full". The LED stays solid red whenever the battery is in the charger - at the start and 5 hours later. It seems to just keep charging the battery to death. The charger also runs very hot, especially the underside where it will get no ventilation if you mount it flush against a wall power outlet as you are supposed to. No wonder several reviewers complain that it "pops" and starts smoking after a while. I power mine through a short extension cord so the underside can be exposed to the air for better cooling. And I stay in the room all the time it is connected to power, in case it catches on fire. You cannot leave this device unattended. That all said, it is cheap and $4 won't break the bank if you have to toss it in the garbage after a while, to join appropriate company. It works for me (sort of), but I do not feel it deserves more than 2 stars.
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on December 26, 2012
I bought this to recharge the batteries for my LED lights. The probes that connect with your batter are super cheap and just a piece of thin metal folded over. It worked though. I unknowingly purchased an identical charger almost a year later from a different brand - Synergy. The ---Mini Battery Charger Kit for Sony Camcorder Batteries with Fold-In Wall Plug, Car and EU Adapters--- It's ALMOST identical. It about three dollars cheaper and... guess what the probes for charging are a much better design and both batteries that fit into feel MUCH more secure. I only discovered this because THIS unit from Bargaincell broke when it fell 2 feet onto a cement floor.

So save your money. Buy a cheaper BETTER built charger.. the Mini Battery Charger Kit for Sony Camcorder from Synergy
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VINE VOICEon September 26, 2015
It's not the most rigid unit you've ever seen, but as long as it works, it's a huge bargain. It's got a built in standard wall plug, and a lighter plug for an automobile. I've only just begun using it (with a similar bargain Sony-compatible battery pack) and, what can I say... it charged fine. Very good price. I'd recommend it to any casual user... a professional, who travels with his gear might want to look for more expensive, but sturdier units.

3.5 stars on its own, 5 stars considering bargain price
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on August 23, 2016
The item is not charging either of my batteries (NP-F330, or NP-F550)
--- Looking to the indicator lights, the F550 is charged (green light),
...and the F330, the Red light says that it is charging, but its not,
- - - Both are completely dead now!! When I started charging they still had a little life in them....
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on November 12, 2016
Got this charger along with the Kastar batteries. The pins fit too tightly into the battery causing the batteries pins to pull out of the battery. The charger it self has a replaceable head that keeps falling off.
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on March 14, 2016
Absolute Garbage!
I really wish I had tested this out right when I got it, but they did not send the battery, so when I discovered the battery was missing, I ordered a replacement, I charged the battery when it arrived. I ran the battery until it was dead and then tried to recharge it. Now the charger will not hold the battery in place. It feels cheap, it looks cheap and it is cheap, but if you get only one charge out of it and then can't return it because of the short return policy by the third party seller, then it's actually, VERY expensive. I hope this review saves someone the frustration I have felt.
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on December 14, 2013
I needed this product for the NP-f750 Canon battery to charge, and although the description said this is what it was, it did not fit that battery. The slide on adapter looks like they make many to fit different batteries based on what you order, so maybe somebody cannot read and incorrectly put the wrong adapter in the package? I dont know, and frankly, its not that hard to read an order form and put the correct stuff in there.

I wish I had gotten the correct stuff as I really needed this product. They did refund my purchase, and I have the charger which does me no good. I wont reorder though because I dont need another door stop, I need a battery charger.
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on July 23, 2013
This GENERIC Replacement (rapid travel) Charger by Progo CHARGES my Sony Replacement Lithium-Ion Battery NP-F550 in about 5 hours from a fully drained state. So, I question the word "RAPID." It holds the battery nicely and has an AC plug that swivels out of the way into the unit for handy storage. That I like. There is an LED "Charge" indicator light that indicates charging (red)/charged (green.) It comes with a car charger cable. Since I have not used this extra cable, I cannot comment on it.
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on October 23, 2008
I looked far and wide for this type of charger. The prices that I found locally were as high as $50.00 for a unit that would recharge my Sony battery. I found the Bargain Cell shop on Amazon and they were asking @ $14 including shipping. I ordered it without any special shipping on a Sunday night and it arrived on the following Thursday. I opened the package,inserted the battery and now a few hours later have a fully recharged battery.
As usual - a business that operates thru Amazon who I am 100% satisfied with. At this point all I can say is that you will not be disappointed with Bargain Cell.
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