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on November 13, 2013
Dragon for Mac has internal conflicts with Word for Mac that causes computer crashes and SLOWNESS. I have recommended to Amazon that they stop selling this product because it is defective. I did not have problems with SLOW Mac or Mac CRASHING before I added Dragon to my Mac.

I had a MacBook and bought Dragon 2 for Mac and the problems began. The problem was when I used Dragon and Word, XL and Photoshop were open.

Mac tech support (via tel and Genius Bar) tried to figure out the problem. Over more than a year trying to FIX the problem under AppleCare: Apple reloaded my operating system, Nuance reloaded Dragon, Apple told me to buy more RAM - bought 4 GB more on top of the 4 I had, Apple told me to buy a powered USB hub (I did; I need a 'natural' keyboard and mouse)... problem still not fixed after each of these attempted fixes.

NEXT Apple thought maybe my hard drive was failing and they replaced my hard drive. NEXT the speculation was that since my MacBook was older - maybe the processor was too slow. Nuance said that Dragon 3 was more efficient and buying DD3 would help. To use DD3, I needed to upgrade my operating system on the MacBook or buy a new Mac.

FINALLY a bought a new MacMini with Mountain Lion and bought DD3 from Amazon. Now, I have faster core processor, newer MAC OS, and newer DD3. At the advice of Apple - I did NOT move applications from the old computer to the new. All apps were installed on the Mini directly from original CDs. Photoshop 4 discs are hiding somewhere in my office so I bought mini-photo edit software SnapHeal, Pixelmator, etc.to replace PhotoShop. I was NEVER a power PS user... but this added MORE COST to solving my Dragon Dictate for Mac problem.

You guessed it - NEW COMPUTER - NEW OS - NEW DD3 - same problem with computer crashing and grinding to a halt.

Last night, I took the new computer to the Apple Store and the Genius Bar technician opened: Applications>Utilities>Activity Monitor and we watched Word, XL, Pixelmator all work properly. Then we opened Dragon Dictate - all still fine except Word went NUTS - using 104% of the CPU capacity - even when nothing was being dictated and on and on. The mini also ran HOT to the touch when Dragon was loaded - not good for the computer.

Having problems with Dragon Dictate 2 or 3 for MAC crashing and slowing your computer? GO TO Applications > UTILITIES > Activity Monitor... LOOK at Word's CPU usage when Dragon is Loaded. SEE the problem right before your eyes.

Nuance should refund the cost of Dragon2 for Mac and Dragon3 for Mac to anyone who has bought it and also uses MS Word for Mac. It is defective software.
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on November 16, 2013
Let me start by saying that I rely on Dragon dictate for 98% of the typing I do on my computer. I have visual problems as well as nerve damage in my right-hand that prevents me from typing anything more than short sentences. As I said, sometimes this program works great. If you install it correctly, train it properly and use it as recommended, in a QUIET room, you will get amazing results. At least for a time. I spend hours and hours writing and I frequently find myself restarting program and even when it works"Correctly", I find myself having to use the" purge cache" command every few paragraphs or so. Nonetheless, I was relatively happy with this program UNTIL it stopped opening my status window. No matter what I tried to do, (deleting the .plist, etc) I could not find a fix for this problem. If you are not familiar with this program, the status window is basically what you use to control the program alongside your voice. The Nuance webpage is not really much help at all. I scoured the Internet and found people with the same problem as I don't have some success doing a total reinstall of the program. I knew this could be problematic because I actually bought A CD copy of the program in version 2.5 and then updated to 3.0 when OS X mountain lion broke 2.5. My mistake was updating via download from the website. The download costs the same much as physical media but I was rushed for time because I had a deadline. This was a little more than a year ago and like I said, it worked in a semi-satisfactory manner until I encountered this issue with the status window. My hesitation in reinstalling was due to the fact that nuance make this process so painful the last time. But I was out of options because in addition to not displaying the status window, the program was crashing with every use. I held my breath and deleted the application and then looked up my order number which I entered into the website to download A new copy of the application that I had already paid for only to be brought to a page that said I couldn't download the program again, because I was out of my 30 DAY WINDOW to do so. 30 days! What happened to standing behind your product? As it is, I already had to buy the program TWICE because of compatibility issues with newer versions of OS X, which I believe is ridiculous enough. Now I have to buy it for a THIRD time because it was defective. I feel this company can run their business this way because they make A product that people have to buy. There is no viable alternative. Without good dictating software, my computer is worthless to me. So they know they can hold their customers hostage. No matter how unfair their business practices are, a portion of their customer base will have to shell out any amount of money to buy their products. It would be akin to have a single wheelchair manufacturer who could charge whatever they wanted. In case you hunk I am being melodramatic, let me remind you it is an ASSISTIVE DEVICE.It says so right in OS X. I think you are only covered for customer support during that same 30 days, after which point, you have to pay to speak with tech support. By the minute, I might add. In case you think this review crosses the line because it is not solely about the product itself, let me say that I disagree because the product is more than just lines of code or a piece of plastic, it is the experience of using it. And my experience has been a terrible one.
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on December 14, 2013
I bought v2.5 and what a piece of junk! No matter what I tried voice recognition was horrible. Why? I had bought the PC version. It worked almost perfectly!! By perfectly. I have a dragon student book. It is used in classes. I used it to help me learn to use the voice recognition software. Silly me, I expected the MAC version to perform as well.

The PC version- so many aspects worked flawlessly. Very impressed.
Mac Version- When version 3 of MAC version was released I hoped I would have the same results as I experienced on the PC version because Nuance support kept harping "fixed in next release."! So against all the already bad reviews I thought I would try again. What a waste of money!

Again using the Nuance student guide, I went through the exercises. Failed miserably.

My testing
1-The voice recognition may be better, but the user is stuck with the dragon dictation pad. Pretty much useless.
2-Forget using it with MS Word. The integration is worse to none. Only a hand full of commands. None of which come anywhere near to the level of sophistication a person would need for a serious business document, or thesis.

My opinion
1-Limited to "open program X" and limit yourself to new line and new paragraph. Some commands for open file and close file exist. Simple emails, web page searches. Minor text corrections. BUT YOU STILL have to position the mouse.
2-Integration with MS word is a pipe dream. If you want serious voice recognition (i.e. for a business or writing a thesis), get a pc with at 4gb of memory and install the PC version. You will be very happy. OR write your own custom commands.

The ONLY saving grave that MAYBE will make this software actually useful is version 3 DOES far better integration with the MAC menu bar and mouse. So if you are so inclined I think you could create a number of customer commands of your own. If successful, you could end up with something useful. I am looking for a company selling a customer command suite for Word integration. No success as yet.

Some may ask am I reviewing the PC or MAC version? I am reviewing the MAC version. I mention the PC version, because silly me, I would expect both to perform equally well at some basic level. Then branch off with their on niche capabilities. Not so!

If you are wondering what "manual" I am referring to. It is titled "Dragon Naturally Speaking Manual" A bit out dated, but whether you are using the PC or MAC version. Being outdated is an asset. The commands covered are pretty basic and explained in detail. Like how to properly do a cut and paste, speak numbers for different meanings (i.e. phone number, money, etc.) It is a great tutorial and does a great jobs teaching the "USER" how to get the most out of voice recognition. It is a great reference manual.

Your results may very.
Support is incredibly bad.

My only hope is prospective buyer seeing this will be aware of what that person is NOT getting on the MAC version.
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on March 18, 2013
Mac OS Mountain Lion has speech to text competence that I hear works well, for free. But it requires online access. I am a quasi-MAC geek turned neurologist, well versed in PC-based Dragon Medical. I know that Dragon products for Mac are pathetically inadequate for the $$. But I need to dictate into Microsoft word 2011 for Mac, and I need to create specialized vocabulary voice recognition to train once only. So I bit the bullet and shelled out $120 for what I expect to be marginally adequate Dragon Dictate for Mac V3.0, for my beloved MacBook Pro 2012. Low on expectations, I can report small "good" news:
1) On the MacBook pro and presumably any Apple computer, you DON'T NEED any of the dorky headsets that Dragon provides or that they recommend (Bluetooth, noise canceling blah blah blah starting at $80). When I ordered the Dragon Dictate for Mac version 3 (it comes with a silly headset), I figured I'd get smart and also ordered a $40 headset said to work well by a knowledgeable a user. And I tested an old high-quality USB microphone without an earpiece. I discovered by trial and error that with any external microphone, wired or unwired, Dragon would tell me repeatedly during training that the connection might not be working and that it did not recognize my voice. So I ditched all external microphones. THANK YOU, STEVE. The MacBook microphone works perfectly with Dragon. I don't even know where the heck the microphone is located! Important: go to settings, audio and check the box that says, "Use ambient noise reduction". This turns your Mac microphone into noise canceling microphone. Elegant!

Now, whenever I want, without the silly ceremony of putting of putting on a headset and positioning it just right, I can simply talk pointing my face toward my MacBook Pro 2-3 feet away, and have my words transcribed. I've used it to transcribe my words during a telephone call to a patient, thereby easily making a record.
2) I used Dragon dictate Mac V3 for this review. It's adequate so far, with the help of Word 2011 dictionary and spellcheck. I have yet to train it on multisyllabic scientific and philosophic words.
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on December 15, 2013
I have used Dragon NaturallySpeaking since the very first version and have been very pleased with all aspects with almost 100% recognition. So far DragonDictate has been a completely different program and I've had significant problems with dictating with a headset and with the mobile microphone, and I've not been able to set it up with an iPhone as the microphone. I recently purchased a Mac Pro for the first time and was hopeful that I would be able to use Dragon as efficiently and accurately as I was able to use it on Windows. So far that has not been the case and I'm not very happy with this Dragon version created for Mac computers. So far it's confirmed what I thought all along Dragon was never developed for Macs or Apple products. Luckily I still have a Windows desktop computer and I think I'll simply do all my dictation and mobile transcription on that computer. The simple dictation program that is on the Mac Pro even without a microphone or a mobile tape recorder is just as accurate.
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on March 28, 2013
Like a number of others, I tried Dragon Dictate 3.0 for Mac OS X with the hope that my experience would be better than some of their warnings. It wasn't. First, I had an issue with activating the product (it kept telling me I wasn't connected to the internet, when in fact I was). I finally got that resolved (an OS update and rebooting a couple of times seems to work wonders, even on a Mac). I went thru several of the voice training scenarios, but didn't really see much improvement in the recognition. I seem to have occasional issues with some words like WITH and WHAT being transposed (and my pronunciation is pretty clear). My gut feeling is that the product is overpriced for the results I am seeing. If it had been priced more in line with the PC version, Dragon Naturally Speaking 12.0, I'd be a little less disappointed.

Now for the bit that probably would have stopped me from ordering this product in the first place if I had known about it beforehand. When looking on their website in order to ask a question about the issue I had trying to activate the product, I came across NUANCE's support policy and rates.

If you are running a test/demo/evaluation copy, they DO NOT provide customer support. Hey, you're not a paying customer, so why should they care?

Once you purchase the product, they will provide 90 days warranty support at no charge.

After that 90 days is up, THEY CHARGE YOU FOR EACH QUESTION YOU ASK! Seriously! If you ask a question via their website after your 90 day warranty period, they will charge you $9.95 PER QUESTION! And If you CALL them to ask a question after your 90 day warranty period, they will charge you $19.95 PER QUESTION!

I guess they didn't think I was screwed enough by buying the product in the first place....

My recommendation: download an evaluation copy first and try it out before purchasing it. Make sure it really does what you want before making that commitment to purchase it. Nuance will let you run it 5 times before requiring you to activate the product. Purchasing the product won't make it work any better, so evaluate it before you give them your money. If/When you do purchase it, purchase it on Amazon, and check for the special offers (it knocked $25 off the price of mine), which brought the price down to half of the full retail price Nuance lists it for. And make sure you get all the bugs worked out within your 90 day warranty period!
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on January 14, 2013
I have never written a review on Amazon but am so frustrated with this product. I owned Dragon 2.5 which I told numerous friends about because it worked so well. I was suprised how far dictation software had come. Then I upgraded my OS and had to buy Dragon 3.0. It is a nightmare. I can't even begin to describe all the problems I have had because there are so many. Again, I used the 2.5 for quite a while so I understand how to use the software and this is so unbelievably buggy. Support hasn't been able to help me at all. I just can't recommend this software until they get the bugs worked out.
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on January 30, 2014
I bought this item after a lot of research on the item and seller. I was originally looking at the 2.0 version, but the 3.0 was suggested instead, so I followed that link.
I was looking forward to using it so that I can start re-doing my 50 page thesis paper, and it was a reasonable price. When I got it, and tried to install it, halfway through the process, It said it was not compatible with my Mac OS X, MacBook Pro Laptop, Version 10.6.8. It needed a 10.7 or later. When I was going through the description for this product, the "System Requirements: Platform: Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Mac OS X ", Is part of the description.
This is easily overlooked, and also slightly unclear. I understand that many may understand that you had to have the 10.8 in order to work, and the Mac OS X came as part of that, but I took it to mean you could have one, the 10.8 system, or just the Mac OS X part, so I then thought that my computer would be compatible *as* a Mac OS X.
I think that perhaps this needs to be clearer and better stated.
And then, when I wanted to get the 2.0 version, which is evidently the one compatible with my system, I wasn't able to trade the 2.0 version in return of the 3.0 version, even though they were offering that item as well. I had to choose the refund option, pay the ~5$ shipping fee, which was taken from my refund, and then wait for that refund, which you get 2 days after they get the item, so that I could buy the 2.0 version. I put their item in my Cart, but by the time I got the refund, they no longer had the 2.0 version available, and I had to buy it elsewhere.
I am quite dissatisfied and displeased with this entire process and the way I had to waste an inconvenient amount of energy to just return and get the correct product.
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on June 14, 2014
I ordered Dragon as a way to write things faster than I would've been able to by hand. I was also very happy to see that the present gone down quite a lot since I had first looked at it several months before. My plans are to use Dragon mostly for its dictation purposes in which I can speak rather than use keyword to type. I am currently using the program to write this review. Overall was not a very hard product to install. I installed it right as I received it on my doorstep yesterday. Overall it took maybe half hour to an hour to get it completely set up but when I started to do voice trainings that the program would learn how I speak I realized that the included microphone does not work with my computer. I instead have to use the mobile app on my iPod touch, which connect through the Wi-Fi to my Mac computer which then types for me. This was not how I planned to use the program, I was planning on using the microphone preferably the one that was included in the program to use for my dictation purposes. I am not quite sure what the issue is with the microphone because it is a USB connection microphone, and to the best of my knowledge it should work. My computer does recognize it, but the Dragon program for some reason cannot. I have even checked with the voice recording that is not to Dragon to see if it would pick up from the included microphone and it did. If you're reading this review and you for some reason know what might be the issue with this please let me know because I would love to have this resolved. Otherwise the program's been doing a pretty good job picking up what I've been saying and writing it down correctly. Every once in a while I do have a few words that are spelled in a different form than what I intend, or similar words written down instead but that is not too frequently. Otherwise I do think that this is a great product and I will definitely be using it, I just would look really love to be able to use something other than my iPod to use a microphone.
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on June 29, 2013
I have been using Dragon Dictate on a Mac Pro with Retina Display (16 GB RAM) regularly for 3 months. I'm US born with a midwestern accent and I talk for a living. I have tried Dictate with both the included USB headset and a more expensive USB headset. In addition, I have done several of the canned reads, added many dozens of words and I have had Dragon digest several hundred reports that were professionally transcribed.

Sadly, Dragon Dictate (which is a different program than Naturally Speaking) continues to be a nightmare. For instance, if I say, "Sally went to the doctor," Dragon will type "Sally went to the Dr." The company that I work for is three words, all caps. Dragon will cap the first word, but never the other two (despite the fact that I have entered it and corrected it many times). It will get a word right one time and then, not the next. For instance if I said: "Sarah is a twenty year old. Sarah likes bowling." I might get "Sarah is a twenty year old. Sandwich likes bowling." At times Dragon will type such nonsense that I can't even figure out what I originally wrote. I dictate into Word and at times Dragon acts very erratically. I might highlight one word for correction but then Dragon will delete the whole sentence.

So far I"m not very happy with it but I plan on continuing to use it as it helps with typing fatigue. I'll update this review if the product learns more and performs better. So far, meh.
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