Customer Reviews: Numi Organic Tea Moroccan Mint, Full Leaf Herbal Teasan, Caffeine Free, 18 Count Tea Bags (Pack of 3)
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Flavor: Moroccon Mint|Size: 18 Count (Pack of 3)|Change
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on January 4, 2014
Having decided to give coffee a rest for a while and give tea an honest effort, I decided to purchase this variety pack of Numi teas to see what strikes my fancy. It was a fun experiment which I invited my children, ages 3 to 12, to participate in (which they eagerly agreed to) since kids often provide surprising and true insights which adults may overlook. We use filtered water, which I highly recommend to bring out the best in each tea. Otherwise, spring water would also work well. I would just like to record our impressions of each of the tea varieties here:

Pu-erh Cardamom- This was the first tea tried since its aroma saturated the box upon opening it even though its packet was tightly sealed, and because I absolutely love cardamom pods cooked whole in Indian rice. However, the flavor was quite unexpected! I cannot say this was a hit, and my kids were somewhat turned off, but it was worth trying, and I would definitely drink it again for the exotic character and strangeness. The aroma reminded us of a walk through a barnyard with a sack of eastern spices on your back-very earthy! The liquor was quite rich and deep, like coffee. There was no bitterness or astringency. I imagine it would be a nice match with curries or rice dishes, salmon and lamb. I was successful in getting a decent second cup from most of these teas. Update: adding cream and a splash of raw sugar greatly improved the flavor of this tea, to my surprise, imparting something of a traditional Arabian coffee drink quality to it.

White Rose- My second sample: superb! Exquisitely smooth as white teas should be (the only white tea in the mix); amber-colored; outstandingly powerful rose garden aroma when dry, but takes on a very different character in the cup, with sweet hints of cinnamon and honey. Intoxicating rose bouquet- I imagine an excellent choice for a formal ladies' tea party or bridal shower with cakes and hors d'oeuvres. No milk or sugar needed; well-balanced. This tea delighted our senses, and would be uplifting in the afternoon. I would probably only purchase this for very special occasions. This was my three-year old daughter's favorite, along with the Jasmine Green.

Golden Chai- This turned out to be my 10-year old daughter's favorite, and she asked for more- with good reason! This is a very warming, balanced, festive tea, with the maltiness of Assam, and the delightful notes of cinnamon, ginger, anise, and cardamom. Subtle overtones of citrus, sandalwood, and licorice. Everyone agreed it was delicious and very agreeable- perfect with a dash of cream and a touch of real honey. This would go very well with French toast and maple syrup at breakfast, or while warming before a fire in the evening with someone special. I will definitely buy again to keep on hand. One of the best chais in a tea bag I've yet tasted.

Jasmine Green- This was the first green tea we tried from the selection, and we were all extremely impressed. Numi has a marked skill in capturing the height of freshness in their teas, and Jasmine Green was no exception. The rich, romantic fragrance of Jasmine immediately saturates the senses, bringing to mind a sea of fresh Jasmine blossoms in a Victorian English flower garden. Distinguished and bright, dignified but summery: a lilac or daisy floral bouquet in a cup. Perfect tea to lift one's spirits or for special occasions and company. Honey completes it. Definitely will try this again.

Breakfast Blend- This one I had high hopes for, but turned out to be a disappointment. Not enough maltiness and depth. Edgy astringent notes were rounded off with milk and a hint of honey, but still too flat. I recommend Twinings' Prince of Wales (amazing!), or their Irish or English Breakfast over this one. Needs some work. But that's okay, because the others made up for it. I almost bought a box of this to try- glad I went with the sampler first so I didn't waste my money!

Pu-erh Emporer's Tea- I have to get used to these compressed teas. They are quite unusual. This one tastes like a horse barn smells, but in a good way (since I love the smell of horses). Very earthy. I fear milk or sweetener might muddy up the flavor, but then again, it worked out very nicely with the Cardamom Pu-erh. I think I will give it another try with milk and sweetener, but at this point it's not at the top of my list of favorites.

Toasted Rice (Sencha)- The best way to describe this spunky concoction is that it tastes like a toasted rice cake with a hint of seaweed a la sushi nori with soy sauce, and so I do think this would be a perfect compliment to sushi or fresh sea food with rice... or perhaps even granola? The brew is balanced, not at all bitter or astringent, and chewy. My kids accurately summed up the aroma as having a "hay loft smell," and it does.

Honey Bush- I tried this in the evening since it is caffeine-free. Not a true tea, but a tisane of a shrub variety related to rooibos. Now I really love rooibos, but this tea is, to me, even better, and I am definitely going to get a whole box of it, I liked it that much! Here is a robust, comforting, and warming liquor that transports you to an Arabian open market with smells of frankincense, sandalwood, and aromatic tobaccos billowing through silken textiles and linens. I was able to get three successful steepings from one tea bag, and it is best with nothing added. Exquisitely exotic and mystifying. Would pair well with coconut curries, deep-fried breads, and rich desserts.

Gunpowder Green- I have to admit that the name is not exactly appealing, but it really has nothing to do with the taste of the tea, but rather the shape of the tea leaves. Well, since it's contained in a tea bag, that aspect cannot be appreciated, but the flavor can. This clean, awakening green tea is like a brisk ocean rain shower in the coastal woodlands, or a morning hike through a mossy, misty, evergreen forest. It has an aroma of edible seaweeds. It is fresh and bright. Would pair well with sea foods, chicken, or fresh salads, as well.

Pu-erh Chocolate- Of the three pu-erhs, this one was everyone's favorite and I'd say was the best. Very appealing with a definite festive aroma. Brings to mind eating warm gingerbread cookies in front of a toasty fire, or a busy bakery at Christmas time. Does not taste like chocolate in the cup, but the cocoa sweetens its earthy character consummately. Was able to get three decent cups from one tea bag, and I do think I would buy it again, but it's not at the top of my short list. This too, was comforting, warm, and aromatic. Would pair well with an evening dessert or just to top off a satisfying meal. Stands well alone, but milk or sugar would not detract.

Lemon Mate`- If you are a fan of lemon, you will love this. It's reminiscent of lemon zinger. A smooth and easy, well-balanced tea with its own sweetness. That being said, this one is also pretty earthy. Mingling among the powerful, lively aromas of lemon drops candies, fruit loops, and lemon grass are subtle background notes of fresh horse manure (I mean that in the nicest way since I actually enjoy that smell). There is a subtle astringency felt on the tip of the tongue. It has a deep, golden-orange liquor, and cheers you up with each sip. Requires no sweetening or milk, but raw honey would compliment it nicely. Since this is higher in caffeine, enjoy it earlier in the day to boost your energy, or pair it with Caesar salad, chicken dishes, or fish.

Rooibos Chai- As they say, this is delicious with milk and is very warming. Rooibos is caffeine-free, but very similar to black tea in flavor, especially breakfast teas, so I decided to enjoy this in the evening after a meal when I was craving something sweet, but didn't wish to indulge in desserts or highly caffeinated breakfast teas. It is heavy on the cloves, but not overpoweringly so. Still, cloves are not one of my favorite spices, so I would probably not get this one again, preferring either the golden chai or the honey bush instead. If you like pumpkin pie or ginger bread, this may be for you.

Rooibos- Just a straightforward, no nonsense, high quality, fresh rooibos offering. Full of sweet maltiness with a hint of expensive pipe tobacco background notes. Great anytime of day or evening, and a great caffeine-free alternative to breakfast teas or even coffee. Great with desserts or chocolate.

Simply Green- This green tea is caffeine-free and I don't believe they have it in its caffeinated form, which is a shame, because it is excellent. Nevertheless, I will probably get myself a box of it to add to my choices for evening teas. It is a very agreeable, dulcet, no-nonsense green, with a fresh clarity that revitalizes. I had some on a long road trip, and it really hit the spot and perked me up. Another green tea that is comparable to this is Stash's Organic Premium Green Tea. This would pair well with salads and soft cheeses.

Morroccan Mint- Very intense, fresh mint flavor- not pepperminty, but more along the lines of spearmint. Sweet and cooling, this pairs extremely well with a chamomile for the perfect antidote to a bad head cold or brain fog. You can taste the healing properties, and it is extremely refreshing without the caffeine. Excellent companion to students studying late at night, or for late night drivers needing a break from the coffee jitters. Also perfect for drinking after meals to freshen the mind and breath.

Chamomile Lemon- I must confess, I haven't tried this Numi tisane as of yet. I used to love chamomile, but don't so much anymore. I guess you might say it's "just not my cup of tea." But, I think it's nice to keep on hand for company or others who might like it. And that's the beauty of Numi's Collection: there's something for everyone.

Aged Earl Grey (Regular & Decaf)- There is not much difference in flavor between the two Earls, so I combined them and saved the best for last. Here we have a robust and malty Assam aged with real bergamot, so the aromas of the citrus fruit are intense and true, not at all synthetic or perfumey like many others. I really appreciate this since I adore bergamot! Incidentally, this tea is the reason I decided to try Numi's Collection, having received it as a free sample and concluded it was one of the best teas I have ever tried. I think the Assam makes a big difference, as it is full of rich character, mellow in the cup, very well-balanced, and satisfying. If you love Earl Greys, DO NOT pass up this one! Hands down, this is my absolute favorite tea, period. Excellent for breakfast, pairing well with eggs & bacon, or hot cereals. Would go very nicely with hearty beef dishes, lamb, cheeses, and smoked meats. This is my husband's favorite tea, too (and he's a coffee drinker). He sums it up nicely: "It's a perfectly pleasant tea to drink anytime."

In summary, I couldn't decide to give Numi's Collection all five stars or only four, since there were a few teas that I wasn't that fond of. But since there's something for everyone, each person's taste is different, and the quality is so high overall, I decided to give it the full five for being an excellent variety pack. I hope we have convinced you to give it a try and come back share your thoughts, too.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon November 30, 2014
Numi makes GREAT tea with some of the finest ingredients on planet Earth. Numi utilizes natural & organic ingredients which are GMO-free, and sourced from fair trade suppliers. They also utilize recycled materials in their packaging and shipping. Containing everything from the traditional to the unusual, this sampler is a great (and affordable) way to try many of the different teas that Numi offers.

There are quite a few makers out there that make GOOD tea...but good is NOT great. Also, many tea sampler products often live up to that old saying about 'jack of all trades,' resulting in sampler packs with many mediocre teas. However, Numi does not fall into that category. When they make a tea, they show their mastery of the art of tea making by doing it right. Whether it is a black tea, a green tea, a white tea, a mate, or an herbal tea, it won't just be will almost always be great. While Numi teas are by no means inexpensive, I think their superior quality justifies the price premium.

Other Reviewers have noted and discussed the different teas in this package, so I wanted to order them for a slightly different illustration. Below is how I categorized the many different teas into separate groups, along with a short description of the tea itself...
(the attached images shows the tea in the categories noted below)

-Earl Grey-Assam black tea with bergamot (a sour orange for a floral note)
-Earl Grey-decaf-same as Earl Grey
-Golden Chai-Assam black tea with traditional chai spices
-Breakfast Blend-multiple black teas, similar to English Breakfast
-Cardamom Puerh-technically a black tea, a ginger-ish flavor is the primary flavor
-Emperor's Puerh-technically a black tea, this tea has a flavor unlike tea that I cannot describe, that is almost savory
-Chocolate Puerh-technically a black tea, chocolate is the primary flavor
-Gunpowder Green-green tea pearls
-Simply Green-decaf-standard green tea with less caffeine
-Jasmine Green-jasmine scented green tea (strong jasmine aroma)
-Toasted Rice-green tea made to be savory
-White Rose-plain white tea mixed with rosebuds for floral notes
==HERBAL TEA (all caffeine-free)==
-Rooibos-earthy with vanilla
-Rooibos Chai-traditional chai spices with vanilla
-Honeybush-honey flavored
-Moroccan Mint-sweet mint with a refreshing aroma and taste
-Chamomile Lemon-traditional chamomile & lemon combo
-Mate Lemon Yerba Mate-yerba mate spices mixed with green tea and lemon

Given personal taste can vary dramatically, my own interpretation of which of their teas I like the most/least is probably not very useful for anyone other than myself. Additionally, Numi's offering of this sampler pack gives Buyers the option of being able to sample all the flavors on their own without having to make a large expenditure on a larger quantity of tea (which they may wind up not liking.) Still, I wanted to offer my take on my favorite ones...

--EARL GREY--(both a regular and decaf bag is included)--this classic is black tea is mixed with a sour orange called bergamot to make a delicate black tea with floral notes with high caffeine. Numi's Assam black tea is of fantastic quality, as is their bergamot, and the outcome is some of the best quality Earl Grey around. It is one of my favorite Earl Grey teas, and one of the finest I have had. It is one of their most popular teas, and for good reason. You may find yourself buying a box of this as it is a very addicting flavor.

--MOROCCAN MINT--what makes Moroccan Mint so notable is not because it is better than most mint herbal teas, but because of how much better it is. While practically every tea company offers at least one mint tea, Numi's Moroccan Mint really perfects this classic herbal. With a flavor that is closer to spearmint than it is peppermint, it literally has the 100% perfect amount of aroma & 'bite', but without being excessively strong or shocking and balanced with a bit of sweet. It is the best mint herbal I have ever tried, and by a significant margin. This is one of Numi's crowdpleasers.

--GOLDEN CHAI--a lot of makers produce Chai tea, but Numi's is excellent. The classic cinnamon & ginger spice pairs perfectly with high-quality black assam tea to give you a chai tea with the perfect amount of spice balanced with smoothness. Unlike many other chai teas I have had, Golden Chai does not skimp on (expensive) cinnamon at all and the tea has a very pleasing aroma and taste because of this.

--MATTE LEMON--this matte is a mix in that it combined yerba matte with green tea and lemon. It's an excellent matte with a unique twist.

--EMPEROR'S PUERH--this is such a weird tea I cannot describe it but wanted to note it due to it being so unique. It has a flavor that is savory and is advertised as a coffee alternative, and I can understand why it's advertised as such. I have never had any other tea (or any drink for that matter) that is remotely like it, and I am not even sure if I like it or not as it is that unique.

So overall, this is a great sampler for anyone looking to try a wide range of top-quality teas. It has most of Numi's most popular teas, and it is affordable. It also makes an awesome gift that is bound to be a big hit with that special tea drinker in your life. This is a must-have for the avid tea drinker!
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on February 7, 2011
Numi's Jasmine Green Tea is my favorite green tea. It's pleasant flavored and very nice smelling. What I like best is that if I over steep, it doesn't turn bitter like other green teas. I like a little sweetness so add a spoon of turbinado sugar. This tea can be a little pricey and the grocery store, so I like the 3-pack, which helps lower the price. Amazon used to offer a 6-pack, which was nice because I drink this every day and would not have to order it as frequently. Now I just order 2 of the 3-packs. Other details that make this a standout company in tea bags is that it's organic and free trade.
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on January 9, 2011
Rose tea is so delightful, I am amazed it isn't bottled and sold in stores, or at the very least sold at high end coffee shops as a specialty item, as a lot of other teas are. Rose tea is simply that wonderful! It smells like you are standing in a field of roses and the taste is quite delicate.

My favorite floral teas are jasmine and rose and, in my humble opinion, mixed together they make the perfect cup of tea. I take 2 jasmine tea bags and 1 rose and place them in a picture of nearly boiling water and let them steep together for about 4 minutes. The aroma is just wonderful and the taste is so delicious my 13 year old can't get enough of it, and that's saying something for a kid who picks soda over everything else when given a choice. (he does add sugar to his tea, but I enjoy mine plain or with a dash of honey).

On a side note, you can make a wonderful spritzer for your face (& body) using this tea.. You can look online for ideas, but the basic concept is you make your floral tea (anyway you like) and mix it with water in a spritzer bottle that you keep in your refrigerator to mist on your face during the summer and/or winter to keep your skin hydrated and it smells awesome! Another great idea that I came across online, that I love doing is a weekly tea steam facial! I take one Numi rose tea bag and one Numi jasmine tea bag, place it in a silver mixing bowl & pour boiling water into it & let it steep for 2 minutes (please be careful not to get burned) and you place a towel over your head and let the steam open your pores. After 5 to 10 minutes rinse your face with cold water to close your pores. Your face feels wonderful and the scent calms your mind.

I love the rose tea and would highly recommend it to everyone!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon November 18, 2014
My review pertains specifically to Numi's Earl Grey tea bags (since multiple teas can be purchased in this listing.)

We have all heard how "good tea doesn't come in a teabag"...but Numi is proof that this old saying is simply not true. Numi's Earl Grey (which can be purchased in both bulk and teabags) is one of the finest or the finest Earl Grey I have ever had. And while this is a rather pricy tea, when considering the quality the price is very reasonable for what you get.

As you probably know, Earl Grey is one of the 'lighter' and more 'delicate' black teas. Mixed with a small amount of a citrus fruit called bergamot (a type of orange), it's generally best drank with a small amount of sugar or without anything at all (stronger flavor changers will quickly overpower the bergamot.) Despite being a delicate tea, it is high in caffeine.

I'm not as particular with black or herbal teas as I am with oolong or white teas, and I enjoy a wide range of black teas that can vary greatly in quality & price. Many of the less-expensive Earl Grey teas use a "bergamot flavor" instead of actual bergamot (as it's expensive.) And many of these teas are very good considering the price, such as Twining's Earl Grey (that uses bergamot flavor instead of actual bergamot), which I like for a quick cup or for making a lot of cold tea for guests (as it's very affordable.) With that said, "bergamot flavor" is not the same as real bergamot, the quality of the black tea used will impact how good the tea is, and so Numi's Earl Grey is in a completely different class and is a completely different drinking experience. Numi's Earl Grey has a citrus hint that is not nearly as sharp/biting as artificial flavor, the black tea itself is smooth, sweet, and pleasing, and the citrus & tea blend together super well.

I have included a few images, some which show the tea itself. As you can clearly see, this is a VERY high-quality black tea (most teabags do not have tea that looks & smells like this), and the tea has REAL bergamot, of which you can see a generous portion of this [expensive] fruit. The aroma of it is heavenly, and exactly what true-to-tradition Earl Grey should be. The quantity shown is from one teabag, which is a pretty generous portion and allows you to make bigger/stronger cups with a single bag. The teabags are strong, and use a knot (rather than a metal staple) to bind the bag together. The individual packages for each tea bag are also excellent and they help extend the freshness.

I also find myself giving this tea more attention to the brew. I strongly prefer using something such as ceramic or borosilicate glass to brew in over plastic or metal to keep the taste as pure as possible. I also brew a little below boiling to avoid bitterness (adding water about 30 seconds after it is removed from a boil, leaving the temp around 200F.) Finally, I think this tea goes best with a less-refined sugar, such as Sugar In The Raw or a dark molasses sugar...for whatever reason, a brown sugar seems to better bring out the bergamot flavor.

This tea (and other Numi Teas) are organic, non-GMO, and Fair-Trade certified. This isn't a make-or-break selling point for me, but it's a plus and it seems possible that the use of organic ingredients is partly why this is such good tea why the flavors are so pure. Numi also utilizes significant recycling of materials. If you like Earl Grey, this is a must-try. If you prefer other teas over Earl Grey, I highly recommend Numi's sampler packs as most of their teas I have tried I feel are among the finest quality.

Bagged or bulked, Numi's Earl Grey is Earl Grey done right.
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Numi's Collection Assortment Melange includes:

5 Herbal Teas (caffeine-free, also called "teasans"):

* Dry Desert Lime: Lime Herbal Teasan

* Fields of Gold: Lemongrass Herbal Teasan

* Red Mellow Bush: Rooibos Herbal Teasan

* Bushmen's Brew: Honeybush Herbal Teasan

* Simply Mint: Moroccan Mint

2 Green Teas (lower in caffeine):

* Temple of Heaven: Gunpowder Green Tea

* Monkey King: Jasmine Green Tea

2 Black Teas (contain caffeine):

* Chinese Breakfast: Yunnan Black Tea

* Smoky Tarry: Lapsang Souchong Black Tea

This is a total of nine different teas, two tea bags of each one in each box. Numi teas are known for their high-quality, organic and kosher ingredients, and in my opinion, are some of the tastiest and best teas I have ever tried. They do not include artificial ingredients or flavorings.

On the box, the manufacturer writes: "From mist-covered mountains to sun-drenched deserts to fertile fields, we proudly bring you our tea palette. The flavors range from smooth earthiness, and light floral scents, to refreshingly sweet and sour notes. What they all share is the recollection of how some Ancient One tamed fire and water to coexist harmoniously, and steeped in them the gifts of Nature. Since that distant past, people have soothed, roused, healed, explored and celebrated with these wonderful infusions. We encourage you to do the same with Numi's finest."

If you like Numi teas and want to sample a wonderful assortment, get it---you won't be sorry. There may be some you like and others you don't, but sampling them will be a delightful experience. If you are new to Numi this is an excellent way to sample their high-quality teas. I do not think you could find a better source of premium tea than Numi.

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on March 7, 2012
Let me start by proclaiming two things; First, I am by no means a tea connoisseur like some of the other reviewers here, and therefore in no capacity to speak to the artistry of making tea. Which, brings me to my second point, I will not be able to be as eloquent in my speech regarding a comparison of this particular tea to any other.

Now that I have provided my disclaimer...this crap is pretty good! My primary reason for drinking green tea was for metabolic reasons, so I rarely ever gave much thought to its was more so for medicinal purposes, not enjoyment. Now, I believe I can have the best of both worlds.

After reading the reviews here I realized I was brewing my green tea improperly which caused a bitter taste (this was using the Stash brand). Once I got the hang of the correct water temp and steeping time I realized green tea had a much more delicate and sweet flavor than I had been experiencing.

I decided to try this brand as an alternative to Stash and Traditional Medicinal's brands just for kicks. I was a little uncertain of how the Jasmine flavor would effect the delicate taste I had recently become accustomed to in green tea but I have to confess I believe it enhances the flavor immensely. Some of the reviewers noted that after steeping the tea, they could no longer smell the Jasmine and I have to agree with that. But, what they do not say is you can still taste it. It is a very light floral flavor and I love it.

It's almost like the honeysuckle nectar that you used to get from the wild honeysuckle flowers in the summer when you were a kid. Its wonderful! I normally sweeten mine with organic light agave so it doesn't overpower the tea. Simply put, in my opinion it is a must try.

By the way, the price here on Amazon kicks butt over the price at my local organic market, especially if you sign up for the automatic shipping.
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on December 8, 2012
I love Numi tea, its one of the few that is truely tea. I read another brand on here and they spend countless paragraphs on their website talking about their pledge and how their tea was the best because it was from 1 source and how mightier they are then other tea companies and how Americans don't know what real "tea" is.

Yet when I looked at the tea, they ruin it by adding all sorts of flavors that are derived from who knows what with chemicals and applied to the tea with chemicals. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, don't tell me your better then the rest and then ruin everything you stand for.

Thats why I love Numi, its just simple, whole ingredients, but it still tastes excellent! I drink all my tea (except black tea) without any sweetner or cream or any additives and when you put "natural" flavors (that are everything but natural) in them, it always makes it taste bitter or have bad after tastes, only tea thats just tea or spices etc.. leaves a pleasant lingering taste.

Amazon is cheaper then the local grocery/whole foods/organic stores by far, even when those stores put it on sale. I will say I ordered direct from Numi and they use a 3rd party processor to fill the orders and they messed up so much of my stuff that I refuse to order thru them anymore. I buy only from amazon, because amazon seems to not have any issues actually shipping things and not losing or messing up orders. Numi is awesome, they stand for great things as well.
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Numi Tea's Morning Rise Breakfast Blend Black Tea is a fine premium Numi tea, both certified organic and kosher. The ingredients are fair trade certified organic Keemun black tea, fair trade certified organic Darjeeling black tea, fair trade certified organic Ceylon black tea, anfair trade certified organic Assam black tea. A powerful black tea blend indeed! There is nothing artificial in this or in any Numi tea.

On the box, the manufacturer writes: "Numi perfects the classic breakfast tea with this organic black tea blend, Morning Rise. Four of the most extraordinary black teas compose this hearty, complex, and exciting morning cup. Ceylon, gardened in the small and exotic country of Sri Lanka, bestows its strong yet smooth profile, while Indian grown Assam imparts a malty and robust depth. Keemun, from China, offers deep burgundy notes that complement the natural floral finish and fruity Muscatel of Darjeeling, cultivated on the mountain peaks of India. This rich, bold black tea blend has an unrivaled smoothness and a magnificent aroma resembling dawn's early warmth. Let the morning greet you through the radiant daybreak of Numi's superior Breakfast Blend."

It tastes strong and and is perfect for people who want a black tea that is not flowery or herbal-y but tasty, complex, and superb high-quality in the morning.

Highly recommended.
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on March 14, 2012
Since I hadn't tried Green Rooibos before ordering this tea, it was a bit of a risk to purchase 3 packs to start with. However, it turned out to be one of the best decisions (regarding tea) I've made. It's delicate, sweet, and overall delicious, especially since it's blended with Honeybush. Definitely good enough to drink on its own, without sweeteners of any kind! As an unexpected but not surprising bonus, my skin looked 10 times better when I had a cup every day. Green rooibos is full of antioxidants, and since my skin is VERY sensitive to foods, irritation, and inflammation, it was a relief to find something that improved it so much. I would recommend drinking this every day or applying it topically with a cotton ball if you have any kind of skin problems, and seeing if it improves your condition. It certainly couldn't hurt!

Bottom line: I highly doubt anyone can dislike this tea!
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