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on June 5, 2016
The box it came in was pretty big, 3 bamboo cases could have fit in it. Inside the case everything is snug and it presents nice. The pot itself feels like borosilicate glass. The lid has a vent hole, so when you pour there is no vacuum. The tea is pretty good. The flowering tea is a little bitter, and some of the blossom don't go well with honey. But I being bitter doesn't bother me, and I don't put sugar in my tea.
My only complaint is that it's too small. But that isn't Numi's fault. Amazon didn't filter it out after I put in my preferences, and I didn't read the entire description. Not the first time this has happened either.
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on August 16, 2014
I'm a fan of blooming tea, and the first brand I ever had was Teaposy. That one was gorgeous and delightful! After that, I ended up getting a Primula teapot gift set, and eventually I replaced the Primula teapot with one from Grosche. The actual Primula blooming tea balls were not very impressive, as they seemed to be very unreliable with some of the balls floating and refusing to sink, or some not opening properly (the ones that did open properly, though, were nice). I had a few of the Grosche tea balls that came with the teapot, and they displayed many of the same problems (although, to be fair, they may have been old or something). After that, I was intrigued to try out the Numi branded ones.

Numi has a great reputation for tea, and indeed I like many of their normal boxed teas, such as the white rose flavor. However, I noticed many bad reviews for their blooming tea. Still, the price per tea ball was good compared to Teaposy, and I was really intrigued by their unusual flavors. Most blooming tea I've encountered is either white or green jasmine tea (which is nice), but the Numi tea seems to have more unusual flavors. The flavors in this box are: Dragon Lily (white tea with lily petals), Sunset Oolong (oolong tea with lily flower), Lavender Dream (lavender flower, hibiscus, and possibly white tea), and Golden Jasmine (black tea and jasmine). Lavender is a flavor you never really see in blooming tea, so I was excited to try it out. Not to mention I love the fact that their tea doesn't have any artificial flavors in it. Besides, even if the tea balls were terrible, I'd only be out about six bucks.

The very first thing to discuss is the packaging itself. It came in a tiny box (which is fine) but inside none of the tea balls were labeled, leaving me to guess which was which based on matching appearances with the pictures on the box (I think I got it right). More perturbing than that, though, is that the individual ingredients for each type of tea ball are not listed – the ingredient list is all jumbled together for all four. In addition, the plastic encasing the tea balls is only loosely sealed – it's not vacuum sealed for freshness at all! The box claims these don't go bad until March 2016, but not being vacuum seals still worries me a bit. Oh well, there's only four, so surely they'll be used up before long regardless. I'll go through each individual flavor and describe my experiences.

I started off with the Golden Jasmine first, because that's the one my husband was most excited about. Unfortunately, this experience seems to reinforce all the negative reviews. The tea ball failed to sink, and it opened sideways on the top of the water line. Not very impressive or nice-looking at all. The flavor isn't particularly impressive either. It tasted of a rather weak black tea, and although the box describes it as being “scented with delicate jasmine,” there is almost no jasmine in evidence. The scenting must be very “delicate” indeed. Lest you think it was my steep time or my teapot size, well, I let it steep a full 15 minutes by the end (10 minutes is my normal steep time), and the teapot is the same one I've used for other brands (that gave good flavor). After my husband and I each drank one cup, there was enough for one more cup left. This liquid had, of course, steeped longer due to being left in the pot, and when I drank it, it was indeed a bit stronger tasting. Unfortunately, it just tasted like slightly stronger black tea; still no real hint of jasmine. Oh well, one dud out of the four. We'll see what the others are like...
The next one I tried was the Lavender Dream. I had high hopes for this one since I do like lavender. While this one sank and opened correctly, it was not particularly attractive. The “bloom” in the middle wasn't much to look at – just a few ruddy brown petals that looked more like leaves than anything (that was the hibiscus, presumably). The taste was not good, either. The hibiscus taste was mildly there, but the lavender wasn't really apparent and the whole thing had an unpleasant bitter undertone. Overall, I wasn't impressed.

Next I tried out the Sunset Oolong. This one has to be better, right? Well, the flower in this one was at least more colorful, but this one once again the tea ball refused to sink, and ended up not fully opening either. The taste was...bland. It is rather hard to describe, but it's just bland. Maybe it didn't steep fully or properly since it failed to open? I don't know.

Lastly, I tried out the Dragon Lily. By this point, I didn't have much hope for this product. This one, unfortunately, didn't do anything to change my mind. This one, once AGAIN, didn't sink and opened on its side. The bloom was dull-colored and rather unattractive regardless. The taste was pleasant enough, though. It just tasted of a mild white tea (which it pretty much is). I can't say I detected any of the purported “velvety apricot flavor” that the box describes, but it was at least drinkable. However, it wasn't particularly special-tasting, and I can't say I'd want to drink it again (if only because this is an expensive option for something that tastes of plain white tea – I might as well just buy a cheaper box of white tea).

Well, overall, I'm deeply disappointed in Numi. Normally they make such nice tea, but this was a huge let down. There wasn't a single bloom in here that made me want to buy this again, and frankly, I won't be. Unfortunately, the other negative reviews are correct. If you want some blooming tea, I'd recommend you buy Primula (for a cheaper option) or Teaposy (for a really awesome, but more expensive, experience). There may be other good brands out there, too. Either way, avoid these.
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on November 29, 2014
I would most likely never make another purchase.

Some of the teas bloomed nicely and had a great flavor to them. I especially liked the one that smelled and tasted like honeysuckle.

One tea bulb looked like it was something rotted in a swamp. Not pretty at all and I discarded the bulb without tasting it for fear it was bad. I've posted photos of what it looked like, even after letting it sit in pot for an hour. You can see it's pretty disgusting looking.

Pods were not labeled, so you had no idea what flavor you were using. I didn't like that.

Pods seems poorly assembled, many had to be poured though a strainer before drinking.

My experiences with blooming teas is that you can reuse the blooms for at least 3 pots of tea. The second pot of tea was so weak that I gave up this notion with this brand.
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on April 7, 2014
Broke within two days of my opening it up. I wasn't particularly careless with it, either, I just set it down on the counter as I would set down a glass mug or teacup.

It brewed a brilliant pot of tea, but I didn't even get to finish the tea that came with it. It's a fragile piece of garbage. The tea that comes with it is tasty, so I'd recommend buying that elsewhere, but do not get this pot. It will break, and you will be sad.

I thought I was getting a bargain on a glass teapot and flowering tea... well, it goes to show that you get what you pay for.
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on July 25, 2014
This is gorgeous! I had given this out as a gift twice before, so this time I bought one for me. What a pleasant surprise. The tea box is rustic and simple, much better than the many I had seen when browsing around for a tea box. It's rustic, so don't expect a shiny made in china box; this is real. The flowers are tiny and the tea is delicious. The packet comes with a tiny teapot (I was also looking for one, but the reviews always preventing me from buying even the most recommended one - they all had complains of dripping). The teapot is one-cup size, but perfect. You can steep the flower two to three times, for two to three cups of tea.

This is exactly what I was looking for: Delicious blossoming tea, a perfect non-dripping teapot, and a rustic tea box. I am very glad I sent this out as a gift to friends. No wonder they were so thankful for it! :)
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on May 8, 2017
It is pretty but tastes awful!!! Bought as a present and was very unsatisfied. I would not recommend this product.
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on December 14, 2011
I bought this as a gift and opened the box to make sure everything was presentable due to other reviews. I wanted to be sure nothing was cracked and the lid fit. Everything was ok. It was packed for shipping well. Yes, the pot is small, but it is for one person after all. There is a hole at the top of the lid designed to let steam out. That might have been what someone was calling a bubble in the glass. It felt pretty sturdy, but the handles could have been made a little thicker. I was hoping to be able to see or smell the teas, but they are sealed in a box. I am pleasantly surprised that this doesn't have a weird chemical smell to the wood as other mass produced, cheaper items are prone to have. The inside of the gift box is nothing special, just the pot, the box of blossoms, and a bunch of brown confetti-like strips of paper stuffing. The box has this orange/red "leather" stringing it together. I think they could have put in a little more effort and used a natural looking leather or even twine, and displaying the blossoms in the gift box instead of hiding them in a box that looks at home on a grocery shelf. But I am picky. Even though I haven't tried the blossoms, I drink Numi tea myself and I think they are great quality teas. I will probably buy a set for myself soon.
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on November 8, 2017
I am a tea drinker and this collection is really terrible. They all smell and taste the same, very bland, poor quality. Very disappointed, since Numi usually makes good teas, and are not cheap. This particular product seems "gimmicky"
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on February 17, 2015
Beautiful set, but the tea pot is a bit too small. I learned the hard way and would suggest buying a 24 oz tea pot with tea warmer cozy (I am very happy with the Tea Beyond products I found after purchasing this set). I would also suggest buying clear glass tea cups if you do not have glass or china one's in the home already. The right tea pot with warmer, flowering tea and tea cups set a tranquil mood and even help to brighten my day at work (I bought the glass tea cups for work & have china at home). I have one without the warmer at work since we are not allowed open flames in an office building of course, but the tea light candle in that warmer base is a wonderful addition at home. I'm an RN and the right tea helps to melt away my stress :-)
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on November 17, 2014
This is a tiny little tea set, perfect for my mom.

Yes, the teapot is TINY and really fragile and for the price I can understand why people are slightly put off by this but I liked it.

Other people have stated that once you remove the actually outer wrapping the glue will destroy the box surface, but I didn't have that problem. I took my time to slowly peel it off and came out with no imperfection. The top cover is slightly skewed so the lid doesn't align properly when closed shut.

I was slightly disappointed by how the flower bloomed once in the hot water. It didn't sink to the bottom so it just bloomed upside down on the surface. We really couldn't see the flower and if we poked it too much the green parts ripped off making it look like murky seaweed water. The actually taste of the tea was a tad bit strong to the point that it was starting to taste bitter.
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