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on August 19, 2015
This is the product that I've been needing! I just returned all of my Target nursing bras because my breasts are too large for them and the clips come undone too easily. I absolutely love that this does not have a built in bra. I also love that I don't have to fight two nursing clips while nursing in public. That makes it almost impossible to be discreet since I don't use a cover. Awesome solution to make nursing as easy as it should be!
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on August 25, 2014
From my wife: "I love this undershirt! I wasn't going to get one because I was using regular tank tops and just wrapping them around my nursing bra. Although it saved money by not buying nursing-specific tank tops, it was constantly needing to be adjusted and finally would tear and stretch the fabric. So I gave in and decided to order one of these. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I love it! It is very comfortable, modest and breathable... it is easy to overheat when holding a baby, but not with this undershirt. I really like my shirts long and am crazy about my clothes being comfortable too. Despite promising my husband that I just wanted to "try these out", I have to order a couple more (maybe in different colors this time)! I would HIGHLY recommend getting yourself some. Breastfeeding can be difficult and awkward enough without fighting to keep your clothes in place."
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on January 6, 2017
Got these while 36 weeks in prep for baby in three colors. i got one my last pregnancy and found i used the target nursing tanks more. they are all gone now and so this time i'm going back here getting these because of three reasons 1. target raised the price and they now are not in our budget. 2. the sizing had changed on the last few i got and they did not fit right. 3. i have the one from my last pregnancy and it has out lasted targets by far with out the shoulder bands stretching:). They wash great and the color last. So I'm happy i choose these and look forward to getting more colors as i can afford them.
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on February 2, 2017
This is my first nursing top. I'm still pregnant right now, so I was hoping to make use of it during pregnancy and after. My favorite non nursing bra that I'm wearing right now is a convertible bra with removable straps in the front, so the hoops on this tank slide through easily. After reading that it is supposed to fit snuggly, I ordered one size up just in case. It fits me pretty great (8.5 months pregnant) and I'm confident that after I deliver (I'm normally plus sized anyway) it will still fit comfortably. The silicone hoops look durable and there is also a clip for straps. The shirt is long enough to go under some shorter shirts I have and cover the band on the top of my maternity pants, which was the point of me ordering. I look forward to nursing with this shirt and plan on ordering a white one next week.
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on February 12, 2014
I've actually quit wearing any of the other nursing tanks that I bought because I love this one so much. It does fit snug on me (I bought an XXL and am a 40DD and usually wear 2X tops), but it's not uncomfortable, just shows my rolls a bit. I would probably get the next size up if I could for any future purchases. However, this is an ingenious design. I was fed up with wrestling with unhooking a nursing tank and then unhooking my nursing bra and wrangling them down while pulling my shirt up and then trying to get it all back in place after we were done nursing. Even worse were the ones that had a slit that I had to bring my breast through--I could never get them to go back into place correctly, and sometimes they would work themselves open while I was wearing it (thankfully my shirt covered it, just uncomfortable/disconcerting!). This wrestling with my bra & tank was hardly discrete, and I always wondered if I had a weird lump from the nursing tank not laying just right after all that.

In comes Undercover Mama to the rescue! Because the tank attaches to my nursing bra, I only have to unhook 1 thing, and then they pull down together. I don't have to worry about weird bulges of fabric or trying to figure out what piece of fabric I'm pulling into place. Everything lays nice & flat when I'm done, and it takes literally less than 2 seconds to unhook/pull down or pull up/rehook. Unless someone happens to be watching me like a hawk, it's easy to discretely start nursing or put myself back together afterwards.

I love it so much that I wish they had a couple different options like a straight across neckline. My only gripe is that sometimes my nursing bra shows above the neckline because I need to have a more full coverage bra for support, but for the most part, that doesn't show because it's towards the outside edges rather than right in the middle. I definitely want to get some more of these in other colors (I have black) and maybe in the next size up if they have it because I'm wearing the one I have at least 2-4 times a week--lots of laundry going on at my house!
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on June 13, 2016
This fit a little small, but mostly because I've grown so many cup sizes due to breastfeeding and now apparently need a larger size shirt. Compared to other nursing tanks this is so much better! It's so easy to nurse with this tank top- because of the way it hooks onto your bra it's zero extra steps, which is so important when you're trying to calm your hungry baby! I didn't realize I needed these until the first time I went to nurse in public and realized my nursing cover took care of the top part, but that my stomach and back were hanging out where I had pulled up my shirt! I wouldn't buy lots of the nursing tops I tried again, but I definitely would (and probably will) this one!
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on October 3, 2017
I needed something I can use while nursing on an airplane especially if I sat next to someone squeamish. This shirt is awesome! I wear size small shirts and got a small. Fit snug against me under my shirt so you couldn't tell I was wearing 2 shirts. (I am not a fan of excessively tight fitting clothes, so my small shirts are somewhat loose, and this small undershirt wasn't cutting off my breathing, but comfortably tight against my skin., therefore I would NOT recommend a size smaller from your normal if you hate super tight clothes.) Very comfortable and long which is nice. It was weird to figure out the strap attachments at first until I saw some of the pictures other reviewers posted. I would definitely recommend to other breastfeeding moms on the go.
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on October 14, 2016
I have to give this product 5 stars because it is exactly what I was looking for! Before pregnancy and baby I wore tank tops under all of shirts, but when I started nursing I found it very frustrating that I couldn't find a good nursing tank and had to basically undress to pump at work. I didn't like having to wear a nursing tank plus a nursing bra since all the tanks I tried didn't support my breasts. It was uncomfortable and way to much to deal with! This tank top is amazing!! It attaches to your nursing bra and allows you to wear it without the extra straps and tightness of regular nursing tanks. The blend of cotton and spandex is great too if your wanting to help hide some of your extra baby weight. I went by the sizing recommendation and got a smaller size. I'm 5'5 and weigh 137 with size 34C bra and the small fits very snug but I wouldn't have liked it much bigger. Hope this review helps other breastfeeding mom's! I will be buying more if these!
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on July 10, 2014
I just bought one of these in size M (my prepregnancy shirt size) after being frustrated by a lack of nursing tanks in my size (36J). I just tried it on and it's super snug over my 38-week belly, but that was to be expected. I expect it to fit well after baby comes. The cotton fabric is a nice heavy weight (though a summer-weight option might be nice). I plan on buying more of these in different colors. I like that the black tank over a black bra (I used my Cake Lingerie Dark Croissant) looks just like a nursing tank.

It's a little awkward to put on. I first tried hooking it to the bra, then couldn't figure out how to get them both on. I ended up detaching it, putting on the bra, then pulling on the tank and hooking it to the bra. There are two hook options at the attachment - a hook similar to those used for attaching straps on a convertible bra, and a rubbery ring that could hook on just about any kind of clasp. I used the hook and slid it through the same fabric fold that holds the bra's hook in place and it was a very snug fit. There is no attachment in the back, which would be nice, though I don't think I'd be able to actually attach it without help, anyway. But once on, it seemed unfussy. I pulled a loose tshirt over it, and was easily able to lift the tshirt and pop down the cup - I'll definitely be able to nurse with minimal skin exposure. This will be great this winter with sweaters, too.

I will definitely be buying more of these in different colors.
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on May 29, 2016
I am postpartum week two and nursing constantly. It's also summer, so I needed functional warm weather nursing clothes that don't make me bare it all. I decided to give the Undercover Mama Nursing Tank a try because of the price, and the fact that I hate how all the nursing tank tops don't cover my chest enough. I received the item within 2 days and immediately tried it on!. I am excited to wear it tomorrow under my non nursing tank. I have at least "D" cup breasts right now and it covers me just like the picture shows. No cleavage at all! It hooks right onto my nursing bra and seems secure. This product does seem to run a little snug but I don't mind given that I am starting to get my waist back and don't want to look frumpy. I am 5'6" and 176 pounds. I usually wear a large in most clothes and ordered an XL in this. This fit is snug in the waist and hip but not too tight that it needs to be returned. It looks good on. I like the length of the shirt. I hits me below my hips, also how it shows in the advertising picture. I bought the white one and the material is thick. It's doesn't seem like it will fall apart easily and seems to be able to hold up in the wash. (That's my pet peeve of clothes- being cheaply made!). It also won't show everything underneath the shirt!
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