Customer Reviews: Nutramax Cosequin Capsules, 80 Count
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on August 13, 2007
I have a 4 1/2 year old cat who's suffered from sterile cystitis since she was a young kitten. This is rare in cats so young so it took a long time and many tests to figure out what was wrong with her. Finally our vet mentioned that there was a possibility she had sterile cystitis and that we should try Cosequin and see if it worked. Our first night trying it this skittish kitten who hated pills licked up half of the powder before I could even mix it in with the food! She loved it! Within about a week her symptoms were dissipating and we stopped noticing as much blood in her urine. A few weeks later she was just fine, obviously not in pain anymore. She's been on these pills about 3 years now, taking one nearly every night in a small amount of babyfood, and we've only seen a couple small, short outbreaks of her sterile cystitis, and only during periods of very high stress (such as when we moved).

While it doesn't break the bank at the vet, it's MUCH cheaper on here, more than half off the price I've noticed. Also we've never had a problem with it showing up late or damaged. Since our cat could very well be on this for the rest of her life I'm so glad we have a place to buy it from that saves us so much money!
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on December 8, 2009
This product works very well. I have a suggestion for anyone who can't get their cat to eat this product sprinkled over food (I'm with you on not wanting to shove what I call a "horse pill" down a cat's throat.

Purchase some Brewers yeast flakes, which are usually available at health food stores and some grocery stores. Mix the contents of one pill with an equal amount of the yeast flakes, then mix that with a little water until it forms the consistency of stiff dough. Make this into pea-sized amounts with your hands. I have never had a cat that would not go absolutely nuts over these little "treats." In fact, most of the cats I have given this to start to beg for it after a few days! It only takes a couple minutes each day to prepare.

Our vet even began using this to pill some cats!

You can make up three or so separate amounts and refrigerate them, but more than that and it will mold.

This product is worth trying this! Good luck.
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on June 24, 2005
I started my 14 year old cat on this when she started having problems with her joints. It has made a huge difference in her quality of life. She jumps and runs around like she is 10 years younger. I wholeheartedly recommend it for the older cat with joint problems. It's easy to give her as it's in a capsule form and I easily open the capsule and sprinkle the powder on her wet food, then mix it in and she eats it up and doesn't know anything is different in her food. As I said a great product.
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on March 29, 2007
My elderly kitty had orthopedic surgery on his right knee in Feb '07 and a month later he was still in pain and walking very gingerly. Our local vet suggested Nutramax Cosequin for Cats and within four days there was an absolutely dramatic change for the better. Moses stopped growling, crying, and biting his tail. He began walking around the bedroom in which he was confined (for safety). His appetite improved and he enjoyed grooming once again. He has continued his progress and his walk is sure-footed and appears painless. He sleeps well, is as active as his surgeon allows, and we are very thankful to have found this product. My fiancee believes that Glucosamine and Chondroitin enabled him to postpone his knee surgery for nearly ten years so he was not as surprised as I about our kitty's improvement.

Pain and arthritis control is so difficult in cats. Please speak to your Vet and consider trying this product. Open the capsules and sprinkle into about a tablespoonful of food and mix it in. Our little Mr. Fussy-eater likes it just fine! Then offer any other food your cat might like. Cosequin certainly reduced, and has nearly ended, any visible suffering for our precious little guy. Thanks, Nutramax. RB
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on July 18, 2007
My 16 year old cat was almost immobile with arthritis in her back legs. My polished wood floors made it even harder for her. The vet suggested Cosequin and said he'd seen mixed results with it. It took several months, but Murphy is much improved now. I almost gave up after a couple months of Cosequin, but I'm glad I waited. Give the meds plenty of time to work.
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on March 12, 2006
My cat did not have an actual UTI, but she did have blood in her urine. I give her a capsule every other day which is reducing the inflammation in her bladder and all litterbox problems have been resolved. Can't live without it!
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on September 17, 2013
I had called the vet to put my beloved 18-year-old cat to sleep one Saturday because she couldn't walk (it was horrible to watch) even though she had been on Cosequin for two weeks -- then read the reviews on Amazon where people said not to give up, that it took at least four weeks for results to be apparent, sometimes six. So I cancelled the appointment since she didn't seem to be in pain and decided to wait. Thank you Amazon customers for writing reviews! After four weeks my cat's walking had improved tremendously, though it's not perfect. After six weeks, she is jumping up into my lap and onto the very high bed -- places where I was lifting her before. I still don't let her jump down for fear that she will hurt herself and I've ordered the Pink Cat Step Stairs available on this site to make it easier for her to get up and down off the bed, but I can't believe the difference Cosequin has made. It's really quite miraculous. So I also say: DON'T GIVE UP. GIVE IT TIME TO WORK. IT REALLY DOES!
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on May 13, 2006
My cat is 11 years old, and he was experiencing odd behavior with the rear half of his body, where it looked like he just didn't have control of his legs sometimes. The vet did much poking and prodding, and she could only be certain he had arthritis along his spine, based on his reaction when she pressed firmly with her fingers. We started him on Cosequin a month and a half ago, one capsule in the am and one in the pm, and he is doing so much better. I haven't seen that odd loss of control, as I call it, and he's been running around like we've taken 5 years off his life. Since my vet charges almost $ (with tax) for a box of 80 capsules, I will definitely be buying Cosequin from Amazon or another online site for the future. I highly recommend Cosequin for older cats.
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on February 8, 2015
This is a miracle!!! My beloved cat had an injury to his T3 disks in his spin and could not walk to the litter box. After many trips to veterinarians I tried this product. I use a form of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and glucosamine supplement for my horses that I compete in jumpers with. My cat is running up and down stairs and is jumping onto chairs I cannot believe how fast cosequin worked! I read earlier reviews that said this is 'poisonous' to animals because the capsules contains stearic acid and it 'suppresses' T-cells. I am a molecular and cellular biology major working towards attending veterinarian school and I did research and it was used on mice at large concentration, in vitro, however, it does not harm my cat or horses I am a firm believer. Here is a link for a peer-reviewed scientific article it was done in 1990 since then no one has looked into the 'harmful' affects of stearic acid it is a flowing agent and it is even found in my vitamin supplements. I also do not use the capsules just pull them apart and sprinkle on wet food it is so easy. I thought I might add I work at a veterinarian hospital and they highly recommend this supplement as well.
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on November 17, 2008
My cat is 20 years old yes 20! I have seen her come back to life in ways I can not believe. She is jumping back up on the furniture again, and yes I am shocked to be happy about that!
She seems like she has a second wind, and I feel that whatever time she has left is certainly improved by using this.
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