Customer Reviews: Nyan Koi: Complete Collection
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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on December 12, 2010
When reading a synopsis for the series, one is struck by the weirdness of the concept. Junpei, the main character, is allergic to cats. By accident, he breaks the local cat-deity statue at a shrine, cursing him. Suddenly, he can understand what cats are saying, and must do 100 nice things for cats or he will turn into one himself. Being allergic, turning into a cat would kill him.

But that isn't really what the show is about. It is a slice of life anime heavy on the romantic comedy, following Junpei in his quest to become closer to his crush, Mizuno. As in most anime of this genre, complications are abound and more than one girl besides Mizuno falls for Junpei, setting up some very amusing situations. Sure, the concept has been done to death (besides the cats) and these types of anime are a dime a dozen. But that doesn't stop this show from being very, very funny.

The characters are really alive. There are some seriously good one-liners in this series, and the dialogue is just comedy gold in general most of the time. I was intrigued by the feline concept of the show, but was surprised to notice that, when his curse became a subplot throughout the series, I didn't mind. The characters really make this show shine.

The animation is fluid and very well done. This DVD set will ship without a dub, so be prepared to read subtitles if that is something that matters to you. Personally, I prefer watching anime in the original language, so a subtitled set is perfect. If you like comedy, slice of life, love triangles, and a little feline mischief, this is a series you don't want to miss.
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In 2007, the manga "Nyan Koi!" by Sato Fujiwara was serialized in the free web comic "FlexComix Blood" and two years later, the manga receives its anime adaptation from AIC and makes its DVD debut in the US courtesy of Sentai Filmworks.

The series is directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi (Kowarekake no Orgel", "Sket Dance", "Hayate the Combat Butler"), screenplay by Shinichi Inotsume ("Kowarekake no Orgel", "Hayate the Combat Butler", "Sket Dance") and features music by Manabu Miwa and Shigenobu Ookawa. Character designs are by Kazuaki Morita ("My Bride is a Mermaid", "Tentai Senshi Sunred") and art direction by Naoko Kosakabe ("NieA 7', "Kissxsis", "Jinki: Extend").

"Nyan Koi!" is a series about a high school sophomore named Junpei Kosaka and he is allergic to cats. So, much that he hates them and one day, he thinks he hears his cat Nyamsus talking to him but dismisses it.

As for Junpei, he is always dreaming about his friend Kaede Mizuno and wishes he can get closer to her. One day, while he was walking home from school, Junpei kicks a can and it hits a neko-jizo-sama statue (a cat statue that serves as a guardian deity of cats). Having broken the cat statue, now Junpei is forced to grant 100 wishes to cats and if he doesn't do it, he will turn into a cat which will eventually kill him because of his allergy towards cats.

And to remind him and watch over him is his family cat Nyamsus who tries to make sure Junpei know of his curse.

So, Junpei will do all he can to help cats, even though he dislikes them. But along the way, each time he helps the cats, he encounters other girls who start to take a liking towards him (and in the process, making other girls jealous) because of the attention he is starting to receive.

"Nyan Koi!" is 12-episodes long and is presented on two DVD's. Here is a basic synopsis of each episode:


* EPISODE 1 - The Scruffy Cat and the Cursed High Schooler - Junpei is a high schooler who is allergic to cats. So, allergic that he hates them. But after he breaks a cat statue, now he is cursed and if he doesn't want to turn into a cat and die from his allergies, he must perform 100 favors for cats.
* EPISODE 2 - That Man is a Manservant? - Junpei must help a cat which leads him to his childhood friend and now a girl that despises him, Kanako Sumiyoshi.
* EPISODE 3 - Your Name Is... - A college student/postal carrier named Chizuru Mochizuki is bad with directions and a cat leads Junpei to help her out.
* EPISODE 4 - Beautiful People - A cat owned by tomboy Nagi Ichinose leads Junpei to her. But Nagi despises Junpei because of his friendship with Kaede.
* EPISODE 5 - Times Square - Junpei goes to the amusement park with Kaede, Kanako and Nagase but will Junpei be able to get close to Kaede with the other two girls around? Meanwhile, Kaede may have found out the truth about Junpei's curse.
* EPISODE 6 - Milk and Bitters and Sugar and Spice - Kaede meets two twins Akari and Kotone Kirishima who know about his curse. Meanwhile, Kotone is infatuated with Junpei, while her sister is overprotective of her.


* EPISODE 7 - Wait Until Dark - Junpei is getting prepared to go on a school trips to Kyoto with his classmates. Also, Ichinose's family in Kyoto will be having a meeting to decide who will be Nagase's husband.
* EPISODE 8 - The Passionate Private Running Coach - Junpei goes to help the next cat in need, but when he forgets to help the cat...the cat wants revenge on Junpei.
* EPISODE 9 - Girls in the Water - The group goes out to swim but Junpei is sick and Kanako wants to take care of him.
* EPISODE 10 - As it happened One Night - The Kirishima twins are counting on Junpei to help them deal with a spirit.
* EPISODE 11 - Friends - It's almost Christmas time and Junpei and Kanako spend time together.
* EPISODE 12 - Does Heaven Await Me? - Kaede is suspicious of Junpei and Junpei must find a way to convince her that nothing bad is going on or else the curse will consume him.


"Nyan Koi! - Complete Collection" is presented in 16:9 anamorphic widescreen. The animation tends to change from very cutesy style of anime that will appeal to the fans who love cute characters, especially for the cats and then shifting to normal anime style. Character designs are well-done, especially the closeups. The background art tends to differ depending on the scene with some look quite simple to others looking a bit more detailed. I did notice more background art being used in the second half of the series and for the most part, I really enjoyed the character designs for this anime series. For the most part, the animation and art backgrounds for "Nyan Koi!" are very good.

The colors for "Nyan Koi!" are quite vibrant and for the most part, animation is up-to-par with other TV anime related series. It is important to note that because the series was released on Blu-ray in Japan, I wouldn't be surprised if Sentai Filmworks/Section23 Films releases "Nyan Koi!" in HD.


"Nyan Koi!" is presented in Japanese 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo. Voice acting is well done for this series. I felt that Shintaro Asanuma did a great job with the voice of Junpei, very cool, deep voice. Meanwhile, the voice actress such as Yuka Iguchi as Kaede, Ryoo shiraishi as Kanako and Haruka Tomatsu as the twins, all did a fantastic job.

Subtitles are in English.


"Nyan Koi!" comes with the clean opening and ending themes plus trailers from anime currently available from Sentai Filmworks.


"Nyan Koi!" is quite an interesting harem anime series. Despite the usual storyline of all females starting to like a certain guy, Junpei is an interesting character as his interest is primarily on Kaede and the only reason he was nice to the other girls was because of their cats and his obligation to grant 100 wishes for the cats or else he will turn into one and die from his allergy. It's a bit twisted in a way but "Nyan Koi!" is a pretty fun anime series.

Each episode is connected to each other, so there is no worry of filler episodes. Each episodes tend to focus on Junpei fulfilling the 100 wishes but at the same time, these episodes also build upon him trying to get close to Kaede but yet the others also wanting to get closer to Junpei and we get to see him starting to care for the others but yet the writers finding ways to tease you in regards to Junpei and Kaede's friendship and how close they will get.

But each of the characters are quite fun to watch and it does make me wonder how much crazier the actual manga gets and how many more girls are introduced to this whole harem mix. But because this series alone focuses on not too many characters, each episode does feature plots that further the character development, relationships and jealousies that exist. But it all comes together quite nicely.

As mentioned earlier, this is an anime series that tends to go from serious to a cutesy style but by no means is this an anime series for young children. Yes, it does have many cute moments but it's also important to note that while the series doesn't feature any nudity, there is some perverted humor as characters such as Kanako Sumiyoshi (who has big breasts) tends to jiggle wherever she goes and Nagi Ichinose has this thing about grabbing on Kanako's breast. Also, a few pantie shots that show up form time to time. So, there is some perverted humor in this series but nothing that tends to overshadow the whole storyline.

As for the DVD, you do get 12 episodes and the vibrant animation is quite pleasing. The only downer is the lack of special features but unfortunately, with TV series, it's becoming more of a common place to not see much special features on anime on DVD these days, "Nyan Koi!" is no different. As for those who are video or audiophiles, there is a Blu-ray release in Japan, so it will be interesting to see if Sentai Filmworks will bring out a Blu-ray release to the US. But it's a series that would definitely look much better on Blu-ray, although audio-wise, the series will probably be more ambiance-base since its a dialogue driven series.

But overall, "Nyan Koi!" is an entertaining anime series. I enjoyed it so much that I watched it all in one setting. There is a good amount of comedy, drama and fan-service and I have no doubt that this series will go over well with anime fans. If you love "harem anime", definitely give "Nyan Koi!" a try!
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on January 17, 2011
Don't let the box art confuse you, this isn't an ecchi show. It's the poor man's Seto no Hanayome, which is to say that there's a lot of goofing around, a plot that provides a cheap excuse for said goofing around, and a quick resolution at the very end for an easy, open ending (sequel please!). The show is NOT dual-audio, which is good - there are a lot of things referenced, like ganguro and yakuza, that simply don't translate well. If there's any complaint, again, it's the box art - I have to hide this behind the other DVDs simply because it looks like cheap anime hentai or something.
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on March 27, 2011
This series is your typical romantic comedy/harem anime. You know, one boy who has multiple love interests with all the comedy and misunderstanding ensuing. Now, don't get me wrong, even if this show follows the same patterns as others in its genre, it pulls off what it intends to do very well. Obviously, if you like watching series in this genre, you know what to expect the majority of the time. But honestly, a boy who's allergic to cats gets cursed by a cat deity statue + a harem + wacky, over the top comedy + romance + misunderstanding = an overall pretty interesting and enjoyable story. This one has a very similar feel as series like Tenchi Muyo and Love Hina, just to name a few. So, if those kind of anime series are your cup of tea, you should definitely give this one a try.
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on December 31, 2012
Nyan Koi is a comical show about a teenage guy who accidentally breaks a holy cat statue and thus becomes cursed. In order to lift the curse he must perform good deeds to cats, the only problem is that he's allergic to them. He also has the issue with deal with a number of fellow classmates vying for his affections. The only thing I found unfortunate was that there was no attempt to dub the series.
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on April 22, 2013
So, this high school kid, allergic to cats, made a bad omen to a cat deity. . .and as punishment, he has to perform a 100 tasks for cats, by cats, to clean his slate. . .aka remove a curse. Well, the owners are usually female or ones that like cats anyways and seem to be attracted to him by his misfortune so to speak. His childhood friend comes back into his life after they make peace. . .well relative peace with each other. The girl he has the hots for owns 4 dogs. The navigationally challenged mail woman. . .has her own issues. The Yakuzai Princess acts like a tomboy. And the twins, one hates him, the other loves his misfortune. . .

Harem and fanfare comedy. Love it. Supposedly season 2 is in the works. . .
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on January 25, 2016
Cats can be adorable but also deeply mischievious. So what happens if you break the statue of a cat kami? Well you are on the receiving end of a curse for a start. This was intriguing enough to encourage me to buy the DVD. In the end this is less about the travails of Junpei Kosaka as he tries to lift his feline curse and more of an everyday harem anime. All the harem elements are present and correct. This is a shame as the original premise is much funnier and interesting. I wish I had seen this on a streaming service. I'm not sure I'd watch a second series if one were to be made.
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on December 2, 2011
2 DVDs. 300 minutes. 12 episodes. A mini-series. Full of cats, romance, comedy, and fan service. What more could you want?
I really love a anime mini-series, they are like snacks. Sometimes you want a snack, a tiny snack, not a three course meal. 24 episodes? Sometimes that can be too filling.
The plot - boy is cursed to help 100 cats or he will turn into a cat. Problem - he is allergic to cats. He can't stand to be near them and if he is turned into one he will most likely die.
Now add the fact that he is a normal school boy trying to link up with the one girl, a best friend, who does not seem to be interested in him and that's like adding a cherry to a ice cream sundae! A wonderfully funny anime with tons of funny one-liners and weird female characters.
There is only one problem many of you may have with it. No dubbing. Only subtitles. Sorry.
But for people who love cats, romance, comedy, and curses this is the anime for you!
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on March 10, 2014
When a high school student with a severe cat allergy is cursed for accidently breaking the statue of a cat deity he must fulfill a hundred favors for cats or be transformed into a cat which will kill him due to his allergies. Bombarded with feline requests and surrounded by a bevy of beauties his life becomes very complicated and making matters worse he must keep his curse a secret.

The animation is great, the characters are likeable, the story although simplistic is very entertaining and the English dub is excellent making this series a must own for any cat loving anime fan!

Be warned this anime contains a small amount of fan service (bouncing breasts, breasts being fondled and glimpses of panties) so it may not be suitable for children!.
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on October 22, 2011
Again a bit of harem comedy with a great story. The main character, very allergic to cats, accidentally damages a cat god shrine in a moment of carelessness. Suddenly, he can understand every thing that cats say. The shrine 'cat' tells him he must help 100 cats or he will turn into one, and with his allergies, it would be a death sentence, so while his friends don't understand his new strange behavior, he diligently tries to fulfill his obligation. It is very funny.
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