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Nyko Charge Base 360 S for Xbox 360
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Price:$24.90+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 7, 2017
I have had a few X360 controllers laying around that hadn't been used very often anymore. But, my son has just come of age to play simple games on the PC. Setting him up with some wireless controllers to play Lego themed games was an excellent addition, and having somewhere specific for him to put the controllers back when he is done is excellent.
The base is nice and simple, and the battery packs seem to hold charge for very long play sessions. I am impressed compared to when I used to have to swap out rechargeable batteries in these things in the past. The only complaint is that one of the units isn't exactly snug, so if you are a little rough with the controller, it will disconnect the battery pack. Nothing that can't bumped back into place.
I do wish they came in white though...
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on March 31, 2017
This is a great set-up. I bought this for my bedroom because we use our xbox 360 to stream netflix and hulu and/or Amazon prime tv/movies through and the controllers are always dying constantly. It eventually made us stop playing our actual games because we never had batteries. I finally sucked it up and bought this stand. Super easy to setup and use, works perfectly as intended. Does come with the two battery packs that you plug into the controllers you already have. Highly recommended.
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on July 31, 2017
While this item does work, it is a pain to get the controllers in the proper position to allow them to charge. I wanted to tuck this charger away on a small shelf where it wouldn't be quite so noticeable in my front room, but because the controllers have to sit in it absolutely perfectly the whole charging system has to be removed from the shelf in order to get everything situated properly. It's a tiny complaint, but it does make this charger become more of a pain than removing a battery and putting on a charger.
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on June 5, 2017
Works great 4yrs later :) my remotes are plugged in but it shuts off when they are charged. It stays plugged in although we dont play anymore, it lasted longer than we did!! It saves so much money on batteries though it was worth every penny. Ill keep it just to use my kinect and power the remotes!
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on February 26, 2016
Nyko Charge Base 360 S for Xbox 360

I really love this product because it is so easy to just sit my controllers into the base and charge them. What I dislike about them is the fact that you have to use their rechargeable batteries which have the pins on the back of the batteries. There are lights on the front that tell you if the battery is charging or not. Once the batteries are done charging the lights turn off and the batteries stop charging so that they don't over charge. The good thing about this is the fact that the batteries do come with the charging base.

Would I recommend this to a friend? YES
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on March 21, 2017
I like using the product, however, I'm experiencing issues with the 2nd charging port. Less than 30% of the time I'm unable to get a controller to charge successfully on that port. I attempted to contact your customer service department via email and never got a response back. I'd be more than happy to change my review if someone contacted me back regarding the product for an issue of resolution.
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on October 14, 2016
This purchase has saved my life as a mother! Not only did it solve my boys problem with batteries always dying or not working correctly but it is so easy to use. They haven't had issues with their XBox 360 telling them to "connect controller" in the middle of the game, anymore! Before the cheaper batteries we got would always die or take forever to charge. With Nyko batteries and chargers we haven't had a problem from the minute we started using them!
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on December 21, 2016
Good contraction
Not eye catching or an over the top design
Charges as quickly as you would expect

Batteries last maybe an hour on a full charge

Unless you really want the aesthetic of having your controller placed on a charging base when not in use, or only use them for very short play times, I'd pass. It's fine for using your system as a media machine, or doing dev on your pc where you will be putting down your controller frequently. Long gaming sessions will be annoying. Single player games can be fine but you will find yourself swapping to the charged pack ever hour or so when the current one dies. Good news is, it seems like it will charge one battery nearly full by the time the next one dies. So if you are a fan of adding a real life "reloading" feature to your gaming, this is for you.

Ultimately you would be better off buying some regular rechargeable AA batteries and a charging station for those. Then you get the added benefit of having them for all your other devices as well.
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on November 11, 2016
Works fantastically and I love that there's two slots given that while I only primarily use one controller, it's nice if a friend comes over and we play some multiplayer, and if I'm soloing for a while then I've got two battery packs on charge for those insanely-long gaming sessions! I just got it but I'm guessing it'll do as advertised so if this isn't edited expect that it works perfectly! Aesthetically it's also great because of the slender design of the dock, the long power cord is great for placement and the LEDs on the bottom are great for a quick-glance to see how much it's charged (It's either red-dead, yellow-mellow, or green-...I...I don't have a rhyme, I'm ashed. Green is fully charged. Yay.)

Also of note since there were a few questions about it, mine did indeed come with a USB port on the front of the dock right in the middle in a pretty easily seen plastic "flap". I actually thought it was a button to "unlock" the controller from the dock and then noticed it's a USB port. So there's that goodness as well. All around great and cheaply priced but quality design.
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on April 8, 2016
The charging base works quickly to charge my husbands game controllers. It has a sleek design that matches (most) of his controllers and all of his other hardware in his game room. The LED display lights look good too - a very modern touch for gamers.

✸ Whats Included:
Dual charging dock, two xbox 360 controller batteries, and charging cable.

✸ Function:
It's a rapid charger, so the batteries charge pretty fast - even when fully drained (a few hours to get a full charge) and depending on gameplay could last a few days between charges (with moderate game play). The dock also doubles as a place to store and display your controllers when not using them.

✸ Build:
Very solid construction - we've used Nyko products for a lot of gaming gear and expected this to be just as good as the other products they sell. We were not disappointed. The unit charges well and the batteries hold a charge for a good period of time for the heavy gamers in my house. Very convenient to just pop the entire controller in and grab another one when you need it. The LED lights are bright enough to be seen but not bright enough to be distracting. They which controller is docked, they indicate the charge level of the controller, and when it is done. THERE IS ALSO A USB PORT ON THE FRONT. Very convenient for charging mic's and such.

✸ Overall Opinion:
My husband and I are very happy with this charging base. Its good quality construction at a budge price.... and it has worked without problems since it arrived. We are both very happy with this purchase and will never have to deal with dead batteries again ;-)

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