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on August 7, 2017
I have had a few X360 controllers laying around that hadn't been used very often anymore. But, my son has just come of age to play simple games on the PC. Setting him up with some wireless controllers to play Lego themed games was an excellent addition, and having somewhere specific for him to put the controllers back when he is done is excellent.
The base is nice and simple, and the battery packs seem to hold charge for very long play sessions. I am impressed compared to when I used to have to swap out rechargeable batteries in these things in the past. The only complaint is that one of the units isn't exactly snug, so if you are a little rough with the controller, it will disconnect the battery pack. Nothing that can't bumped back into place.
I do wish they came in white though...
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on March 31, 2017
This is a great set-up. I bought this for my bedroom because we use our xbox 360 to stream netflix and hulu and/or Amazon prime tv/movies through and the controllers are always dying constantly. It eventually made us stop playing our actual games because we never had batteries. I finally sucked it up and bought this stand. Super easy to setup and use, works perfectly as intended. Does come with the two battery packs that you plug into the controllers you already have. Highly recommended.
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on March 10, 2016
This set is really neat, and works exactly as expected.

I purchased this because I was still using my old 360 controllers with AA battery packs. The package included two rechargeable batteries that change right out for the AA battery pack (batteries are both black - keep in mind for white controllers).

The charging base plugs directly into the wall and has a little trap-door on the front where you can plug a usb into it. I've currently got my PS3 usb charger stand plugged into this baby.

The batteries are so easy to charge!!! There are contacts on the back of each battery pack, and the controller just sits down into each cradle and begins to charge. There is a little display on the front that gives you different colored status lights as the controllers charge. This is way easier than my PS3 controller cradle.

I haven't played with these controllers extensively, so I can't really speak to the battery life, but it seems to be very good so far. Batteries don't seem to get too hot, either.
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For the most part I haven't had many problems with Nyko products especially their charging stations for controllers and this one is no exception. Like with the XBO and PS4 charging station you have two rechargeable batteries and the charging stations and power adapter plug. The charging light led shows the percentage of where the battery is charging from red to low battery to light brown for middle charging and green for fully charged.Like with the mentioned chargers there's no problem leaving your controllers on the charging port stations as after the batteries are fully charged it automatically shuts off for safety as to not overcharge the battery and burn it out. You do sometimes have to do a little wriggling with the controllers to make sure they're fully secured into the charging slots but it's not that much of a hassle and for the price pretty easy to let go.

So if you're an Xbox 360 owner looking for a decent charging station for your controllers this one is a great choice to take a look at.
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on February 23, 2017
Charger looks great. I like the added (hidden) USB charge feature in the front even though I never tried to use it. I like that the controllers sit in the cradle and are held down with gravity.

Unfortunately I don't think the batteries made proper connections to the charging pins underneath. Every time I tried to use this charger it was a fight or wiggling and moving to get the lights on the front to register it charging. At one point I just assumed that no lights might mean that it was full but this was not the case with obviously drained batteries.

I decided to ignore the lights and just put the controllers on overnight. After a few tests like this I found the batteries never really charged well. I would receive a low battery warning on the controllers after 5-30mins of playing after taking them off the charger.

I returned this unit and decided to go with something else for rechargeable batteries for my controllers.

If you do decide to give this one a try I would recommend looking for the charge lights operating properly and note the play time (before low battery warning) you get after pulling them off the charger.
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on December 3, 2015
Have had this product for a while now, and from the beginning, it has only charged one controller at a time - the rear slot. Sadly disappointed in the functionality of this product. I don't know if I just received a "bad apple" or if this is typical of these charger bases. Charges the one controller fine, and if I sit and hold the controller in the first slot, it will charge, but the whole purpose of this is to place 'em on and walk away, right?
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on April 4, 2017
Does exactly what we need to recharge our controllers. Have not had any issues and so far, never had a dead battery. Just need to make sure the kids charge each time they are done playing or taking a break. There are lights to indicate the battery level which is nice. Charges pretty fast. We have 2 of these to charge our 4 controllers.

Re-chargeable controllers are WAY better. I thought wired controllers would be better since no charging needed but the wire right where it goes into the controller would get weak after a few weeks of use and make the controller unusable. This happened with 2 controllers and we have not looked back.
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on June 17, 2016
It is really, really, really nice for the price, however it is not perfect, and I mean not perfect in the sense that it work badly, no, not at all, it work really, really good. however it is not meant for everybody, how so, well it depends on you, and I really mean it depends on the persons way of living.

The devise is sort of big in the long ways, so it take a little room depending where you are to put it, if you have enough room you won't mind, in my case I did.

Charging -the most important- it is not slow, but it did not impress me the speed.

Design: you can charge up to 3 devices, 2 controls and one USB device from the hidden port in the front, which it makes it very useful.

Easy of use: well, it is made for easy of use, just put on the batteries that comes with it and seat the controllers in their appropriate ports, however, you might need to make sure you seat them right, I had a little issue one day cause there was a pen next to the device and it was lighting it, but nothing too big.

The device has two indicator lights that are based by numbers. 1 for the controller in the front, and two for the controller in the back.

Looks, it looks pretty stylish, it give a modern look wherever you set this device.
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on November 20, 2015
I want to say 90% or more of these reviews were written almost immediately after purchase.

For the first few months this charge base works great, the light status for "charging" and "ready" are useful and the compact and clutter free design are visually aesthetic and convenient; but the "long run" of this product is not good, more specifically the quality of the rechargeable batteries.

The batteries will work at peak performance for a month or so before you start to notice slight drops in battery life. New, the batteries last several hours, I want to say 7 to 8 hours; now, about 6 months later, the controllers immediately start to flash, which is very annoying during game play, and only last roughly 3 hours or less.

Update: This item has lasted me about 2 years, which is expected for these battery types. I would still rate it 3 stars, and still recommend this item.
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on July 31, 2017
While this item does work, it is a pain to get the controllers in the proper position to allow them to charge. I wanted to tuck this charger away on a small shelf where it wouldn't be quite so noticeable in my front room, but because the controllers have to sit in it absolutely perfectly the whole charging system has to be removed from the shelf in order to get everything situated properly. It's a tiny complaint, but it does make this charger become more of a pain than removing a battery and putting on a charger.
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