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Nyko Charge Base 360 S for Xbox 360
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on June 4, 2017
There seems to be 2 types of Nyko charge bases out there. This is the better one. This one will not show an indicator light on the outside, but when you put the batteries on it the indicators come on. The other one only has a green/red/off light system and is an older product. The batteries are universal and will work with the newer charge base too. This one is better because the indicator lights have 3 stages to tell you the level of charge in the batteries but it seems to always start off at the lowest charge level. This one also has a USB port on the front for charging something else. The batteries seem to hold a long enough charge for most people. But just be aware that you will have to take and put the controllers on and off the dock, so you can't play while charging like with the Microsoft Kit. I do believe these batteries would charge with the microsoft play N charge cable as well, but I haven't tried it yet. You could plug the cable onto the front of the unit in the USB port and keep playing that way. If Nyko included a charging cable for the controllers with this item it would be perfect for heavy use, aka for those that play all day, most people don't but there are a fraction of people that do. I think Nyko makes a better product than Microsoft though, these batteries don't seem to error out like Microsoft'ts do. Everyone knows how much the Xbox 360 controllers suck up batteries,and this solves that problem nicely.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 29, 2015
Works great..a very quick set up... charges very quickly. A light tells you when charging is complete. You can charge two controllers or just one. Charging time is pretty fast with a full charge.

I bought this for my 8 year old grandson who has a birthday in early Dec, he got a new wireless controller and this charger. . He is pretty good at taking care of his equipment and he uses the charger often. He brings the charger back and forth from my home, to his dads home, to his moms home. The charger is rugged enough to stand up to being moved from household to household. .

What is especially nice is that it will stop charging when the charge is complete, whether you have one controller or two being charged. Each charging port works independently of the other and it is super easy to use.

He has had it for about a month now and has no complaints or issues with it .

Since there are hundreds of reviews on this charger and almost every aspect of the charger has been discussed many times, .. I would think that the only thing you really want to know for sure is.. does it work well.. and the answer is simple... yes!
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on October 24, 2017
I have three of these charge units, the most recent purchase the base unit was defective new out of box and LED's just flash repeatedly. The original two units I would give 5 stars, they charge great and give you a solid 12+ hours of play time on each battery. The new unit needs better quality control. Since I mainly needed the extra battery packs for more controllers I did not return the charge base. That said its very disappointing to have a new in box item that is defective which is why I downgraded to 3 stars. All in All though the product when you get a working one is well worth it and will save a ton of money in AA batteries that you would spend for the standard controller pack. Many of the batteries I have used for 2+ years with no issues. We will see if the new batteries packs hold up quality control wise. The old ones have been great. The kit is well worth it as its less then the cost of two battery packs sold separately.
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on September 18, 2017
This has been a great investment for our family. We were going through AA batteries really fast and this charging base has saved us a lot of money and time switching out old batteries for new ones. The charges last really long and the appearance of the controls on the base looks very organized and pleasing to the eye.

An added bonus is that it keeps our 9 and 6 yr olds who play Xbox organized because they know where to put their controllers when they are done playing because if they don't put them there.......ooops, no power to your controller so you can't play Xbox the next time you want to :).

Highly recommend.
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on February 23, 2017
Charger looks great. I like the added (hidden) USB charge feature in the front even though I never tried to use it. I like that the controllers sit in the cradle and are held down with gravity.

Unfortunately I don't think the batteries made proper connections to the charging pins underneath. Every time I tried to use this charger it was a fight or wiggling and moving to get the lights on the front to register it charging. At one point I just assumed that no lights might mean that it was full but this was not the case with obviously drained batteries.

I decided to ignore the lights and just put the controllers on overnight. After a few tests like this I found the batteries never really charged well. I would receive a low battery warning on the controllers after 5-30mins of playing after taking them off the charger.

I returned this unit and decided to go with something else for rechargeable batteries for my controllers.

If you do decide to give this one a try I would recommend looking for the charge lights operating properly and note the play time (before low battery warning) you get after pulling them off the charger.
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on November 20, 2015
I want to say 90% or more of these reviews were written almost immediately after purchase.

For the first few months this charge base works great, the light status for "charging" and "ready" are useful and the compact and clutter free design are visually aesthetic and convenient; but the "long run" of this product is not good, more specifically the quality of the rechargeable batteries.

The batteries will work at peak performance for a month or so before you start to notice slight drops in battery life. New, the batteries last several hours, I want to say 7 to 8 hours; now, about 6 months later, the controllers immediately start to flash, which is very annoying during game play, and only last roughly 3 hours or less.

Update: This item has lasted me about 2 years, which is expected for these battery types. I would still rate it 3 stars, and still recommend this item.
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on November 11, 2016
Works fantastically and I love that there's two slots given that while I only primarily use one controller, it's nice if a friend comes over and we play some multiplayer, and if I'm soloing for a while then I've got two battery packs on charge for those insanely-long gaming sessions! I just got it but I'm guessing it'll do as advertised so if this isn't edited expect that it works perfectly! Aesthetically it's also great because of the slender design of the dock, the long power cord is great for placement and the LEDs on the bottom are great for a quick-glance to see how much it's charged (It's either red-dead, yellow-mellow, or green-...I...I don't have a rhyme, I'm ashed. Green is fully charged. Yay.)

Also of note since there were a few questions about it, mine did indeed come with a USB port on the front of the dock right in the middle in a pretty easily seen plastic "flap". I actually thought it was a button to "unlock" the controller from the dock and then noticed it's a USB port. So there's that goodness as well. All around great and cheaply priced but quality design.
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on August 7, 2017
I have had a few X360 controllers laying around that hadn't been used very often anymore. But, my son has just come of age to play simple games on the PC. Setting him up with some wireless controllers to play Lego themed games was an excellent addition, and having somewhere specific for him to put the controllers back when he is done is excellent.
The base is nice and simple, and the battery packs seem to hold charge for very long play sessions. I am impressed compared to when I used to have to swap out rechargeable batteries in these things in the past. The only complaint is that one of the units isn't exactly snug, so if you are a little rough with the controller, it will disconnect the battery pack. Nothing that can't bumped back into place.
I do wish they came in white though...
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on December 29, 2017
Not sure if it's just because they're old stock at this point, but this product has never worked well for me. I had high hopes after seeing the other favorable reviews, but for me it seems difficult to get consistent behavior out of the charging base. Sometimes the charge indicators come on, sometimes they flash, sometimes they don't come on at all. One of the slots seems to work better than the other. Also, I believe one of the charge packs that came with it was DOA, which may be complicating things when I try to troubleshoot. Perhaps I could order another charge pack or two to experiment with it further, but I don't want to spend more time, money, and effort on debugging something that should have worked in the first place.

I did not give the lowest possible rating because I have gotten some use out of the one working charge pack, and I think I was able to recharge it successfully once or twice.
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on December 3, 2015
When we first got our Xbox I didn't think we would needed a charge base, as the controllers had the standard AA batteries compartment. Plus if I really wanted to recharge, rather than keep buying AA batteries, I thought that I could always go for the rechargeable AAs batteries instead. How wrong was I!!

Not only did we seem to go through the AAs quickly, the time it took to charge them separately was taking way too long. Also it was a bit of a pain, as you had to remember to take them out of the controller - which most of the time was forgotten until they completely died and then the gaming had to stop for 4 hours to wait for a recharge.

Well those days are gone. The Nyko charge base is super easy - just plug the base in, put the supplied block style battery into the controller and place the controller onto the base. It has an auto shutoff, which means they don't over charge. Plus the controllers now have a permanent home. Double plus - we can find the controllers! Yeah!

Just one thing you have to remember - it does take a few moments to register that a controller is placed on the base. So the first time I put them on I thought it didn't work. I just had to be patient as it did take about 10 sec or so for the indicator to light up.
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