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on April 13, 2016
This broke (batteries stopped charging after 3 weeks). I thought I was just using it a lot but noticed it just stopped working all together. I am really disappointed since I did a lot of research and this was supposed to be a good product. Never again.
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on March 28, 2016
Garbage. One of the batteries actually caught on fire and ruined a controller. Nyko offered to replace, no thanks.

Save yourself the headache and get some Panasonic Eneloops from here. They last longer per charge and wont ruin a controller.
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on March 12, 2017
Doesn't make very good contact with the points on the batteries if they're installed in the controller. On average I have to place the controller on the charger 3-4 times before it will start charging. Even then sometimes, it'll only charge for a few minutes before losing contact. If I remove the battery pack from the controller and place just it on the charger, it'll charge fine. Both of my controllers are authentic Microsoft product. I was really hoping for a better charger than what this is.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 29, 2015
Works great..a very quick set up... charges very quickly. A light tells you when charging is complete. You can charge two controllers or just one. Charging time is pretty fast with a full charge.

I bought this for my 8 year old grandson who has a birthday in early Dec, he got a new wireless controller and this charger. . He is pretty good at taking care of his equipment and he uses the charger often. He brings the charger back and forth from my home, to his dads home, to his moms home. The charger is rugged enough to stand up to being moved from household to household. .

What is especially nice is that it will stop charging when the charge is complete, whether you have one controller or two being charged. Each charging port works independently of the other and it is super easy to use.

He has had it for about a month now and has no complaints or issues with it .

Since there are hundreds of reviews on this charger and almost every aspect of the charger has been discussed many times, .. I would think that the only thing you really want to know for sure is.. does it work well.. and the answer is simple... yes!
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on May 8, 2012
Nyko keeps showing us that even though they make great products, there's always room for improvement.

I have two of these. The first version, which I bought long ago, has the two big lights you see on some of the pictures. Those lights turn red while charging and green once fully charged; and eventually go off if you leave the controllers in it, which is basically what this unit does, it provides a charging and organizing solution for controllers.

Now, the unit presently being sold at amazon is the newest version of the product I just described above, with some changes and a great addition. The unit now has a USB port on the front. You can use it to charge the 360 wireless headset and/or any USB base electronic (PS3 controller, cellphone, etc). The charger remains plugged to your AC outlet, but it does not drain energy, unless you are charging controllers or USB devices.

The charging indicator has been change, it no longer has the two LED lights, it now has two controller graphics on it, each marked as 1 & 2, to indicate wich controller is being charged, one front, two rear. They each have a small light that again, turns from red to green to off.

You get the following: the charger, two rechargeable batteries and instructions. Basic, yet extremely useful. This charger is great for any level gamer, the fact that you can drop & forget, is a great feature. No power buttons to worry about. Nothing.

Get this charger, you will get your money's worth in no time. The addition of the USB port was a pleasant surprise. I didn't know it had it until I got my charger. Nyko makes such good products that I didn't even bother reading the description before I bought it.

One more thing, Nyko has a great customer support team, I have dealt with them numerous times, not because of faulty products, but for my own needs (extra batteries, PS3 connectors, etc) and they were always helpful and resolved my issues quickly and with little effort on my part, so in the rare case that you should need technical assitance, I'm sure they will help you in a heartbeat.

I am a Nyko fan/supporter and will remain so as long as they stay in business. I have two 360 chargers, the PS3 move and controller charger and they Wii charging stations, all of them have done a great job without any problems.

There will always be negative reviews, but I can honestly tell you, I haven't had any problems so far. Some people have to understand, sometimes faulty products go through quality inspections, and that applies to anything you buy nowadays, but in this case, if you receive a faulty Nyko product, do your part, call Nyko or Amazon. Either one will help you solve the issue. Good Luck.
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on February 11, 2017
It does what it's supposed to...mostly. I purchased this because the kids kept taking the rechargeable AA batteries we used for the controllers and not recharging them. Having custom batteries means I never have to worry about grabbing a controller and finding it doesn't have batteries or that they're dead. It's also a pretty compact way to store the controllers in an organized way.

My only complaints with this are that controller placement is finicky, and the charging information in the instruction book is a little cryptic. Specifically:

1. You have to seat the controllers in a very specific way to get them to charge. It isn't as simple as just setting them on the recharging base and walking away. It's also not a simple set and click process. The controllers have to be slid in at an angle, then lifted just right to make the appropriate contact. It's also fairly easy to knock them out of that specific position, so if you place this somewhere it may be bumped, you may end up not fully charging the batteries. This can then play into issue 2 below.

2. There is no indication in the instruction manual how to know if the batteries are fully charged. The instructions indicate the "charging" light will be red if the battery is at one charge level, green at a different level, but no indication what happens when the batteries are fully charged. Through trial and error I figured out that the "charging" lights go off when the unit is fully charged. The issue here is that the lights only come on if the controller is properly seated on the unit AND the battery isn't fully charged. There's no distinction between a fully charged battery and a partially charged or empty battery in a controller that isn't seated properly. So, I can take a controller off the unit, turn on the XBox, immediately turn it off and place the control back on the charging stand, at which point there is an initial illumination of the "charging" light, then it goes off. I can also play until the controller battery dies, place it on the charging stand, see the "charging" light illuminate and walk away, at which point someone else walks by, jostles the charging unit and the lights go off. I pick up the controller 6 hours later, turn on the console, and have the controller battery immediately die because it hasn't charged for the past 6 hours. There should be some indication that the controllers are properly seated on the unit rather than using the same indicator to show they're fully charged OR maybe just improperly seated.
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on March 31, 2017
This is a great set-up. I bought this for my bedroom because we use our xbox 360 to stream netflix and hulu and/or Amazon prime tv/movies through and the controllers are always dying constantly. It eventually made us stop playing our actual games because we never had batteries. I finally sucked it up and bought this stand. Super easy to setup and use, works perfectly as intended. Does come with the two battery packs that you plug into the controllers you already have. Highly recommended.
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on March 10, 2016
This set is really neat, and works exactly as expected.

I purchased this because I was still using my old 360 controllers with AA battery packs. The package included two rechargeable batteries that change right out for the AA battery pack (batteries are both black - keep in mind for white controllers).

The charging base plugs directly into the wall and has a little trap-door on the front where you can plug a usb into it. I've currently got my PS3 usb charger stand plugged into this baby.

The batteries are so easy to charge!!! There are contacts on the back of each battery pack, and the controller just sits down into each cradle and begins to charge. There is a little display on the front that gives you different colored status lights as the controllers charge. This is way easier than my PS3 controller cradle.

I haven't played with these controllers extensively, so I can't really speak to the battery life, but it seems to be very good so far. Batteries don't seem to get too hot, either.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on February 23, 2017
Charger looks great. I like the added (hidden) USB charge feature in the front even though I never tried to use it. I like that the controllers sit in the cradle and are held down with gravity.

Unfortunately I don't think the batteries made proper connections to the charging pins underneath. Every time I tried to use this charger it was a fight or wiggling and moving to get the lights on the front to register it charging. At one point I just assumed that no lights might mean that it was full but this was not the case with obviously drained batteries.

I decided to ignore the lights and just put the controllers on overnight. After a few tests like this I found the batteries never really charged well. I would receive a low battery warning on the controllers after 5-30mins of playing after taking them off the charger.

I returned this unit and decided to go with something else for rechargeable batteries for my controllers.

If you do decide to give this one a try I would recommend looking for the charge lights operating properly and note the play time (before low battery warning) you get after pulling them off the charger.
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on December 3, 2015
Have had this product for a while now, and from the beginning, it has only charged one controller at a time - the rear slot. Sadly disappointed in the functionality of this product. I don't know if I just received a "bad apple" or if this is typical of these charger bases. Charges the one controller fine, and if I sit and hold the controller in the first slot, it will charge, but the whole purpose of this is to place 'em on and walk away, right?
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