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on September 13, 2017
The product was very promising as I have one of the other Nyko chargers so I figured the little USB adapters would be compatible. Unfortunately, it seems that every Nyko product uses a slightly different adapter (I've tried three of their PS4 chargers). Incredibly short-sighted and useless design. To top it off this charger does not charge the controllers past one bar. Although my original Nyko charger is still working, I've now tried two others and neither have worked correctly on arrival. Strongly recommend a different brand to anyone shopping for a PS4 charger.
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on February 4, 2016
There are actually 2 different models/styles. One comes with USB which plugs into front of console, the other has an AC power cord which plugs directly into outlet. You never know when ordering this which one you are going to get. This is very frustrating for someone like me whose sole purpose in buying this item was to be able to charge independently of the console. I received the USB type which clearly does not match the product description.

Refer to the last line of the product description and I quote: The dual port recharging dock is AC powered, and plugs into any standard outlet, requiring no cables back to the console.

If it doesn't matter to you which type you get, this is a GREAT product. But if you specifically need one or the other I would reconsider. Hope this helps.
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on May 20, 2017
Six months after getting this, I had to throw it away. The little plastic things that go on the controller started to fall apart, leaving exposed wires. I do not feel it is safe to run electricity through these since these little pieces are falling apart. Do not buy this. Opt for the charger that charges your controller without extra (cheap) parts.
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on October 1, 2015
If you have kids this maybe the answer! Time will tell!! I just got this hooked up last night So far seems fine. I recently purchased some new PS4 controllers to use with my PS3. I have a 5yr old and an 8yr old. In 2 weeks I went through 2 USB mini charging cables from the younger one not taking his time plugging it in to charge or getting the end of the cables bent over. Sometimes they keep the cables plugged in then sit on the cables stressing the USB ports out on the controllers and the console....not good... This seems like a great solution to my problem..

Functionality seems like if the controllers are charged the icons on the base unit showing each controller turn off after a few seconds. If the controller is low the icon stays on.
MANUFACTURER: A better way to do this, People like to see a visual indication for things all the time... Is it on the base, is it not on the base, is it charged and that's why the icon doesn't come on??? My idea, when you put the controller on the base, if it needs charging the icon flashes steady. If the controller is charged the icon is on all the time indicating ready to use.. That way the user knows if the controller is seated in the base unit properly. When I put the controller in the base unit and the light went out a few seconds later I have no idea if it is charged or not making contact anymore right???? Just my opinion, It does work like they have it though.
NOTE: The little USB adapters come in a very very small box attached to the underside of the packaging with the base unit. I had to tare the box apart to find it. The adapters plug in nice and firm to the controllers, and you plug in the base unit via a regular cord. (No big ugly wall module) You simply place the controllers down in the base unit to begin charging. No cords to worry about and no USB connectors to keep unplugging in and out every time!! So many times I have gone to use my controllers and the kids had not charged them, because they had not plugged them back in with the cable. This makes it a no brainer for them!! So far I love it.. I will update in the future if I have any problems.. It would be nice if it came with one spare adapter as well.....
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on September 11, 2015
Not a bad product, but fundamental flaw in design means physical connection is often lost and charging cuts out.

I've used my ps4 for a bunch of couch co-op with family (love towerfall) so I have a full set of 4 controllers and needed an easy way to keep them all charged, so I picked this up. When it works, its great, looks pretty nice, and does exactly what I want it to do. However I find that often the charger just doesn't charge the controller. I'll be ready to play a game, pick up one off the cradle, start it up and find the controller at 0 bars straight off.. not cool.

The adapter is firm in each of the controllers, so I this its due an odd way of sitting, so I started to always double check when I put a controller down that it actually 'takes' (often times having to pick it up and slam it down, wiggle it around, etc until I get the charging indicator), but even then often they disconnect after a few seconds

The indicators do work right, so you can tell when they aren't charging properly, which is how I found that even when they are charging initially, sometimes they just cut out a few min later when I look away. I've using different controllers, but they aren't the issue, it certainly looks like its something with the design of the cradle and the pins in the base.

Its not constant, happens like 10% of the time or so, but I've gotten to the point where I keep one controller plugged in via usb cable just to be save and guarantee I at least have one controller ready to go when I need it.

Anyway, happy otherwise, works most of the time, and was cheap, but if I had to replace it today, I would research other stations to see if they are more reliable.
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on January 14, 2014
I really like this charging station just as I like Xbox One charging station. The reasons are because for 1) you get an easy way to store your controllers 2) it keeps them charged when your not using them 3) just drop and go! Those are the top three reasons. I wouldn't knock stars off this for how the controllers "don't fit" because they do fit. If your throwing your controllers on the charging station as you run out the door then No this will not work as planned but if you take care of your stuff and place it on the station then your fine. I was curious to see how they were going to place the charging pins for these controllers because of the ports being on top but I don't mind the dongle that connects to the top as it very fitted to the PS4 controller. Once they are connected to the controller they don't seem to wiggle or want to move which is a great thing. My only negative was that I was waiting for Amazon to ship me this product but after a month of waiting I finally decided to cancel my order and re-order the same product for a few dollars more from a different company. It arrived not even a week after I did that, but I'm not going to fault the product for that mishap.

Great product and a definite recommend to those who are in the market.
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on July 28, 2015
Anyone that has given this a bad review mustve been doing something wrong....because I havent had a single issue with mine. The dongle that comes with it is pretty well hidden in the little cardboard box at the very bottom of the package and is hard to miss (since it doesnt have any writing on it), but it fit very easily into the charge port on the controller.

The dongle doesnt get in the way at all when holding the controller, and the controller also rests perfectly into the charge station. So much easier than leaving it plugged into a long usb cable (and easier to hide behind the tv from my son lol).
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on April 10, 2015
scene - Sony R&D headquarters
Sony Exec #1: "I have a great idea, let's make our new PS4 controllers rechargeable!"
Sony Exec #2: "Yeah, yeah! And make it recharging them horribly inconvenient with a cable you have to insert just the right way and a port that will most likely someday fail!"
Passing Janitor: "WTF?"

Sony PS4 controllers are a hot mess. The ergonomics are good, but with the always on LED sapping away at your battery life and those f'ing microUSB ports - it's annoying. I came from an Xbox, which had controllers I never had to worry about. I could use my Xbox remote to control Netflix and never have to worry about my game controller unless I wanted to play a game. It didn't matter if I left it alone for 5 minutes for 5 weeks, when I needed it - it was there. Not so much with the PS4. No, PS4's don't have a dedicated remote and I always have to always worry about battery life. And since I have terrible family members that use a controller until it's dead and then leave it under the couch, I'm always struggling to use my PS4 now - not in half a hour when I finally get a slight glimpse of a charge.

So this is like a gift straight from Heaven. The adapter is not as flush or secure as I'd like and sometimes you have to wiggle it a little on it's base to make sure it's charging, but it makes keeping my controllers running SO MUCH EASIER. I've been using it for two months without any problems. The base is relatively stable and the front lights up when the controller is charging, making it easy to see whether you've got it positioned just right. The thing hanging off my microUSB port doesn't interfere with gaming.

Sony could have sold these alongside their PS4's. They could have charged twice as much as Nyko does and people would have bought them, because everyone loves wireless charging and nobody likes dead batteries. But they didn't. So if you want to ditch the USB cables, this is how you do it.
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on March 10, 2017
Works very well. Dropping a controller into a cradle is much easier than plugging in a small charging cable. Note: if you use a separate wall charger make sure it has enough output to power this cradle. My first power supply would only charge one controller making it appear that the cradle was defective.
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on September 29, 2014
Unbelievable. I never had a problem with anything I have ordered with Amazon. I am not sure if this was opened when I got it, the packaging looked like it had been open. Either way, the chip that goes on the back of the controller fell apart. And the other one, that did not fall apart, barely makes contact with the charger, so it does not always charge. I have purchased the Nyko before on an Xbox, and it worked great, so I thought it would be a good purchase for the PS4. I now need to replace this charger with another brand. This was a waste of 20 bucks!
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