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on October 25, 2014
1.) Charge two xbox controllers by just sitting there and looking pretty - check.

2.) Easily place and remove the controllers without drawing suspicion that the product designer was trying to annoy me - check.

3.) Won't empty the wallet. - check

That's all I needed. But in addition to that, the charger looks very slick and form fitting sitting on top of the non-vented side of the Xbone. The indicator lights are angled upwards and don't emit bright light. So, I very much doubt you'll be annoyed if you are considering this for a bedroom.

Protip: This charger works well with a "smart power strip" which ensures the charger is only drawing power while you're watching TV. Another plus for the bedroom set-up - because night time.
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on December 27, 2015
This is a great charger. It charges fast and I can play all day without doing it again until I go sleep. It great how easy is to put it in the charger. It just works.
100% recommended!

Edit:Now I don't know what is my baterry status when is charging or when I'm playing. The lights while charging stopped working, so I can't see if is full charged or not and can't check the status of the baterry in the xbox because it always says is fully charged even when I have been playing for 5 hours. I know it is charging because I can play the whole day without the need to recharge but I just to possible to see when a charge is needed. Changed to 4 starts just for this little problem.

Edit 2: Not working like before. Can't even play 20 minutes before control stop working because it needs to be charged.

Edit 3: Can't charge two controls at the same time and I don't know which one is charging.
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on December 4, 2014
Preliminary Review: Awesome, affordable, and easy to use.

After setting it up, which was fairly easy, I plugged it in and set it to charge and it started working perfectly. From the pictures I took, you can see there is an LED controller pops up with a color. Easy to determine the battery state. A few people mentioned issues about charging it but not fully charging and getting hot. Well I haven't experienced those issues, but I can say make sure the battery is placed in correctly, or the charging contacts won't line up correctly, causing heat damage and fire hazards. See the pictures. I will update in time after serious usage.

EDIT: 12/29/14, no problems whatsoever. Xbox Controllers stay charged, don't get hot, and get used heavily. Unsurprisingly, my brother plays my Xbox alot, free live since I pay for it, and free games too! So when I get home, we swap off and it goes a full day without me putting it back on the stand when I'm done. I don't know where the charge is after that of course, but its never shut off on me. I gotta say as well... the battery pack is flush. It is smooth and not bulgy, it blends well with the ergonomics of the controller itself. No heaviness or awkward bulkiness. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone in need of a charger. It charges well, it looks good, keeps things neat, and affordable.

EDIT: 1/2/15, after a few extra hours of good time fun on my Xbox, due to the holiday season, I noticed my battery would die fairly quickly. After further inspection, my brother noticed that one of the prongs on the charge base was damaged. The front charger no longer charges the battery pack. A little disappointed honestly, so I had to lower the review to 3 stars. It functions and works well, but after not even a whole 2 months the base is broken. Sorry Nyko, it was a great product when it worked. I now only have 50% charging capability... thankfully we only play my Xbox one at a time. I couldn't figure out how to upload MORE pictures so I am sharing my google album, I created one with two shots of the broken prongs. I wish I could get a better picture but the flash kept ruining it and it is so dark, and I didn't feel like waiting til it was brighter out.
It is a safe link, if you wanna see the pictures.
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on June 23, 2015
The Nyoke Charge Base is a fantastic solution to the "double A battery" option Microsoft gives you by default, although this product isn't without drawbacks. Seating the controller seems to have gotten easier with time, but still seems a tad finicky.

The charge indicators - and the amount of charge - seem all over the place. I've placed a topped-off (sitting on the cradle over night) controller on the base after playing for an hour and the indicator light showed red suggesting a nearly dead battery. The next day, a 2-3 hour gaming session resulted in a yellow indicator light. The capacity in hours of playtime is very unclear, but I suppose one can't complain until it stops working.

Overall an inexpensive solution... provided it doesn't die, and take one of my $60 controllers with it.

Very inexpensive
Fairly compact design
Base and two batteries

*Feels* inexpensive
Battery indicator lights and battery capacity are a total mystery
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on November 3, 2016
These NYKO chargers and batteries are simply awesome. Don't understand any negative reviews as I have bought 4 sets of these (1st set was for the xbox 360). The base acts as a organized place to set/charge them. Best of all the batteries hardly need charging, last really long time. Never need to remove or replace batteries, just place and it charges. The charging indicators are great, make sure you watch that light up first to know the connection is good. I guess if there is one improvement that can be made it's the connection while charging. Sometimes you have to 'wiggle' the controller to make sure it connects correctly. If that's the big fuss why this thing gets one star reviews then get some new standards. This works amazingly well and well worth the money.
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on July 21, 2015
I had high hopes for this product. We still love the Nyko charge base for xbox 360, but this one is awful in so many ways.
First, the controllers don't make steady contact with the charging connections--they sit in the cradled seat well, but are very finicky about beginning to charge, and almost always putting in a second charger will disrupt the first one.
Second, the controllers don't both fit on easily--and all for the want of about 1 centimeter of plastic separating them comfortably.
Third, the charge of the batteries died down quickly, so much so that it wouldn't even get enough charge to power my headsets within 3-4 months of opening the package. It took me over 2 months to find out that my chat headsets were only working intermittently, and then not at all, because this charger couldn't even provide sufficient charge. Even when the unit said the controllers were fully charged.
To sum up: it is a fiddly unit that doesn't easily sit both controllers at once, doesn't make good, easy contact for charging, and the battery life degrades quickly.
I ordered the Microsoft plug-and play, and am looking forward to one Lithium Ion battery that is going to cost me slightly more than the 2 NiMH included in this package.
Very disappointed in Nyko, as we have purchased their knockoff Wii and Nunchuk controllers in the past, as well as the Xbox 360 charge base. All worked very well--the 360 charge base is still working great after more than 2 years. Last note: Nyko customer service was horrible: my only choice was to leave a voice message, and they never returned my multiple voice messages.
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on June 28, 2016
I bought this charge base because the XBox360 base Nyko made was fantastic. This one however wasn't up to par. The chargers don't fit in snug and won't charge the battery unless you put a heavy object ( I use the World of Ice and Fire book) on top of the controllers to engage the charging mechanism. When you do so it works exactly as we'd all hope. I've seen complaints similar to mine and I discounted them thinking (like i've seen many replies saying) that the people must have been idiots and didnt put the controllers on the base correctly. But I've tried everything as well as have 5 friends give it a shot and it's simply bad engineering. I may have got a dud...that's always a possibility but I think Nyko still needs to do some work on this. Still a fan of the company but this product fell flat.
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on August 14, 2015
My last Xbox controller charger I bought was an Energizer for my Xbox 360 and I never had a problem with it. This one however had a few kinks that needed to be worked out. The main problem being that even though the controller will stop charging when the device believed they are fully charged is wrong. When you turn on the Xbox they are slightly consumed according to the Xbox battery reader. Now this is no big deal since I'm not usually playing games for 8 hours straight and don't need that extra two hours to continue gaming. However, I could see this being a concern to many other people.

Secondly I could installing the battery packs quite easy even though others found it difficult. The arros pointed me in the right direction and the + - was correct as well. They charge at a fast rate as well. All in all I would recommend this product to someone who doesn't want to pay a lot of money to charge their controllers, but if you have a few extra bucks I would recommend the Energizer, you will be much happier and can use rechargeable batteries instead.
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on January 25, 2017
This fits great in my cabinet, next to my XB1 & saves me $$$/time on battery replacement. The flaws are that sometimes the XB1 controller will not charge while in the base. The reason is the gold contacts on the XB1 charger base do not register. I end up using a pocket knife & pulling the gold contacts out a little bit. But after a few uses, you have to do it again. Also the 2nd time I ordered this, the rechargeable battery would flash & would not recharge anymore. I also own the Nyko charger base for 360 & love it; a much better design. If you are considering purchasing this, I would recommending buying this new versus used or AWD.
I ordered this 3x from Amazon Warehouse Deals -
1st order - they send only the base without the batteries or covers
2nd order - they send it complete, but the 2nd battery will not recharge anymore
3rd order - they send an Xbox 360 controller charging station
4th order - waiting for delivery (bought New from Amazon)
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on March 25, 2016
I bought this because the Xbox 360 version has served us very well for many years. For the most part, this is the same charger, with a slightly different look. But, it's still sleek and non-obtrusive in a nice living room. My only gripe about it is that the controllers don't settle on it as easily as the 360 ones did, and easily come to rest just to the side of where they should be, resulting in no charging. This is because the battery compartment on a 360 controller juts out from the back of the controller, so the 360 charging station had nicely-formed depressions that the battery settles in, even with just casually dropping the controller onto the charging station.
The Xbox One charger doesn't have those nice depressions to catch the controller and hold it in place, because the battery compartment on a One controller is flush with the back of the controller. The only thing the charger's electrical contacts catch on is the small hole in the battery cover that exposes the battery's contacts, so your placement of the controller has to be a little more determined and precise. Having said that, it only takes a couple times of realizing your controller's not charged for you to learn how to do it properly, and make sure the controller is settled on the contacts before you walk away.
Overall, I'm satisfied with the purchase, especially when I think about how many AA batteries I've avoided buying. Would buy it again, as I prefer its look to those of other brands.
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