Customer Reviews: Nyko Power Kit Plus - Xbox One
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on April 9, 2015
This product is EXTREEMLY dangerous and can cause a fire. We bought this product for my sons xbox one and while he was letting his controller charge the power supply cable area with the indicator light caught fire. We were lucky to be home at the time to put the fire out because it was a large enough fire that if left unattended could have caught the house on fire (about the size of a lighter flame). I contacted the manufacture about the product and the dangers it poses to consumers and all they are willing to do is send out a replacement which I do not want since it endangers my household. Terrible customer service plus unsafe product equals do not waste your time or money with them.
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on January 16, 2014
For about the last 4 years I've been using the Nyko play and charge kit with my 360 and I've been very happy with the battery life. My 360 controllers go for weeks on a single charge and I probably average about 20-25 hours a week on the 360. That said, I had high expectations for this kit for the Xbox One and these batteries fell very short. The nicest thing about this kit is the charge indicator on the USB cable. When I got the kit I plugged in battery 1 until it indicated a full charge then I swapped them out and started charging battery 2. I put battery 1 in my controller and it lasted all of about 5 hours. The only reason I gave a 3 star rating is because battery 2 is performing much better and so far has lasted about 20 hours. Other than that, the batteries fit well and the special battery cover required fits as expected. It is a little disappointing that the native USB port on the controller can't be used for charging, you have to plug directly into the battery if you want to play while charging, hence the special battery cover...

Update: I don't know if I just got a bad batch or what but these batteries are horrible. If I'm lucky I might get 10 hours out of them. I'm going back to AA batteries until I find something better. These are garbage, revised my review to 2 stars.
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on January 14, 2014
These are well worth the price. You get two rechargeable batteries, a charging cable with led to let you know the charging status and two battery covers. These are great because you can charge them in or out of the controller. Plus the battery life is amazing and will last a long time. And also is a great deal considering the ones made by Microsoft are 25 dollars for one play and charge kit! Great deal here don't pass it up!

UPDATE: While this has worked for a while it now dies easily and both batteries start to die fast even when they are fully charged and the cable is plugged in. Then the plastic piece on the tip broke off so now nothing is protecting the inside. Buy something better these are not worth it.
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on March 29, 2014
took these apart to find "metal weights" lining the plastic outer body. these are barely batteries. by buying this you expect to be able to have a wireless controller, you do for about 10 minutes. these batteries die so quick its ridiculous. i bought a different set of rechargeable batteries for $5 more than these and they worked like a rechargeable battery should, it actually recharges and holds a charge
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on March 23, 2014
This device is terrible. The battery dies faster than normal batteries and takes extremely long to recharge. The main issue though is that while the battery was charging while connected to my Xbox One controller it started to melt!. The charger actually damaged my Xbox One controller and melted a small area where the battery is connected. The wire for the charger is completely attached and can't be removed from the battery due to the extreme overheating and melting. This product is junk and should be recalled. Someone's house might catch on fire one day. I will be contacting their customer service tomorrow. I need a refund for the junk product and i need compensation for the damage their junk product did to my Xbox One controller.
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on March 19, 2015
Note to the buyer, seller and manufacturer. To the buyer, avoid this product like the plague. To the seller, the cords on these things just die or become loose things to the counter weight on the cord which makes no sense. If people are returning this product you might want to just stop selling it. To the manufactured, why in this day and age is Nyko, a company that has been around since the dark age of video games is making garbage that breaks so easily it should be illegal. There is this thing called competition and as someone who is loyal to certain brands, you have lost my money when you make blatant products that will not last more than three months. You would get zero stars, but that's not possible.
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on October 20, 2014
Worst P.O.S. ever!!! When I first bought it I thought it was really cool. Two batteries and a super long charger cable for under 20 bucks. Little did I know that it was the worst purchase I've ever made. It dies sooooo fast, its ridiculous... I leave the batteries charging for HOURS and still the Xbox One will only ready 75%. Not only that but it can barely last 2 hours with vibration on. It seems like they made this battery for the last generation controller and only changed how it fit in the new generation controller. I will never purchase another Nyko product. If I needed a pacemaker and Nyko was responsible for making it, I'd rather pick out my tombstone.
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on December 23, 2015
Cheap ass s*** rather go get my products from game stop next time!! Horrible I wasted money doesn't work went to charge it and it started sparking worse Xmas gift ever!! So pissed off I'm not paying to ship it back either it broke easily n it's useless do not buy!!!
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on March 28, 2014
I read some of the comments about the battery life not being so great after a few months, but for $12.99, I figured it was worth a shot. So far, they have been great. What I've been doing is just using them until they die, then re-charging. I know years ago, rechargeable batteries had a "memory," meaning that if you used one only to about half or so, then recharged, after several times of that, the battery would start to "think" that was it's normal capacity. If the life of the batteries seems to reduce by a fair amount, I will edit my review, but for now, I have to say great product.

EDIT: While they still might be worth the sale price of $12.99 with the free Prime shipping, I wouldn't pay more for these. The battery life has QUICKLY went from decent to slightly above pathetic, holding a charge with a headset attached for only a couple hours now. I would recommend just spending the extra money on the Energizer or actual Xbox rechargeable batteries. You might only get one for twice the price, but I believe you will be much happier than with the frustration you will endure from the frequent controller disconnects due to a dead battery.
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on October 19, 2014
These chargers are perfect for my style. I do not like the bulky charging stations that you just sit your controller on. With these I get two interchangeable batteries; that also have the ability to charge while connected to the controller. I usually keep one on the charger, till it's finished then I unplug it, and one in my controller while I play. They last an average of eight hours of extended play, probably more like 18 total if you include standby. I have had these for quite awhile now and the battery life, as with all these rechargeable batteries, has gone down slightly, but with the fact there is two of them I never seem to not have one ready when I need to change them out.
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