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Pan scrapers are an indespensible tool for a sanitary, well run kitchen. They are the most effecient way to clean grime off of plates and cooking utensiles. When you are done, you just rinse them off and pop them into the dishwasher to sanitize them! I really hate those scrubbing sponges that get caked with food I cannot ever completely rinse out, and they end up grimy and stinky. These scrapers are solid, nonabsorbant material that do the job without creating a bigger job in the process. That is why I also love the SOS Tuffy and other non absorbant cleaning tools. They never get logged down with the crud I just cleaned from another surface. I know people whose whole kitchen stinks because of their nasty cleaning sponges that are a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Scrapers never do that - I run a completely adequate kitchen and don't own even a single sponge! I have a dishcloth that I boil in the mocrowave each night (sponges don't take well to boiling) and along with my Tuffies and pan scrapers I have everything I need. No smelly kitchen!

These particular pan scrapers are great, but I give them only 4 stars instead of 5 stars because there is another brand with a more effective shape for cleaning. The Lodge pan scrapers get the highest rating from me because they have a better contour for getting into the shape of any pan to get that last bit of grime. That said, these are still very good and I keep a generous supply of both kinds - using different ones for different jobs. I also like the SOS Tuffy scouring pad for the same reasons. All are non absorbant and dishwasher safe.

I highly reccommend pan scrapers for fast, easy and thorough clean up. Once you have used them, you will never go back.
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on May 26, 2017
These are very helpful for cleaning anything stuck on cookware or anywhere else in the kitchen. Particularly for cleaning the residue off the cast iron skillet. Previously I just scrubbed really hard with the scrubby side of a sponge, used a knit scrubby, some steel wool, or, honestly, my fingernails! As my cookware ages (most pieces about 15 years of regular use) things seems to stick more. Especially for my metal pieces, I do not want to use steel wool to clean them. I finally hit the wall using these other, not so effective, methods. My sink was too often full of items soaking to soften up the hard to remove baked/cooked on food. These scrapers work great to provide the necessary friction without scratching. Having a curved and 90 degree side is helpful for the various shapes of bake-ware and cookware. I think I got a red and a blue. My kitchen decor is multicolored so it did not matter to me what colors I received.
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on March 2, 2017
Handy little tool. Only gave four stars instead of five because I had hoped they would be white. It does say in description though that colors may vary so that was the chance I took. Besides, they are under my sink most of the time so it really doesn't matter. They are made of a sturdy plastic which scrapes off just about anything from pots, pans, casserole dishes, etc. The one rounded edge gets into the corners of glass baking dishes really well. Easy to hold on to. Really good product and arrived quickly.
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on July 2, 2017
We were a little worried when you color selection was random but we were super excited when we got red and blue, blue is one of our favorite colors. If you have never owned or use one of these to wash dishes buy this product now and it will change your life. if you've used one before you understand and you will buy it now either way stop reading this review and click The buy now button
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on March 29, 2017
These scrapers are not only wonderful for cleaning dishes, but we also use them for getting stuck food on our table and floors! With kiddos it's tough to keep up with their messes, these make cleaning up quick and easy! Love the new colors as well! We received 2 white ones as a wedding gift 9yrs ago and they're still in great working condition! Bought 2 more in our children's favorite colors so they can help - they love them!
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on April 24, 2017
You want these. I received them as a gift from my mother in law. She said I know it looks like a nothing piece of plastic, but it's one of the most useful tools in your kitchen. She was absolutely right. These products come in random colors. Mine was orange and green. Color doesn't matter. They work very well.
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on June 18, 2017
These are so handy! Excellent for cleaning up and for loosening things you have just cooked and want to get out of the pan or off the cookie sheet to serve. They are sturdy, lightweight, inexpensive, and work well on all cooking surfaces without scratching. I have several of these, and you should, too!
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on March 7, 2017
Didn't get the white color that is pictured. Instead a yellow pair were delivered and the return/exchange was too much so I kept them. Once I got past the aesthetics, I was pleased. These work well and do exactly what they describe without causing any damage to pots and pans.
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on February 20, 2016
I originally started using a similar style dish scraper as a teen doing household chores. My parents had gotten a few with some company's logo on them and they turned out to be pretty handy.

Flash forward a few years and I happened to get one of this brand as part of a wedding gift. I had totally forgotten about these dish scrapers and I was probably a little too excited for such a silly thing.

Then I went 2 years without having one and realized just how much I missed my silly little dosh scraper. This thing really works. It's great for getting hard stuck on stuff off your pans, but it's also great for so much more.... spilled wax on the counter? Scrapes right off! Frosty ice in the freezer? Gone!

I'm in love with a dish scraper ;)

I'm a SAHM who hand washes all of her dishes... dish washing expert opinion right here!
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on March 10, 2013
I used the rough abrasive side of the sponge and that would barely work as it wore out so fast against tough, stuck on foods. Plus, the food especially something like cheese would get stuck in the sponge and that would be nasty. Scrapers have no problem with cheese. I use a metal spatula to scrape but that would scratch up the spatula. I can't believe that I recently just discovered these scrapers. I use these with my lodge logic cast iron skillet and my lodge logic double play grill/griddle. It makes my job so much easier to clean. The skillet is already easy to clean so I barely have to use this but when I do, it so easy. With my grill/griddle and without the scraper, it was very difficult to clean and took a long time because it was difficult to clean between the grills. With the scraper, I can easily clean between the grills. Another nice feature that probably gets overlooked is how the scrapers have different curved sides and it works perfectly on my skillet and grill/griddles. Durability? My scrapers have a little scuff marks but it hasn't effected it's ability. Even if it should wear out, it will probably be a very long time and it costs just a couple bucks to replace. I highly recommend these scrapers. It saves me so much time and works great!
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