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I'm a little surprised that this fan doesn't put out more wind on the highest settings, especially considering it uses 2 huge D batteries. On the low setting you can barely feel it. I have a 3" and a 4" fan that puts out a much stronger breeze. BUT, this one is very quiet. See my photos to see how far this one blows the scarf, compared to another I have (but it IS much louder).

So if you are looking for a small QUIET fan, with a decent breeze, this is a good choice. But don't expect to feel the breeze further than your arm's length away. So it is good for working on my computer/desk.
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on August 20, 2015
These fans are awesome - great value for the price. We bought two for our beach vacation to use in a beach tent with our 4 month old. They worked perfectly. I even bought tons of extra D batteries because I planned run the fans the whole time we were down on the beach. I did run them the whole time we were out for 5 days, and I never had to replace the batteries. Highly recommended.
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on April 11, 2017
I purchased 2 fans to see which one I would like better. I needed something light and portable to carry with me. I bought these 2 fans.
OPOLAR Portable Rechargeable Fan
O2COOL 5-Inch Portable Fan
After receiving them the first thing I noticed was the weight which was a big Factor for me as I’m disabled and carrying heavy items doesn’t work well with me. The OPOLAR is much lighter. I still haven’t even put in the batteries yet. So, I opened the boxes and to my surprise the OPOLAR again came with a battery that was light weight. The O2COOL required 2 heavy D batteries. Another Negative for the O2COOL. Not that I have many things that use D batteries I had to have someone go pick me up some. So anyways I got the batteries later that night and begin the Fan test. So, I was checking the power of these 2 fans and to my surprise the much lighter and smaller OPOLAR literally blew the O2COOL away. Now the O2COOL only has a 2-speed motor and the OPOLAR has a 3-speed motor. But even on the second speed the OPOLAR is much stronger and much lighter the winner of these 2 small fans in my opinion is the OPOLAR by far. The OPOLAR is also lighted by a pretty nice blue led. And also has a pretty strong led flashlight on it as well.
OPOLAR Portable Rechargeable Fan, Mini USB Fan with Upgraded 2200mAh LG Battery, Personal Cooling for Traveling Hiking Fishing Camping or Desktop, 3 Speeds, with LED Light
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 12, 2017
I've been using this for a couple of months and I think it's a little champion. I use it often and it has been running forever on the batteries I originally put in. I've even accidentally left it on over night a couple of times. This is a great little fan at a sweet little price.

I like this modest battery operated fan. The blades are narrow; they don't provide a strong air current. In other words, it's designed to use in close proximity. I set mine on my desk two feet away from my face. I especially like how quiet it is. It's lightweight (1 lb) and compact. It requires two D batteries (not included). There are two speeds. It doesn't have a power cord or a usb charging port. It's solely battery powered sans cords and its simplicity is what sold me. It's practical and it works. I'm glad I have it.
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on February 8, 2017
EDIT 5/2/17: I finally gave up and bought a plug-in fan. What a relief! My hands just couldn't take the beating with every battery change--and it was needing fresh batteries constantly. It's a cute little fan but geez! Save your sanity. Get something else.

It is testimony to the fan's otherwise greatness that I am giving it FOUR STARS, because the battery compartment is an absolute MONSTER to open. In all my 52 years I have never encountered such a bloody bear of a thing. I actually *injured* my finger trying to prise the acursed door to the compartment open. The screw was not screwed into anything; it spun round and round uselessly until I finally stuck a regular screwdriver in between the fan's case and the battery compartment door and saw what was going on. It was then I realized I'd have to bust it open, using the screwdriver for leverage; but even then the dastardly thing held fast. Finally, I tried wedging a metal file into the opening and pulled it and the screwdriver in opposite directions. This did the trick, and the fan itself blows plenty of cool air at me just exactly as I hoped it would.

I'm very happy w/ its size and stability on my table top. I'm happy as can be with the amount of cooling air it moves. But it was almost--not quite but almost--not worth it. Needless to say I won't be putting the battery compartment door back on. EDIT: As you might expect, it is also a Herculean task to get the dead batteries OUT--which sucks because the dang thing is a battery hog. If the amazon algorithm will let me, I'm taking this frustrating thing down to three stars.
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on May 5, 2017
Let me start off by saying I purchased two fans with similar functions to test them side by side: the O2COOL and the OPOLAR F201

The O2COOL fan has one plus: it is adjustable so you can tilt it or stand it straight. Other than that, it's pretty unremarkable. It's made of cheap feeling plastic (I am aware that it's not a ridiculously expensive fan but, come on). It is battery operated, which wouldn't be that big of a deal if the batteries required weren't two D sized batteries. Not to mention, they're not even included with the fan. Who has those laying around?? So I bought the batteries (add another $5 to the price of this fan) and the fan power itself wasn't that impressive, even with those two big batteries. It has two speeds, low and high, and like I stated, not impressive simply ok. It's good if you don't want to worry about charging it (like for going camping) but other than that, it's just ok.

Now the OPOLAR F201 comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB cord to charge it. You don't have to worry about replacing batteries or running out to get some if you don't have the size it needs. It will last 3-7 hours with one charge depending on the speed you're using. It has 3 speeds and I found that even though it is smaller in size, it delivers more air than the O2COOL. It also has a very convenient LED light on the side that can be used as a flashlight if/when needed. It looks and feels like it's built with more quality materials. The only downside is that it's not adjustable so you can only stand it up in one position.

The OPOLAR F201 beat the O2COOL hands down. If I were to recommend a small, portable fan it would be the OPOLAR F201. I will leave the link here again
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on June 20, 2017
I like these, but people should be aware these are not for continuous use for many hours every day, all summer long or the motor will wear out. These do not have DC or AC brushless motors like found in computer fans, equipment, or a brushless AC fans like window fans have.

These have motors with armature contact brushes inside like most cordless tools, vacuum cleaners, toy cars, & drones have. If you ran those most of the day, every day, for months, their motors would wear out too.

These are for occasional use where power isn't available or convenient -- like during camping trips, fishing, stuck in traffic without AC, keeping cool on the hottest part of the hottest days, or during a power failures on hot days. If you plan on using this as your primary daily personal space fan for a whole summer, plan on buying another when it wears out... they don't cost much when on sale, so maybe stock up on a few spares if no AC power is available & these are your only option.

If AC power is available, use an AC powered fans with a brushless motor to get one that will last for continuous long-term use. Or get the more sophisticated & much more expensive battery operated fans that use computer-like fans with brushless motors if no power is available & you need to run a fan daily for hours.

These are great for camping trips. At my age & condition heat can kill me, so I also like them to keep cool during power outages. I do keep one at my desk to cool down occasionally but not for all day & daily.

At this small size, low battery consumption, & low price, they do not blow hard. They do provide a fair mild breeze if placed nearby. It's a personal fan, but couple people sitting near it will feel it. It is not a window fan. It will not cool down a whole room, tent or apartment when placed in a window, but if you have no power, it is an improvement over nothing at all. If you need something more powerful, it will cost more, & if run on batteries, consume more batteries faster. More wind requires more power/batteries.

I did a run-time test on these by putting AA size Tenergy rechargeable batteries in a "D" cell adapter enclosure, & used them in the fan. It ran it on 2 AA batteries (not D cells). It ran 8 hours before I noticed the fan was starting to run slower. By 10 hours it had slowed down to as fast as setting it on low with fresh batteries. By 11 hours, although it was still spinning, it wasn't enough to feel any breeze from it anymore. D cells have about 3 times the power & run-time of AA batteries. So you will get a very long run-time.

My window AC unit never circulates enough cool air all the way to the bathroom. So it's always very hot in there. Don't want to open the bathroom window to let the hot, humid swampy air in. I place this fan in the bathroom doorway blowing in, & I can feel fair breeze from the toilet 5 feet away.

I understood these don't blow hard but have a very long run time. So I bought 3 to keep cool enough camping or during power failures, & as spares if I wear one out (I use one at my desk occasionally because it takes up little space & is so portable).

But it for the right purpose! It is not for continuous use all day, every day, for a whole summer. It's a personal fan for occasional or emergency use.

I probably would have gave it 5 stars if they warned people not to use it continuously daily. I was aware of what I was getting, but others may not be.
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on June 16, 2017
I had trouble getting the battery case off but the way the fan sits it works fine without the battery case on. I love this little fan. I have it sitting on my desk blowing directly in my face. I did not want the type that you can recharge by hooking it up to the computer because my hard drive only has two ports to hook things in and both are in use and shouldn't be disconnected. This way I can just put 2 D batteries in and not have to bother my computer. I've even taken it outside and used in on the table by my patio swing and it works great out there too. It is just powerful enough to cool things off without blowing everything around. Should something happen to this one I will definitely buy another one just like it.
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VINE VOICEon July 18, 2017
The required two D batteries add the weight and balance this fan needs to stay in place on your desk.
The body of the fan is 6" by 6.5" so it is larger than 5" fan itself.

The fan can be adjusted by clicking the base until the air flow is at the exact angle you prefer.There are two settings to the fan, but they seem pretty close to the same speed.

The fan is steady on its base, and incredibly quiet. So quiet in fact, that I have accidentally left it on overnight a couple of times.
To my amazement it is still running on the same two D batteries I installed initially.

Moving air from the fan goes exactly where you have it aimed.
I keep the fan on a raised surface of about three inches, so there is absolutely no problem with it disturbing the papers on my desk.

There is nothing like moving air on your face to help you keep cool on hot days, and this little fan performs its job perfectly.
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on March 23, 2017
Its a great lil' fan. Ran my Mr. Heater Portable heater on floor in back my truck canopy [topper]. The inside top of topper got VERY hot. Had heater in front, pointed towards tailgate. Set the fan on top of ice cooler against tailgate; blowing towards heater, BUT Not into heater. [A little higher].Was like a miracle! Ceiling did not get hot at all. Also distributed heat inside almost perfectly even. Temp inside topper was same temp all around. Ran my heater even less; & No 'hot spots'. After reached a comfy temp, turned heater off. Found by trial & error... that once got temp @ comfort zone; could just leave pilot light on heater run. This fan will save me lots of propane- I'm sure. It also came w/ an AC adapter. I'm sure I could cut off adapter, & install plug for vehicle cig lighter, or USB plug. I:E: This little fan was a win/ win situation. Gonna' purchase another for "backup". Also very quiet, w/ hair of pleasant 'white noise'. I always love sleep w/ pleasant 'white noise'. Its my little sweetheart!
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