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on January 5, 2013
I said it! So what? Actually, that is on a sticker but it is true. LOVE the SSD drives and would HIGHLY recommend one to anyone needing a new hard drive - quiet, fast, cool. Well worth it!!!!!!!
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on October 8, 2012
The first thing that was disappointing about this purchase was that the manufacturer mail-in-rebate wasn't honored. That wasn't very much money, but it influenced my decision to buy this product instead of one from another manufacturer. In the end I thought if this was the worst thing about this purchase then I would be happy. However, it wasn't the end.

Pros: Worked fast while it lasted. Windows definitely booted faster than my previous IDE and SATA hard-drives.

Cons: Died within 60 days with little warning. I'd consider myself an advanced computer user (not in the IT field but used to be) and all my troubleshooting came up with nothing. I can't even format the drive since it doesn't show up using the windows recovery tool. Putting it in another computer after windows has booted did not discover the drive. The same is true if connected before boot either by itself or with another windows boot drive. It seems to show up in the BIOS settings as part of the boot order but you can't do anything to the drive from there so there's not much I can do, all it shows is the name/model and that it's attached to SATA0 on the motherboard.

Last Word: I'm trying to get the drive replaced by OCZ but for now I'm without a solid state drive and wasted hours troubleshooting. I'll continue to waste many more hours no doubt. I'll update when I receive word from them.
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on September 13, 2012
As an FYI, I already have some positive experience with this brand, rocking a Vertex 3 on my main rig at home. Now for the review...

I was issued a new laptop for work and got stiffed with a spinning hard drive - not enough performance to satiate the efficiency needs of my daily spreadsheet habit. "More power," I cried, as the laptop failed to instantly respond to my every request. Control+T for a new tab,, search for "SSD", and up comes this thing. Reviews are everywhere and some of the poor reviews look like they were written by people who have never worked on a computer. I decide to pull the trigger anyway - $55 after rebate and the high-speed storage void of my soul is filled.

The SSD arrives two days later (Prime, baby!) in a smallish package with a single air puff - looks good to me. Out come the scissors, two sides are cut, and the tingling sensations start. Over to my main rig - Start > Shutdown. I plug in this beast along with the spinny thing from my work laptop, boot up Acronis, and ghost over the original HDD in about 5-10 minutes. My heartrate is increasing...

Back to the laptop with the SSD - not exactly the right fit for the caddy on my Latitude E6420. I omit the screw that attaches the caddy to the drive, slide it in, and drive in the 4 screws that hold it in place. Flip it over, open it up, and push the power button with mixed emotions of hope, dread, and eternal glory... The boot screen shows, clears, and then.......WINDOWS LOGO! Boom! 10 seconds later I'm at the password prompt and trying to be nonchalant as I wipe away a tear and a bit of drool from the corner of my mouth.

24 hours later...

Still going strong! I've also gone through the requisite tweaks to make sure AHCI is enabled, indexing is disabled in Windows, etc, etc, etc.

Let's just say, I haven't almost accidentally dropped any fists on this since upgrading. The HDD to SSD upgrade is always huge and dramatic. If you're still storing data on spinning platters, don't be afraid to dip your toes in the sweet, sweet waters of SSD.

As for those who already have an SSD? I guess if you have your heart set on upgrading, you may be disappointed, if only because you won't notice a drastic increase.

I am going a full 5 stars on this barring any major catastrophe. And, admittedly, I am also backing up data daily for the first few months in case this takes a dump.

***Update 4/21/2013:
Just a follow up - now at 7 months and still going strong.

One person asked about desktop/laptop disk duplication: I actually took the original HDD out of my laptop, along with the new SSD, and plugged both into my desktop computer to do the disk duplication. The SATA connector interface is universal (although older computers will not push the newer SSDs to their maximum throughput.)
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on November 29, 2012
First off the item was not well packed and it was sent USPS (Postal Mail) in a wimpy plastic mailer bag with a thin layer of bubble wrap around it. IMHO a useless way to protect my product when you ship it.

I had to coerce Windows 7 to load onto the disk since it seemed not to like the boot block or some such. After three tries of making and deleting the partition maps it loaded. I did a fresh install of Windows 7 Pro on it.

The drive is fast and worked well from 10/04/2012 until today 11/29/2012, actually a few days ago it began to fail to boot with my BIOS not seeing any disk at all. That tells me the controller or disk failed since the BIOS won't see it. I was able to get the machine to boot sometimes by doing the 3 finger salute here and there but now it just stopped working entirely. I expected these disks to last longer and run cooler and be more reliable, this looks NOT to be the case and I ended up putting back in a rotating media disk. Go figure. I hope OCZ or this vendor refunds my money.

The vendor now claims they can't help me and OCZ needs to repair the disk, I am not interested in having a semiconductor disk repaired that did not work properly from the start. This vendor needs to either stand behind their products and ship them properly or not do business:

Vendor's URL (Department of More) on Amazon:
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on September 15, 2012
Ordered 2x on 9/7 and got it on 9/13 via super saver shipping. Couldn't resist the $54.99 low price. I was aware of the issues with the drive before buying it and figured out I can either return it or RMA it till I get a good drive if I ran into any problems.

First thing I did was to check the OCZ forums for more info on the latest firmware. OCZ has released the 1.5.2. After downloading the OCZ toolbox I was able to confirm that both drives came with this rev and so I am hopeful that this is a FW vs. a NAND quality issue. Here are the release notes of 1.5.2.

Improvements since version 1.5: Enhancements:
*Enhanced Data Integrity Algorithm
*Enhanced overall stability and compatibility with legacy chipsets

Note: After updating to v1.5.2, you cannot revert back to v1.5

Formatted the drive with 4k block size and ran an initial AS SSD Benchmark (note: drive is hooked to a SATA2 controller so performance will be much lower). Nothing unusual to report beside a fairly low 4k read IOPs 3577 vs 17106 for write. Using Windows 7 and latest AS SSD.

4 stars for the price/value of the drive and that it was not DOA as some others reported. I will update this review (and rating) if I run into any problems later (or better if it remains stable). It would be good to know if other see less or more problems with the 1.5.2 revision.


<Size>119.24 GB
<DateTime>9/15/2012 10:06:42 AM

<Read>250.96 MB/s
<Write>256.74 MB/s

<Read>13.83 MB/s
<Write>68.94 MB/s

<Read>184.27 MB/s
<Write>172.63 MB/s

<Read>0.277 ms
<Write>0.045 ms

<Read>15.68 iops
<Write>16.05 iops

<Read>3541 iops
<Write>17648 iops

<Read>47173 iops
<Write>44192 iops

<Read>3610 iops
<Write>22157 iops
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on August 23, 2012
Quick overview of setup.

Lenovo w530 dual booting Linux and Windows.

OCZ Vertex 4 256GB in the primary SATA slot (~200GB NTFS Win7 & ~40GB EXT4 Linux, all but /home) + Boot partition.

OCZ Agility 4 512GB swapped for the DVD drive in a hdd caddy. (350GB EXT4 /home & 128GB NTFS Win7 D:)

I had some non-boot issues at first, but I think that that was due to the Vertex drive which I'll review under that product and not here. Once I upgraded both drives to the latest firmware (v1.5.2) all issues I was having, as a result of the drives or other hardware, went away.

Current boot time for Linux is just over 5 seconds from Grub starting to the desktop. Under Win7 64bit it looks to boot in less then 30 seconds. 100% of Win7 boot time is due to the Vertex since the entire OS is housed on it vs. breaking up the mount points under Linux where /home is on the Agility and the rest is on the Vertex.

Overall it is a very fast drive, my previous "best" experience was with a Seagate Momentus XT hybrid drive that saw terrific boot times of about 15 seconds into Linux, unsure about Windows. But being a hybrid, it didn't make much of a difference since I spent 95% of my time in Linux.

Everything is amazingly fast, even with the CPUs throttled all the way down to save battery power.

Relevant SMART data:

72 power cycle counts
103 hrs powered up

The biggest notice is that nothing vibrates anymore! When turning up VMware which usually requires a lot of HDD reading, I have nothing. No heat, no vibration, no whirring noise, nothing.

It is hard to gauge other people's technical ability in these reviews and to find out to what extent they tried to troubleshoot their issues. Yes, when spending money for a top line product you should not have to trouble shoot anything, but sometimes we have to.

I didn't have much luck when trying to upgrade the firmware to both the Vertex and Agility drives using the bootable live OS disc that OCZ offers. First time around the firmware update utility (in the live OS) would find the drives but failed to upgrade them and when tried again, it could not find the drives. I don't know if this was an issue with something on my laptop or the drives.

After getting Windows situated and using Clonezilla to backup the sdd, I used the Windows based OS flashing utility from OCZ which worked perfectly on both drives. I think I had to reboot twice for the new firmware version to take affect. Since then I've no issues with either drive. If you can, I would suggest mounting the drives in another system and upgrading the firmware that way vs. the live boot disc. YMMV.
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on July 28, 2012
Installed this SSD in my late 2008 Unibody MacBook earlier this week, to coincide with the release of Mountain Lion. Created a bootable USB drive with the mac firmware updates and easily updated the drive's firmware to 1.5 (the latest as of this writing). Then did a clean install of OS X Mountain Lion from DVD and used Migration Assistant to copy over my user account, docs and software from my previous system drive (Seagate Momentus 7200 RPM 500 GB HDD). I admit, I didn't really notice a huge difference in performance at first, as the entire drive needed to be re-indexed. A few days later, I ran benchmark software and I'm averaging 250 mb/s Read and 200 mb/s Write speeds for uncompressed data. Startup time is about 20 seconds from power button to login, and shut down is about 10 seconds. I really notice a big improvement in launch and performance using my WIN XP Virtual Machine via Parallels. That said, sometimes the display has trouble keeping the active window accessible for some reason. I'm sure this bug will be fixed in an upcoming update by Parallels.

For the money, I'm very happy with this SSD and would recommend to anybody, even if your hardware will only support SATA I/II like my MacBook. Everything just seems a lot snappier now performance-wise.
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on December 16, 2012
The OCZ Agility 4 SSD is one of the best performing SSDs on the market.
Since installing it, I've seen 360+ MB/s write and 330+ MB/s read speeds.
This is miles ahead of my old hard drive that came preinstalled on my MacBook Pro.

To install, you have two choices:
1)Clone your drive;
Copying the entire contents of your old hard drive over to the new SSD.

2)New installation if Windows or Mac OS X;
Installing your OS anew, and starting fresh.

How to do:
To clone your drive contents to the new SSD, follow the steps below:
-First, you'll need to format it to support your system. If you're using a Mac, open disk utility. If you're using a PC, sorry, look for help elsewhere.
-To properly format the drive, click on the SSD in the tab next to the window. Click on the partition tab and select one (1) partition. Name the drive whatever you want. Next, click on format. You'll want to choose 'Mac OS Extended (Journaled)'. Then, click on the 'options' tab and choose GUID Partition for Intel Macs or Apple Partition Map for PowerPC Macs.
-Click format, and you're done.
-Now you'll a cloning app. My favourite is 'SuperDuper!'.
If you have 'SuperDuper!', open the app and choose your primary hard drive under the 'copy from' tab, and the new SSD under the 'copy to' tab.
-Click 'copy' and wait for your contents to be transferred over. Speeds will vary depending in how much data there is on your drive.
-Once done, you can install it in your MacBook or desktop Mac.

2)Fresh installation:
To start anew, you'll want a fresh installation of your favourite OS.
To do this, follow the following steps;
-Install the SSD in your MacBook or desktop Mac.
Insert the disk or flash drive containing your OS.
If you want to create a bootable drive for Mac OS X, look at No. 3) below.
-Hold the Tab key on your Mac or PC keyboard, and choose the storage for your OS.
-Complete the installation process, and you're done!

3)Creating a bootable drive for Mac OS X.
Follow these steps:
-Download the latest version of Mac OS X from the Mac App Store. Windows is typically distributed through physical media.
-Quit the installation of Mac OS X, and locate the installer in the Finder.
-Right click on the icon, and click 'Show Package Contents'.
-Go to shared support, and find the disk image labeled 'InstallESD.dmg'
-Open Disk Utility, and drag the 'InstallESD.dmg' file to the side bar.
-Double click the file to mount it, then select your storage from the side bar, be it a disk or flash drive.
-Click the restore tab above, and drag the 'InstallESD.dmg' file to the blank 'restore' table.
-Drag the name of your bootable media to the 'restore to' table.
-Click restore.
-Voila! You have your bootable drive!
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on October 9, 2012
Ordered two of these drives and they perform well within the specs provided. As for the rebate process, it is hit and miss. 2 of the 3 rebates were accepted. The third was denied stating that the UPC was not included. Finding this odd that the 2 UPCs were included in the same envelope with the 3 rebate forms. I call on OCZ to stand up and really take a look at the rebate processors and make sure they provide better training. >I'll be avoiding all products with rebates from this company from here on out. It already cost this customer money along with a few more locals that shared the deal. Can only imagine how many others across the country have the same issue.
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on November 8, 2012
I bought this to replace the hdd on my MacBook Pro (running Mt. lion) when its original hard disk died. Have had it for a month now and I could not be happier! I had no problems with the installation or any compatibility issues. My computer is so much faster now than it was before- it's incredible. I should have switched to an SSD a long time ago. Still waiting to hear back about the rebate, but otherwise no complaints.
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