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This sweeper is a terrific help around the house. I still sweep every 10 days or so, but that's cut down quite a bit. I used to have cat hair tumbleweeds between sweepings, but this little machine stopped that. It is an excellent value at approximately $24, but now that it's only available by 3rd party sellers at about $80, I'm not sure I would advise buying it.

For those wondering about the relative quality of the refill pads as opposed to DIY re-useable pads, I compared 5 pads: official refills, the pads that came with it, swifter sweeper pads, homemade shammy pads and homemade microfiber pads. I did not sweep or use the sweeper for 2 days before each test (hence all the black cat hair).

Official replacement pads: These are just the right thickness and have a texture that traps pet hair and debris (it catches much more pet hair than shows up in the photo). These are simple. Order them. They arrive. Use. For that they are in a tie for number one of the 5 pads I tried. But, if you use this device often, they can get kind of pricey. Also, on these, as with all the other pads, don't turn them over to re-use. That will just get debris in the Velcro that holds the pads on and it's plain gross.

DIY Microfiber pads: I bought a 2-pack of microfiber cleaning cloths (rags) for $1 at Dollar Tree and cut them to the appropriate size and shape. These pick up almost as well as the official refill pads, so they're in a tie for first place. They can be washed and used repeatedly, but if you generally sweep up a lot of pet hair or debris, you'll want to wash them separately, so they don't transfer their catchings to your other laundry. The main con with these is that they can be difficult to get on the machine just right. If they wrinkle or bunch up, they can stop the unit from moving. I also feel that I'll always need to keep some "real" pads in case I don't have any of these washed. Also, note that I don't think a thicker microfiber kitchen towel would work. The thickness would make it difficult for the machine to move effectively.

Swiffer pads: These are as effective as the official refill pads. Even store brands were good, so these can be cost effective if you are a patient person who will punish themself to save a quarter. Every time you use these, you have to use 2 and must cut them every single time in order for the wheels to be exposed. So, these are third on my list for the annoyance.

The pads that come with it: 3 thin, flimsy pads come with this machine. Do not judge what the refill pads will be like based on these (see photos). They work ok, but are 4th on my list. Besides, you can't get any more.

Shammy: I bought a bit thicker, stiffer Shammy at Dollar Tree. It held promise, but not much else. It flunked entirely. The machine also moved more slowly and laboriously with the thickness.

I hoped this answered some questions. Thanks!
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on December 9, 2015
I have used the O'Cedar robotic duster for 2 weeks now and have been very pleased. With 2 large, densely coated dogs, 2 indoor cats, and 3 children our wood floors were never dust and hair free. The O'Cedar duster not only saves time but is also so very easy to use. Our floors are actually clean at least twice a day now! I used to turn it on before leaving the house so I could come home to clean floors, but I don't advise that as it can get stuck and the wheels will keep turning and could potentially remove the finish from hardwood floors. I usually let it run for an hour or two then turn it off, change the pads, and plug it in to charge and use again later. I use swiffer dusting cloths rather than the round O'Cedar cloths that came with the duster, because I had many on hand already, and because they provide more of a buffer when the duster bumps against furniture or walls. I just cut 2 of them in half and stick them to the velcro. The bumping against things isn't a big deal because the duster is going quite slow and spinning so the impact it is very slight. The duster will very occasionally get stuck on the edge of a rug but only if the battery is running low and the edge of a cloth has gotten folded back and exposed the velcro. Normally if I just leave it alone it will work it's way out of any tight spot. The only other time it has a problem is if it encounters water on the floor (ie dog drool!). I do blow the little bit of hair out the wheel area when I change the cloths to enable the wheels to grip the floors well. The area it cleans is our main living area, all hardwoods with several small throw rugs, approximately 500 square feet. The duster easily runs for 2 hours on a charge. I do pull the kitchen chairs away from the table but it easily cleans under and through the chair legs as well as my office chair which has 5 legs extruding from a center post and is quite a tight space. I bought the O'Cedar duster on Amazon for $19 and it has easily saved me that much in time spent cleaning floors. I probably am a bit of a neat freak but as long as my floors are clean I feel much better about my house being clean. It really bothers me to see pet hair on the bottoms of my kids socks, and this duster has greatly improved that little issue. I would love to buy this little tool for my friends who have pets, but am afraid of the message it may send. ☺ It isn't perfect of course, but it definitely helps de-stress my life and I love it! My only regret is that I didn't buy it much much sooner.
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on December 30, 2013
A couple of years ago I bought my sister the first generation of the Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner for about $250.00. Several weeks ago I ran across the O’Cedar O’Duster at Wal-Mart for about $40.00 and made an impulse purchase. I was so impressed that I got my mom the O’Duster for Christmas. My review will not only comment on my experience with the O’Cedar product but also compare the O’Duster to the Mint.

Both of these products are hard floor sweepers (note I said “sweeper”. There is no sucking action on either of them.). They use a disposable cloth product to sweep wood, tile, vinyl, etc. They will not work on carpets/rugs; nor, are they designed to wet-clean the floor. These do not take the place of mopping.

First, a description of the O’Cedar O’Duster…
There is a round plastic center housing that is about eight inches in diameter and a little over two inches tall. It is surrounded by a circular, flexible mesh netting that secures the dusting cloth. On the bottom are two wheels that propel the device and cause it to spin as it moves forward. Operation is very simple. Charge the device, put on a new cloth, pick one of two settings, and let it go until it stops. While it is running it is about as loud as one of the new quiet dishwashers. It’s not loud enough to run you out of the room, but you can definitely hear the motor grinding away.

My experience…
I have a centrally located kitchen/dining area in my house that is approximately 600 square feet and has sheet linoleum flooring. The only way to move through the house is passing through this room so it receives a lot of traffic and there’s always stuff on the floor. In addition, I have two large indoor/outdoor dogs that are not regularly brushed, so despite what feels like constant sweeping, I continue to have those dog-hair tumbleweeds rolling across and never feel that I can really get all the grit off the floor.

The first time I used the O’Duster I had not swept in a couple of days. I charged it for a bit (not a full charge), put on one of the three pads that come with it, and let it go until the battery died. Although the disposable pad was filthy, I could still see things on the floor (i.e. part of a dried leaf, a broom straw, etc.). I was initially really disappointed and figured I had just blown forty bucks. However, as the evening progressed and I was walking around the room barefoot, I realized that I wasn’t picking up grit on the bottoms of my feet. The floor felt a lot smoother. It was noticeable enough that I figured I would try it again after it was fully charged.

After a full charge and a second use the cloth was still dirty. I could still see things on the floor, but there was no grit anywhere and no dog-hair tumbleweeds. Also I noticed that most of the things I could see were pushed to the perimeter of the room. So, I pulled out my vacuum with a hose attachment and made a quick loop of the room and sucked up all the crumbs and stuff around the baseboards. I was sold. It may not be perfect, but I could live with this if it meant the grit and dog hair was gone.

Since then, I have bought a pack of the pads and continue to use the little guy every day or two. Once a week, I pull out the vacuum and make a loop around to clean the stuff that has been pushed to the baseboards. It is a little dose of heaven.

Comparing the O’Duster to the Mint…
As I stated earlier, my experience with the Mint was during its first generation. I do not know what improvements have been made to its programing over the couple of years since I played with it.

The Mint is about six times as expensive as the O’Duster. My sister has had hers for two years now and it is still working. I have only been using the O’Duster for a month so I can’t comment on its durability, but I could replace it several times and still come out ahead financially. I will update if/when the O’Duster quits working.

*****Algorithms and Programming
The Mint (like other iRobot devices) purports to have some advanced programing where it first travels around the room to learn the layout, and then picks the most efficient way to sweep the entire floor. As it bumps into things it memorizes their locations and adapts. That sounds pretty awesome, right? It’s really overrated. Our experience using it in my mom’s kitchen was it never realized that the kitchen island was actually an island with a big swath of floor behind it. After running the Mint three times, it never went to the back side of the cabinets and when it finished its cycle always reset to the beginning and had to waste battery life re-learning the room. It would not just go back to where it had left off. There was no way to just pick it up and put it where you wanted it to clean without its freaking out and thinking it was lost.

The O’Duster doesn’t get into all that nonsense. It goes in a straight line until it hits something and then, depending on what angle the wheels were at when it hit, turns a little bit and takes off again until it hits the next obstacle. It might clean certain portions of the floor a dozen times while others may only get one pass, but if there’s a problem area in your space, just pick the little guy up and put him there and he’ll take care of it.

*****Cycle and Battery Life
The Mint always starts its cycle by trying to figure out the layout of the room. If the battery dies before the room is complete, then it goes back to the beginning of that loop. In a huge room, that would get to be a problem. The O’Duster is different. It just goes and goes. If the battery dies, charge him up and let him go again.

Also, I should clarify something that is misleading on the O’Duster’s packaging. It has two cycles. One is a thirty minute cycle and the other is advertised as a 120 minute cycle. The 120 minutes is incorrect. The longer cycle just runs until the batteries are dead. Mine is brand new and, as the batteries age, I may not continue to have this experience, but on the long cycle, my O’Duster will run for about five hours before dying. I can turn him loose when I get home from work and he’ll still be going strong when I head to bed at night.

*****Cleaning Cloths
On this issue, the Mint is the clear winner. It is designed to use the standard Swiffer style dust cloths. There are myriad brands on the market available from any store which may be less expensive and have some additional features. One of the cloths available now advertises the static attraction that helps it pick up and hold onto stuff once it has it. My sister said that she has even used the wet cloths on her Mint and it has worked fine. The O’Duster has a donut shaped dust cloth that is proprietary to O’Cedar. Additionally, I said that I bought the O’Duster from Wal-Mart (where I had seen the replacement cloths at the time of purchase). When I went to a different Wal-Mart to get a pack of the cloths, the second Wal-Mart didn’t carry the product so I had to make a trip across town. Obviously they’re available from Amazon, but you may have trouble finding them in your local store. Perhaps, as popularity increases, the pads will be more readily available and there will be generics you can find easily, but for now you have to stick to the O’Duster pads.

This might be a toss-up. Every room is going to have obstacles that have to be worked around. Chairs are probably the hardest things for these sweepers to deal with as the legs are just wide enough to allow them to enter, but they will invariable get trapped once inside. Regarding chair legs, the O’Duster seems to do a better job. As long as it is able to move it will continue bumping and turning until it finds its way out. The Mint gives up pretty quickly. Usually I just take the chairs and stack them out of the way so they won’t be an issue.

My O’Duster has a problem with the floor vent in the kitchen. If I am standing there watching it, it will go back and forth over the vent without issue, but if I step out of the kitchen for even a couple of minutes, it will make a beeline to the vent and get itself bound up and have to be rescued. I usually just open the door that is close to that vent as a blockade to keep it from being an issue. I don’t remember the Mint having the same problem with floor vents.

Water droplets are very problematic for the O’Duster. If there is any water on the floor, the O’Duster cannot get enough traction to continue and will just sit in one spot and whine. One of the aforementioned dogs drinks water out of the bowl then drips water as he bounds through the house. Those little droplets of water are enough to stop the O’Duster. If I let the dogs in with wet paws, any of those wet paw prints is enough to stop it. Yesterday there was a dirty spot on the floor that I saw while O’Duster was working. I used glass cleaner and paper towel to spray it and wipe it up immediately. That little bit of moisture that was left on the floor after wiping with a paper towel was enough to freak the little guy out. As I said earlier, my sister has used the wet cloths on her Mint without issue.

I did have one weird piece of furniture that proved a problem for the O’Duster. It is a china cabinet with a decorative cut-out base mold. It is just tall enough of an opening that if O’Duster gets a running start he can get himself wedged in and not be able to escape. I solved this by taking some one-by lumber, cutting it to length and screwing it into the base of the cabinet from the backside. Before you start thinking, “Oh my gosh, is this guy seriously modifying his furniture to accommodate a floor sweeper?” The answer is, “Yes!!! This thing is so amazing that had the solution not worked I would have gotten rid of the china cabinet.”

*****Cleaning under appliances
Since the O’Duster has a sweeping cloth that extends beyond the body of the unit, it is thin enough that it can successfully sweep under the refrigerator and stove. The Mint cannot do this.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this product. There are a few design things that I would change (namely giving the wheels a bit more traction and offering a better cleaning cloth), but this thing is AMAZING!!!
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on June 28, 2014
I vacuum regularly but because I have pets, I need to Swiffer every couple of days or else a layer of fur builds up on my hardwood floors. I decided to give this a try and it works well for me. The long cycle lasted 2.5 hours when I tested it. It's not a Roomba, so don't expect a vacuum cleaner. It's not the Mint, so don't expect anything advanced or smart from it. It's simply a moving Swiffer-type cleaner that grabs small items like dust and pet/human hair. Don't expect it to pick up anything bigger and your expectations will be realistic. This does not replace a vacuum cleaner or actual sweeping by a thinking and seeing person, but it's good to leave on to do its stuff in between cleanings to get some pet hair off the floor without effort. It will get stuck in some areas like elevated edges, rugs, wires, and tight corners, so it probably won't be that effective left on when leaving the home. A great tool for those who are not expecting this to turn this world upside down. It's $25 bucks, not a $400 Roomba or a $250 Mint, so let's be realistic. It's a cleaning toy that actually works. I posted a video (don't mind the sock bumpers around it, I created that because my wife does not enjoy it bumping lightly off objects) of it at work to show how well it goes underneath furniture. It does really well cleaning under the bed! Will post updates as time goes by.

Update 7/31/14. This little machine is still going. I run it daily and it has significantly reduced the build-up of dust and pet hair on my floors. Vacuuming under beds, couches, and cabinets is much easier because there is pretty much no accumulation of dust there since the O-Duster loves to go underneath furniture and take care of that back-breaking task. Sometimes the motor goes around in circles, but that just means the wheels need to be cleaned or it needs to warm up. Again, it's a $24 cleaning robot, so keep your expectations low and you will be satisfied. I turn over the cleaning pads to maximize their use. Still swearing by this, though I'm curious to see how long it will last. Will keep posting updates. :)

Update 10/1/14. Still working well with daily use! Sometimes when it's not moving as it should, I check the wheels to see if anything is stuck and and clean them. If it spins in circles that means something is off in the wheels and just needs adjustment. I've gotten so much use out of this cheap machine and haven't Swiffered since June. That alone is worth the $24. Happy with this.

Update 2/19/15 - Still working well! If it starts to move randomly, just clean the wheels and it's good as new. Well worth the money.

Update May 2015 - This device finally died. RIP. I was thinking of replacing it but they raised the price to $40+ and I didn't think it was a worth that much. I got an iRobot Braava instead on sale for $130 and use that daily instead. Would still get this for $20 though.
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on June 12, 2016
I bought this and a Robomop at the same time. Both were similarly priced and received similar reviews, so I wanted to see for myself which performed better. Here are my results:
1) Independent operation: the O'Duster's little wheels and lack of clearance meant that it got stuck on every floor discontinuity like a prius in a motocross course. The Robomop's big ball handles such things like a monster truck. The O'Duster also tended to disappear under the furniture and never find its way out. The Robomop ducks in and out from under the cabinets like a hyperactive kitten. Conclusion: O'Duster needs a babysitter. Robomop doesn't.
2) Effectiveness: Robomop picked up more dirt in the same amount if time, using the same hydrostatic dust rags. Don't know why.
3) Noise. O'Duster quiet, Robomop even quieter.
4) Maintenance: Fewer moving parts on the Robomop. Easier to keep clean and free of clogs.
5) Appearance: O'Duster looks high tech. Robomop looks like a straw hat thrown over a cat toy.
Conclusion: If you want it to work, get the Robomop. If you want it to LOOK LIKE it works, get the O'Duster.
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on March 18, 2017
First impression - better idea than product can deliver. Just received. So perhaps if I give it a few more days I may like it more. I charged as directed before first use. The duster dragged along the laminate floor, and pooped out. I think I spend less time using a dust mop then babysitting this robotic version.
Update: after a week the duster has not been able to go even 40 mins on a full charge. Some give good reviews so it does meet some buyers needs.

For the cat lovers asking if a cat can sit on this a la kitty scooter - I doubt that. It is very light weight I think any small weight would prevent it from moving about.
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on April 18, 2017
wasn't expecting this much benefit. I seriously thought....I'll just use this at night in my children's bedroom after I've picked it up. We had a terrible problem with mites and dog hair so I had to be EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA clean to keep things vaccuumed etc... but I mean with more than one dog.....I'd sweep and mop floor and then 1 hour later see a bunch of dog hair trailing wherever they walked. My funds were depleted from so much cleaning....so I thought I need an electrostatic sweep HELP overnight and I'll do it manually during day.....this thing is my best buddy ....its not a total solution you still have to mop but it really is ingenius....just charge let it go....charge it again and let it go....you can do other work. At night its quiet and it goes goes goes. REALLY WORTH IT if you need extra clean and yet you still clean yourself....
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on October 9, 2017
I have to give two set of stars to this product:
🌟🌟 🌟Three for cleaning abilities and
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 for making my day fun‼️ Get your sneakers and hockey stick and get ready to have fun ‼️ This vacum is a 'toddler' learning to walk. No power-very minimum suction but makes a very relaxing noise...it does‼️ And then you follow it around in fascination-where is it going to go now⁉️ In a nutshell, not for serious cleaning but I had a blast... it is my new toy; crazy ladybug 🐞 combined with R2-D2 from StarWars😊Not sorry I bought it... I had fun and cleaned some👍🏻 And this is my craziest review ever but if you get one, you will understand-have a good time and enjoy the unexpected 😉👍🏻‼️
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on February 18, 2017
The battery is pretty weak and it takes forever to charge. The wheels didnt catch on my floor AT ALL and it wasn't moving, so I cut off the fingers from a pair of rubber gloves and stretched the rubber finger tips over the wheels so they would catch on my floor better. Quick and easy modification and now it works great!
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on March 30, 2017
With having bamboo, hardwood and slate floors in my home this little machine is PERFECT! For between full dust mopping and vacuuming this little machine is amazing. We have not had any issues with it getting stuck. It travels around the room and under the furniture getting almost everywhere. I am going to purchase a second for the upstairs rooms. We have tried other machines and this one by far works better. Remember this is not a vacuum it is duster.
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