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on February 24, 2015
Just like any shemagh I have ever had. I just got it recently so it's not soft yet.
Now shut the hole the top cha neck and LISTEN! Please for your own good. Every real shemagh will bleed out like you cut your finger during a whiskey binge so this is how you stop that. Get about a half of a cup of vinegar and a cup of salt. Mix that with about 3/4 a gallon of water in a bucket or something. Unfold the shemagh and give it a good 45 minute to an hour of soaking in the mix. This will set the dye. Rinse about 4-5 times until the water is generally clear. Lay flat to dry. If you're confused find a YouTube video about setting colors. I bet your mother would tell you to do the same thing. Call and ask her even if you ARE clear about it. She would like that. Mom's like it when you call and ask advice.
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on June 25, 2015
I bought this supposedly Condor shemagh from 2 sellers: Outdoor Shopping and Army Universe. They both sent brown ones and apologized for the issue and refunded my purchases. This situation may only be temporary so if you want to buy this shemagh from either of those 2 sellers, I recommend sending them a message and asking if it's really green or not. I wish we didn't have to ask questions like that, but it may or may not help. If you're not concerned about if it's brown or green, I guess you could go for it. Although I find it frustrating when a seller does business like that and it makes it easier to buy from a different seller.

According to both sellers, the basic same response was that they have been receiving them that way lately with no notice of a change from the manufacturer and it seems they just rolled with it and didn't dispute it and re-categorized them in their minds as "darker shades of Olive Drab" and continued to just keep using the same picture. I feel they should be required to tough it out and just get out their camera and take a new current photo and change the name to brown. Outdoor shopping was nice enough to let me keep mine from them. Army Universe made me send it back, although they did send me a prepaid shipping label to send it back.

Since I got to keep the one from Outdoor shopping, I went ahead and used it and it's actually pretty awesome.
I wet my hair and wet the shemagh and folded it in half like a triangle and tied it over my head like a bandana wrap.
I did this to mow the grass over an acre on an extremely hot Florida afternoon.
I wanted to cover my hair, to help reduce the amount of debris getting in, which really adds to the wash time.
Also help keep flying insects out. A normal bandana just barely tucks in the tied area at back and bottom where the large size of this shemagh makes the "top" so long that after you tuck it in the tied area at bottom, there is a lot to fall down your back and shield the back of your neck from the sun.
It's also plenty large enough to have covering your ears to prevent all the flying debris from getting inside.
All this is happening while wet so it really helps cool you down too.
I did not try covering my mouth with it like the natives do in sandstorms, although I probably should.
There are a lot of instructional videos on youtube that show you how to tie it in various ways.
All in all, besides it not being the color of the picture, this shemagh is really nice and a great thing to have.
It's petty lightweight, but seems durable and I could see it being used in various survival ways as well like a tourniquet, bandage, or broken arm sling, water filter, and many many uses I'm sure.

I ended up getting a Rotcho shemagh from GO COMMANDO GEAR and it actually was green and I love it!
The Condor shemagh bled a ton of dye while I soaked it several times, due to the many recommendations of other buyers.
The Rothco shemagh I bought did not bleed any dye at all when I soaked it!
The "Condor" shemagh had no retail tags or labels while the Rothco shemagh had a retail Rothco tag and a sewn-in label.
Both the Rothco retail tag and sewn-in tag were marked "Made In India."
The Condor one is supposedly made in Pakistan.
The Condor shemagh is nice, but if you are looking for an OD green one like the picture, you may be better off choosing the ROTHCO shemagh from GO COMMANDO GEAR! They were really nice and answered my questions quickly when I wrote them. The patterns are similar between the two, but the Rothco seems a little nicer and it's comforting having the tags on it. I have shown a picture I took of the shemagh laid over an actual OD green tactical vest with OD mag pouches and OD USA flag patch I also bought from GO COMMANDO GEAR and you can see how brown the shemagh is. Those sellers continue to sell these shemaghs as OD green when they are clearly brown. Buy the Rothco shemagh from GO COMMANDO GEAR! I love it! They also have the best OD Green USA flag subdued tactical patches I have found and I have tried several companies from several sellers. I got the forward and reverse and they look perfect on OD tactical gear!
review image
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on November 17, 2013
The shemagh is priced right and of decent quality. I washed it in cold water 3 or 4 times to remove the excess dye, line dried it, and I'm good to go! The only issue I have is it's size..... it's not 44X44 but more like 37X40, but that's not a deal breaker for me as none of my other shemaghs are exact size either. So far I'm pleased with it.
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on April 15, 2013
Great for hiking in the desert. The troops are using these for a reason. If you spend time in the desert get a few. The sweat evaporates from your skin and creates a cool layer under the shemagh. Plus keeps the sun off. Also you can fully cover your face if you like (dust, wind, ect) because you can see through it and walk
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on December 10, 2011
First off, I have to comment about how fast the shipping was. I ordered Wednesday and the package was delivered Saturday morning (today). Wow! Also, the shipping was free if I ordered 3 so I went ahead and ordered 3 of these.

About the Shemagh's themselves, these are VERY good quality. After watching a couple videos on YouTube on how to tie a Shemagh, I can easily and quickly put one on before heading out into the below freezing weather we now have here in Central Illinois. The wife thinks I'm a dork and look like a Jihad but I really don't care since I'm a smoker and we don't smoke in the house and go outside the house to smoke. Who's laughing now woman!

Anywho...I highly recommend this seller for both shipping and products. I hope this short review helps others make the choice. :-)
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on April 2, 2012
Upon arrival, I followed other reviewers instruction and tried to wash all the excess dye out of the shemagh...tried being the optimum word here. After more than half an hour I had got the color in the water down to less than green tea, which made me both thirst for a bottle of green tea and wonder how in the blazes they dye these things in the first place. Other than that the weave seems to be good and I like the color it is turning out as it dries. If you get this just be sure to try to rinse the dye out...I don't want to even think what it would have done to a load of laundry.
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on December 7, 2012
Others are right, DO wash, the ink comes out, but, not so much it matters. Once that's done, it's softer and not so 'out-of-the-package'. HOWEVER, I looked on my bank statement and found an extra $5.00 charge related to this purchase from 2CO.COM, a service that is apparently connected to Amazon...gee,thanks AMAZON!
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on March 24, 2015
This is an all around great purchase. ***WORD OF CAUTION*** Please be careful how you wash it. It will shrink in the laundry. The size it shrinks to is manageable, but smaller than the original size. It can be stretched out slightly, but if you have to wash it do it with soapy water in sink and let it air dry out of the sun.
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on September 5, 2015
Have had a few other shemagh, and this would be lowest on the list. Sounds like folks are getting different products under this listing, so who know what you may get. Mine was way off the mark.

Inexpensive plus free shipping
Reasonably fast shipping (18 days from China)
Colors pretty much as shown (see green pic)
Dries quickly (because it is sheer and non-cotton)

NOT 100% cotton – no cotton at all I think. Didn't look or feel like cotton, and failed burn tests on strands – burning threads stank and melted, so artificial fiber of some sort.
Not 44x44. Mine, even slightly stretched, measures 40x41.
Not the pattern shown, this looks something more like a table cloth.
Very sheer. Shemagh are loosely knit, but this is very sheer, reminding me more of of no-see-um netting. You can see my hand through it in pic (This is against a white curtain, but not back lit. Without flash it looks brown, but true color is still the OD/black).
review image review image
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on February 3, 2014
Oversized scarf, bandana, whatever you want to use it as. I am honestly still trying to figure out the proper tie and wrap for using like a turbin, but no matter. I tie like a bandana on my head, and tuck it into my collar or back into the knot, and it fits fine, protects from elements.. Except fire. That stuff burns.
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