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on November 22, 2013
Bought this to fit my Canon EOS Rebel T3i with my YN-560 3 flash. I have taken many photos at events in which water and powder has been thrown all around me and at me. I purchased this to protect my camera from any further damage. I have tested it in the field of water and powder (separate events).

It is really just a plastic bag with holes cutout for the areas you need it to fit through. I would suggest you use one all round lens with this on as it can be time consuming to swap out lenses. The string in front doesn't really hold onto my lens hood. I tried using my Canon 70-200mm F4 L lens with the hood on. Without the lens hood is worse as tightening the string on the lens itself it prevents you from efficiently manually zooming and focusing. If you don't usually manually focus/zoom then there shouldn't be a problem. Pull the cord tight though or you might find the slack sleeve covering the lens moves forward which can cover the lens face.

From what I received, there are no holes to fit the neck strap through. This isn't much of a problem for relatively walking paced events where you can wrap the neck strap around one of your wrists and handhold the camera. I have noticed that on rainy days when you put your eye up to the viewfinder the mix of condensation does sometimes fog the viewfinder up. The plastic around the camera gives some power to this condensation. However the possibility of condensation that I experienced was 50/50. 2 water based events and two shoots in the mild rain.

Overall it is a nice cover, it is clear to see the LCD in the back. No problems with the flash although some people might want to bump the power up by one stop just in case.
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on July 24, 2013
Alright, I haven't tried this item out in the rain yet. However, it seems like it might hold up, albeit the sleeve for my hands being a little tight fitting because I have big hands. I also have the lightest, small bodied Canon Rebel camera that is out there right now, which is a Rebel XS. First, I realized quickly that this isn't going to be able to be put on quickly.

Second, I put in the flash as one person said, and put the camera in separately, to join the two together while in the bag. This bag has a round hole in it for the viewfinder eyepiece to attach to. However, I found that once the speedlight was on the hotshoe flash, the eyepiece wasn't able to come off because it was now blocked from sliding off by the speedlight. So I had to dismount the speedlight, pull the eyepiece off in the bag, and sandwich the circular hole over the viewfinder, and hold it in place with the eyepiece now outside of the bag. This then caused two more holes on the top of the circle from where the eyepiece pinched the bag to where it tore.

Next, that made the bag more squished up to where putting the flash on became more difficult and trying to get my hands in along with a strap that much harder. I use the strap around my neck to keep a good hold. This baggie negates that ability.

My 300mm lens, with the lanyard tightened across the lens and then the hood put on afterwards, didn't seem to have any problem. However, with my 50mm fixed lens, I thought I had the lanyard tightened. When I looked through the viewfinder, however, the baggie had slipped off the 50mm fixed lens and telescoped outwards. I had to pull the lanyard closer to the camera body near the connection of the lens to the camera in order to get it to work. It kind of worries me that the lens part had to be tightened that close to the body of the camera, and I heard that the cheaper Canon lenses aren't that water tight.
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on May 15, 2012
A little clumsy to use and you can't quite pass it over your camera setup without removing the flash and inserting it first in the sleeve, but it does the job reasonably well without unforeseen issues.
The great feature is that there is a small hole at the back through which you can pass your viewfinder and reattach the eyepiece on the other side, essentially giving you a very good access to your viewfinder without compromising too much the "rain tightness".
I used with and without the flash, in which case you have a weird looking sorta-condom hanging on the side but -hey- who cares?

The pack comes with two units inside.
This is not astronaut equipment, but for the price it certainly belongs to my backpack.
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on May 2, 2011
Is this product really just a fancy plastic bag? Maybe.
Is this product really cheap? Absolutely!
Does this product do exactly what it's designed to do? More than likely

I recently had an engagement shoot to do in an area of the south that tends to get a bit rainy in March. Fearing that thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment might be at risk of getting a bit damp, I needed to find a quick (and preferably cheap) way to keep it dry in the event that Mother Nature decided to bless us with some precipitation. I ordered these Rainsleeves (actually a set of 2) and had them shipped to the shoot location, ready for me when I got there, in case we got rain!

Well....we got snow.

Thankfully, it was the right move to order these sleeves, and my equipment managed to stay dry. My setup when using these sleeves was similar to the photo in the item description. I shot a Canon 7D with a 70-200mm f2.8 IS mkii and the rainsleeves had no problems accommodating the length of the lens. The sleeve stayed wrapped tight on both the lens and the body, and no moisture penetrated its defenses and got to my camera.

The best part about these bags? They're completely re-usable. Since the engagement shoot, I've used the bags to shoot lacrosse games in the rain and baseball in the snow! They're easy to get on and off of the camera, and easy to move in and out of for quick shooting.

I would definitely recommend that every photographer keep a pack of these in their bag, because you never know when bad weather is going to hit, and it's just nice to have the piece of mind that these grant when you know you've got a set in your bag. They fold down to near-paper thin, and are as light as a feather, so you'll never even know they were added to your pack!

Easy to Use
Work great in a pinch

Plastic can be ripped with enough pressure
Not the most professional looking
Could probably be just as easily replaced with a kitchen-sized garbage bag
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VINE VOICEon October 13, 2014
I bought this for a trip to Japan in August and made use of it once with my Nikon D7100, 18-200 lens and SB700 flash.

You should probably try it once at home to see how it fits because you can't put it on quickly. Also if you have a large flash you will need to put it on your camera after the camera is in the rain sleeve.

Only problem I had with it is the end of the sleeve the lens sticks out of only has a draw string to close it around the lens. It doesn't do much to keep the plastic from sliding down the lens, it needs tape or something to keep it in place.

I think it's good to have just in case, but if I planned on shooting in the rain a lot I would want something better. It's basically just a plastic bag, so I don't think it would hold up to a lot of use, but I think the price is good for two of them.
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on July 10, 2013
I think this might be useful if you know it is raining before you venture out, and so have the luxury to sit down and put it on in a dry place. But putting it on when you are standing outside is awkward, if not nearly impossible, as you can't get it on without first removing the flash (meantime the flash is getting wet...). Also if you are using a neckstrap, you would need to detach the strap (I made two small slits for the strap to pass through--I have an Optech strap with quick connectors that allow for this, but in the meantime you are juggling the camera so as not to drop it...and remember its raining! :) My primary reason for purchase was to carry in the tropical rainforest when a heavy downpour can occur at any time. I really don't think this is practical for my purposes, but I'll carry it in case of real emergency.
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on September 7, 2010
I already own the Kata rain rig, the AquaTech rain rig, the ThankTank Hydrophobia etc.
But I keep one of these in every holster bag, vest, back pack I own. Good thing too.

Took a small gripped SLR with an AIO Tammy 18-270 and Tammy 10-24 on a day outing at the waterfalls along the Columbia Gorge. At Latourelle falls I noticed you could hike up to near where the water plunges down into the pool. Total soaking experience but worth the shots. And you could shoot from in behind the falls upward and outward towards the stream.

Whipped out the rainsleeve-flash and fired off the shots. Came back to the car looking like the aftermath of a shower-soap commercial.

Rainsleeve did the job. The rig was bone dry. I looked like a drowned rat.
This works and is beefy enough to snap it into a Bogen QR mount without ripping.

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UPDATE 12-27-12
I recently got to test this cover in near record high wind speeds with stinging sand and rain that came from EVERY direction and it actually worked quite well !I will order a few more to keep in the car.
NO... It's not just a plastic bag if that's what your thinkin !
Although I have not field tested YET, I did open it and play around for a minute and surprisingly someone actually put some thought into the design of this !
Obviously ,this is not an underwater housing so don't even think about it, BUT in crappy conditions (light rain,wind,sand,dirt or whatever) It would be better to have this than nothing and at the price and VERY small size there is no reason NOT to have a set of these with your equipment.
I plan on using this for a product shot with sawdust flyin around.
So, I will update when I use.
Thanks, Mako
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Enthusiast: Petson June 13, 2013
First off, for the price, it's not bad. It's not good, either. It's mediocre.

This thing is huge.

Get it if you cannot spend the money on a better one. And you don't mind working a bit to get it on the camera and then keeping it on.

UPDATE!! (7-3-2013)
This thing is VERY difficult to use. I basically had it on my camera while it was raining but thanks to the size of the bag versus the size of the camera, I couldn't actually see a single shot that I took. There was glare no matter what I did and the tie that fits around the lens doesn't actually fit around the lens.

I used both bags and I will not be buying them again.
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on September 6, 2015
I use these to keep dust, mud, and rain off my remote controlled camera while shooting motorcycle events. They are a little "baggy" on my Olympus gear, but they get the job done. Probably designed more for full frame gear which is much larger.

I'll get several uses out of each one, then when they get too torn up and grungy, just toss 'em. Lightweight and compact, they are easy to toss in the gear bag for when you need them.
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