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on January 13, 2013
Some other reviewers complain about the solidity of the attachment and don't feel comfortable swinging a big DSLR from it.
This strap is not meant to hang the DSLR but as a safety. Just like you wouldn't want to go hang-gliding with just a safety belt, you don't want to let your camera hang from this. Yet the safety belt is good to have just in case - same here.

Other reviewers were noting that the clip is a weak link - indeed, but then you can use it to attach for instance the OP/TECH 1501372 Pro Loop Strap for Camera Equipment (Black).

I use it a lot when on location and not lugging stuff around. It will stay attached to my main body when in a case or a backpack where the whole strap is cumbersome - then I can take the camera and shoot around before putting it back. It is unobtrusive and will provide the safety I am looking for.

When I need to carry the camera with me, I will attach either the loop strap already mentioned or the Black Color Carry Speed Cs-1 MK II Camera Sling Strap Rapid for DSLR which attaches to the tripod mount.

When I pick up the camera to take a picture and put it down immediately, I didn't bother passing the neck- or shoulder-strap. Now that I have this wrist-strap I absolutely do bother putting it on, even for a few seconds, and it already saved my camera once.

Only thing that could be better: it is just a little too short for comfort when shooting in portrait orientation with a battery grip or a pro body. Half an inch longer would have been perfect.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 12, 2017
Strap arrived on time and in new condition. The weight of my camera is probably too heavy with a telephoto, but it's not ment to hold all the weight anyway, more of an accident forgiveness policy. What makes me nuts is I had to order the gender changer to make it work with my Op/Tech sling? How is that overlooked? An already unnecessary long wrist strap made longer because of production oversight? Come on op/tech! Why am I buying adapters when this should be seamless. Wondering if this is a left handed strap and just wasn't labeled as such? Decent quality for price paid. Just frustrating.
review image review image review image
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on June 21, 2017
I haven't used it enough yet to click that I love this strap but I suspect that will change. I recently took a ride on the Texas State Railroad and wanted to get some shots of the engine by holding the camera out past the edge of the open air car I was in. I was prevented by doing this because I would have had to taken the camera strap off of my shoulder and held the camera past the edge of the car with no safety net if the car lurched (which happened several times) and I lost my grip on the camera. With the wrist strap I can hold the camera out over a rail or whatever without fear of losing it if my grip slips.
Using this strap requires that an OP/TECH Uni-Loop connector be attached to your camera rather than a standard strap. If you have one of OP/TECH's straps you only have to unhook the connector from the strap and snap it into the one on the wrist strap. If you don't have one of their straps and want to use this exclusively it does include the necessary connector to attach to the camera. The Uni-Loop connectors are designed for SLR cameras so I doubt it would work with a smaller point and shoot because the connector on the body would be too small to feed the connector through.
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VINE VOICEon February 13, 2013
I own a Canon T2i and a Canon XSi (2 DSLR Rebels). I was using a hand strap on both because of personal preference over the shoulder strap. But recently I discovered wrist straps and got one. I liked it a lot, so I decided to get one for my other camera. I couldn't find the same brand so I purchased this one. It's even better than the first! Really! Its design is simpler and yet more comfortable. I use battery hand grips on both cameras so I like to turn the camera for vertical shots. It's quicker and easier to do with this wrist strap. So the price is right at $8.00 with free shipping, and availability is from that reliable camera store, Adorama.

UPDATE 2/13/13:

I'm buying a second one today so I have the best on both cameras.

Note: I am using both straps on Canon DSLR's with battery grips. They are perfect for this set-up. But I still use the hand strap on my smaller XS40, and I wouldn't consider using either with a pocket size camera.

UPDATE 6/14/13:
Having decided that this strap is best for all my cameras I have purchased two more. This is just my personal favorite for carrying my cameras outdoors. Try one on your camera and you will soon see why.
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There's a YouTube review of this wrist strap in German where the reviewer shows himself not only dangling a hefty Nikon DSLR from this strap, but bouncing it around like a yo-yo. (If you look for the video, since there are at least a couple in German, it's the one where the still shows a guy standing; another one shows a guy sitting.)

I don't dangle my Nikon D5100 from my wrist strap and I wouldn't bounce my camera around the way the guy in the video bounces his larger Nikon around, but this strap certainly seems as strong and secure as can be.

I have large hands (have a hard time finding work gloves and winter gloves that fit), and my hand slides into the strap easily and it can be adjusted to make the opening smaller for smaller hands, and tighter for anyone who wants it tighter once it's on their wrist. The opening is stretchy enough that you can insert and remove your hand without loosening the adjustment, but not so stretchy that the security of the strap is compromised.

The strap attached to my D5100 fits easily into my Tamrac Pro Digital Zoom 5 Case, on the side of the camera body. The strap can be removed while leaving the end of the buckle that Op/Tech calls the Uni Loop attached to the camera eyelet for times when you for whatever reason don't want or need to use the strap (e.g., when using a tripod).

Given the way so much photography equipment is overpriced, IMO, this is a real bargain. Check out the short review of this strap at The Phoblographer (just search Tamrac Pro Digital Zoom 5 review and it should be one of the first few hits). Reading it plus watching the aforementioned YouTube review (even though I don't speak German) convinced me to buy this strap and I'm glad I did.

Before getting it I used the Nikon neck strap that came with my D5100 for security and to carry the camera before getting the Tamrac zoom holster. I'm glad to have that strap off my camera and neck and to have replaced it for security and peace of mind purposes with this wrist strap.

Highly recommended.
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on November 10, 2013
You know what's funny? Watching professional photographers shooting with their camera straps dangling and getting in the way. If you're not going to wear your camera around your neck, then why bother with a strap? Photographers will argue till they're blue in the face, but the honest truth is that it's not doing you any good if you're not using it.

I'm one of those guys. A professional photographer who hates camera straps. When I'm out on a shoot, I usually will wrap my camera strap around my wrist a couple of times to get it out of the way and give me the added piece of mind that if I accidentally dropped my DSLR, I'd be able to catch it. Then one day I had an epiphany. Why not ditch the strap and get a wrist strap?

This is the one I bought and it's great. Comfortable to wear all day long and it has a clip which detaches if you want to ditch the strap when you're working on a tripod. It's thick enough and the strap secure enough to easily support the weight of a DSLR. Personally, I'm shooting with a Canon 5D-Mark III. I have every confidence that this strap will keep my beloved DSLR from crashing to the ground if I accidentally dropped it.

My only complaint is that your wrist will get sweaty if you wear this for an extended period of time. But every camera strap will do that, no matter what it's made out of. This strap is a nice, breathable, stretchy, foam-esque material and you quickly forget you have it on. But the best part of all? I have ditched the camera strap!
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on July 2, 2015
I was looking for a wrist strap for my heavy Nikon DSLR camera with zoom lens. I purchased this one based on the positive reviews. While it appears made from quality components, I'm frankly not all that pleased with the design.

*Neoprene material is sturdy and comfortable
*Band allows strap to be tightened around wrist for secure holding

*2-piece design (I think I would prefer a 1-piece design that easily loops through the upper right grommet on the camera body when I want to use a wrist strap)
*Plastic snap between the 2 pieces seems to be a point of failure (I don't have confidence that this snap would hold my heavy camera and lens, meaning I'm trusting over $4000 worth of electronics to this $1 plastic snap)
*When the wrist strap is unsnapped, the piece that stays connected to the camera body is big and clumsy and always in the way (I ended up taking it off, defeating the purpose of the 2-piece design in the first place)
*Many material interfaces between the neoprene, the plastic snap, and the loop. Each of these material-to-material connections could be a weak point.

It's possible that Op/Tech has tested this design and that it's sturdier than it appears. But I didn't have confidence that it will adequately protect my expensive camera gear from falling to the ground, so I'm not sure I will use it again. I think a simpler 1-piece design, that could quickly/easily be attached to the camera when desired, would work better.
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on March 18, 2013
I bought this for my Canon T3i. I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and bad thumbs, and sometimes come close to dropping my camera. I hate wearing a neck strap, and it isnt practical to wear my shoulder strap all the time, so I wanted this for other times. It is very comfortable and it is easy to hold and use my camera with this on. It is light and soft against the skin as well. I wanted something to leave on my camera all the time as I find it a pain to attach and unattach it; plus I need it all the time. I was worried it would be in the way or clunky when I used my shoulder strap and didn't need this wrist strap, but it is light and unobtrusive and flexible enough that it lays limp to one side of the camera; so, it never really gets in the way. Good value for the cost too at $8. The material it is made of is solid with the portion attaching to the camera being strong nylon. It attaches to the metal strap loop on your camera; then there is a connector to the wrist strap. The connector is strong...I cannot see this coming apart. The wrist strap is a spongy and slightly stretchy material, which is very comfortable on the wrist. I can see this deteriorating over time, and perhaps being a little weak for a very heavy camera, but it is perfect for my T3i with a long/heavy lens.
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on March 26, 2017
This is the second wrist strap I bought (thought I lost the first one). The other one is going on over a year old and still holding up. I use this when I'm doing macro photography (DSLR + Flash on Bracket with magic arm + large diffuser) since it wouldn't be feasible to use the OP/TECH shoulder strap I bought. Offers security, and is very comfortable. Would definitely buy again.
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on February 3, 2017
Only tourists carry a camera around their neck. the pros have hollsters and street photographers have this. Works great. Strong and secure. Let me give you a few ideas. I carry my camera and lens in a lowepro sling which I unload from the bottom. I bought it because it does not look like a camera bag which screams steal from me. I work in some tough situations. So as I remove the camera or stop and change lens the first thing that goes on is the wrist strap. No chance of it dropping that way. For all you tourists out there who put your camera on your lunch table and find it gone it one second this is the answer. You can strap it to non eating hand. For all of you who visit Rio and have discovered how they just cut it off your neck well this is much harder to remove but I shutter at the option the thieves might take. Bottom line be smart. Do not look like a tourist.
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