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on August 30, 2013
I bought this Bluetooth adapter to use two PS3 wireless controllers on my Raspberry Pi (RetroPie). After going through the RPi Bluetooth adapter compatibility list, the extremely low-cost generic dongles (the ones that cost about $1) were noted as being problematic. This one was at the next pricing level ($10), but it had the CSR Harmony controller that was noted in the compatibility list as working, so I was reasonably confident of success. It worked as I hoped, and both controllers work wirelessly.
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on July 19, 2015
For nearly a month now I was dealing with frustratingly slow USB device detection of USB serial adapters, flash drives, and more. Sometimes it would take Windows up to 30-120 seconds to detect devices that I had just unplugged and plugged back in. I finally broke out Sysinternals Process Monitor. I saw that every time I plugged in a USB device, I would see CSRHCRPServer.exe blow by in the log. I ended up ending task on that process, and guess what, my problems went away!! I uninstalled the CSR Harmony Bluetooth stack and switched over to a Broadcom based USB Bluetooth adapter.

Furthermore the Serial profile sucks on this. If your device disconnects, it can take minutes for it to reconnect vs. seconds with the Broadcom adapter!
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on July 2, 2013
I'm going to keep this review as simple as I possibly can.

My primary use: Streaming to a pair of Creative T12 Speakers

My issues?
- High notes have terrible static!
- x32 drivers wont install. x64 install but gives "Bluetooth service unavailable." Have to settle for non-CSR drivers.

My setup:
Windows 7 x64 latest updates.
USB 2.0 port away from all interference.

Win 7 installs MS Stack drivers and they connect with the above issues. I tried BlueSoleil stack and they also work as well as MS stack does. CSR Harmony from disk and online downloads DOES NOT WORK.

I have 15 years experience working on Computers and know how to trouble shoot driver issues.

It is not an interference issue. BlueSoleil reports a Good to Strong strength (around 3/4 connection). Moving the speakers closer doesn't help. My phone synced from across the house is crystal clear so its not the speakers!

Will be returning this ASAP. If you want to use it for HID, Data, voice calls, etc. you will probably be fine. I suggest staying far away if you're looking to stream quality audio.
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on August 14, 2013
After accumulating several Bluetooth devices I need a Bluetooth Receiver. After looking at several brand and designs I decided to go with Orico due to the fact of owning several of there products with great results.

The device is small designed and provides a Green LED indicator. Audio and Data Transmission worked without issue - Audio was clear without distortion or signal loss.

Driver install was no issue with the provided CD and the device is able to use factory or 3rd party applications. Was installed on Windows 7 and 8 64 bit and windows XP S3 64bit.
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on April 14, 2014
I was really happy because this bluetooth dongle worked perfectly on my macbook, and it was very simple just "plug and play", but it was for few hours... When I put my mac on "sleep" mode and then I wanted to wake it up I realized that the keyboard (which was linked via bluetooth) didn't work. So, I went to System Preferences--Bluetooth and I saw the dongle recognized but it didn't pair anymore. I tested the dongle on windows 8 and it worked perfectly (just as it worked before on my mac). The product description on amazon says it supports mac, and in the package (not in the front but in the rear) clearly says it supports mac, nevertheless it just comes with windows cd installation. Now it doesn't work on my mac although I reinstalled the operating system (OSX 10.9.2 Mavericks) and it seems there's nothing to do. If you are looking for a dongle and you are a mac user I definitely do not recommend this dongle.
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I wanted to use a Bluetooth headset with my desktop and needed a Bluetooth adapter. Trouble is, my desktop runs Windows XP x64 Edition, and it's difficult to find software that still installs on this computer. Also, I wanted an adapter compatible with the Bluetooth 4.0 specification. This seem to fit the bill.

Installation was painless. Inserted the adapter into a USB port. Ran the setup program on the enclosed mini-CD (no need to download a driver) and it worked. The software stack included is CSR Harmony, and it's far easier to install than Windcomm.

The Skype driver works great: turn the headset on and it connects automatically to Skype. Turn it off and you're back to using the standard mic and speakers. Which is why I wanted a Bluetooth headset in the first place: I don't want to be tied down by wires when using Skype as a telephone.

Did I mention this was one of the least expensive adapters on Amazon? I think it was one dollar more than the cheapest, and the absolute cheapest that specifically mentioned XP 64 support.

Five stars because it works as advertised on an outdated operating system, is inexpensive, supports the Bluetooth 4 spec, and has an easy to install and use software stack.
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on December 2, 2013
Please note: When you get this product, it is contained in those hard to open plastic shells. Make sure to open it at the top, as a mini-cd is enclosed in the package. If you open it in the middle, you will cut the mini-cd in half. I opened mine on the top, and was surprised to find a mini-cd enclosed in the package. Just an FYI.

Product works great. I bought it add Bluetooth capability to my laptop. It allows me to connect my phone to my laptop to transfer files back and forth. I haven't tried using it for any other purpose. The unit blinks a dull blue light, which only blinks when the device is enabled, even when no Bluetooth device is connected to it.

My laptop has Windows 7 Home Premium, and when I first inserted the device, it automatically installed. I didn't need to use the included mini-cd.

Any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks.
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on December 14, 2013
Bought this to replace an iogear that failed after a couple years' use. This one was inexpensive and works even better than the old one did new. Two minor issues do knock this one down a bit though - it will not function if you don't install the included software and once it is installed, Windows encounters some non-critical errors if you start up the computer without the dongle plugged in. 4.5 out of 5 and a great value, which is why I just ordered two more.

12/20 Update: Of the two more I ordered, only one works. One was faulty on two counts - became extremely hot and the driver disc was unreadable. Fortunately the return is no great hassle since it had shipped from Amazon's warehouse. Still, quality control may be somewhat lacking. The other one at first would not fit into USB ports because the circuit board was unseated, blocking the opening. I managed to press it into place with a needle nose pliers and now it's working just fine. Between those two, I've got to knock this down to 3 stars.
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on September 24, 2013
I've used this with Win7 x64 and Linux (Ubuntu Raring), both without issue. Works fine in Windows without third party drivers or software. I do intend to use this on a Windows 8 x86 laptop, I will update the review with the results of that.

I use this to connect to bluetooth serial devices and done some file transferring with it. I can't speak to it's use with headsets, smart phones, etc. I'd advise checking some other reviews for that.

Update: Does work fine on Windows 8 64 bit. Though the device interface it provides is terrible (Windows problem, not the bluetooth adapter)
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on September 20, 2013
Hello i installed this and the bluetooth peripheral and remote didn't install at all. Was going to return it when i read another review on here about a "mini CD". i uninstalled everything and then installed the CD's software. Then put it back into the USB. everything installed just fine. Also now my K810 BT keyboard logitech works perfectly. Please don't do anyhthing at all till you've opened all the packaging and discover the mini CD inside
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