Customer Reviews: OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brush Set
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on March 24, 2013
I like having these brushes handy at all times. I use them a lot. I have arthritis in my hands and they are very comfortable and easy to hold and I can get to those spots that are normally difficult to clean.
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on July 26, 2012
These brushes are not bad; but there's nothing exceptional about them. The handles are comfortable, but the bristles aren't firm enough - especially on the smaller brush.

The small brush, which is about the size of a toothbrush, is a bit too small for my liking. I thought it would be good to clean the metal band around the kitchen sink, since the bristles taper slightly. But it didn't do the job at all. Thus far I haven't found a use for it.

The larger brush is a good size for scrubbing tile grout. The bristles don't smash down quite as much; and it's actually the better brush with which to scrub that metal band around the sink.

If you can find a place to purchase just the larger brush, that is what I would recommend.
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on March 16, 2014
As a professional cleaner of homes and condos in the northeast, I am so happy I bought these. I find myself reaching for them constantly. They tend to work better than old toothbrushes because the bristles are harder. Here are some of the places I find them indispensable, especially if the home/condo has hard water:
• Around hot & cold bathroom fixtures,
• Chargers for electric toothbrushes,
• Loosening stovetop crud, the channels for shower doors, and
• Getting dust out of places like lamp bases and phone pads.
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on July 11, 2011
I love these little brushes! I had a gorgeous, farmhouse style, stainless steel sink installed last year, and while I love almost everything about it, the one thing that i don't love is the scum that can collect on the corners of the angular sink. these brushes really get at it and completely clears away any sign of the grunge. It's far better than a toothbrush because of the firmness of the bristles. I would purchase it again.
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on September 22, 2014
I have been using worn toothbrushes for scrubbing small spaces like everyone else on the planet but decided to go a little upscale. Order a set and clean around faucets and stoves with stiffer brushes that are Oxo durable. I put them in the dishwasher silverware basket to clean so they won't thump around in the washer.
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on January 2, 2014
The little brush pays for itself every time I use it to rescue a multi-blade razor blade. The best blades are fantastic, but fantastically expensive. The combination of firm rubber pick and stiff brush makes blade clean up a breeze. I had no particular use for the larger brush in the set until I tried to clean dog hair out of a Velcro closer on a telephone pocket. Worked perfectly, brushed out the fur, and left the Velcro clean. Nice brush set, very inexpensive, usual OXO good quality.
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on April 24, 2014
As a kid, my mother made me clean the basement bathroom (the one that everyone used) every weekend before I could hang out with friends. It wasn't just a "scrub down the shower stall, wipe the sink, and clean the toilet" job, either. I had to scrape the grit from the door rails and clean every little crack and crevice until the bathroom sparkled. Needless to say, I hate cleaning bathrooms to this day, and while a general disdain for the task is my primary motivation, there is also the fact that my hands cramp horribly when trying to get into the tighter areas, such as behind the sink faucet. If only there was an easier and less painful way of getting to those places!


Enter the OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brush Set (henceforth referred to as OXO DCBS). Until I bought these I generally found myself browsing the generic toothbrush section of my local store. While toothbrushes do an "okay" job, the bristles are too uniform in size and are generally never up to the task of a vigorous scrub. This is where the OXO DCBS comes in: while they look like toothbrushes, they are far more durable and functional than even the stoutest Oral B product.

• Each brush has a separate function. The larger brush has stiffer bristles and a flatter surface, making it ideal for cleaning grout. The smaller brush is not as firm, with the bristles being tapered away from center, ideal for cleaning tight surfaces since the bristles will reach the desired area even when the brush is angled.

• The silicone tip/chisel at the opposite end of the smaller brush is ideal for cleaning the rims of the drain or getting gunk out of a tight corner. This end will not scrub, but it is both firm and flexible enough for the tip to clean out dirt that is loosely packed where the brushes just can't get enough bristles into for cleaning.

• On the back of the brush head on the larger of the two is a small rubber indentation that you can press your finger into for those really grimy messes that need some extra elbow grease. This gives you a bit more control so that you can get what you are cleaning as sparkling as possible.

• The black areas of the brushes are the same grip that OXO® uses on many of their cooking products. If you are not familiar with them, the black areas are a rubberized coating that enables you to maintain a good hold on the handle, rather than having it slip from your hand when you are vigorously scrubbing with it.

Okay, Stacy, the detailed description is great, but is the OXO DCBS worth the money?

YES! With the rubberized grip to ensure that you can get a good scrub, a silicone chisel tip to clean out gunk in tight places, and TWO different brush heads that serve different functions, you will never need to worry if you grabbed the wrong toothbrush to clean the commode again! Being able to clean the base of the faucets around the house all of the way around, including behind them in tight locations where a backsplash prohibits maneuvering your hands, almost makes the cost worth it by itself.

Between small details like being able to press down on the back of the brush head in order to scrub a bit harder on a particularly dirty area, the wider-than-a-toothbrush handles that have that familiar OXO® rubberized coating to ensure a safe grip, and the host of other features that I listed in the “Construction” section of this review, I am very happy that I purchased these brushes. No, I still loathe cleaning bathrooms, but at least now I will be able to clean those tight spots easier, quicker, and without my hands locking up in pain. I can honestly say that the OXO Good Grips Deep Cleaning Brush Set is worth the money.
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on December 4, 2012
These very substantial and specially-designed brushes make cleaning hard to reach crevices and corners a breeze with a steamer. Places that are hard to reach with a rag or larger brushes are easily to access with these two brushes, and seem far more durable than a toothbrush or sponge-like utensils. Cleaning the brushes afterwards is also very easy since the bristles are less porous than most household brushes or toothbrushes.Cleaning hard to reach places such as seems on a stove where crumbs accumulate, and indentations on alloy wheels on a car is greatly enhanced by these products. Best of all, they clean easily and seem as though they will last for years rather than breaking, splitting, or becoming stained with hard to remove grease.
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on May 5, 2015
I always used a old toothbrush... but the main issue was getting into the tight spots. These are used for sink cleaning and at least in my sink to is difficult to get the small spaces because of walls that are in the way. So these help out a lot. The handle is thick a rubbery which provides a excellent grip, and yes even while wet. The bristles are angled, which makes it better than a standard toothbrush, and are made of Nylon. So far I have exposed them to bleach and other hard cleaning products and they are holding up as new, have yet to do damage to them. They will be around for years. The only thing I would change would to to add a curved brush head on the other end of the larger brush, would be more useful for those rally hard angles, but I will never go back to using a standard toothbrush.

Pro: Easy to grip while wet, durable
Cons: needs curved brush on other end of larger brush
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on February 12, 2016
Really like these little guys. Bought them to clean around the bathroom sink where my husband trims his beard and mustache as there are always little hairs stuck everywhere. Worked great. Then I just started seeing all the other places I could use these and ended up cleaning every faucet in the house and the grout in the shower. The bristles are firm, but not harsh enough to damage anything. Only wish the little rubber end on the smaller brush was a bit firmer. Overall, good purchase.
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