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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 16, 2014
These are the BEST tongs I have ever owned. I initially purchased the 12-inch size, but I liked it so much I then purchased the 9-inch and 16-inch size to complete the set. These are some of my favorite kitchen tools and so I highly recommend these tongs.

I've had a lot of tongs that have warped, melted, broke, did a poor job grasping food, etc. Part of this reason was because I was too cheap to buy nice tongs. It took me a little while to bring myself to buy these more expensive OXO Good Grips Tongs, but I am really glad I did.

The construction of these is a brushed stainless steel frame with (removable) rubberized silicone inserts to give you more grip. These tongs can lock closed via a mechanism which is a pull-push lever located on the back. The portion of the tongs that makes contact with food is bare stainless steel. As I cook on stainless clad cookware that is safe to use stainless utensils with, this is exactly what I wanted (if you have non-stick cookware, certain coating types can be damaged by these as a heads-up.) If your cookware can safely support stainless utensils, THIS set with stainless steel heads will yield maximum performance & durability.

Beyond everything else, these tongs are SUPER easy to grasp food with and do a fantastic job at preventing food from slipping. Even if that food is heavy or covered in [slippery] oil, these tongs maintain a stable grip. The finish is simple, consistent, and functionally beneficial. Brushed stainless hides scratch/usage/hard water markings, plus it increases stain/corrosion resistance. The silicone inserts are tough, heat-resistant, can be removed for cleaning or replacement, and firmly lock into place so they do not pop out randomly. The mechanism to lock these closed is oversized & easy to use (even with gloves/mitts on), strong as can be, and accessible (the hanging hole is convenient.) The spring is heavy duty and after years of almost daily usage it still shows no sign of fatigue. The hinge is also heavy-duty and has not developed excessive lateral play. In fact, despite heavy & frequent usage, my tongs still look and function like the day I bought them. OXO clearly spent a lot of time with the research & development because they made a product that is very functional and very durable.

These are low maintenance and do not need special cleaning care at all. I usually clean these in the dishwasher without removing the silicone inserts and they come out perfect every time. If there is a lot of caked-up food on them, I sometimes clean them with a metal polish called Bar Keeper's Friend (amazing stuff.) These tongs have held up like a champ to countless cleaning cycles & the use of cleaning chemicals/polishes.

I initially purchased the 12-inch size and it is the size I use the most. With that said, I LOVE the 16-inch for when I am doing something in which more distance is desirable, such as if I am turning bacon as 16 inches puts a nice distance between my hand & the scalding-hot popping grease. And while the 9-inch is the size I use the least, it is still great to have when I am making something in a smaller pot as that reduced form factor makes it a little more nimble. So while I think all three sizes are very useful, if you are only going to purchase one size, I recommend the 12-inch.

So if you are thinking, "hey, these cost more than many other tongs I have seen," I understand where you are coming from as I've been there myself. However, I highly recommend spending the few extra bucks on these OXO Good Grips as that small price premium gets you a product of exceptional quality: not only will these tongs last a very long time to offset the higher purchase price, but their good functional design makes using them more convenient (and therefore more enjoyable.) Convenience and enjoyment can encourage cooking more often, and when cooking more often one can save money over eating out, and arguably eat much healthier. So like other premium kitchen tools, I see these quality tongs as an investment.

(PICTURE NOTE: The attached pictures show the 12-inch and 16-inch sizes, with various angles showing the different features & the sturdy build quality of these tongs.)
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on June 7, 2016
These are NOT OXO brand Good Grips. These are cheap Chinese imitations. My arrived packaged in a flimsy plastic wrapper with no protective cushioning and were shipped from China. They smell like petrochemicals. The pull grip does not work to free the tongs for use. It is loose and broken, dangling uselessly. The "cushioned" grips do not match the picture in the product description.
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on July 30, 2016
Beware: These 16" tongs sold by Fullmer Distribution are clearly NOT an OXO Good Grips product, although they are labeled as such on the package. Side-by-side comparison with the real product (just now purchased from another source) reveals these to be a cheap, lightweight, and extremely flimsy counterfeit. They do not bear the distinctive red, white and black OXO Good Grips tag, which should have served as a warning. They weigh just 5.7 ounces, while the real OXO tongs weigh 7.95 ounces -- that's 39% heavier. The real OXO tongs are very sturdy and well-constructed; that's why I wanted another pair. These bend and twist with the slightest pressure. Useless. The locking mechanism on the real OXO tongs is solid and secure. The "lock" on this counterfeit is tinny and feels like it's going to fall apart with the slightest touch. I do not use this term lightly, but Amazon needs to investigate this fraud and stop it.
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on May 2, 2016
These tongs are supposed to lock...but they DO NOT. They were returned and the exact same item was shipped....Tongs that DO NOT LOCK. The tongs are shown as they look when closed...and they do not look like this at all. These are far too long to NOT have the option to lock them. The span, when open, takes up too much space in my utensil drawer and are unwieldy as they mingle with other small kitchen items in that drawer. I've had to close them with a coffee bag twist-tie in order to get them to remain relatively flat when stored!
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on July 19, 2016
These are NOT Oxo brand tongs - they are a cheap imposter. I looked at the tongs on Oxo's website for comparison and they do in fact have slight differences, including the fact that these tongs do not even have the Oxo logo on them! As soon as I picked these up I noticed how flimsy they feel. I don't even think they would be safe to use, to be honest.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 27, 2016
We bought these tongs eight years ago and they rapidly became our go-to pair. The 12-inch length is perfect for our little barbecue. The metal is stiff and strong so they will hold a solid grip. I hate it when the meat slides out unexpectedly, but that doesn't happen with this tool.

The design for locking the tongs closed for storage is perfect. It's simple and easy to lock and unlock. The storage drawer is much tidier when they can lock close.
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on December 26, 2016
These are really handy things to have around the kitchen or the barbecue. I find 'em great for turning steaks, or pulling hot potatoes out of the oven or microwave. The little tab with the hole at the articulating end locks the tongs closed when you want to store them in a draw. When you want to use them, just press the tab in and they open. I press them against my chest when I have something in my other hand, or am holding a pot lid.

So, why only four stars? The only reason is that I've since discovered the tongs with silicone at the business end. I like those better because they won't scratch or mar stick-free surfaces on cookware as this can. So, I think the silicone version is a solid 5. These are useful and certainly have their place in the kitchen and around the barbecue. But if you're just getting one pair of tongs, I'd recommend going with the silicone!
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on July 7, 2016
These are my favorite. I find a lot of use for these picking up vegetables, tossing salads. The are sturdy enough to go camping with. I even have used them to turn the coals in the campfire!
They are made of a high quality stainless steel and the rubber slips on the side of the tones make for easy holding and usage. These tongs being a foot long are great for turning your food without worrying about getting burnt no matter where if it is grilling or on the stove.
Tongs are most useful utensils in everybody’s kitchen and I am one of them. Having a good pair can make life so much easier. These tongs are well designed and solidly built from thick brushed stainless steel with a good sturdy spring and still light weight. I like the ability to lock them in the closed position. The loop on handle used for hanging and locking the tongs. The size is perfect for all kind of kitchen and grill use.
They are easily cleaned in the dishwasher. We use them for pretty much anything that needs to be grasped and turned. The comfort grip is wonderful. We've been using ours for a few months, and fully expect to continue to use them for many many more. Highly recommended, I would buy it again!
I did received this product for free or at a discounted rate for an unbiased and honest review, all opinions are 100% my own and not influenced by the discount
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on October 18, 2016
I had ordered the 12" and 9" together; I received the 12" tongs in perfect condition (and love them!), however the 9" tongs look like someone ran them over with a car. They don't lock, are completely misaligned, and the rubber grips were out of the holes they are supposed to fit snugly into. I had thought that perhaps they got beaten up during shipping, but the box they came in was immaculate. I am extremely disappointed.
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on February 11, 2017
I don't think I have ever met an OXO product that didn't encompass great design AND supreme functionality. My last kitchen tongs were much shorter (making it risky to approach the toaster), and they didn't fold up when not in use. Since all my kitchen utensils in my tiny kitchen are mainly stored in a lazy susan, my old tongs literally stuck out. They had no choice.

I didn't even know anyone made tongs like these - you pull the top handle one way, and they are long, wide-spread tongs that can handle anything. You clean the tongs, pull the handle the other way, and you have a compact kitchen utensil that virtually disappears.

I'm kicking myself I didn't buy these earlier. So many needless ouch moments at the toaster before, not to mention the ouch moments seeing the old tongs just hanging inelegantly from the side of the lazy susan.

I guess that I like many people never googled kitchen tongs. I'm so glad the last pair fell apart and I discovered this great set.
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