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Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Game of the Year|Change
Price:$11.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on June 13, 2016
Got this for my fiance since she has enjoyed Skyrim so much. The version I bought first (platinum) was a freebie from a gamestop purchase but she played it a few times and really enjoyed it.

Microsoft's expansion market is really bad (everything still original price despite its age) but the game of the year edition comes with both the shivering isles and nights of the nine expansions included. (platinum has neither).

In terms of comparing to Skyrim I would say that Oblivion has better guild quests, a more compelling main storyline, and smoother crafting/harvesting mechanics. I think that Skyrim does merchant/NPC interactions better though and Skyrim's graphics are obviously going to be much better than it's predecessor. I have not actually played this game so I can't comment on difficulty/combat but I have spent about 8 hours watching her play on a lower difficulty level. It looks very fun just like Skyrim.

If somewhat dated graphics don't bother you and you like RPG's you should get this version (not platinum edition)
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on December 9, 2013
Bless the Nine for this game! This is the first Elder Scrolls game I have played and I was impressed. This game is massive and it's not just empty space, there are copious amounts of dungeons, capes, inns, and most importantly quests. The main story is epic and many side quests are just as epic as the main one. This game is and always will be considered one of the greatest Action-RPGs ever.

The Story:
-So you are a prisoner and fate has brought you and Emperor Uriel Septim together as he had a dream about you being someone to trust as he needs to escape through your prison cell. You are freed with it because the emperor entrusts you with the Amulet of the Kings as he fears he will be assassinated.
- The emperor gets assassinated and you have to go find the new heir or all of Cyrodil and Tamierel (Elder Scrolls land) will be destroyed by the Daedric God Mehrunes Dagon.

- Very strong story with amazing depth, the side quests add to the backstory of the area and game.
- Very addicting gameplay, feels a lot more complicated than it looks whether you are cast spells of destruction, summoning creatures to aid you, or fighting with a sword. There are a lot of factors that go into combat and gameplay. In the end it looks like you are just flailing and running in circles though.
- The AI is pretty decent considering how long ago this game came out. NPCs aren't annoying to work with in this game (except for following Baurus to the sewers, goodbye hour of your life)
- Every dungeon is different and unique in their own way, while there are a couple of styles, each layout is unique.
- Your enemies level up along with you so that way the game is always challenging. Of course there is a cap at like level 30, but at that point you know pretty much everything about combat.
- The game explains in great detail what each attribute does for your character when creating it.
- The main quest is rather short as far as most main stories go, but there are a plethora of questlines. It's not an achievement, but it should be just to complete every quest.
- Every person has voice dialogue that's not annoying.
- You can fast travel to any location you've discovered.

- There are quite a few glitches in the game, most of the don't effect anything, but there are a couple that make it impossible to finish quests. I recommend you check the Elder Scrolls wiki should you think there's a glitch.

- On one playthrough I got all 1250G, (game of the year edition gives the Shivering Isles DLC which is the only DLC that gives any achievements). It's not hard because the achievements all revolve around quests.
- The Game of the Year edition comes with a DLC disk for the Shivering Isles and the Knights of the Nine questline
- Other DLC doesn't provide extra achievements and not so much extra story, just somewhat decent equipment.
- I've played 74 hours so far and I'm nowhere near to done with the side quests.

Buy this game if:
- You want to play an epic, amazing, and beautiful Action-RPG.
- The game is under $20 (Game of Year version)
- Haven't played Skyrim yet

To me there's no reason why you shouldn't buy this game except for price.
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on September 8, 2016
I used to play Oblivion many years ago but didn't quite understand how to play it because I was new to console games. My mom sold the console for me to focus on education many years ago and now that I am grown up and became more responsible I bought a console 2 years ago and started playing. Everything seem easier and I feel like a kid again! I also have skyrim and played it but don't get discouraged if you think oblivion isn't up to par, it's a game of the year at that time for a reason and will not disappoint any gamer!
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on April 8, 2015
This game is timeless. If you love Skyrim, you have to play this game. It has better gameplay and worse graphics.

If you haven't played this game, there is no excuse not to at this price.

The Legendary Edition contains the Shivering Isles Expansion pack which is the best part of the game. It also adds massive amounts of gameplay time. If you have only played the original Oblivion, this is unbelievably worth it.
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on August 16, 2013
I completed this game 100% at close to 150 hours of gameplay, so just the time I got out of it alone was worth the $20. The world was very nice looking and for it's time the graphics are decent.

As for the story and quests I think I prefer Morrowind (which for those that don't know was the game before this one). The story was just okay and the quests themselves were not really anything new compared to Morrowind. The new Quest log is amazing compared to Morrowind though and was a much needed feature! Guilds were always one of my favorites parts of Morrowind. Oblivion didn't seem to have as many of them that had things to do and moving up in rank was way way way too easy compared to the previous game where you also had to meet skill requirements. Oblivion left that out so you just do quests and go up in rank after so many from a guild.

Battles annoyed me. I liked Morrowind's system better, even though in this game you can hit something each time unlike Morrowind where you need to build your skill up to have a better change to hit the enemy. The battle may have been better if you actually had something to battle. Outside of the caves/forts/etc it was rare to run into an enemy to fight and travel got boring.

The extra DLC that is included was pretty fun. The Knights one was entertaining but it felt like it was a replacement of the Temple Guild quests from Morrowind. Shivering Isles could be worth $20 almost on it's own. The story was so much more fun than the Oblivion story line and it made up probably close to 25-50 hours worth of gameplay all on it's own. The world was decent sized with lots to discover and there was plenty of new quests to work on.

Overall, the game is well worth the $20 price. I just wish they had done better with the main story line and kept the skill requirements for the guild ranks to give it more of a challenge.
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on May 27, 2016
This game is my favorite of all time, it may not be as pretty as Skyrim but this game brings back so many memories for me. I am a sucker for games with character customization first of all. Second, I love the wide open world of Cyrodiil. The lore is fantastic, I am a huge Elder Scrolls fan but this game will always have a special place in my heart.
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on December 23, 2013
I had low expectations for this game because Skyrim was the first Elder Scrolls games that I have played and I loved it a lot. If you don't go into this game expecting Skyrim, then you will probably be impressed! Oblivion went into development in 2002 and in internet years, this game is as old as the Elder Scrolls themselves. I assumed the graphics would look super dated and aside from some of the textures seeming weird and flat by today's standards, the graphics look great overall. The color and quality of atmospheric light is lovely- the sunrises and sunsets can be particularly pretty and many environments have a shiny, happy feeling that feels very unique to this game. I was not sure it was even fully voiced and was expecting at least some text dialogue, but it is fully voiced and done very well. It was fun to pick out which characters were voiced by the same voice actors in Skyrim. The RPG element is much deeper in this game than in Skyrim- the character development is a thoughtful process that gives you a lot of control over how you want to play and your choices throughout also carry more weight. I would say that once i was able to stop comparing aspects to Skyrim, I was able to fully appreciate it for the game it is and I still have a lot of game to get through!
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on September 29, 2012
I just wanted to let everyone know that this is a platinum hits version. The cover art looks like the old GOTY editions but when you recieve the game you will notice it is in a grey box instead of the lime green. Then when you open the box you will imediately notice the Platinum hits disks.

This doesnt really matter but I didnt know I was getting this version because it is not advertised as Platinum hits. Also dont expect there to be a game manual in it like the original came with , its just a sorry little 3 page pamplet with the controller layout and another pamplet advertising some game that I cant remember. I really was thinking I was getting the original GOTY edition with the map and full booklet. Oh well.

Now for what really matters. I have completed Skyrim and the expansion dlc dawnguard and also leveled all the way out to level 81. That is a most excellent game!!!!. I decided I wanted some more Elder Scrolls so I decided to pick up Oblivion. I can honestly say that I am not disappointed in the least. I went into this knowing the game was released in early 2006. So I knew the graphics and voice acting were not going to be up to the standards of Skyrim. The gameplay is almost identical to skyrim. The world is beautiful even with todays standards. The character movement seems to be no different than Skyrim. There are plenty of side quests to go along with the main quest line. So far I am really enjoying the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood quest lines. Just as in Skyrim you can either do the main quest line or save it for later and do side quests like the Thieves Guild that actually have a story of their own. There is just so much to do and so many places to explore.

In conclusion I have to say to you. This is an excellent game with top notch game play that will keep you playing for hundreds of hours. I actually have friends that have been playing this game since its release date and still are playing it today. Go into this game with the mind frame that it was released in 2006. Im not downplaying anything about the game but if you go into it like that there should be no disapointment. Finally , the graphics and world of the game are beautiful , the gameplay top notch , so many hours of quests to even begin try and count. You could literally play this game for years and still not find or do everything. So If you are on the fence about this game climb on down and just buy it because in my humble opinion it has been well worth the money.

Note: ( dont forget that this is the platinum hits version and doesnt include the full release date manual , map and is incased in a gray platinum hits box. If you are looking for the original with the map , lime green box and original GOTY edition discs try somewhere else. Although I was a little disappointed with these few things the game itself is a 5 out of 5 stars and I do not regret my purchase. )
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on January 3, 2017
It's a great RPG game, but it's hard to go from Skyrim to this one. Definitely play this game before you get into Skyrim. It will help you understand that world even better.
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on November 10, 2016
It was exactly as described, brand new. Still in factory shrink wrap and no bumps or dings or signs of wear from handling/shipping. Installed directly to hard drive without any issues both main game and the extra content disc. It was a good buy.
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