Customer Reviews: Obsessed [Blu-ray]
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on March 30, 2010
At first glance of this movie, I thought, great another hand that rocks the cradle! No one needs to suffer through that again. There have been so many movies out there with psycho stalkers, and all have been pretty lame. While this movie has basically the same plot line, it differs in Derrick; the main character does not show any interest in his psycho stalker Nicole. I mean NO interest. He is very clear with her that he is happily married to his wife Sharon. Still she stalks him and has crazy delusions of their imaginary future together. This chic is absolutely crazy! Sharon finds out about her husband's stalker when Nicole (the stalker) tries to commit suicide in Derricks room during the work outing. That is not even the worst of what this crazy bitch does to these poor people. You'll have to watch the movie. I will tell you this; Sharon (the wife) is bad ass! In other movies the wives seemed fragile, you felt bad for them. You do not have to feel bad for Sharon, she is no joke! Let's just say she gets her revenge, and oh how sweet it is. This movie was great! It had me fired up the whole time. Ladies, I am telling you, you are going to want to go through the TV and kick this girl's ass for Sharon. Gentlemen this may be a chic flick, but if you take anything from this movie I hope it is this; NEVER EVER keep something like this from your significant other. It will not turn out good for you. Crazy chics just don't go away. They just get crazier.
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on July 11, 2011
I never thought Fatal Attraction would look deep and intricate until I saw Obsessed. It really made me appreciate the work that went into the 1987 film. By comparison, and even by itself, Obsessed had almost nothing to it. Despite production credits that boasted Beyonce Knowles and Magic Johnson, it would have been weak even as a TV movie.

The only good thing about the film owed less to Fatal Attraction than to Disclosure. Obsession created a sketchy but interesting picture of just how much of a mess sexual harassment by a female employee could create for a good boss and family man when he did nothing wrong but circumstances conspired to make it look like he did.

Here, the guy was a young executive at a hard-working, hard-partying investment firm. A good-looking guy with a history as a "player," he married his last female office assistant. A sexy blonde temp is attracted to him, and his office buddy reacts with a "go for it" locker-room mentality. The exec has a lot to lose.

His wife is high-maintenance, strong-willed, and jealous, insisting that only male secretaries can work for him. Then his wife got even more touchy when her sister's marriage hit the rocks over infidelity. Another source of tension is that the exec is uncomfortable with his wife's plan to go back to school to "get her degree" (in what is not clear), now that their son was born.

At work, the exec is important to client relationships and to his firm's reputation. The temp uses her position (including listening in on his phone calls and manipulating his weakling permanent assistant) to get information about him. After several polite conversations, she suddenly became hyper-aggressive, ambushing the exec in a stall in the men's bathroom during an office holiday party (about the only scene in the movie with any real suspense, as to whether his co-workers would see and misinterpret what was going on) and in his car in the office parking garage. He rejected her and tried to discuss it with his wife, his buddy, and a human resources official, but for natural enough reasons ended up holding back each time. When the woman attempted suicide, after somehow secretly gaining access to his hotel room at a firm retreat, the situation blew up, with him looking terrible to his wife, co-workers, and police.

But the movie failed to develop the situation effectively or to take it anywhere. At crucial points in the story, the temp simply disappeared, either quitting work or being whisked away to another city by an unseen sister. Her actions did not build into a fast-paced, suspenseful sequence of events. Instead, even when reasonably well executed -- such as a visit to the exec's house to fool the babysitter into letting her get access to the baby -- they seemed aimless and disorganized. A prime example: the night before the suicide attempt, the temp drugged the guy senseless; in a confusing, dream-like sequence, she then showed up in his hotel room and got into bed with him. Nothing was ever made of this scene. Then the movie really fell apart, with little happening -- none of it surprising, interesting, or entertaining. This included a ridiculous, stagey, drawn-out catfight to the death between the wife and the scantily clad temp at the end. Musical sequences went on way too long in the movie and did not seem to fit. The pace was too slow.

Idris Elba was good, if somewhat wooden, with what he was given to do as the male lead. The temp was the thinnest of cardboard characters, a pure psycho with not a shred of depth or background or explanation for her behavior and with nothing meaningful to say or do. Frankly, I was embarrassed for Ali Lartner, who had nothing to work with in this film but her good looks. Beyonce seemed okay in the thin role of the wife until toward the end, when her lines and actions sunk to the worst of smack-mouth, tough-mama clichés. None of the supporting cast added anything worthwhile or memorable; all were let down by the weak material, especially the intelligent Christine Lahti looking pathetically ineffectual as a police detective.

I had hoped that this movie would be fun and interesting to watch. Instead, it was a near-total waste of time.
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on March 26, 2016
This movie was added to my collection
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on July 26, 2010
Can anyone tell me why some singer of cheesy ballads always gets an acting career? Didn't they learn anything from Jlo?

Totally predictable, and both the husband ( object of crazy obsession, and long suffering husband that no one believes Idris Elba)and the wildly sex crazed temp, Ali Lauter are servicable in this waste of screen. But Beyonce is a wash out, and the only time you can believe her character is when she goes all ghetto on the temp. I don't care how much money Jayz and Ditty have, why do the studios allow these talantless singers to have an acting job to start with, will they ever learn?

Save your money, save your time.
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on May 23, 2016
The office informant should have been reprimanded for his role. This is real life action. The actor who played I think Lisa did a superb performance. It seems she done this type of acting before.
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on August 15, 2011
Not that you didn't know it based on the title and the cover art, but it's an updated version of Fatal Attraction. Save for some major holes in the plot, it was an ok movie. The problem is that it was done before and they did it better the first time because there weren't so many holes in the plot.

Derek has everything - a good job, nice home, a beautiful wife (Beyonce Knowles, no less!), good friends, and a baby. One day he gets a new temp in his office, Lisa. She was blue one day because she was having some man troubles, Derek comforts her, and she becomes obsessed with him - showing up places where he is and then living in a fantasy world that they are having an imaginary affair. His wife Sharon, however, does not remain living in ignorant bliss, but will confront Derek and kick him out of their house for months when she learns that he and this woman may have had an affair. And in the end, as in Fatal Attraction before, there will be confrontation between the wife and the mistress.

If he had actually had an affair with the obsessed woman, it would have made a bit more sense. If Lisa had a past history of behavior (even by something as lame as finding a box full of newspaper clippings), one would have realized that she was very unstable, then perhaps debate "So he made a mistake". But Derek never makes a mistake, he rejects her outright and every other attempt she makes towards him. Sharon (his wife) naturally thinks that something is amiss and becomes furious. Understandable, but she does not really grapple with things when she realizes that her husband did not, in fact, cheat.

It's an ok movie, not horrible by any means. But don't hold your breath that this is a new innovation.
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on November 16, 2014
This movie is entertaining, Although I think the wife should have given her husband more of a chance. He had not given her any reason to distrust him. But it came out in the end.
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on August 3, 2009
Wow, I would see just about anything with Beyonce. But don't you hate films that make people look stupid? Talk to your boss, talk to your friends, call the police, their all clueless. I have to say "Shame on you Beyonce", you are so talented and even though your strong character held this whatever film together, your work usually has some kind of meaning to it.
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on August 13, 2012
It was a good movie we enjoyed the movie. Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks and thanks
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on January 14, 2013
This is a great movie and if you are a huge Beyonce fan like i am then you will buy it. It had me on the edge of my seat.
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