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on November 21, 2013
The movie is brilliant. It's still a shame that we do not have Paul Schrader's completed script on film, but De Palma is a far more interesting director in hidnsight than his critical reception suggested during his heyday. The picture is nice, and there is a nice documentary feature (though Schrader is snubbed quite a bit in it as well), and the overall package, cover art, and content is pristine. Finally, a service that will due justice to powerful exploitation and cult cinema titles.
However, I have a major caveat: this disc will not play in standard players. I have a portable DVD player and that is the only device this disc will play on. Forget your BluRay player--the disc is not formatted to playback its encoded information. Also, on my copy alone (am I right?), the film skips and freezes in certain places, and I also noticed some subtitles cropping up at incorrect points during the film's duration--even though I did not have the subtitles turned "on." However, I am grateful to have this rare title under any condition, as most of the film did play fine, but it's still upsetting for such a classic film as this. Maybe my disc just needs cleaning, but I don't know. Anyway, what really upsets me is that "Obsession" has not been given a proper (read: major studio) DVD/BluRay combo pack release, with even more (and better) extras. Could they get the mortally wounded Schrader to do a commentary track explaining his disappointment in the production? And couldn't De Palma record one? I appreciate this cult series, but I thought another major studio would have remastered and rereleased this title by now--even Shout! Factory could do it justice, as they did the "Walking Tall" trilogy. But to have this title on such an obscure I said, I'm grateful for it, but I don't think this title has been given the respect that it deserves, considering how many violent, video-game inspired crap-fests that we are constantly being subjected to on the modern movie market these days. The accompanying booklet is okay, but the critical essay really isn't all that insightful. Please, someone, rerelease this title and do it justice--for all!!!
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on April 24, 2013
First let me say I'm a big Brian De Palma fan/apologist. There are people that find him a Hitchcock rip-off artist but I think most of his films can stand on their own. That being said this one was just okay for me. It is really not that exciting or suspenseful. The plot is similar to Vertigo, a man loses the love of his life and several years later finds her reborn in another woman. Cliff Robertson's lifeless performance doesn't help either. On the other hand the female lead and John Lithgow are both good. The music by bernard Herrmann is great and De Palma's visuals are among his best. The camerawork can sometimes be a little too much in some of Depalma's other movies. In Carrie it almost reaches the point of distraction but here it's pretty good. All in all not a bad movie but not one I plan to watch again like Blow-Out
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on October 27, 2013
Brian DePalma is a master cinematic storyteller. He has proved this time and again. With 1975's "Obsession," his homage to Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo," it is never more evident. Along with co-screenwriter Paul Schrader, he weaves this tale of love, deception and betrayal, he weaves the plot into a beautifully-executed tapestry. I've loved this film for many years now for the flawless flowing of its story that unfolds in a similar way to "Vertigo," a captivating and fascinating story that never cease to amaze me and hold my interest until the very last frame. The three main played, Cliff Robertson, Genevieve B u j o l d and John Lithgow are perfectly cast. Very highly recommended.
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on January 18, 2008

An excellent, haunting performance by Cliff Robertson. After his wife and daughter are kidnapped and ransomed, the police botch the rescue and the wife and daughter are apparently killed. Years later, Robertson broods over his loss and cannot recover from this. But,on a trip to Rome with his business partner, he ses a young woman working on paintings in a gallery who is a dead ringer for his wife. He becomes obssesed with her, dates her, and brings her back to the USA to marry her. This does not go well with his business partner who feels he is ignoring his work.

Little does Robertson know that this is all part of a setup with the crime being repeated,and this girl and his business partner involved with the crooks. This young girl is really his daughter who was not killed in the kidnapping, but hidden and sent back to Italy to live with relatives.

There is an exciting climax to the movie when Robertson discovers this ruse, and goes to the airport to kill the girl who turns around in flight and is coming back to the airport. One must see this movie for a great,climax to an intense movie.

I never see this movie being played on TV and in most places, this movie is out of print and is unavailable. Get this through while you can.
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on March 18, 2015
for some reason, every DVD i have purchased of this movie, simply will not work on my DVD player, which is a Sony. i have not had this problem with any other movie, so i don't know what's up. i wish to say my sentiments are not a reflection on the seller, but on the manufacturer. unfortunately, i am not given an opportunity to differentiate, and so this reflects most unfortunately on the seller. otherwise, i received it promptly and the seller should not be viewed in disfavor.
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on January 19, 2015
I purchased this on Blu-ray and was glad that I spent the extra money for it. The last time that I saw this movie was when it first came out back in the late 70's. I remember being blown away by the ending and all the twist and turns in the movie. After seeing the movie again after all these years I thought I had remembered everything, but your mind plays tricks on you as I had forgotten some of the events. Excellent love story thriller.
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on August 4, 2014
The film itself is wonderful and I've had a difficult time finding it. It's the DVD quality of the film I dislike. There appears to be a herky-jerky movement to the picture. When the film cuts to a new scene, it is not a fluid movement. And the picture itself is not centered on the TV screen. I had even entertained the notion that this must be what a pirated movie looks like.
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on April 19, 2013
I saw this movie as a child and it has always haunted me. I have waited a long time to get this on DVD. Unfortunately, my primary DVD players for my entertainment system(Sony) will not play this DVD as I get a message telling me this Disc is not permitted to be played in the region I live. My cheap portables and my computer will play the movie though. This is the best transfer of the film I have seen to date. I just wish I could see it on my larger screen.
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on June 26, 2015
One of Brian DePalma's best movies paying homage to Alfred Hitchcock's style. He even used Bernard Herrman to compose the score. Excellent film that has all the twists and turns of Vertigo. I was so pleased to find this on blu looks and sounds great.
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on October 23, 2013
Was excited to find it, download it and watch this movie in a matter of minutes. Genevieve Bujold is great in this movie. I remembered it quite differently. So, I really was surprised at the ending. Tried to find it years ago and was unsuccessful. Now I have to see the rest of her movies. Amazon=Amazing.
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