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on August 17, 2015
Upgraded from an earlier version to operate under Windows 10. It does, and performs as anticipated, and includes all the elements I need on a daily basis. Amazon gave me the best price, and if you need to upgrade, this will do the job.
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First off, don't let some of these reviews confuse you into thinking this 2013 is much different than 2007 or 2010. One thing you can be assured of, the learning curve is not like it was going from 2003 to 2007. It's not that much different than the previous version in 2013.

The key is real simple. It comes in the box pictured, which is smaller than it looks... about 1.5 times the size of a pack of cigarettes. Inside you will find a small credit card size printed cardboard with simply the key printed on it... same style as all MS Keys.

You go to the URL printed on it, and follow the instructions online. You will log into This is the main direction that Microsoft is using with all their new products and they have been using it for volume licensing customers for some time. Once it verifies the Key is legit, it lets you download the software. It's a real quick starter downloader, so I would run it within the browser, as saving it will do little for you. The whole suite actually downloads and installs fairly quick. You will get a notice that you can download it again at the same link.

If you haven't signed up before to, it's real easy and quick... doesn't put any hooks on your computer or stores password in a special file, etc.

When you sign up for the first time for an account, use your favorite email address as your user id. For instance, there is only one in the world, so just use your favorite email address since it is unique, and no kickback of, "that user id is already used." This becomes an integral part of your Office 2013, but it is never necessary that you log into while using Office 2013. It's just like all previous versions of Office on your local computer. Of course it has a lot of new features, but I mainly wanted to describe how this card thing works.
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on December 7, 2014
If like me, you enjoy color contrast to visually make sense of the screen, then the interface for MS Office is a big let down. While creating a design that is probably more user friendly when viewing the programs on mobile devices, Microsoft has left me wanting. At least I wish they provided the option to go to a 2010 style view, which allows me at a glance to pick up relevant information on the screen with ease. Now their virtually all white themes-- which can be toned down only very slightly with the addition of light gray or dark gray trim-- make me feel like I'm staring at data floating haphazardly in a white sea.
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on August 4, 2014
When I purchased my new desktop, I decided to purchase this software soon after. Then I saw all the negative reviews on AMAZON so I held off for a while. I then decided to purchase the key Card which came with a substantial discount. I received it a few days later and decided to move ahead with the download expecting a disaster like so many of the reviews I had read. I already had a MS account which I had to open to register for the new computer. OK. I'm not too keen on that aspect of things but, so be it.
I logged into the account and then went to the web site as instructed for the download. No problems so far. I started the download which took about 15 minutes on my DSL network. I then went thru the setup wizard and received a message saying I had finished the process and my account was activated. I then went to open Outlook when a message popped up with a error message saying there was a problem. "Enter your key again or try again late.r" Hmmmm. Could all these reviews be right?? I then looked in my computer files and it looked like everything from the program was there. What to do? Well, how about a restart? This is often part of a software process so I clicked away. Shure enough. I started getting a bunch of configuring messages. This took about 15 minutes more. During this process I was asked if I wanted Outlook to set up my e-mail accounts. OK. I entered 3 accounts and in a matter of minutes, Outlook configured all my accounts and loaded the e-mail. I did not get my address books or my folders but I will work on that.
I can't explain why I was not instructed to reboot however, I have hardly ever had a download of a program like this that did not have a glitch of some kind. BTW, Word looks great! I will not have much use for EXCEL but the docs I moved over from Office 2007 open just fine.
I strongly wish that MS would provide better guidance to the download process but minor glitches seem to be a part of this process. A little common sense will generally solve many of the problems.
I also hate to see AMAZON reviews of ANY PRODUCT that simply state "Product Stinks." This may vent some well deserved frustration but provides LITTLE guidance to those of us interested in the product being reviewed.

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on March 30, 2015
Why Can't MS Leave the OI Alone???

New 2013 Outlook might as well be from another manufacturer. Even after playing with settings and views for days, It still is a serious step backward in OI. As it stands this will be my last Outlook purchase, and Outlook was my only reason to buy MS Office these days !

Too many cheaper, easier to use, office products that have OI's that aren't hand grenaded every couple of years.

I'm an engineer, I don't mind change, but Ribbon almost destroyed the product line. If Ribbon is so great, why can't they even leave that alone? I know... changes for changes sake... that is all MS is these days.

However the "refresh" they did to Outlook is absolutely terrible. You will not even recognize Outlook the first time it comes up, that is how bad it is. After spending hours playing with it, It is almost workable but still not nearly as good as it was before !

I don't even want to think about trying to teach my 80 year mom 2013 Outlook. Actually I know the answer, we won't, we'll will teach her another office product when the time comes, AND it will be an easier learning curve !

One final gripe: MS if someone buys a full office package, it is probably because we DON'T want everything stored on the cloud. So why does everything default to cloud storage? I know another revenue stream, but if I wanted CLOUD, I would have gone 365. Because of this change, simple search for or save a file to your hard drive now has extra steps. I want software that makes my life more efficient, not one that makes me make more choices and more button clicks for simple retrieve / save functions !
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on May 25, 2014
I just want to add a voice of reason among all the negative reviews.

First of all, for those bashing on Microsoft and other software companies for the level of support out there these days, please know that the reason that these companies are making many of the decisions they are making, is because of the wholesale move to the free "cloud" apps offered by so many. Think about it, for example, if all of the people using free email services would pay even one dollar for the service, there would suddenly be Billions of dollars available for product development and support. So I say, pay up and let's not all be so "free internet app" bandwagon happy. There's no such thing as a free lunch, is the old still holds true today.

That said, this is great software. I recently upgraded a small company that was still using Office 2003. This new Office 2013 installed without a hitch on older computers, and it even imported all the email and account settings. Each user was up and running in minutes and they are loving it. I was able to activate all of the copies using one address. This version of Office is great, go ahead and buy it, ignore the haters. The interface is clean and modern as it should be, and everything just works. If you are installing on a computer with an older version of Office, once you un-install the old version, go to Programs and Features, right click on Office 2013, click change, and repair. This will associate the file types with the new version of Office.

Other than that, buy it, use it, and be happy..!!! If you don't like it, use something else...and be happy...!!! :-)
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on September 23, 2014
Program is buggy, especially the help function in Outlook. Running on Win 7, Pro, Outlook worked OK for a few days. Microsoft support fixed the problem and their fix lasted for a few more days. When this problem was called to their attention, I was told to pay $100 for support for 30 days and $150 for one year. The support comes from the Philippines and is so-so. Being an experienced computer user and engineer I declined. I was able to find a fix online that involved deleting all of the history from Internet Explorer. The agent who fixed the problem after it surfaced reloaded all of Office, requiring me to stay on the line for 1-2 hours. Later I had to reset all of my preference settings in Office. Other companies offer much better support on their products. I am shocked that the Microsoft Knowledge Base has not identified the root cause of a problem had by many users. After all, the product has been out I'd guess for at least a year. My guess is that migrating the 2010 version of Office to being Cloud-capable is responsible. I've used Office for a long time and the product seems to be getting worse.
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on February 25, 2014
I hate Office 2013. For some strange reason, Microsoft and even Apple, have adopted this love of the hieroglyphic and scorned the written word. I have to believe, that some jerks in an executive position, get promoted and feel they have to make a name for themselves, and because they are mediocre, they just feel they have to change something (anything!) just to leave their territorial mark on a product, and pat themselves on the back for it later.
What I am referring to, is the trend in software to go almost exclusively glyph. We are becoming ancient Egyptians who will leave a legacy of sideways facing people and animals, in two dimensions, and simply throw away the written word, which in my opinion, explains things a lot better than a glyph of a funnel does. (A funnel is a filter in Excel, according to Microsoft.) Oddly enough, sometimes they put a word and a glyph side-by-side. Because if a funnel wasn't clear enough for you, maybe a glyph of a funnel and the word filter will make things more clear? No...not really. Thank goodness they put the word "filter" there.
Recently, Apple threw out their wonderfully rich, three dimensional icons, and replaced them with flat, uninspired, two dimensional disasters. Steve Jobs should come back from the dead, and smite them all! In my new iCloud email, the left horizontal bar that contains all my folders is now a sickly, pale, baby blue. The icons are drawn like poor stick figures, and the icons are exactly the same color as the background...more sickly, pale, baby blue! Unbelievable, that some graphic artist even got away with this. So, why am I bringing up Apple in a Microsoft review ? Because I know where Microsoft gets every ounce of their design inspiration from, and it's not from Microsoft.
Look, to sum it up, if you knew where everything was before you bought Office 2013. The fact that you might have been using Microsoft products for the past thirty years and became a guru in your office because you knew where everything was on your desktop and software applications. I've got bad news for you. Microsoft thinks you're an idiot and you need to learn ancient Egyptian to navigate now. We're all idiots. You just can't have enough international signs governing your life. You also don't like color. It's obvious. It's so obvious, that Microsoft is slowly sucking the color out of everything and fading all known colors in the universe to a pastel of some sort. Pastel is the new color. Funny, because I always think of pastels as the most anemic of colors. But someone got into the paint buckets and watered everything down, didn't they!
So why did I buy this awful edition of software? Good question, but easy answer. I'm an IT professional, who's been in the business for 35 years. I've been programming software for just as long. We had to upgrade all our computers, and putting the old software on new PC's, just wasn't going to fly. My boss didn't want to lease the 365 editions, and pay in perpetuity. He wanted to own the software, not lease it (as is the going trend right now...sigh...). So we needed to own some software and not rent it. This may be the last version that you can actually buy? Who knows? After all, if it's not in the "Cloud" right now, it's just not in vogue. The truth is, I understand completely my boss's point of view. This cloud BS is nothing more, than a company wanting to own you part and parcel. You will never possess anything software again. You will forever be a renter. A lessee with a heavy emphasis on the "less". Office 2013 stinks, but the alternatives right now are not so sweet. I bought what may be my last owned piece of Office software from Microsoft. Sorry for the downer. Amazon's price was the best I could find.
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on March 27, 2014
This software bundle is for one user and a great price. I don't need a 4 user package or a cloud account myself. I read that you can change computers and reinstall it on another computer every 6 months, if you update computers that often that is. It is easy to download, installation is a process though, and the new changes to the software are a bit hard to grasp. I blame that on me not having a new office package since 2007 though. I bet with a class, I will learn all the tricks again in no time. Overall its a good software package.
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on March 16, 2016
This product was something of a scam. The key code wasn't working, so we contacted Microsoft directly and they informed us that this key code was already attempted to be used 13 times by other users. We requested a refund. Buyer beware.
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