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Microsoft Office 365 Home 1-year subscription, 5 users, PC/Mac Key Card
Platform: O365 Home Keycard|Edition: Home 365|Change
Price:$84.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

VINE VOICEon October 29, 2015
The bottom line: I like this deal much better than trying to buy an Office 365 license outright from Microsoft because it's cheaper, you get more, and you have a lot more options.

The full review:
More to the point though, Office has become a different animal than it was. In the long run, Office 365 is a better deal than buying a downloadable, installable product--because you *get* a downloadable, installable product with this deal.

So what exactly are you getting here?

This package is the ability to use the latest version of Office in the browser--meaning, if you're on a machine that doesn't have Office installed, you can log into your Microsoft account (required) and use browser-based versions of all the Office apps. This also means that the online storage place called "OneDrive" (formerly known as "SkyDrive") can be used to store up to one TeraByte (1,000GB) of stuff, anything you like, private or public or just shared out as you wish.

It's ALSO the ability to download and install Office 2013 OR Office 2016, on up to 5 machines, for up to 4 people! That's the cool part. In the past, you might have to buy more than one copy of Office, or be the sole user, or only put it on a desktop and a laptop. Now I can put this on my desktop, laptop, and Surface Pro, then install it on my wife's PC and my daughter can also have a copy installed to use. I've been running Office 2016 for the most part and have been pretty happy with the way it works. 2016 is not hugely different from 2013 or 2010, just in little ways.

This package lets you use Office for a year. You can buy two or three and stack them to prolong your subscription (if you're afraid the price of Office will go up) or you can extend your subscription to more people (in case you have a bunch of kids and want to add mom and dad and grandma into the number of users). I added a year using this code. It was only easy to do because I looked online first for HOW to do it.

Which brings us to the only real drawback to Office 365: anything to do with the browser. The browser-based apps try to be as much like the desktop as possible, but they're still not quite the same. OneNote is probably the closest match I've seen, while Outlook is the ugliest and least useful. The fact that the browser-based versions run in Azure ("the Cloud", a.k.a., "on the Internet") means that they typically run a bit slower, depending on your Internet connection. OneDrive is more annoying to manage using the browser, so I find myself using a computer to do most of the work like uploading files/folders, creating new folders, etc. I use the browser-based OneDrive interface to download individual stuff or share stuff out to people. The entire browser interface is trying to do the "Kanban" look that you also see in Windows 8's "Metro-now-called-Modern" apps and parts of Windows 10's look and feel.

My rule of thumb is that the browser-based Office is for small tasks on the go, but for anything substantial I go with the PC.

You also have to use the Office website to mange things like who you share Office with, or how you download. They make it annoyingly over-complicated to download the 64-bit version of Office if you don't want to use the 32-bit. You have to choose "Install-->Language and Install Options-->Additional Install Options--> then pick the specific 64-bit version you want. There's no good reason to bury the better-performing version that far down except that they hope it prevents tech support complications.

The Home Subscription is: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and a 1TB bump-up to OneDrive, up to 4 people across 5 machines.
The Personal Subscription is the same, but only for one individual user, on up to 5 machines.
The Business version has a lot of other options *and* things to consider when choosing.

Overall, I find this a much better deal than shelling out a few hundred dollars up front and knowing the next version will require me to buy it again, and I don't get the benefit of the added OneDrive storage space. With this price, it's cheaper and I will always have the option of downloading the latest version of Office or sticking with the one I have. The browser-based versions I consider an afterthought, or "bonus feature" - I wouldn't rely solely on those for everyday work. And I would like to see managing the subscriptions and installs get a bit easier.
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on May 8, 2016
Having paid $99 when I purchased MS Office 365 Home for a 1-year subscription, I was prepared to pay the same again to renew. However, I was surprised to find I could, in fact, buy the renewal cheaper here on Amazon, instead of renewing through Microsoft. I was able to save about $20 renewing with Amazon vice Microsoft. And, twenty bucks off the normal price for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, OneDrive, free online storage, access to Office Online, and a few more a great bargain.

While many folks have migrated to free full office suites, or even use Microsoft Office Online or Google Docs, I prefer having MS Office 365 Home installed on my PC. Very little maintenance is required. I manually check for updates every week, but I love not having to worry about keeping my Office products updated, because it's done automatically. I have Office 365 Home installed on three PC's and have apps installed on my phone and tablet, ensuring I have access to all my Office products and personal documents any time I need it. And, OneDrive makes sure I have all devices synced with up-to-date versions of my personal documents.

Microsoft makes access to my Office documents easy and convenient. And, Amazon has made renewing my yearly subscription more affordable and just as easy too. I simply logged into my Microsoft account online, added my renewal product key, and checked the expiration date for renewal. The process was simple and took a few minutes to do.
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on April 28, 2016
I have been using MS Office professional for decades. This latest version simply provides the top version in the most convenient, automatically updated, and economical format. The annual subscription renews the app on all 5 machines for a year, for under $100 ($20 per year per PC or device). I have had a number of scary moments with the Outlook component, but each was quickly fixed by the readily-available Microsoft telephone service for this product (I let them take over my machine and they quickly fix it in less than 10 minutes). Frankly, this telephone service deserves more than five stars--competing at a near-perfect level, despite competing support elsewhere in the software market being scandalously poor.
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on June 6, 2016
I remember when Office was installed on all computers, but now you have to pay out the wazoo for it. I bought the year subscription and am pleased with the product. They send you a card that allows you up to 5 PCs, laptops, tablets, etc. You get all the Office products: Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, etc. This is well worth the subscription. It also works on MAC computers. I would recommend this product.
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on January 1, 2018
Update to the horror. Now one of my clients is unhappy because my email throws an unverified alert. I am not using an exchange server and must edit a line of text for SPF on my domain server. I have exhausted all ideas on the web - no luck

Tried to install this on three machines. Install worked on #1 and #2, but Outlook refuses to connect to email on machine 2. Just hangs up. My third, primary, machine was a total disaster. It would not install, so I got remote "help" from Microsoft. The first tech screwed it up by editing multiple registries, and renaming folders. After that, it would no longer even return to Office 2010 from a valid DVD. A second tech finally undid enough to get Office 365 working and quickly left me. I then discovered QuickBooks WOULD NO LONGER work thanks to Microsoft. I further discovered they changed my default browser, and left three new programs installed on my machine that I do not want. Further, 36 new "important updates" started appearing with windows updater. QuickBooks absolutely would not reinstall or repair from the product DVD. Thank heavens for Revo Uninstaller. It cleaned up QuickBooks remnants enough for me to get it going again. It also removed the three leftover junk programs. Total lost billable time is over eight hours.
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on April 18, 2016
I put it on two PCs so far and it is okay. Typical long Office update learning curve as they feel the need to move all the familiar stuff for no apparent reason other than requiring the user to click more and spend time on the internet learning how to change settings. One PC has the draw tab in all products, the other does not. Several searches has no provided a solution. One big complaint is the default for PowerPoint slides is a wide format that makes the page too big to print on 8.5 x 11. I need to set up my own default template. The best part of PowerPoint was always knowing it was standard page size and had a .5 hidden margin all the way around. I haven't put it on my main PC yet as I have to go through the long drawn out process of backing up files and making sure the old version is totally removed. After that, I can play with 365 more.
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on November 7, 2016
I've been trying to get Outlook to have a synchronized address book for my small company for the past 16 years. We are too small for an enterprise server but we need a shared address book for our employees. Over the years I've used many third party plugins that I've paid for and come to rely on google/gmail contacts. But there is not a good solution that works without some hack which requires ME to configure and upgrade everyones contacts, so it does not happen. My company is slower for it.
I was excited to get outlook 365 because I assumed that a obvious thing like a neat online contact management solution would be one of the simple and easy upgrades that the Microsoft engineers would do with a online platform.
Well no. No f-ing way, this is exactly outlook 2010 which was functionally the same as office 2003 in terms of contact management. It's REALLY lame that I've paid for these upgrades and no one in this GIANT company has seen fit to make this simple and incredibly useful upgrade.
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on May 29, 2016
Followed the instructions that came with key card and had no problems with installation. Plus it was much cheaper to buy a new subscription than to renew through Microsoft.
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on March 26, 2015
I purchased this mainly for 1TB storage. And added bonus of Office apps is definitely nice. Works flawlessly on my iPhone and my PC. I uploaded all of my photos (100+GB), videos (200+ GB) and all of it is synced with my phone. It's also great to come home and having all of my photos I took with my phone already be on the computer!
Dropbox is OK, but for same price you only get storage and nothing else.
Google can't decide what they want to do with Google + and my main issue you can't see your pictures in a folder and easily copy them to your PC.
With OneDrive you get a simple folder view on the PC and if you go through their website, you actually get a really good looking album view.
After a recent update to OneDrive, you also get a really nice ability to create web albums and share them with people with just a few clicks.
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on February 21, 2016
I am happy with the product line but the account was difficult to setup and login was always a pain. I ended up not setting it up on all by devices just because it was to much work. I really loved it when I could login and use it. I honestly think there are a lot of just as good alternatives these days. I have been using Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides instead, so in my option save your money unless you really love the Office experience and can't live without it. I will say when I got my renew notice and I thought to myself ... man I have paid for this for a whole year and still have not even figured out how to get into my account. The tech guy walked me through it and I was able to login and use my account. I guess if you use Office at work it would be nice to have it at home too. But if you are like me and use it for home and not all that often. Have kids that need it for school, well for that kind of stuff like I said earlier there are free alternatives now that work well.
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