Customer Reviews: Office Mac Home & Student 2011 Key Card (1PC/1User)
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on April 14, 2014
Bought Office for Mac several months ago, and everything's fine and dandy until MS, in its relentless "wisdom," decided to update. In the current version of Powerpoint, everytime you hit the return key, you are sent into Presentation Mode. I've searched and searched, and apparently there is no fix. I am now migrating to Keynote, but it has its own hangups, and I would like to be able to use the product I paid for!!
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on February 5, 2015
Low rating has nothing to so with the SW, it is the installation. I spent a whole afternoon trying to download and install. I did not have my password and had to get a new one. I had to wait for emails or Text messages to be sent with special confirmation numbers. When I finally got the number the install had timed out. Then if you get on number on time you have to get a mother for confirmation. Same problem. I finally found an old disc and installed the SW the old fashion way. Worked fine. Apple will be in my future, FOR SURE!
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on October 19, 2015
As advertised, however there is no point in having it delivered as it is just a paper card with a key number on it. Have it delivered via e-mail and save a tree.

My boss asked me if I was proficient with Powerpoint. I told him I Excel at it. He said, did you just make and Office pun. Me: Word.
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on October 24, 2014
Microsoft sales staff misrepresented this product despite my detailed questions. Tech staff delayed their responses until the product could no longer be returned. Based on my experience, I won't be buying a Microsoft product any time soon. Suggestion? Don't make a purchase unless you have high level of knowledge, expertise on the product. If you have to eat with them, use a very, very, very long spoon, as a good friend of mine says.
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on January 7, 2014
The link given by amazon to enter the key code didn't work -- It was for entering Office 2013 (for PC). I got an error. Had to set up an account with Microsoft and chatted with a tech. Tech gave me another link, which appeared correct, because it said it was for Office for Mac. But I got an error that the key code was invalid. When I tried to report back to the tech, who was waiting in the chat room, my answer to her wouldn't SEND. The screen just sat there, even when I shortened the message. There was a button on the screen to have the tech call me back. When I pressed that button, it worked and I gave my phone number. Now, I'm waiting for a call back. What a bunch of nonsense -- and I don't have time for it.

Amazon needs to get this straightened out with Microsoft, if they are going to continue selling Microsoft products. I will report back the results.

ETA a few minutes later. Here is the error message generated when I finally found the correct place to enter the PIN (And, yes, I checked my typing many times) :

"The PIN entered was not recognized as a valid PIN. Please check the characters entered and try again. Without a valid PIN you cannot retrieve your Product Key. PINs can only be activated at the store where Office for Mac was purchased. Return to the store with your receipt or proof of purchase to activate your PIN."

I notice that the message says that PINS can only be activated at the store where Office for Mac was purchased. I wonder how the other purchasers got their PINS to be accepted....Maybe this is just a recent occurrence.
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on April 11, 2013
This is my first week using amazon. I made two separate orders totaling six items. Five of the items were sold and shipped by amazon and the sixth is, well, this seller - ExpressMedia.

Here we go... I purchased this product with the intention of installing it on my new, spiffy macbook air. Unfortunately, I was unable to do so. Why you ask? Simple - they shipped me a copy of office that contained a "pin" that was not active. Pin - what is required on microsoft to acquire a key so that one may install the actual software. I scratched off the silver coating to reveal the pin and it was not active.

Now I'm not one to immediately complain - I did attempt to contact this alleged company. However, my only option (upon selecting the problem with purchase or whatever other phrase they termed) was to return the item. No possibility of customer service to address the issue nor contact information.

Now you may be wondering, as I'm new to Amazon, if I'm just one of those people that likes to complain. I would like to inform you that in my first six (6) purchases I have written nothing less than 4 stars on all other items. Of course the "other items" were all both sold and shipped my amazon.

I would give zero stars if I could.
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on March 19, 2016
I was afraid to switch over to Mac from Windows because I thought I was going to lose my absolutely necessary lifeline known as Microsoft Word Document. But I made the leap and am SO glad that I did. This software feels JUST like the Word document I was used it, but it actually ran well because it was on a Mac and not a junkie Windows laptop. I honestly am so happy with this program and would highly recommend it!
PS. For anyone unfamiliar with Microsoft Word is THE BEST word software out there. It trumps Word Perfect, Google Docs, EVERYTHING. It is the very best--easy to use, makes sense, and extremely versatile. Perfect!
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on August 4, 2013
I bought my first Apple iMac a few months ago---decided to make the switch based on the Microsoft 8. Figured if I had to learn something new, I should probably move to Apple and get something with a proven rating and all my friends were raving about. So, after I got down the basics, I needed Office for Mac to transfer all my previous files. I purchased the download version and it worked great--no problems and up and running within 15 minutes total. Very happy with it and I like to view of the screen better than the regular microsoft version. Highly recommended for those with Apple and need Word, Excel, Powerpoint.
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on July 16, 2015
A so called "upgraded MAC operating system" no longer supported my Microsoft Office for MAC software. I had lost all of my e-mail messages, including some important documents. I was advised in an on-line technical Chat session to purchase Microsoft Office Mac Home & Student to replace my e-mail software and retrieve my mail messages. The Microsoft Office Mac Home & Student software that I purchased from Amazon did not include the e-mail component which was the primary purpose for purchasing the suite. I thought the suite included Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, and Entourage (or comparable e-mail) for MAC. I also thought I was also getting a CD. Instead, I was given a code for downloading the software, which did not work. I contacted Apple tech support on-line for assistance and was advised that because I purchased the software from a 3rd party vendor (Amazon), Apple could not assist in the download. I was also told that the origin of the software was an out-of-country source with a code that was not compatible for in-country downloading. It was then that I was told that the software also did not include the e-mail component of the suite. Total loss.
I had to purchase the Microsoft Office for Home & Business version of the software for an additional $219.99 to get the software which included the e-mail component. However, I had to purchase the software from Microsoft, not Apple to get the technical support needed for the download. Each time I attempted to access the Microsoft site, somehow Apple would re-direct my browser to the Apple Store! Frustrating. I had to completely shut down my computer, wait for several minutes and re-boot before I was allowed to access the Microsoft site. Once I got to Microsoft, I had to work my way to their "MAC Department" where I bought the correct software and was able to download it. Once it was downloaded, I discovered that I could not access my e-mail.
A Microsoft technician attempted to load my archived e-mail but the system crashed and in the meantime he had to leave for the day. The next morning Microsoft jettisoned me to their technical support office in the Philippines. A technician advised me to disregard the archived mail on my computer and re-open an account with the prior Internet carrier. She contacted the carrier, and they agreed. Again, we ran out of time. Next day I contacted the Philippine tech support office and was bluntly told by a technician to forget it, I would never be able to retrieve my mail. It was gone in cyber space forever. Then the phone connection went dead.
I happened to glance down at my computer screen. My e-mail account was open. It was loading messages...loading and loading...message after message! It was retrieving my lost mail...all the way back to 2006! Holy Cow! The first Philippine technician was right...And the Microsoft Office for Home & Business e-mail software did work! I contacted the old Internet Carrier and asked to keep the e-mail account open. "There is a $4.95 monthly charge," the rep replied. "Let's do it!", I responded. So it is. I am grateful for "Divine Intervention"! All is forgiven... but not forgotten. I am sharing my "lessons learned" not to harm but to enlighten those who may encounter a similar problem and perhaps, help avoid a similar experience.
I am very pleased with most of my purchases from Amazon. They are have high quality merchandise, good delivery, and very reasonable prices. This is the first time I've experienced a problem. I'll be back!
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on August 7, 2014
The software does what it needs to do. the only major complaint that I have is that on the Mac version. the startup loading is very slow. many times when I close the program it actually freezes. I always have to force quit the program in order to properly close it. other than that it's pretty good for what is supposed to do
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