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on July 3, 2013
I switched from a Microsoft Windows-based computer to a Mac because I was tired of the glitchy interfaces between programs of varying compatibility. Then I had to decide what to do about word-processing; i do a lot of this. I tried one of the freeware programs: I found the absence of several of the well-structured and easily accessible Word 2007 shortcuts time-consuming and irritating. Also, I like to organize information in tables. After researching reviews on line for the top word-processing software, I opted to continue with Word. Word seemed to continue to offer the best balance for production of technical reports and presentation of information to my health-oriented readers. This time, Word for Mac OS. I chose an earlier version than the current one: I was not interested in the most recent product, which did not get markedly positive reviews in the Improvements Department, and had the further disadvantage of being one-pc, one license, with annual renewal costs. (Bill Gates may be labeled a philanthropist, but it seems to be requiring a lot more of our consumer money to maintain his position!)
Overall, I'm pleased with the product. I've been able to convert my tables and reports, some of them fairly complex. The learning curve hasn't been horrendous for basic operations. The software is reliable, and doesn't--usually--object when I make modifications to the Microsoft - preferred way of doing things.
Actually, I give this product about a 3.8 score. Being Microsoft, its preferred way of doing things often irritates my simpler, more flexible approaches. For example, page headings and page numberings are more difficult to modify, and, in fact, I haven't figured out yet how to get exactly what i want, which is an absence of fancily-structured headings with a cumbersome access. This version has jettisoned the Word 7-easy access to formatting modifications through a window that popped up wherever I wanted it to, so that I didn't have to make a mouse-sweep all the way to top left hand corner for quick modifications.
Still, the software often seems to follow my lead. It's reliable, compatible, and therefore a "keeper".
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on January 30, 2014
Office 2011 for Mac, was the first new version in several years; the Business version adding the Outlook e-mail program (formerly called Entourage), which goes for upwards of $200. Much of the work Microsoft has done is to make the Mac version of Office look and work more like the Windows versions.

…but its not…especially Outlook…its not outlook at all.

The new Office suite has gotten rave reviews from people at the “tech” pubs… but being a (initially reluctant) Mac convert for me, in day-to-day interface, Office 2011 is a big WHA wha.

Yeah there are some big new stuff stuff in there, but again, it ain’t MS Office.

The a LOT shortcuts I learned in MS office are not int he mac version, which SUCKS for the advanced stuff I do in excel….

…but the big thing for me, and what I miss the most is Outlook, which is, in my opinion, the best, well thought out, contact management database program for the money. As a sales dog, it is my life loos and having used it exclusively for over the rememberable past, ll sales docs and calendar events, and purchases, and my entire sale workflow fits perfectly in Outlook for MS Office and is non existent in Office for MAC.

Outlook now stores each message as a separate text file on your hard drive, instead of using one massive database, which means that Time Machine backups go much faster. The downside is that switching folders within Outlook — and downloading messages — is dog slow…and also, ay Entourage files only open in Entourage and do not convert to Outlook….again eating computer muscle.

Outlook’s built-in calendar doesn’t sync with Google Calendar, so you can not collaborate with non Outlook people and it won’t respond until the syncing is complete.

Worse still, Microsoft gutted this program. So many of the tools and commands they DID have Entourage, its predecessor, are gone causing even more cross platform michgoss.

Missing commands include Resend, Edit Message, Cleanup Text, Redirect and the option to use the same keyboard shortcuts you’ve set up in Word.

The cheery on the sundae is “Bugs Aplenty”. More than can list in a shot review.

It could be that my expectations are way out of the mainstream. and everybody has favorite nooks and crannies…which means to me that they will find broken features of their own.

To me, however, it’s sad and frustrating to see such slapped together work from Microsoft’s Mac team…they clearly don’t care if MAC people don’t like the MS products.

The unfortunate other down side is the alternative is spending $100-$300 per program for features that function at the level I expect and in harmony that I expect to get back to the interactivity and seamless workflow I need if I want that back….for me i had no choice…its my living….

I’m hoping for better…but not expecting anything.
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on June 14, 2014
Early reviews on this were horrible - lots of lockups and worse. But the current releases are strong and stable and worth the money. The Excel has improved greatly in stability, and the things you really need if you are a hard core user - pivot tables, data filters, all work well. Just remember that Excel does have one huge hole - VLOOKUP and similar matching functions don't discern betwen upper and lower case letters. So if you export records from Salesforce and then do a VLOOKUP on the ID field, you'll match records from several accounts when you only were looking for one. There's a work around with EXACT, so just beware.

Overall, works as advertised and the Outlook that is provided is the real thing - folders, multiple accounts, has a database that you can reorg after massive changes. (Use tools on the Mac like Eagle Filer or OEAX to export and archive mails). Just beware that you'll learn something new in managing your User Identity and using the Microsoft Database Utility on a regular basis to tidy up your database and emails. I'd give this another star if only this package actually used the Mac Address Book. Regrettably, it does not, and that creates huge problems. It also doesn't cloud sync to your icloud stuff. Just saying....
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on April 4, 2011
I have used Office for years. I was having database trouble with Entourage 2008 and thought it would be good to upgrade to Office 2011 to have the new Outlook. I hated it, went back to Entourage. Microsoft removed a lot of good Entourage 2004 features in 2008, and they've taken some good things away from 2008 with the launch of Outlook in 2011. And do be careful of IMAP vs POP accounts; setting POP up has never been a problem, but it was a major hassle here and part of the reason I gave up.

Word still has too much in it, still takes to long to do a simple Paste. Too many built-in Styles, just like older versions. it's got a zillion Styles I will never use and do not want, and, just like old times, it won't let me delete them. The little Style window in the Ribbon (or whatever it's called) has all the Styles that I don't want, so it takes a while to cycle through and find one that i do want. Why does Microsoft have to be such a naggingly rigid piece of software? There must be more than 160 built-in Styles. Who wants and uses these? Please, MS Wizards: learn from QuarkXPress. The default is one style, Normal. It's easy to modify, and you can Append Styles from another document really easily. There is also a No Style option that just leaves whatever formatting is there but removes any Style name. And when you set a Style in Quark, it stays set. For years I have seen Microsoft docs suddenly change fonts or styles for no apparent reason. It's the most annoying piece of software I've ever used. I don't know why so many people buy it. We have to begin to look for something else.

In Find and Replace operations in Word, you open the sidebar window, and the cursor is in the Replace field. Why wouldn't it start in the Find field? Why, when I Copy a series of characters from my document that includes a Manual Line Break, does it consistently change that symbol to a Paragraph Break when I Paste it into the Find field? It makes no sense whatsoever. Word has behaved like this for years, and they never fix it.

I keep having this warped feeling that Office will get better each time they relaunch it. i think I have finally learned that it doesn't. A company that omits past features in new versions doesn't deserve our business. I can't figure out why they take them out. Do they consciously feel we do not need them? Or do they just forget? And forcing us to keep 160 or more built-in styles that clutter up the window is just absurd.

Why Microsoft can't learn to make things easy and simple, the way Apple does, is beyond me. I will be starting to look for open-source and other options.
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on January 30, 2011
I have been using Office as well as the individual applications (W, X, P) since they were available on the Mac. I moved form Office 2008 to 2011 primarily because I thought that Outlook might be a better email application than Entourage. There was lots of expectation by all, including me. The ability to use Outlook with an exchange server to link up calendars, etc. with other folks didn't apply to me because i work out of my home. I did expect to see big benefits in general while moving to Outlook. I had experience with my wife's PC, which used an older version of Outlook on the PC and I saw a few features (like contacts organized in alphabetic "blocks" rather than a stream of A to Z names) that I liked. Outlook for Mac didn't offer the features I looked for. I guess MS will tell you it is almost identical to Outlook for Windows. Perhaps it is, perhaps not. Small things annoy. For example, if you need to delete an email one at a time in a string of read emails, you need to start with the one highest on the list because the cursor next goes to the one below it, the reverse of Entourage. And if convert your old emails from Entourage to Outlook, the "See Reply" feature doesn't work unless the email and reply was first created in Outlooka minor inconvenience but one nevertheless. Next, you can't "share" photos from iPhoto with Outlook. There is no support from either Apple or MS. You need to move photos from iPhoto to the desktop and then add them to your Outlook as an attachment. I send lots photos from iPhoto so this was a major issue for me. Speaking about attachments, Outlook creates compressed files out of large ones and sends them as ZIP files that some users can't decompress and read. This was not always the case and calls to MS support couldn't help with a common response of "we're not completely up to date on Outlook 2011 for MAC, so wait for updates for these issues." There are other "issues," but I solved all by going back to Entourage. Word, Excel and PP 2011 are fine, no obvious problem, but skip Outlook unless you need cross-platform support in a corporate environment and your IT department allows Macs (good luck with that one).
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on October 31, 2014
So when you need to keep the formatting of original office files from your PC friends then you need this software. Otherwise is memory eating bloatware from Microsoft. I try to use pages and numbers when I can but many times I get files from others and need to keep the formatting from being changed. I do like Outlook over Entourage, but I still had to install a 3rd party spam filter.
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on January 17, 2011
I pre-ordered MS Office for 2011 Business Edition prior to it's official release. One key reason was to replace Entourage, a totally buggy and crappy program, with Outlook. Soon after the purchase I learned that the Outlook calendar and notes would not synch with the Apple Iphone and Ipad. For those interested, this was October 29th, 2010. Today, January 17th, 2011 this functionality still does not exist. I just got off the phone with a MM Tech Support Rep would said, I understand your frustration, developers know about this and will eventually fix it. The key word is "eventually." There is no definite day when this will be done. In my view, the nearly 4 years between releases (MS Office 2008 for Mac was released in 2007) should be more than enough time to come out with a solid product.

I guess this proves, if anyone doubted it, that the folks in Redmond, Washington DO NOT REALLY CARE about supporting Apple based products.
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VINE VOICEon September 6, 2012
When I bought Office 2011, Microsoft had not yet created a version that looked good on the MacBook pro with Retina.

The pixelation wasn't unbearable, but it wasn't pleasant.

Now, Microsoft has released an update to make it compatible with the Retina screen, and it's so much better.

After installing, just use the Microsoft update feature (if it doesn't launch automatically) to download and install the update to make it look better on the Retina.

After updating, I noticed that there was no change to how Office looked on screen - still pixelated on the Retina.

I saw there were a couple of different solutions suggested from users across the web. Copying and pasting the app file, and then deleting the old worked for some. Others used the "touch" command which updates the file date. It seems like the old version was being cached and it needed a quick refresh. After running the touch command, it worked great (you know, for a Microsoft product).
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on July 14, 2013
I bought this almost exclusively for Outlook so I could use my Mac for my exchange email. It works about 20% of the time. I constantly have to delete my "Identity" in order to get it to download new mail and be able to send mail after starting and then opening the app on my Mac. I dealt with it for a while and finally just got tired of it. I decided to just do work email from my phone in the native mac mail app which works great. Don't waste your time or money on this product. I had read the reviews and decided to role the dice even though there were many negative reviews just like this one...won't do that again. I gave it TWO starts though because Excel, Word, and Powerpoint DO work well and I have all but stopped using Pages, Numbers, and Keynote which are just a little cumbersome as far as some of the menus.
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on May 27, 2012
With two computers needing the software I needed the two license version of Office 2011. The software installed on both computers without a problem and pulled down the latest software upgrade, again without a problem. Naturally there are some differences between the Office 2004 version I was using on my old computer and this version. I'm still learning the new software's way of doing things. So far, I've been able to get done what needed to be done with the new software. I haven't used the MS-Word mail merge feature yet and I don't really need MS-PowerPoint. MS-Excel works great and has allowed me to execute and update my VBA macros created with the 2004 version. I've noticed that both MS-Word and MS-Excel save an existing file using the version of the existing file without asking. This is a good thing for me as it allows me to continue to use my older computer when necessary.

I'm not a MS-Windows user so I can't compare the Mac version to the Windows version, however, as a Mac user I can recommend this version of MS Office for Mac.
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