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on January 14, 2012
There has been enough written about using Microsoft's office apps versus Apple's on the iMac. I'll not rehash that here. I need every feature I can get my hands on so I checked Amazon today for the best price on Office 2011 for the Mac. Given that I only have one Mac in the house I was happy to see I could save a few bucks on the 1 license/1 mac version.

Then I saw the download version available and wondered if I should do that or wait the two days for the disks. The item description said it could take from 1 hour and 30 minutes to 5 hours to download. One of the reviewers said the download didn't work. I thought I'd take the risk anyway given I have all the latest hardware and software, fast cable internet connection, a little bit of tech knowledge, trust Amazon to take care of its customers, and am increasingly enjoying the new world of online availability of everything without having to store disks.

So here's my take: It took me 8 minutes to download the software and 4 minutes to install it. Then I had to get back on Amazon for the software key, as you need to quit Safari to finish the install. Upon starting the software it checked for updates and I needed to install service pack 1 which took another couple of minutes. All in all the process was completely error free and under 20 minutes. It doesn't get any better than this! Highly recommend!

The only reason I might reconsider the digital download is if I was unsure about my internet or hardware/software setup. But if that was the case, then I wouldn't be looking at Office 2011 anyway, as it might not work well on my setup anyway. The thing people need to remember is that upgrading necessitates upgrading -- the best way to keep your old hardware is to keep your old software, but when you want the latest and greatest, be prepared for the costs for all the latest to go with it.
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on November 5, 2011
It may have had some bugs before (which is probably why it has some low reviews) but the current version works smoothly with OS X Lion. I had no problems installing it or putting in the product code. Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint all work just like they do on windows and docs/presentations/spreadsheets can be transfered to windows computers. So far I've had no problems with any of the 3 and am very pleased with my purchase. A must have for all Mac users.

Do note that it comes with Word, Powerpoint and Excel. If you want Outlook you need another version that includes it or you can but this version and buy Outlook later. This version will give you the Outlook icon when you install the other 3 and if you click on it you have the option to buy Outlook.
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on June 9, 2012
I like the convenience of a digital download along with the fact that I can re-download it at any time through amazon services. Why didn't someone think of this earlier? It eliminates the risk of someone losing the CD.
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on April 11, 2013
I purchased a Macbook back in January 2011, which I still really like, yet I could not get used to using the Numbers and Pages programs that came with it. I work with Excel and Word each and every day at work. When I lost my job in October 2012 and had to update and send resumes off, it was way too difficult to do this with the Apple/Mac programs. I broke down and purchased Office for Mac, and it was the best thing I could have done. It was simple to install, and it is so much easier to use Excel for spreadsheets and Word for resumes. Just wish I had done it sooner; it would have saved some headaches.
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on January 15, 2015
OK, so I don;t hate the product, but we learned the hard way that you should not buy this product from Amazon (buy it directly from Microsoft if you really want it). We bought this software and installed it on our Macbook. Over Christmas, 2014, our little nephew accidentally spilled water on our Macbook rendering it no longer usable. We bought a new Macbook from Amazon (almost $2400 in cost), and we thought we were all set because we had a backup on our Apple time machine. We restored all of the software and data onto the new Macbook, but Microsoft Office for Mac won't work because it is looking for the product activation key. We cannot locate the old box and called Microsoft who said that since we did not buy it from them, they cannot help us and we should contact the retailer. So, we contacted Amazon who said that this was purchased through a 3rd party reseller, Microidea, so we should contact them. So, we contacted Microidea who said the code is locked inside the retail packaging (i.e. the box), so they cannot help us either. Basically, the backup didn't restore the application as we expected. I think we will probably just turn to Google docs instead of giving another dime to Microsoft/Amazon/Microidea.
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on November 9, 2012
Quick review that's half about Office 2011 as a product, half about Amazon's direct-download experience. Both were great.

Upgraded to Office 2011 when we got a new Mac which could no longer run Office 2004. Kind of annoying to have to upgrade, but it is a way way better product... easily 10x faster than the old version we had, and glad to be rid of the floating toolbars. It did take a few hours after it was installed to download and install the long series of Microsoft updates one after another after another... really guys, you can't find a better system to just update me once to the latest rev vs. making me do 10+ sequential updates?

Amazon's direct-download was perfect. Was my first time so wasn't sure what to expect, but really really good. Got the software down and installed in about 15mins, well less than the couple hour estimate. Install key was quick and flawless. Up and running super quick, and without having to wait for shipping.

All in all recommend both the product and the direct download.
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on January 22, 2014
It is Microsoft Office that runs on a Mac, plain and simple. You get all the good and bad that comes with Office.
1. If you already know how to use Office for the PC, there is almost no learning curve. This product is very similar.
2. The files are completely compatible between the PC and Mac versions.
3. In addition to the annoying tool ribbon that Microsoft introduced with Office 2007, Office for the Mac retains the classic pull down menus that the PC version lost. The pull down menu is nearly identical to the old menus where the items are more logically organized and easier to find and also lend themselves better to keyboard commands. In this way it is BETTER than the PC version.
4. Runs VBA macros, as long as they are not too complex.
5. If you don't need all the fancy office bits that come in the "pro" version, this software is a better bargain than Office 365 where you simply pay $100 to rent the software for a year. For a little more, you can run this software forever.

1. Keyboard shortcuts are not always the same as the PC version. Most are the same, but not all. Some menu items do not have keyboard shortcuts so I have to take my hands off the keyboard and use the mouse, which slows me down.
2. The triggering mechanism for VBA macros is different between the Mac and the PC version. For example a button placed on a spreadsheet in the PC version that runs a macro will not work properly in the Mac version
3. Advanced VBA code gives runtime errors in the Mac version when they work ok in the PC version.
4. On a rare occasion, Office for Mac will remind you it is not perfect by the occasional hiccup or crash, but it is not excessive.

I recommend this product for anybody who NEEDS to use Office for the Mac or does not want to take the time to learn Apple's Pages, Numbers or Keynote.
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on April 14, 2014
I am very frustrated about this not working, I have gone back and forth, from amazon to Microsoft trying to get this resolved. I finally received a refund from Amazon. After all the hassle, I still don't have the software that I needed two days ago. The question is, do I try to download again or spend the extra money and buy it a different way. This was a total pain in my neck!!!!
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on September 5, 2011
What can I say? It's Office. In fact, it's a fairly accurate Mac port of Windows's Office 2010. For those who became accustomed to the Mac-specific workflow in Office 2008, you may be disappointed to see that it was scrapped entirely and Office 2011 now has the standard ribbon interface and functionality. For those of you who had to use the PC Office at work, this may be something of a relief -- learned operations now cross over between platforms.

As of this writing (September 2011), Office 2011 does not have OS X Lion functionality such as full-screen and autosave. If you care, hold off on buying, as Microsoft has assured us that an update to add those functions will eventually be released. The program works just fine in Lion; it simply runs as though the OS was Snow Leopard.

The reality is that, as of today, iWork doesn't cut it for professional work. It can't do the heavy lifting. You can't write high-end academic work in it because its reference handling is woefully deficient, and you can't write anything that includes extensive tables and charts because neither Pages nor Numbers will render certain elements properly. So, despite being more elegant, intuitive, easier to use and more transparent, iWork isn't an option on the table. Right now, if you're doing serious publishing or spreadsheeting work and you don't want to drop a mortgage payment to get Pagemaker... your options are Office or nothing. It's tough to get paid while you're using nothing, so Office it is!
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on December 20, 2014
I have used Office since it was first released aeons ago. This download version was a problem. I was working away on the airplane when suddenly Word stopped and I was given a new screen; the option to signup for Office 365 or quit working with Office. It seems that Microsoft in its greed makes this option come up when it checks for update and there is no internet and declares your Office invalid. I had a project due. Signed up the the wifi on the plane ($10) went to Amazon and download OfficeMac Home and Student 2011, took almost 2 hours and then could not get it registered. On landing, Called Office Support where they told me that I could either sign up for the Office 365 subscription Or pay them to fix the problem, Went on for 72 minutes of troubleshooting, asked to talk to a supervisor, after third request was transferred. While i was waiting, found the in the Microsoft download. The Office supervisor was not willing to fix their problem without charging me until I asked him why Microsoft had embedded the Office 365 app into the download. He quickly said they would fix the problem but I had to buy yet another copy of Office Mac Home and Student 2011 from them that did not contain the Office365 App. (really? they are sabotaging any non-Microsoft download? Amazon, how do you feel about that?) Microsoft really does not want us to own Office and are taking aggressive measures to force us into monthly payments to Office 365.
The tech went through my computer and removed of EVERY Microsoft file (including those in the library) to undo the damage their programming took almost another 2 hours.
Be careful, remove all the office 365apps before you install the download AND do not use automatic update- seems that can mess you up when you are out of wireless range. Microsoft is what you are doing legal???
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