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on November 5, 2011
It may have had some bugs before (which is probably why it has some low reviews) but the current version works smoothly with OS X Lion. I had no problems installing it or putting in the product code. Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint all work just like they do on windows and docs/presentations/spreadsheets can be transfered to windows computers. So far I've had no problems with any of the 3 and am very pleased with my purchase. A must have for all Mac users.

Do note that it comes with Word, Powerpoint and Excel. If you want Outlook you need another version that includes it or you can but this version and buy Outlook later. This version will give you the Outlook icon when you install the other 3 and if you click on it you have the option to buy Outlook.
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on January 15, 2015
OK, so I don;t hate the product, but we learned the hard way that you should not buy this product from Amazon (buy it directly from Microsoft if you really want it). We bought this software and installed it on our Macbook. Over Christmas, 2014, our little nephew accidentally spilled water on our Macbook rendering it no longer usable. We bought a new Macbook from Amazon (almost $2400 in cost), and we thought we were all set because we had a backup on our Apple time machine. We restored all of the software and data onto the new Macbook, but Microsoft Office for Mac won't work because it is looking for the product activation key. We cannot locate the old box and called Microsoft who said that since we did not buy it from them, they cannot help us and we should contact the retailer. So, we contacted Amazon who said that this was purchased through a 3rd party reseller, Microidea, so we should contact them. So, we contacted Microidea who said the code is locked inside the retail packaging (i.e. the box), so they cannot help us either. Basically, the backup didn't restore the application as we expected. I think we will probably just turn to Google docs instead of giving another dime to Microsoft/Amazon/Microidea.
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on August 14, 2014
This was an upgrade, trying to free myself of some problems with earlier versions of Word and be up to date with PowerPoint. I have no idea what the people at Microsoft are thinking - obviously, Office is designed by code engineers who do not write for a living. Currently, I am wrestling with Word's insistence on using a French dictionary to spell check some - and only some - of the words in my documents. It insists the word "will" is incorrect. Yes, I have adjusted the language preferences both in Windows and Word (I succeeded in stopping the French from underlining "could" but they will not release "will"). For some reason, someone decided that, in addition to an English dictionary, writers of English needed to have French and Spanish dictionaries check their spelling. Unlike WordPerfect, you cannot find and delete the code that originally turned on the French or identified "will" as French without going into some very dark places involving HTML, etc. Though a patch was promised years ago when this problem was first identified, now M$ says everything is fine in the subscription-based Office and why don't I buy into that? Currently I am investigating to see if OpenOffice will work in providing a path for building Kindle books (it works fine for eBooks using a plug-in, something Word does not do). If it does, I'm switching.
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on September 12, 2017
Well, what can I say, you HAVE to have Office so you'll just have to buy it. Unbelievably poor text handling in Word. Why can't Word be better? Because it's a cash cow without spending any additional effort to improve it. You'll need the other software inside "Office" too, so... you HAVE to buy it. Excel and PowerPoint work flawlessly. Word is poor, but it's okay for things like writing recipes.
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on September 5, 2011
What can I say? It's Office. In fact, it's a fairly accurate Mac port of Windows's Office 2010. For those who became accustomed to the Mac-specific workflow in Office 2008, you may be disappointed to see that it was scrapped entirely and Office 2011 now has the standard ribbon interface and functionality. For those of you who had to use the PC Office at work, this may be something of a relief -- learned operations now cross over between platforms.

As of this writing (September 2011), Office 2011 does not have OS X Lion functionality such as full-screen and autosave. If you care, hold off on buying, as Microsoft has assured us that an update to add those functions will eventually be released. The program works just fine in Lion; it simply runs as though the OS was Snow Leopard.

The reality is that, as of today, iWork doesn't cut it for professional work. It can't do the heavy lifting. You can't write high-end academic work in it because its reference handling is woefully deficient, and you can't write anything that includes extensive tables and charts because neither Pages nor Numbers will render certain elements properly. So, despite being more elegant, intuitive, easier to use and more transparent, iWork isn't an option on the table. Right now, if you're doing serious publishing or spreadsheeting work and you don't want to drop a mortgage payment to get Pagemaker... your options are Office or nothing. It's tough to get paid while you're using nothing, so Office it is!
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on December 29, 2010
I'm going to limit my review to Word, as I have not used the other programs in the new Office very much yet.

Sometimes flaws are considered "features" by their creators. I suspect that this is true of some of the things I consider flaws in Word for Mac 2011.

First, let me say that Word is an excellent advanced Word Processor, and the 2011 version is no exception. It IS advanced, however, and sometimes it does seem like rocket science to do the simplest things.

The ribbons can be wonderful or an annoyance. Sometimes they have just what you want on them, and other times you search and search, and what was there previously is simply not there. Evidently what is currently on the ribbon has to do what you currently have selected.

As with previous editions, Word sometimes decides abruptly to change your margins or spacing. You may have to play with it a good while to get them back to where you want them. The spacing is sometimes buggy.

I use both Pages and Office, depending on what I'm doing. Neither completely satisfies my needs. Each offers some things the other does not. Office has more advanced features, but Pages is easier in general to use.

Here are some random observations about this edition of Word.

I've used the spell checker in both Spanish and English, and find it helpful.

Text highlight colors (not the kind when you are selecting texts; rather when you want to leave a permanent highlight on text) are all extreme except the light gray. They need to add some pastels or middle values rather than those intense colors. They would still stand out against the white background, but wouldn't look so gauche.

Word does not follow some normal Mac shortcuts. For example, command (apple) plus (+) does not make font one size larger. Instead, it toggles between two sizes. Using a MacBook Pro, most of the fkey shortcuts do not work, and would require major work on my part to get them to be friendly with both their normal use, and using them with Office. Given the number of us that use MBP's these days, this should have been addressed.

The new compatibility check is annoying. I should not have to do a compatibility check every time I save something to be sure it is compatible. Either make it compatible or not. (I would understand for graphics, but for text? Come on!)

There are some nice new templates included. I did notice, however, that templates that I should be able to download and use from Microsoft's site, are often impossible to get.

I'm not happy with the way Word does outlines. It seems like it is supposed to do it the way I want it (in the traditional style) but, I have spent a lot of wasted time trying to get it to act that way, and it simply doesn't work for me. So either it is too complicated for normal use, or it is buggy. (I suspect buggy, since I've followed the help directions.)

Why so many steps for so many things?

Having pointed out these annoyances, I still come to the same conclusion as I started with. It's advanced. If you are someone who spends hours daily using a word processor, it is probably the best choice available.
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on November 18, 2012
I've never been a big Microsoft fan. But if you want to do business in this world, MS Word is the only viable option for word processing. This update includes a lot of unnecessary changes in the presentation of the function bars. So you'll waste time learning where things are and how they operate. Which is pretty much exactly the same as the previous version of Word for the Mac. This update is also missing a few useful features from past versions - such as the ability to have the program calculate page totals when putting page counts in headers or footers. If you use a Mac and don't have to use Word for your business, you'll probably be much happier with Pages. It's cheap, easy to learn, and has all the features most users need.
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on February 7, 2012
I'm writing to reassure any prospective buyer that I've been using MS Office on my new Mac, running Lion, with NO problems for the past month. Ironically, I have had problems with almost every OTHER program since switching to Lion, but not Office--which I was dreading because of many negative reviews here and elsewhere. I ran the trial version first, but I bought the program through Amazon because I saved a little money, and also got the disk, which can be useful. The key I got with my Amazon software was instantly accepted. I'm not in love with Word; and the new version has been "improved" in ways I don't always like, but I have about a million documents in Word, and I didn't want to worry problems with pagination, etc., from switching to a new program. (If it ain't broke, don't start fixing it, or you might end up in a world of trouble.) So--if you want MS Office for your Mac, but you've been hanging back--GO FOR IT!
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on July 31, 2015
Don't get me wrong Microsoft Office is a great program. It would be even better if it were in my native language ENGLISH. I would not be so disappointed with this purchase if perhaps the description said it was in Spanish. I ordered this product under the impression that it would be in English due to the fact that the name of Microsoft Office:Mac Home and Student is written in English. Then when I received this product, I did what everyone else would do. I just stuck the CD into my computer to install. The installation process was in English BUT once I clicked on Word every thing was in Spanish. I took the CD out of my computer and written on it was Office: Mac Hogar Y Estudiantes. I thought maybe being the airhead that I am that perhaps I accidentally ordered it in Spanish however no where on the description does it say anything about it being in Spanish and it does have Hogar Y Estudiantes as the name of the product. Since I already opened this software I could not return it or receive . I would advise customers to purchase this software elsewhere. Thank You.
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on November 3, 2016
Still the best word-processing program for me, even years later. Has stood up to thousands of documents of varying types. I hardly used the spreadsheet, presentation, or mail software, so I can't comment on these. Would have just bought the word processing part to save money, if I could.
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