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I used to install office furniture (put myself through college that way) and know a fair amount about the construction quality of office chairs. I've probably assembled several thousand of them, everything from Global to Herman Miller to Hon. I've also built the cheap off-brand chairs that big-box office retailers sell. Usually, the less expensive the chair, the lower the quality. A good office chair from a top-shelf brand that matches this chair's design and characteristics would cost 2-3x what this chair does.

Usually the difference in cost is due to poor quality plastic parts, a poor quality pneumatic lift mechanism, lower grade leather (if applicable), and junk casters that don't roll freely. After building this chair and testing it out, I can say that it is a very well made chair with quality parts, except for the arm rests. The pneumatics are strong and even and fully support even a large male (I weight 205lbs). The leather seat cushion is comfortable, not over or under stuffed, and sewn with heavy gauge stitching which won't fail quickly. The caster are adequate, and while not quite as nice as those on a premium chair, do roll easily and freely without getting stuck, even on office carpet. The mechanical levers for seat adjustments are well placed and are easy to adjust. The machine quality of the metal parts is good, and the whole chair assembly is firm and well built.

The mesh back is responsive, firm, and comfortable. While not adjustable as on some much more expensive models, it does support a variety of back types adequately. If you prefer a very 'cushy' chair back such as an overstuffed chair, this is NOT the chair for you. This is a firm back and lower lumbar support type of chair.

What this chair lacks is quality arm rests. They are concave, which is a decent design for those with thinner arms, but if you are a larger person, they can and will become uncomfortable. They are also made of slightly tacky plastic, which doesn't breathe and is much less desirable than leather arm rests in my opinion.

Aside from the arm rests, this is a really nice office chair that's built to last. It's well worth the price, and is comparable enough to more expensive models to make it a solid purchase.

Assembly tip: either get a 3-point Phillips head screwdriver or a hand wrench to tighten down the machine screws that attach the arms and chair base. A small screwdriver will not be sufficient and you'll find yourself needing to re-tighten them constantly. Trust me, it's better to get them extremely tight the first time around using the correct tool.
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on March 3, 2016
Chair came in two days (via Prime). Approximately 40lb box. No padding inside, but the parts were arranged in a way that kept everything mostly secure. Took <20 minutes to assemble. Instructions included - (Photo below). Only required tool was an allen wrench, which was included with the screws and washers that came with the chair.

For those asking, the chair does rock/lean back. You can adjust the tension via a knob underneath the chair. It is also designed to give the option of locking the chair in the upright position. This is done by pushing in the level that is used to raise and lower the chair. To allow it to tilt again, you just simply pull the lever back into the "out" position. Maneuverability is great! The wheels move freely and seem well made.

Another popular question is whether or not this chair is suitable for short(er) people. I am 5'10 - It suits me perfectly. In this highest position (which I will probably never use), with my back fully against the backrest, my feet are about 2 inches off the floor. I mostly use the chair at about 40% of it's maximum height. Feel sit flat on the floor no problem.

I bought this chair as an upgrade to my old one, which was a $50 mid back office chair from Wal-Mart. This was a significant upgrade, and right away, I knew my back pain would be alleviated. Like many of you shopping for an item like this, I work from home, and sit at my desk for at 6-8hrs/day, sometimes more. The support that this chair offers is not the absolute best you could find, but at this price point, it definitely delivers. The backrest stays cool thanks to the breathable mesh. My previous chair had practically zero 'lift' remaining in the padding of the seat, which was extremely uncomfortable. The seat on this chair is much more solid, but not in the sense that it is hard at all. It's just simply made much better and offers more comfort.

I gave 4 out of 5 stars because although the convenience of the adjustable arms is nice, they aren't very sturdy. The upper half of the arm rest (basically above the button you press to raise/lower them) moves around slightly in the highest position. That being said, I would not let that factor deter you from purchasing this chair. Oh, and the material on top where your arms sits does have some give to it. It isn't hard plastic, but it isn't a soft cushion either. Reference the photo below where I am pushing on it with my thumb. I would classify that 5th start regarding the armrests under "sturdiness" if nothing else, but the overall build of the chair is great!

In one of the photos I attached, I left one armrest in the lowest position and moved the other one to the highest so that you can see how much range they have. Happy with this purchase. If something changes, I will come back and update!
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on November 5, 2014
This chair designed as an acceptable substitute/imitation of the famous Aeron office chair, costing a sixth the Aeron's price, but with most of the comfort and ergonomics.

However, the chair I received has a defect in the way the back material is attached to the sides via staples. Just after 30 days of owning the chair (after Amazon's return period expired), the staples are coming out on one side, and I fear the back material will start separating from the sides soon. I'm pushing the staples back in every once in a while, but they're not holding firmly and come out again shortly thereafter. Some are already completely out.
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on November 5, 2015
This chair is very comfortable. I have had it for one year (purchased in October 2014). The chair started squeaking almost immediately and needs WD-40 every month or so to keep it greased.

The armrest on the left side of the chair has also started to come apart. The right side seems fine, but this one is pretty bad. I have contacted the manufacturer about replacing it and they are currently giving me the runaround (telling me to contact Amazon).

We'll see. For now, I would skip this and pool your money for slightly more expensive brand-name chair.

UPDATE: Still have not received contact from the manufacturer regarding replacement of the defective part as of 2/10/16 (more than 6 months).
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on November 3, 2015
Love this chair, just put it together in a few minutes. Very comfortable, I expect to be able to use it for hours without feeling any metal in the base.

I especially like how it leans back. The back of the chair leans normally but while doing so, the base also leans slightly. Happy medium between just the back leaning and the whole chair leaning. Perfect!
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on April 26, 2015
I have used this chair in my home office for the last 6 months.

I am 6' 175 and I found the seat cushion to be way to large. When by back is all the way against the backrest, where it is supposed to be, the backs of my knees are pressed up into the seat of the chair.

If you have a giant gluteus maximus and long legs this chair would probably work very well for you, but for my body it is just a little too uncomfortable. If I could adjust the depth of the seat cushion relative to the back rest I think I could make it work for me, but as it is I will be getting rid of it and buying a chair that provides adjustable seat depth.
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on June 14, 2015
Installation process:
Easy to do as most office chairs are straight forward. You'd have to go out of your way to mess up the installation.

-Adjustable armrest
-Comfy seat for my big arse.

The only gripe I have is that I can't adjust the backrest angle. I'm able to either lock it into the 90-degree position or unlock it so it can go back as my back is willing. If you're heavy set like me it will go back pretty far, but not all the way back. It's got good resistance. Although I did not have an issue with this due to usually keeping the chair at 90-degree position, it would have been nice to been given the option.

Since the con does not bother me, giving it five stars. It's worth the money.
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on July 21, 2016
I was at the doctor's office today and I noticed that they were assembling a few of these chairs. Must be a good sign.

My only comparison is the cheap Walmart-special I've been using for the past few years.

The padding in this chair is excellent. My butt gives it 5 stars. I'm 6'4" and this is definitely made for taller people. Ergonomic back support works well and the mesh is solidly attached. I'm not sure how durable this "eco leather" will be. It was attractive as I'm a vegan. I had to stay away from porous materials as my old chair was starting to smell funky.

I'm sitting for 7+ hours a day and it's been good on my body after 1 week . It also looks quite stylish. The 5 year limited warranty is very impressive.
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on October 14, 2017
I purchased this chair to replace my old office chair of 15 years. It was worn and ugly but still serviceable. I had used chairs like this one at work and thought I would like one for my home office so I treated myself by purchasing this one. It has been a very comfortable chair. I have no complaints about the comfort. The durability of this chair is another story. I've had this chair for 15 months and it is ready for the landfill. The back feels so loose that I am afraid to lean back against it. The silver plastic trim pieces have broken off of 3 legs of the base. A seam in the material on one of the armrests has separated; I found this seam with my left hand when it gave me a nasty cut (similar to a paper cut). The chair was very noisy even when it was new (creaks and squeaks) and has gotten progressively noisier over it's annoyingly short lifetime. I am in the market for a new office chair (already) and it won't be another one of these. Not happy!
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on August 26, 2016
Seat cushion is super comfortable. Firm but comfortable for extended periods of sitting.

I'm 5'4 and 130 lbs and I agree with the other reviewer that this seat is made for taller people. My back doesn't reach the back part without extending my knee, and my feet don't sit flat on the floor even with the lowest setting.

I still gave it 4 stars because it was easy to build. This was my first time building anything, and it was a breeze. It is comfortable. I don't sit still when I'm working with my computer so sometimes I would have one knee up, then legs crossed, then lean back (with pillow for lumbar support since i can't sit all the way back), then indian sit (cross cross Apple sauce).. so the seat works for me, even with its short comings (or my legs short comings? Lol)
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