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on January 21, 2013
Unless you've avoided computers entirely for the last decade you've probably come across at least one of the microsoft office programs so I won't go into great detail on what they do, but I will say that upgrading from the office 2008 that I was running on my computer seems to have been worth it. Macros seem to run more smoothly in excel, the template selection is a little more complete in word and power point, and although I haven't taken advantage of any of the cloud services that the program now offers (storing documents online for use in another spot, real time cooperative editing (a bit like google docs), etc) its nice to know they are available should I want to access them.

The two major things I wanted to address with my review though were the ease of download, easy product registration, and free upgrade offer through microsoft. Initially I was worried about buying a multi pack online. I could foresee losing the registration codes or having difficulty getting it to install on my non primary computers (3 licenses one for me, one for my girlfriend, and one for a lucky buddy). None of this was an issue. All I had to do was log into my amazon account on each computer, and download the product from my games and software library (its at the bottom of your "My Account" dropdown menu if you're having trouble finding it. The registration code is stored with the install file (yay nothing to lose) and there is just a single registration code for all three downloads (you'll need an internet connection to register the product as it looks like the code is checked versus an online registry to see how many times it has been used). And thats it. It really was that easy. There's no disk to scratch, no codes to misplace, and if I accidentally delete the program amazon will let me download another copy. I couldn't recommend the online version of the product any more highly over the cd version.

Beyond deciding between CD and online versions, I had to decide whether to upgrade now or wait for Office 2013 to come out, but microsoft has made that decision easy. I know that time sensitive information is not supposed to be included in reviews, and I can't guarantee that microsoft will continue this offer, but for now if you google "microsoft office upgrade offer" the first page that comes up is a link to microsoft's website where you can put in an email and they will remind you when office 2013 comes out and they'll let you download it for free (I assume based on your registration code for this version). So there isn't a great reason to wait if thats all thats holding you back.

MS Office has been the standard for office productivity software for years. This version is worth upgrading to and there is no reason you shouldn't download and install it on your computer today.

5 stars

The offer is now live (January 29, 2013) and I have to make a quick correction about the terms of the offer that I wish I had understood before. Microsoft has not (as of yet and may not ever) released Office 2013 for Mac (windows only release). They have released a different product (Office 365) that works on a subscription basis ($99 per year) that gives you access to all of the office programs on 5 computers, some cloud storage, and some other new features. If you purchase this product you are offered a free one year subscription of this service (and then you'll have to start paying if you want to keep it). I'm a little disappointed by this only because I thought the offer was going to GIVE me office 2013 and I could use it for the next several years. I've sent an email to Microsoft customer support to try to clarify when/if Office 2013 will eventually be available for Mac and whether it would then become part of this deal. Updates to come...

UPDATE TWO (January 31, 2013)
I did not receive an email response from Microsoft so I used their online support chat feature to ask about the upgrade offer. I've posted the transcript below because I didn't feel that the service agent provided an absolutely clear answer to my questions. From what I understand the only current offer available is Office 365 (which doesn't even come with full functionality for mac at this time). When office 2013/4/5 for Mac is released Office 365 will update with new features. It sounded like we may also be offered a chance to upgrade to the new non subscription version of Office, but read the transcript and let me know how you interpret it in the comments.


You are now chatting with 'Argel'.
William Hohenschuh: I am disappointed with the "free upgrade" offer for Office 2011 users. I feel mislead that the offer claimed to be for the "new" Office and now my only option appears to be the subscription based Office 365. If I hold out and do not accept this offer can I have the next full (and permanent) version of Office for Mac when it is released?
Argel: Welcome to Microsoft Customer Service Chat. Please give me a moment while I review your question. Would that be alright?
Argel: We actually have two version of Office that we released. The first one is Office 2013 which only compatible with Windows based PC. The other one is Office 365 which is a cloud based Office, it can be installed with either PC or Mac. Office 365 uses the latest version of Office, since there is no new version of Office for Mac yet , the user interface would be Office for Mac 2011 but once the new Office for Mac releases a new version, you can update your Office 365.
Argel: Then it will be changed to the newer version.
Argel: I hope the above information would be beneficial to you. Did I fully address your concern for today?
William Hohenschuh: I understand that. However I see that new purchasers of office 2010 for PCs have been given the option of a year subscription to office 365 or an upgraded to office 2013 (which they can presumably use forever). I'm asking if I hold out now and do not take the "free upgrade" to office 365 will I have the option of getting a permanent version of the next office for mac or is this the only offer?
Argel: I will be right with you.
William Hohenschuh: I just don't think that getting a year subscription is the same thing as a potentially permanent upgrade as many of us use office products for several years without upgrading
Argel: I apologize but we do have an eligibility date for this offer. If you fail to redeem the free Office 365 subscription for one year, then you might not get it. Here's what I suggest, claim the Office 365 offer since that is the only thing that is available. Then once the new Office for Mac releases a new version, then for sure there would be another offer for you to grab.
William Hohenschuh: and accepting this offer wouldn't exclude me from that offer?
Argel: Yes William.
Argel: For now, that is the only offer which is available for Mac and it is free anyways.
William Hohenschuh: ok thank you
Argel: No worries. My goal is to ensure that your experience with Microsoft Customer Service leaves you pleased with our products and services.
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on November 8, 2016
Provides all the functionality of the original versions on a Windows machine for your Mac. I use Excel quite heavily, and find the user interface a little different from the Windows version. There's a bit of a learning curve to use all the features of Excel. My spreadsheets are very large (40,000 rows), and it is not unusual for the program to crash on the Mac (the Mac is fine, but Excel quits). Frustrating! Also, some operations (a search-and-replace on those 40,000 rows, for example) seem to take some time on my iMac. The same macro on the same spreadsheet runs super quick on my old and slow Windows laptop.

Have only used Word a little bit, seems ok. Likewise I've never experienced any problems with Powerpoint for Mac.

Overall, I'd suggest that using the programs native to your OS is the best course (MS software with Windows, Apple with Mac), but MS Office is such a widespread standard there is really no replacement. Apple's Numbers won't even begin to touch my huge spreadsheets; Keynote is great but when I make presentations a copy in Powerpoint is always necessary (and not everything converts properly from Keynote). And for laying words on a page I find nothing is better than MS Word (although I much prefer Apple's Pages to add photos or graphics).

So if you need the Office applications this will work just fine for you. But think about your needs. If you have a Mac, there are some very good options already available.
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on July 22, 2011
Just upgraded to Mac OS X Lion, and this software DOES work flawlessly with the new OS. I had read that others have had problems, but we have intel iMacs and Mac Minis in our offices and it works great on all of them.

We were using the windows version of office 2010 with parallells on our Macs, but the dedicated Mac version of Office is much more user friendly and elegant.
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on May 10, 2012
This is a superb product from Microsoft and priced affordably. Unlike the previous version of Office for Mac (2008), Office Mac 2011 once again supports Visual Basic for Applications macros, which is essential if you want to do any serious work involving automation in Excel. Also important is the fact that Office Mac 2011 files are totally Windows friendly. File types are exactly the same.

One caution with installation of the Home & Student version, however. The easy install puts the email program, Outlook, on your hard drive as well, which is not part of the Home & Student Microsoft Office product. If you try to open Outlook, it tries to sell you an upgrade. To avoid this, do a Custom install, unchecking Outlook in the Custom Install dialog box.

Other than this, this is the second version of Office to use the weird tab menu arrangement introduced with Office 2007/2008, and I'm still getting used to it. Darned inconvenient having to use some of these panels at times, when some of my favorite keystrokes, now eliminated, used to do the same things a lot quicker.
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on October 11, 2011
First, note that I'm a devoted Mac guy. That said, I recognize that MS Office is "The Standard" when it comes to word processing and spreadsheets on personal computers. I have many work colleagues who run Windows and I need to have seamless document exchanges with them. For that I feel I need Office. When I ran Office 2008 for the Mac I had some difficulties here and there (mathematical equations in particular). But 2011 is very compatible (no issues yet). Furthermore, using Office 2011 to read my files from Office 2008 works perfectly. Word 2011 handles any equations and formatting my colleagues throw at me from Windows Office. Excel 2011 handles a rather complex spreadsheet from Office 2008.

I didn't get the version with Outlook because I planned on continuing to use Entourage 2008 with the MS Exchange Server at work. That worked fine, but after a week or so I changed to using Apple Mail. Now my Mac mail looks like my iPhone/iPad mail -- a convenience.

The download approach worked perfectly onto a mid-2011 13" Macbook Air (Lion 10.7.1) -- a few minutes on a fast connection, enter the activation code, and I'm up and running. Absolutely no problems.
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on April 13, 2012
I have Office2008 on two Macs. My main applications are Word and Excel with Excel involving some relatively complex spreadsheets. I was looking to get three things from 2011.

#1 Faster launch and operation.
#2 Support for VBA in Excel
#3 Ability to maintain the current items on my menu-bar and easy access to other functions such as Find/Replace and complex formatting of Spreadsheets.


#1 Both Word and Excel launch very fast with Word having the largest improvement over 2008. In the case of Excel part of the speed is perception; the splash screen and window are virtually instantaneous with the content of the window taking about 2 seconds to fill in. Still, this is much better than 2008.

#2 While I haven't used it yet, support is there with all the tools I remember including the "Recorder" and the "Editor". I can now get rid of all my work-arounds.

#3 I while it took about half an hour I was able to set up my menu-bar identically to 2008 with the exception of the "Find icon/field" locked on the right. While the Find/Replace is definitely an improvement over 2008, it is still somewhat "clunky" and lacks things for a more sophisticated user. As an example I use a program called BBEdit which allows the use of REGEX and has the Find/Replace as a floating window that you can keep open and remove the focus. That is very powerful. I realize that 2011 is more "Apple-ish"; however, that is not always better. As far as the ribbon I haven't used it much but it seems like it may be a more simple way of accessing complex formatting options in Excel and setting up tables in Word.

Last, I used the download option that Amazon offers. It took less than 15 minutes on my 10Mbps connection and the install was straight forward and automatically provided the latest updates. I placed all the things from Amazon on a memory stick to install Office on my second machine with no issue. I also avoided having to reconfigure the menus and ribbons a second time by simply copying /Users/<user_acct>/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/ to the second machine.

Amazon has this on the product page: "Please note: Microsoft Office for Mac Home & Student does not include Outlook." While I don't use Outlook it is included.
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on November 16, 2012
I just downloaded the family pack. I had no problems whatsoever with the download (unlike some other reviewers) but now I'm puzzled about the "family pack" part of the deal. This product title specifies 1 user/3 downloads. However, Microsoft's web-site only displays two versions of Office 2011 for Home and Student -- a 1 user/1 download and a family pack 3 users/3 downloads. I decided that there must be an error in Amazon's title and took a chance on buying the family pack. It came with only ONE product key, however. From my research, I believe this to mean that while I can download the product three times, only one computer at a time can use the software. Some family pack! I bought the family pack so that my kids could also have use of the software.... without us all having to take turns. Anybody have any suggestions what I should do to figure out if I made a mistake buying Amazon's bizarre variant of Microsoft's family pack or whether I'm just doing something wrong?
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VINE VOICEon January 16, 2013
I converted to using a Mac over a year ago, and I tried to use numbers, and pages, and etc.

But to be honest, I couldn't stay away from office. Its too much the standard for everything. I need excel for certain work related functions, I need word for some docs.

I really liked this version of the product. You get 3 copies to use, and we have 3 Macs now, for one price. And Amazon keeps track of the product key and whatnot. For better or worse, I trust them explicitly and I'm happy that they have a copy up there on their servers that I can access whenever I need it (internet connection required, of course). Sometimes things get misplaced and you can't misplace it if its in the cloud.

Downloading and installing was super easy, and immediate. No waiting for the disc to be delivered.

The only negative is that you won't be able to sell your copy when you are done, or give it to a friend. But at $100, or $30 per computer, I think thats pretty much a non issue. The last time I tried to sell used software it was a pain, and I think for some licenses it might not even be legal to pass it on now.

So I think this is a good deal, once you get over the fact that you wouldn't be able to resell your copy if you wanted to. I'm really happy overall.
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on September 17, 2013
I was recently in the Apple store. The newest version is a rip off. It is the same price as this one but it is for only one mac. This version is for 3 Macs. The Apple store clerk gave me and another customer a lot of b.s. how this version wouldn't work as well as the newest version. Hogwash!!! I have a brand new Macbook Air that I bought last week (Sept 2013). This version works perfectly fine. There is no need to throw away a lot of money when these older versions work fine. If this is sold out, I would even be comfortable using the 2008 version too. Microsoft has phased out the multiple computer Office version. You likely won't be able to buy another one like this for a while.
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on January 26, 2013
When I got my iMac (currently running OS X 10.6.8) a few years back, I bought a copy of iWork. While it seemed to do a good job, I wasn’t satisfied with it, so I decided to get a copy of 2008 Office for Mac. Although Office 2011 was already out, I wasn’t sure about getting it, due to the disappointing renditions of Office for Windows. Having recently received a MacBook Pro (currently running OS X 10.8.2), I needed a copy of Office for it. After thorough research, I decided to give Office 2011 a try. At the time, the three download version was cheaper, so I decided to upgrade Office on my iMac as well. All I can say is that I’m not disappointed.

Yes, the appearance is completely different from Office 2008, and some of the commands/menus have been moved again. A lot of the changes seem to be for the better. Commands are grouped together and labeled accordingly. No more searching through menus to find common commands.

I can’t comment on the entire package, because I only use Word and Excel (haven’t used Excel yet). For Word, I think this is the best version I’ve seen since Office 2000 for Windows. I'm really glad that they kept the backwards compatibility (especially with Office 2000).

Download time is a big factor if you choose not to go retail. For me, both downloads took about 20-30 minutes. Unless you have broadband, and you know that it’s fast enough, you might want to think twice about the download version.

The only real annoyance I have is Word/Excel asking you to pick a template when you first launch the program, but this is easily remedied by selecting “Do not show this when opening Word/Excel” after the first use.

For those of you who have left reviews in the past month complaining about Office crashing continuously (and sometimes crashing the Mac), it sounds more like you have a hardware problem – likely having to do with the RAM. I’m not a computer expert, but I’ve been working on computers for about 15 years, and bad RAM is one of the main causes of program/computer crashes. You should really have your Mac checked by an authorized expert.

If Apple wants to sale more copies of iWork, then they should really take some lessons from Microsoft. Until then, this is one area where Microsoft has them beat.
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