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on December 16, 2015
The first question asked by most people who see this film is usually "Where is Sean or Roger!?" They are nowhere to be found in this rare version of James Bond that has been forgotten by most people, even James Bond fans. Bond goes to Switzerland to investigate a potential biochemical threat to Earth! He finds a cross between a brothel and a clinic in the Alps with gorgeous women being "treated" for allergies that turns out to be much, much more than meets the eye. The owner of the "clinic", played by Telly Savalas(Kojak himself!) is a bald(of course!) man named Blofeld that Bond figures out to be a global chemical warfare terrorist! Now Blofeld's plans are revealed, the Earth is in peril, and it is up to Bond to stop them! George Lazenby plays the role of James Bond. Do not feel bad if you have never heard of him. Even Bond fans know this is an oddity amongst masterpieces. Although not as good as the Connery or Brosnan or Craig films, this I feel would make an excellent TV series with the very same cast. You get the idea. Maybe the Man from UNCLE was what stopped them from doing so? Mission Impossible? Similar quality with Bond!
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on June 14, 2017
Although George Lazenby is much maligned for his take on Bond (I think most people's issue with him is simply that he wasn't Sean Connery), I really like this movie. The actual love story intertwined throughout the plot as opposed to Bond's typical womanizing is very refreshing, and I very much like the action sequences. I don't love this films version of the classic villain Blofeld, but I feel the movie as a whole is much better than history treats it. If nothing else, it's a fascinating chapter in the 007 catalog that should not be missed.
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on September 6, 2011
I was never a subscriber to the anti-Lazenby portrayal of Bond. It was, after all, an incredibly hard act, to follow the iconic and predatory Connery. He did a commendable job, even making a gentle reference to his predecessor at the end of the opening fight sequence at the beach. Dianna Rigg was a perfect and `thinking' partner to Lazenby's strong and youthful presence (he, in his earlier day, being the man who was "never alone with a Strand"; a cigarette advertisement shot in film noir style). The action scenes are good; the skiing sequences, spectacular. His disguise - his voice and his kilt - added a light touch in his search for the enemy (with suitably predatory behaviour in his own right). The closing has power; the shock on first viewing (in a cinema in Cardiff in 1970) still remembered. It is one of my top three, along with' From Russia with Love' and `Thunderball'. What a pity Lazenby chose to quit the franchise, being replaced by the ageing Roger Moore; utterly charming but with no gravitas to fulfil the Ian Fleming character. It's one of the best and the music is too.

Ian Hunter.
Author of The Early Years E-Love E-Dreams E-World Three Interludes Love's Anatomy Conversations
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on March 1, 2017
The Blu-ray transfer is razor-sharp---no issues there. George Lazenby holds his own in this movie, no matter what you've heard, especially considering this is his first movie. Diana Rigg---just fine. The cinematography and direction are both well done, the only quibble I have with this movie is the editing. You could have easily cut 25-35 minutes from this film and it would have played much better. Overall, a very good movie that is often overlooked due to its one-and-done Bond.
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on November 13, 2016
This is one of Ian Fleming's greatest Bond stories. This film is the perfect blend of faithful to the story and adaptation to film. It suffers from bad taste to Lazenby's characterization of Bond. It is a 1970s stylized film but still a great bond adventure before its time. I used to write this one off and it was a mistake. See it.
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on July 30, 2014
This is perhaps the most `realistic' and `personal' James Bond film (prior to the tremendous `Skyfall').

"On Her Majesty's Secret Service" did not have the same level of Box Office performance as the earlier `Sean Connery' movies, but it contained Four unique `enhancements' =
1) A more realistic, down-to-Earth scenario whereby James Bond actually loses some of his patent over-confidence, and actually `resigns' from the British M-I-6 secret service!
2) Bond falls in love, and even marries the woman he considers his complete `equal' in nearly every way (played by the incredibly charismatic Diana Rigg, who fully matches Bond in the areas of charm, confidence, intelligence, bravery and especially thrill-seeking!)
3) This story has a much darker (even melancholy, to some degree) tone about it - don't want to give away the ending, for those who have never seen it yet (even over 40 years hence*) ==> but the Finale is actually a bit hard to bear, and unlike anything you will see in any other Bond film, before or since.
4) The Music composed by ingenious John Barry is particularly awesome, and you even get to hear a quite moving original Song sung by the immortal Louis Armstrong! (just can't beat that!)

Seriously, this version is quite `different' from the conventional portrayals = George Lazenby is realistically `low-key' (wouldn't you think real undercover spies should be hard to detect/notice), and he has genuine interest in getting to really `know' the exceedingly beautiful Teresa "Tracy" Draco-di Vicenzo (aka Diana Rigg) = she is not simply a `Bond-girl' pin-Up/ screen-Saver!
They seem authentically & believably drawn to (and made for) each other - most intriguing!

But don't misunderstand ==> there is plenty of fast-paced action (and the typical explosive `smack-down') in the penultimate scenes (with a very subdued and painfully realistic Ending).

Also, Telly Savalas is exceptional as the evil (i.e. the Real Dr. Evil to be exact) Mastermind: Ernst Stavro Blofeld! But even the villain here seems more complicated & multi-dimensional than usual (Savalas being a truly exceptional master-thespian!)

I always liked those Movies that presented a more realistic rendition of the true life of a Spy/ secret service Agent, and the idea that it certainly was/is a real job, with genuine consequences - and not simply an excuse to sit-around a Roulette table all-Day, sipping martinis (shaken, not stirred, of Course!)

note*: unfortunately too young to have seen it originally in theaters, circa 1969 = I first really watched this in the mid-Eighties, on ABC TV (when they used to cycle thru all the Bond films, with commercials no Less!)
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on June 12, 2017
This is, in my opinion, one of the most important films of the franchise. So much of who and what James becomes is the direct result of the events in this story. I know that George Lazenby is the least favorite Bond of the entire franchise. I have met people who refuse to watch this because Moore or Connery were not cast. I find this attitude very silly. Regardless of who your favorite Bond actor is, I advise any fan to take the time to watch this movie. It directly influences every decision Bond makes from this point on.
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on July 6, 2013
My daughter and I made a trip to Switzerland this summer and made the trek up to Piz Gloria in the Swiss Alps. This location is featured in the film. I wanted to see the movie again which I had seen when it was originally released in 1969. I think that George Lazenby did a good portrayal of 007 and Diana Rigg was good as the "Bond Girl." Telly Savalas put in a good performance as the "bad guy". I especially enjoyed the down-hill skiing chase scenes! I have seen all the Bond films and I recommend this one as a worthy installment in the series.
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on November 18, 2016
Despite the absence of Sean Connery, this film stands out because the director, production, writing, and casting tried so hard to make this film on a Connery Bond level from the Russia/Goldfinger period. Compare this movie to Diamonds, they just mail it in, and so does Connery. By the end of this film, you believe George Lazenby is James Bond. It's my third favorite Bond film behind Russia, and Goldfinger. This isn't a knock on Roger Moore, since I believe For Your Eyes Only is fourth on that list. I like the Bond films when he had to outwit his enemies, without many gadgets. Goldfinger is the exception, but you can't deny it's impact on the franchise.
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on November 22, 2016
Always thought this was one of the best Bond movies. A shame George Lazenby never made another. Watch it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
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