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on January 11, 2011
Marcia McClure once again offers up and simply delightful and delicious romantic tale in An Old Fashioned Romance. To me this had all the earmarks of a great 'Hallmark' movie. Break McCall lives in the city but has country in her blood. She is the great-granddaughter of of Jackson McCall (from Desert Fire) and the niece of Michael McCall (from To Echo the Past). She has sweet childhood memories of going to her uncle's ranch with it's wide open spaces and seeing all the fun interaction of family and hearing stories of her great grandfather. She feels such a connection with that way of life. The one perk of working in the city however, is her boss, Reece Thatcher.

Reece Thatcher is a great investigator. Working for Wilson Investigations is something to be proud of. But he was beginning to hate his job. All he sees are the ugly things in life. Especially infidelity. He's not really a city boy at heart but he can't really go home either. Well, he can, but a certain memory prevents him from even considering it. He really likes Break McCall. She's been his assistant for awhile and she's different from other women he's come across. When her friends ask him to dress up like her favorite book character and come to the restaurant where they are having dinner something happens that will change the future for them forever.

I just LOVE the way this author writes. Reese was such a great guy. He loved his family and had such a great respect for them. He really is a hero. Breck was a fun character. The inter-play with her friends is a lot of fun and laughs. I loved the way she wrote into this story that Breck's favorite book was The Highwayman of Tanglewood. What a great touch. You'll find some great romantic tension here and some wonderful kissing scenes but I appreciate how the author always brings it back to the moral decision of not going beyond that. To me that makes it so much more appealing to read. I loved meeting Reese's family. They were a hoot. Especially his two little nieces. You will find yourself laughing out loud as poor Breck blushes with embarrassment. And let me tell you, the ending is worth reading the entire book. Oh man! If you're in the mood for a great romantic tale then I would highly recommend An Old Fashioned Romance. You'll want to be sure and read the author's note at the end as she shares some interesting trivia about the story!
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So in this book we have Breck McCall who is in love with her gorgeous boss Reese Thatcher. Breck doesn't see herself as someone who would catch Reese's eye. She is a honest, sweet and caring person. A country girl trapped in the city, Little does she know that Reese is just a country boy lost in the city too. Thanks to some sneaky work by her good friends, they arrange for Reese to surprise Breck on her birthday as a character out of her favorite book. The night of her birthday they share a kiss and this opens up the opportunity to explore something more than a employee/boss relationship. They proceed with their relationship, even spending the holidays with Reese's family. After spending Thanksgiving at his family's farm Reese realizes what he wants most and that is his country life back with Breck by his side.

Mrs. McClure's books are new to me. I am not one who tends to read books that have a religious tone to them, but I loved this one. She did an awesome job at writing this one to appeal to all audiences. She did not compromise the integrity of her work to do so and I applaud her for that. She kept the clean format but the romance was still in the forefront. Her characters have depth and and are easily relatable.
I like the joke she had in the book about the McCall Ranch. It is call El Costa Lotta McCall Ranch. Reese said he didn't get it at first and sadly neither did I. I admit it that one went over my head. (:
Kay is like me, an avid reader and wanted to tell the world about the books you read. That's why I started a blog. All of Breck's friends, or as Reese calls them the Pumpkin Sweater club, are great friends that we all wish we had.
I liked the romance between Breck and Reese. They have always been attracted to each other but neither thought to act on it until Breck's birthday. It was almost comical when they realized it.

Overall I loved the book. The author did an excellent job with appealing to a wide audience. I look forward to reading more of her books. I rated it a 5 because it surprised me with how much I enjoyed it. This is a clean romance. There is no cursing, violence or sexual situations in the book.
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on August 3, 2017
If you can get past the "Oh my heck"'s (who even uses that phrase??!!) and all the extravagant exclamation marks, this book makes for a very cute, slightly cheesy, romantic read, perfect for autumn. I thought the cover was very pretty, and I love the premise of boss falling for secretary. Breck was very sweet, if not a little innocent, and Reese was amazing. Their kisses and passion for each other sizzled! I wouldn't re-read this one, but I might be interested in more titles by this author.
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on November 23, 2011
I typically don't go for a Modern day book written by Marcia Lynn McClure because after reading probably a dozen of her books, the ones that I always seem to love are her historicals. However, I gave An Old-fashioned Romance a shot and it was worth it. I didn't love it but that's okay, it was still good.

The main Character Breck is sweet and easy to love and so is her mysteriously handsome boss Reese!! They are both enjoyable characters and I really loved getting to know them. The scene with Breck's birthday party was the best!! I loved every part of that experience!! Wish it didn't end as fast as it did.

Even though An Old-fashioned Romance wasn't a favorite MLM book for me, that will not deter me from reading more from Marcia. She is a very talented author and one of my favorites!!
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on July 25, 2017
This book was a joy to read it had love laughter hope and the characters sounded like people I would to be my friends. The author is blessed to have them in her life this book can be read by any age group

Barbara Trudeau
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on April 25, 2016
What a lovely old fashion romance, with all the wonderful things that are hidden in the heart of all woman. Just all the pictures in your mind of romance during the holidays, with a warm family in both heart and harth, sparkling snow on the ground. Wonderful smells of food and a fire burning. Oh My Gosh everything I could dream.
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on April 29, 2012
I enjoyed this book and it was nice. I use the term "nice" because it wasn't riveting, and it wasn't boring. It was somewhere in between. That being said, the plot was easy to follow. The attraction between the two was sweet. It was fairly clean on the physical side of things which I always appreciate. I wish the author would change the cover as to me it seems dated like something I'd pick up at a used bookstore from the 70s. Cute and sweet read if you have the time but don't pay more than a few dollars for it (in my opinion).
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on July 27, 2014
This story had some things that I really liked and some things that I didn't like, thus the three stars. I didn't get any sense of why these two fell in love. I did like the thoughtful and romantic things Reese did for Breck. I didn't care for some of her reactions - they reminded me of a teenager dealing with her first crush instead of a grown woman. Another minor problem is just my own personal preference. - I didn't care for Breck's name. It doesn't sound like a girl's name to me and it threw me off a bit while reading the story. The theme of family and honoring of traditions around the holidays was a nice touch.
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on January 13, 2015
Loved this super clean, super cute romance. Got nothing on my to do list done because reading this book was much more fun. I will definitely read more of Marcia Lynn McClure's books.

ETA: If I'd only known... this was the first Marcia book I ever read. I've now read them all!
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on April 19, 2008
Marcia Lynn McClure definitely has a way with clean romance novels, unfortunately I think this one fell short of the mark. When Marcia writes about the old west she is amazing. I even love her romance novels with Dukes and Highwaymen. This book takes place in the current day and just isn't as exciting. Breck is the Great-Granddaughter of Jackson McCall who is the hero in Desert Fire which was a great book. She lives in a city and yearns for the country. She has a crush on her boss Reese who is a farm boy moved into the city. There are some cute parts but as with a couple of Marcia's books I feel like more character development would have held the readers interest better and made for a more endearing love story.
Final word: I love Marcia Lynn McClure books overall. I would recommend the old west ones before this one though.
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