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on October 10, 2015
I got this cup because of how compact it is (it does indeed fit around a Nalgene bottle perfectly). It was also much cheaper than the Titanium Snowpeak cups that I saw online.

But... it is not at all insulated, so it conducts a lot of heat into your hands, and holding it by the unfolded handles can be awkward. So you have to wait till your campfire coffee cools down a bit before use.

The tragic flaw is that it rusts easily. I only used mine once and rust had already began to form on the top lip of the cup.
This cup has the seed of a good idea, but poor materials and bad ergonomics.
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on July 25, 2011
The Olicamp Space Saver isn't a bulletproof, titanium cooking tool, but it is very affordable and adequate to its intended purpose.

The cup will hold 16 oz. of liquid with enough headroom to comfortably boil that amount. This is exactly the amount of boiling water required for a standard Mountain House 2 serving, freeze dried entree packet. Measurements from 4 to 16 oz. are embossed on the side of the cup, which is convenient.

The cup itself is strong enough to hold up to normal use, but the metal has some give. If you step on it by accident, you'll probably be short a container. The handles are a thick wire. They don't feel particularly sturdy at first, but when I tested the cup on a gas stove (see customer image), I was surprised to find that they work quite well. They are rigid enough to safely support 16 oz. of hot liquid, and thin enough to remain mostly cool to the touch. I could actually pour the liquid into another container without spilling a drop and without a potholder of any sort, an advantage which I had not anticipated.

A 32 oz. Nalgene bottle nests tightly into the cup (the cup is easily removed, but will not easily fall off). I was able to fit the bottle with the cup into the water bottle pouch on an old military backpack with a little care. Any pouch that's made for a 32 oz. Nalgene will most likely also accept the cup.

I'm satisfied with the purchase so far.
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on October 19, 2011
Solid quality polished stainless, made in India. Holds 16oz with about 1/2 inch remaining till the top. No lid, unfortunately. Weighs a hefty 165g / 5.8 oz. A single walled titanium cup of about the same size (like a Snow Peak 600) would weigh less than half this much, but it would cost three times more. Exterior dimensions including the folded-in arms: height 9cm x width 10.5cm. Interior dimensions if you want to make sure your water bottle fits inside: ~9cm height x 9.3cm width. The volume markings on the side are in ounces only, no metric measurements. The lines and numbers are stamped into the metal, so they are visible from the inside as well. This makes them more useful when filling, but it's also annoying for cleanup -- food can get caught in the little concave markings inside the cup.

Update: I haven't seen it offered on Amazon, but if you search elsewhere you may be able to find an "Olicamp Space Saver Aluminum" cup. It's identical to this one except:
- The handles are riveted instead of welded, making it slightly harder to clean because the rivets penetrate to the inside.
- Because it's aluminum, the cup only weighs 98g (3.5oz), much lighter than this one.
- Despite the lighter weight, it holds 4oz more (20 oz total) with room to spare. The extra capacity comes from additional height; it's still the width of a Nalgene.

If you want to save weight and if cleanup isn't a big concern because you'll mostly be boiling water, this could be a great lightweight alternative. Assuming you're OK with aluminum.
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on April 1, 2017
There are a few choices out there for this type of cup. If you're in the market, you want one that fits on the bottom of your water bottle without taking up extra space. What sets this one apart from most, is the lower price, and the marked graduations. Don't let the price fool you, this is a sturdy cup. The steel is thick enough to not dent or warp, and the handles are plenty solid enough to hold the cup full to the brim without wiggling around. The markings are handy for any dehydrated meals or recipes where you need to measure things out. No coatings means it's safe to use in the fire. And added bonus, the lid from my Stanley 24oz pot fits it.

The only reason I can foresee replacing this, is if I upgrade later to titanium.
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on May 27, 2014
I have bought the GSI Glacier cup, and the Ozark Trails camp cup at Wal-Mart.

Both the GSI and Ozark Trails cups have a bevel in the bottom of the cups so the Ozark Trail cup is next to impossible to get it to sit securely on most stoves but especially bad on alcohol stoves

The GSI cup has a bevel in the bottom too just not as steep angle.

This cup has a completely flat bottom and you can trust this cup to work on just about any stove.

Also this is the only cup of the three to have marks so you know the actual amount of water or food in the cup.

Lastly the fit on a Nalgene 32 OZ bottle is perfect. Much better than the other cups mentioned.

If you are a thru hiker or Prepper; YOU NEED THIS CUP. Since a Nalgene bottle nests in this cup you are not wasting space in your pack, and it is the perfect size to boil 16 OZs (2 cups or 480ml) and not boil over. 16 OZs is all you need to rehydrate Freeze dried or dehydrated meals.
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on April 16, 2012
I bought this as an alternative to a $55 titanium cup. It is about 3\4 ounce heavier but the weight wasn't worth the money. Despite some the reviews I read, I'm pleased with this cup. It is sturdy, fits my Nalgene bottles perfectly, and the "difficult to remove" stickers came off in 2 minutes with a dab of GooGone. The wire handles aren't super stable, but which ones are? The measurement graduations on the side could be more clearly stamped but I can still make them out. Overall, this is a good deal for $15 delivered. One word of caution; I tried the fit on 2 genuine Nalgene bottles and it is perfect but the fit on my Nalgene-like bottle is very loose (about 1\8" too big). Small thing but important if you're not using the exact bottle this is sized for.
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on February 21, 2016
It holds fluid, and it's great over a fire! I'm not really sure how this could be much better or worse.

I really like that it nests with a 32oz nalgene or a 40oz kleen kanteen. This allows it to basically take up no space in a bag, though, it can be difficult to extract from most water bottle pockets (not a fault of the cup).

A silicone lining on the handle would improve functionality by reducing opportunity for burns, but isn't absolutely required.
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on May 26, 2011
This camp cup is the perfect size for a penny stove or a canteen stove. It's single-walled stainless steel, so it's easy and safe to boil water in it. The cup has measuring lines on the outside so you can be precise. No more gross soupy oatmeal because you decided to eyeball it!

The handles fold around the cup for storage, and since they're open wires instead of solid pieces of metal, they don't conduct heat directly into your hand. It fits nicely around one of those Nalgene 32oz bottles, but if you're cheap, it also fits around a 32oz powerade bottle. Once you have this cup nested around a water bottle, the whole thing fits nicely into a Maxpedition or ModGear water bottle holder for a compact mess kit.

Another review said that it was heavy, but unless you're REALLY into ultra-light camping, you should be fine.
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on December 1, 2013
Great, with just very minor complaints. I like the fit / size, to go on the bottom of a standard water bottle. The rounded corners on the bottom make for better heating efficiency, less burning, and easier cleaning. (Actually MUCH easier cleaning than another stainless cup I own with a very square bottom corner. It doesn't matter for water, but it does for food.) I do worry about cleaning in the embossed logo area, but food isn't likely to burn in there on the side. The handles are solid. The only other temporary niggle was the adhesive on the label (stuck to the bottom) was extremely difficult to remove. It took a *lot* of scrubbing with Barkeeper's Friend to get off. Some less aggressive adhesive could have been used.
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on December 18, 2014
I bought this cup for use in my bug out bag's cook system, but now it is part of a stand alone cook system for blackouts.

The Olicamp Space Saver cup is very durable, well designed, and (of course) space saving when used with a Nalgene 32 oz bottle.
Along with the Nalgene bottle, both fit well inside of a Condor H2O Pouch. Add a light weight Esbit stove, matches, and a bandanna and you've got an all-in-one cooking system for when the lights go out. Another great thing about the cup is the measurements on the outside and inside of the cup. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and I recommend this to anyone!
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