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Olympus Foam Float Strap (Orange)
Color: orange|Change
Price:$17.90+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 14, 2011
I bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 and wanted a float strap for it, so I bought this one. It works, floats the camera fine. However, I did not replace my camera's strap with this, I put BOTH straps on. So when I'm in deep water where the camera cannot be retrieved, I do NOT trust this strap to hold my camera, I secure the one the camera came with to my wrist and NEVER take it off. I remove this strap via the snap so it isn't in the way when I'm using the original strap. It's very convenient to snap on and off when I want it. Some have said the snap failed on them, but it seems very tight for me, I haven't had a problem, but then I'm not dangling the camera from the strap all the time.

What do I use this for then? I use it when we are taking pictures in the pool and I'm not concerned about being able to retrieve the camera if it sank, but I don't want to HAVE to. This way when I hand the camera to my kids and if they drop it it doesn't end up on on the bottom of the pool and get damaged hitting the bottom.

This is in NO WAY a replacement for your original strap. You cannot put this strap tightly around your wrist, it doesn't get tight even when cinched up completely. It's useful in the pool at home, not while snorkeling or scuba diving.
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on February 21, 2015
Had this on my arm everytime we snorkeled in Maui. I had it attached to my camera (in a waterproof pouch) and it worked exactly as I hoped! I tested it out in my sink at home, and it definitely floats. I even tried it with two items in two separate waterproof pouches: my Galaxy phone and my camera, and it was able to manage both of those with only a slight dip.

I would definitely get this to go along with any waterproof pouches you intend on bringing in the water with you. Even though it stayed around my arm the whole time (I am a woman with very slender arms, by the way, and my fiancé with bulky man arms was also able to wear it comfortably) I had a sense of comfort knowing that my things wouldn't sink to the bottom of the ocean if I dropped them!
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on March 26, 2014
I bought this item several years ago, when I had purchased an Olympus Stylus Tough 8000. It might sometimes get in the way when I was making stills or vids, but was very little trouble to move and I really appreciated the secure feeling it gave me handling the Tough 8000. Regrettably, when I had that great camera mounted on the front of my Doublevision tandem, it became a ridiculously easy piece of equipment to be stolen. No doubt I looked like a blinged-up pimp, and when I finally was able to truly secure it to my Doublevision, a pair of bandits pulled a classic distraction caper. Before I realized it, this wonderful camera was gone, and gone with it was some excellent vids of the Rio Bravo/Rio Grande/black bridge/BOTA/Stanton Street/Puente Santa Fe crossings. Worst of all, a complete vid I had of elementary school students signing former President Francisco I. Madero at the Casa de Adobe ceremony. If there is any kind of a brightness to this dark moment, the 8000 was obsolete, though I had just ordered memory cards to increase the vid capacity. Now I have order an SJ1000 to replace the Olympus, but that action camera is going to take me a bit longer to figure out the operation well enough to use it thoroughly.
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It's bright and visible, no doubt. Easy to spot in the water or out.
The adjustable pinch clip on here lets this function as an arm-band, and the retention clip is easily removed for days you don't need the floatation. Really though, the clip should be closer to the floatie, so you can use the strap without it. As it is, with the fastener disconnected, you would need a separate hand-strap.

I have another 1-piece foam floatation camera strap that seems to hold less water after use. This one has some space between the orange fabric and foam blocks that holds water, so if you want this to dry out, some wringing and shaking is required to force the water out. Not a big deal, but if you're comparing, the design is a big different. The benefit is that the floatation part is more flexible, being segmented like this.

Can't beat the price, and works fine on non-Olympus cameras, of course. Plenty of lifting power for any point & shoot.
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on September 28, 2014
I bought this strap to hold my Nikon AW110 while snorkeling in Hawaii. When I first unpacked this strap, it looked very bulky and cumbersome. But once I got in the water, I found the strap very useful for snorkeling. It fits right around your arm and cinches down, making it very easy to swim while keeping your camera safe. If there's a caveat to this strap, it would be the weak points of the design. For instance,where the orange fabric/float meets the black strap is more weakly attached than the connector to the cord--which makes little sense. And of course, if that click snap detaches while in the water, you could lose your camera. But--neither happened during my week of snorkeling. Conclusion: this is a great strap for the price, although you'll want to watch it for signs of wear/failure.
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on July 13, 2010
I have a Panasonic Luminix Camera and purchased this for the just in case situation where i dropped it in the water. After receiving it, the first thing I did was to test to see if it floated and it did so admirably in my bath tub with my rubber ducky and such.

It is a huge floating orange wrist strap and I can see the need for it if you were to lose your camera in the water, the orange color and size makes it easy to identify and locate. If you have a smaller wrist, it hangs a little loose, but as long as you're not skipping and wildly swinging your arms it's okay.

Like previous reviewers have said, the clip does fit in snug, so I dont really have any fear of it falling out of the quick release, but I do use a Carabiner clip with it just in case. Because my camera fits into a small case, I leave part of the strap attached to the camera, but when its in the snug case, I use a carabiner clip to strap the orange floating strap piece to the key chain fob part of my camera case. When I attach it to the actual camera, I use the carbiner as extra security to keep it attached to the camera.

All in all, it floats well, doesn't soak up very much water and dries fast. It does it's job and floats in the water, I have used it at the beach, and when I was swimming in a river in Mexico. Granted I had it clipped onto my life vest, but it gave me the peace of mind to use my camera in water that was deeper than the 10 ft that my camera could survive in.
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on January 5, 2009
Used this in the pool to test at first and it worked fine there. Camera will sink immediately without this device. Subsequently went to Kauai and tried it out in the ocean and again, worked perfectly even in the salt water. Note that i never squeezed the product in the water (some people have said that causes the device to fill up with water). Point being - don't be stupid and squeeze it. The string (as i call it) that connects the float to the camera seems really flimsy, but it held up fine. Just be careful of friction outside of the water. Bright color is very easy to see. One thing to note is that one has to be careful when taking pictures with this device on, as it may occasionally float into the point of view and thus end up in your picture, but for the mostpart, it stayed straight up and didn't impair my picture taking much. Definitely a great piece to have so you don't have to worry about your $300 camera going down into 50 feet of water, or worse.

Great buy for the price. Must have for open waters.
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on January 3, 2014
I purchased this for a rugged/waterproof camera I recently purchased. I have the same complaints as others. The thing strap attachment appears weak and could easily rip. I compared it with the thickness of the wrist strap that came with the camera. The camera one is also thin (most are) but appears to be about double the thickness. Another commenter recommend a way to hook this strap to the factory strap and I will do that. Even at it's tightest setting, it is loose on the lower part of my lower arm, definitely can be used as a "wrist strap" but could be used as an arm strap. I might not even use it as a strap, more of an added layer of protection only when I have the camera on a boat, in the water, etc.. Likely won't use it when hiking or on road trips due to how loose it is over the wrist.
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on December 27, 2013
I've used the Olympus float strap with my Panasonic underwater cameras cage diving for sharks in the Bahamas, off San Francisco and boating in the upper reaches of the Amazon in Peru.. The make your camera buoyant enough that it doesn't sink and doesn't pop out of the water.

The little string disconnects from the float so that it can be wrapped through the hole that your camera has somewhere. You then snap the little string into the larger one and it set.

It is super quality and it can save a $200. camera. Buy one.
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on November 26, 2014
Bought this for my Panasonic Lumix and it works great. Strap is a little big, but it never fell off throughout any of the water sports I tested it through. I have friends that bought competitor brands and this one floats the best. The floats are seamed into 5 sections and the first section is only submerged halfway into the water when floating. The strap will not even fulling submerge when dropping my camera from 6 ft into the water.

I also took this scuba diving 55 ft without a problem, forgot it was even there.
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