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on September 30, 2013
After receiving this product not labeled "Olympus" like advertised and noticing the sub par quality I became suspicious. Thank you all who rated it one star Im right with you. I decided to go directly to the Olympus web site and when I was redirected to Amazon as the seller at a much lower price I took the plunge. I compared them side by side, took photos and decided to return this 1 star fake. The quality differences are astounding. The stitching, nylon cloth and flotation foam are all different. The Olympus brand is cleared printed on the real one and the workmanship is good. The fake is a piece of crap. The one thing I did notice is that they are both about the same size, made for a large hand. I wear an x large or large mens glove. It does float my Olympus 830IHS and seems to work as described. I would only buy from Amazon since its sellers are not selling the real thing. I sent the fake one back and expecting a full refund as per Amazons policies. If there was a way to give 4 stars to the Olympus floating strap I would do so. I took away 1 star because of the fit. Although adjustable even at the tightest setting it was made for large hands. Also of your not picky on the color I was able to save 67% off retail...again sold by Amazon only.

PS Search Olympus floating strap for more choices
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on May 24, 2017
I'm not 100% sure we got an authentic Olympus product, but it's very similar to the one we already have. The tolerances are just slightly less, and it doesn't say Olympus on the flap like our other one does. Materials feel the same, including the foam. We'll see how it works!
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on January 30, 2014
I was a bit confused about the various reviews mentioning that this is possibly a cheap knock-off and not an authentic Olympus product and/or wouldn't keep my camera afloat and/or was poorly made, but decided to rely on some of the positive reviews and I'm glad I did. This strap worked perfectly and appears genuine.


The photo above shows a white Olympus logo on the black portion of the strap and mine did not come that way. There are no corporate logos or any other writings anywhere on the strap. However it did come in Olympus packaging that appeared to be authentic, with the Olympus logo prominently displayed on the top cardboard portion of the package that was stapled to the clear plastic bag holding the strap. Otherwise, it appeared exactly as the yellow one in the photo, which is exactly what I was hoping to get.

The body of the strap features 5 linked foam pad segments, all covered in a nylon Cordura-like fabric. There is a spring-activated cinch on the cord portion of the strap that can tighten or loosen the strap around one's arm and there is a detachable loop that one frees from the main strap and can then loop through the strap eyelet on the camera the same as any camera strap.

Olympus makes quality products and this appeared to be an Olympus product; if it's not, it's a high enough quality fake that one would have to question why a company that could do this quality of item wouldn't counterfeit something much more expensive instead.


I was a bit nervous about using this after reading some older reviews complaining that it would not keep their older (and presumably larger and heavier) waterproof cameras afloat, so I did the sensible thing - I tested it out in a 2' deep hot tub. It easily kept my Olympus Tough TG820 waterproof camera afloat and, in fact, at least the top half of the strap was floating out of the water - if you look at the photos for the strap, it is separated into 5 segments and the center three segments were out of the water, with the camera apparently held afloat just by the two outer foam segments. My TG820 is an all-metal bodied camera that feels quite heavy, approximately double the weight of other point-and-shoot cameras (according to the product details here on Amazon, the TG820 weighs 7.2 oz.). I tested it out in fairly calm ocean waters and it very easily and visibly kept the camera afloat, with the bright yellow strap easy to see. It did its job perfectly well.


I'm an average size guy with slightly smaller than average wrists and this strap fit me fine. I suppose I would have liked the ability to tighten it all the way snug around my wrist, which I could not do, leaving a gap that was wide enough that I might have been able to sneak my hand out of if I stretched out my fingers and wrist as thin as I could. However, in real life, no one tries to minimize the size of their hand and wrist unless trying to escape from handcuffs and with a normally held hand, I am confident that this strap will not accidentally slide off any man's wrists and probably no women's wrists, either. I used this strap both boogie boarding and snorkeling and had no problems with it in either use.

Another review mentioned a desire for a second, everyday non-floating strap to go with the loop portion that attaches to the camera, but I don't think that's necessary. The loop is pretty thin (but I'm sure it's still probably the equivalent of 100lb test woven fishing line) and will easily slide into the strap eyelet of most cameras without removing the camera's original, non-floating strap. So I just left my original thin cord strap on the camera for use away from water and merely detached the big floating portion of this strap when I wasn't using it in water. The small portion of the end of this strap with clip and loop did not get in the way at all when using the camera's original cord strap.


As mentioned above, the fabric covering the floating portion of the strap appears plenty durable for many years of use. The snap that holds the floating portion on to the loop portion is made of thick, strong plastic and it requires quite a squeeze on the tabs on either side of the clip to disengage the plastic tabs to separate the floating portion from the thin loop attached to the camera. There is no conceivable way I can imagine that this could come lose accidentally if the tabs are properly and fully seated, with a click, into the snap. In fact, my 8-year old was not able to depress the tabs to separate the two parts of the float, and I had to do it. It's not more effort than the average adult can manage, but it's enough to fasten it very securely.

At least one other reviewer complained that the snap broke and he/she lost the attached camera in the ocean. I do not believe that is attributable to the design of the strap and the strap's snap attachment. I would say that the much more likely explanation would be a) that person did not have the tabs fully clicked in and partially snapped, the snap came undone; b) with any plastics, defects in the materials occasionally can happen (maybe from an air bubble or some contaminant fell into the liquid plastic during the molding process) and that reviewer's camera had the bad luck to have such a rare defect on the snap of his/her strap; and/or c) plastic can weaken with time and exposure to salt water or sunlight and maybe after several years of being in the sun or the owner not rinsing it with fresh water after use in the ocean, the plastic deteriorated and weakened. In any event, testing the integrity of the snap attachment with a few tugs before each use should avoid any unintended detachment of the camera.


This strap was well-made, it functions very well and securely, it is very visible if it should ever accidentally slip off my wrist or away from my hands, and at around ten bucks, the price is right. This simply works well and I recommend it.
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on December 26, 2012
I had a medium-weight waterproof point-and-shoot camera that I was snorkeling with, and I didn't want to lose it. It honestly doesn't look like it'll keep a whole camera afloat, but it did exactly that. My only complaint it that the strap doesn't tighten very tight. It won't come off of your hand, but it also won't stay put. Usually, you'd want to be able to move the wrist strap freely, but since the strap is buoyant, it floats to whichever end of your arm is higher, which makes it difficult to have the camera in the right position at all times. All in all, it's a good buy. We used it as the primary camera strap the whole vacation. It's not too bulky.
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on August 12, 2013
I bought this to go along with the Nikon Coolpix S31 waterproof camera that I took along on a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon. I did not get a chance to see if it would keep the camera afloat as I didn't drop the camera in the river. The wrist strap snugged up nice to both my wrist and to my girlfriend's much more slender wrist as well. Yet, the floatation padding didn't make the thing overly bulky or otherwise difficult to use.

For its price, this implement provides great peace of mind when using a camera in an open water environment. I'm glad I bought it and had it along with me as I went down the river.
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on August 13, 2014
I hooked this up to my Coolpix S32 and took it snorkeling in Hawaii. This is a great float. I was never worries when taking my camera in to the water or even taking pictures while leaning over the railing of a boat. This strap made my camera very buoyant and it sticks up over the surface of the water, making finding an overboard camera quite easy.

Of course, I tested this in my pool before being so brave.

The wrist strap is bulky, but it fits well over my wrist. It's not snug, but there's no way it can get over my average male-size without me working on it.
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on March 1, 2015

There is a release button on the strap which conveniently released our brand-new $500 underwater camera to the depths of 90 feet halfway through our trip to Bora Bora. We lost all of our pictures and amazing videos of snorkeling and sightseeing. I was so bummed and confused as to why there would be a release button on something that is meant to help you keep your camera afloat.

Not to mention Im not sure how well the strap actually floated?
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on March 29, 2017
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on May 30, 2015
I just got my foam strap and its an OK product but it is too big for my tiny wrists so I guess I'm gonna have to sew it smaller, but it's not the products fault, nevertheless I would like it to have some sort of mechanism to contemplate people with smaller wrists so it could be adjusted to every wrists sizes.
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on April 21, 2016
Use it all the time with my Sport Cameras when hand-holding them near water.
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