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The E-P3 came out in 2011 as the premier, top of the line Olympus MFT camera. It has a much improved auto focus, movie capability, and this camera cost twice as much as a PL1 and PL2 and it shows up in the excellent build quality and extra features.

The E-P3 takes the same batteries and uses all the same data cords as earlier Oly MFT cameras. There's a built in flash, a large touch OLED screen, and lots more features than older cameras.

The E-P3 is a bargain because it used the 12mp sensor, now replaced by 16 and 20 megapixel sensors in the latest cameras.

But the 12mp sensor made some beautiful photographs, especially JPEG photos, and this model was the top of the line for the 12mp sensor.

The E-P3 is a joy to use, with fully automatic settings and the capability to shoot RAW and set all the camera functions manually.

It's a worthwhile upgrade from any older Oly MFT camera. I loved the E-PL1 and love the flagship 12mp sensor E-P3 even more.

Olympus still supports the E-P3, and it's as usuable today as it was six years ago.
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on November 6, 2011
I've owned several Olympus digital cameras over the years (E-1, E-330, E-3, E-PL1, and now the E-P3) and the E-P3 is by far be best Olympus digital camera to date. Not only is this camera extremely compact while still using the same DSLR-size image sensor found in Olympus DSLRs, but the new auto focus system inside this camera makes it one of the fastest focusing cameras on the market (depending on the lens you're using).

The 14-42mm R II kit zoom lens focuses extremely fast and is good enough for casual/vacation use but the real advantage of a camera like the E-P3 is the ability to use interchangeable lenses. My favorite lenses to use with this camera are the Olympus 17mm f/2.8 pancake lens, the Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4, and the Olympus 45mm f/1.8 lenses. I also have the 9-18mm zoom lens when I need to have a wide angle lens. I owned the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 lens for a while but it focuses slowly compared to the 17mm and 25mm lenses.

One feature that I didn't expect to use was the touchscreen display. I thought I'd just use the screen to compose my images like any other camera, but I discovered that it's really nice to be able to touch the screen EXACTLY where you want to focus and have the camera instantly take the picture.

In any case, the durable metal construction, built-in image stabilization, built-in wireless flash control, and decent 3fps burst shooting mode make the E-P3 a solid DSLR replacement if you're looking for DSLR quality without the bulk. I also have several Sony NEX cameras and lenses and I can tell you that as of November 2011 the Olympus system has a MUCH better selection of lenses ... and that has more impact on image quality than the differences between the Olympus image sensors and the Sony image sensors.
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on January 1, 2012
I tried the other two PENs E-P1 and E-P2 and returned them but the E-P3 is a keeper. It is quick, intuitive, lightweight, a beauty, good quality and most importantly, is capable of great photos. The jpegs straight out of the camera are really impressive. The dynamic range seems very good and the histogram seems accurate in helping to avoid blown out highlights. I confess that I also bought the new 12m lens and find it pro quality when coupled with this camera body. The E-P3's touch screen is surprisingly helpful and the VF-2 also enhances the shooting experience, especially for long telephoto shots, video, bright sunlight and macro. I am amazed at all the potential settings for the camera; It seems that amateurs as well as pros are offered what they need to make good photos and to go beyond just regular shots to ones made more interesting by a wide array of available filters. I tried the body with the OM 35m macro and adapter and it works very well as does the Panasonic 45-200m. The 14-42m II is a mixed bag; its size and weight is amazingly small and light. Maybe its just my copy but its very good at the wide end and not so good at the long end. Overall, this camera and system is great for someone looking for a lightweight alternative to a DSLR system. Compared to my Nikon equipment, this system is miniaturized. It's a lot of fun to discover the potential and features of the camera. The included documentation is less than helpful so it really is a process of discovery; I'm hoping someone will put out a book on the camera's features and that Olympus will continue to support this format.
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on February 12, 2016
I love this Camera. it takes a beating. I recently took a month long tour of Egypt, Jordan and Israel and three cameras rattling around in my awesome canvas camera bag. The dial came off, but superglue put it back on. Of the three cameras I took, this one took the bulk of my pictures. over 2000 pictures just in that span (probably another 2000 at home) It does take really really great outdoor scenery pictures. And the warmth of the pictures cannot go unstated. I have 6 cameras and when I am doing outdoor portraits, this is the best camera. I have put the same pose through my nikons, canon, sony and panasonic and the Olympus pictures have, what I can only describe as "Warmth". I love it. Now taking pictures out a moving bus window or Indoors…Meh
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on January 13, 2014
This camera yields a very fine image in regular manual mode and is equipped with several filter and special effect modes. The zoom lens works great for both far and close up shots. Silver finish looks fantastic and all the mechanics work fine. On-board flash works well for a basic flash. Package comes complete with battery and charger, charger cord, TV and computer hook-up cords, manual, warranty, and lanyard. About the same size as a medium film camera, but at half the weight.
The focal length of the lens handicaps the camera somewhat in low light conditions, but that can be corrected with a shorter lens and tripod. One major drawback of this camera is its lack of a viewfinder; this forces the operator to use the touch screen, which guzzles the battery power like there's no tomorrow. The attachable Olympus Viewfinder is not included in the package. Other than that, this is a great intermediate SLR camera which I would recommend to any aspiring photographer who wants something between a point-and-shoot and a large professional grade camera.
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on July 30, 2013
I bought this camera because I wanted a mix between a bulky digital SLR camera and a point and shoot. It is the perfect fit for me. I am a novice photographer and this camera has been very user friendly. I choose it after watching many youtube videos on different cameras. I really wanted to play with it before purchasing, but there are no stores where I live that carry cameras like this. I am very happy with my purchase. The touch screen to capture is a really fun feature. The auto focus works really well too. Before buying I did talk to a guy who had the camera, his only advice was that in bright sunlight the screen is very difficult to see. Because of this I did buy the electronic view finder. I have found it somewhat useful so far, but have not been with the camera in too bright of sun yet. I like that the viewfinder does not take the place of an external flash, since the camera has a built in flash.
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on February 15, 2014
For forty odd years I have lugged around big (& they used to be "Big") SLR camera's film and digital, now I have seen the light these Micro 4 thirds camera's are fantastic the Olympus PEN series most. Who doesn't want a camera that fits in your pocket and has interchangable lenses ? ? then gives fantastic pictures, thank you Olympus
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on June 7, 2013
I purchased the E-P3 for $379 about the time the E-P5 was announced. Not because the E-P5 isn't a better camera, but because the price for what was the premium Pen in the line is amazingly low for what it offers. It offers fast AF, a nice touch screen, availability of a nice range of lenses, a much larger sensor than point and shoot cameras, great JPG engine, in-body IS, hot shoe and accessory port, good dual dial control interface, decent add on grip, and great IQ up to ISO1600 for the kind of money that doesn't make the wallet or wife/husband shreak in horror. What it doesn't offer is 1/8000 shutter max shutter speed, newest Sony sensor, 5-axis IS, or focus peaking. Of course you can get those feature now on the E-P5 for $700 more than the cost of this camera. But for what it is, this camera takes great pictures and video and offers step up features for a diminutive price. Currently, along with the GX1 is the best value around for a mirrorless sans electronic viewfinder. It would make a great first "serious" camera and is a great side kick for a larger DSLR system. It's a great time to be photographing!
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on October 31, 2011
I am giving 4 starts for the price. Otherwise it is an outstanding camera. This is my first m43 camera. I've owned the E-P3 for a little over a month.

- Very responsive and customizable, which makes it fun to use. Do not underestimate the fun part of having a camera - look beyond the specifications.
- Nice screen.
- Auto focus is stupid fast with the kit lens in good light. Pretty fast with the panny 20mm.
- Build quality seems very good to me.
- Excellent IQ. No its not full frame but if you want full frame - get full frame.
- JPEGS are really good, great color and white balance.
- Did I say that this was a fun camera to use?
- Good lens selection. About all I could ask for now is a lightweight m43 version of Oly's 12-60mm.
- The touch screen auto focus is almost instant and fun to use. Sometimes I bump it accidentally but who cares.

- Sensor is old news, so high ISO can't match the APS-C competition. But don't let that kill the deal, for most stuff you should be using a flash if its too dark.
- A little pricey IMO.
- Kit lens sharpness is not stellar (but good for a kit lens).
- Low light auto focus is not what I would call stellar, but is on par for CDAF cameras.
- 3 FPS continuous is kind slow for a nicer camera. This is not a sports camera.
- I wish the screen was reticulated.

In short it is excellent for everyday use, particularly when you do not want to lug your DSLR around. With the Panasonic 20mm I can fit it into a coat pocket comfortably which is nice. It will fit in large cargo short pockets with the 20, but its a little heavy to walk around with like that. With the kit lens it'll fit in a big jacket pocket, but that is starting to push it. Once you figure out the menu system, you will like it, especially the super control panel, which has been an Oly feature for a long time and is great.

I tried a NEX-5N, and while the high ISO was really, really good (yep, its good), I enjoyed using the E-P3 more. It just feels a lot more responsive, shot to shot times seem significantly quicker. It has a built in flash which does come in handy. You can use other flashes, the NEX is limited (although the fl-36r which I have feels big on it). High ISO is not as good for the pixel peepers but who cares for 90% of the stuff you're going to use. The only reason I would get an NEX-5N over the E-P3 is if I was into manual focus which I am not, or need high ISO a lot.
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on September 3, 2011
Before this E-P3, I had an E-PL1. I was very happy with it - except for the low resolution screen which considerably lowered its usability.

The E-P3 solves this. The screen is great and is even touch sensitive. This adds a whole dimension to shooting with the camera.

Picture quality is not a huge improvement over the E-PL1.
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