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on December 1, 2013
I must say this line of cameras are the best I've ever owned, hands down. I had the first model that came out to go to Costa Rica with. Survived being dropped, stepped on, sat on, cold weather, hot weather, pools, and oceans. After 4 years, I had dropped the camera while one of the little doors was open and it bent the door. It still worked, so I took it scuba diving in Bali and after about an hour in the water the camera died. I took it to the surface only to find it flushed with water - gutted. I dried it out in rice for several days, and although it would turn on again it was never the same. Bought the new model and haven't looked back. I've used it all over the world and in several pools/oceans/rivers and has still provided like my old model :).

One more story that will build your confidence on this product:

I had bought my brother one for his birthday. He studies fish and is an outdoorsman to the max, so he's in and around rivers and rocky terrain all the time. One day he had dropped his camera in the river, and because it was a deep and quick moving river, they couldn't find it. Two years later, they were diving the same river and actually found the camera. The camera still worked!!! It took great photos, all seals were still in tact and working great, and the only "problem" with the camera was that the blue color had worn off in some areas. I could not believe that thing survived for 2 YEARS! I would highly recommend these Tough Cameras to anyone who may be looking for an outdoor camera, a diver/snorkeler, a snow border, or a person that tends to be hard on products ;)
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on July 13, 2013
We purchased two of these (in different colors) -- one from Amazon, another one from Walmart. The wallyworld one already went back. They both have the same problem. The video (while very high quality) has an issue with the audio. There is a constant annoying hammering noise in the background of every video, especially when panning. It doesn't seem as loud when keeping the camera still, but move it a little and you will hear the clicking of the little guy with the jackhammer who apparently lives inside. We've tried playing with the settings, changing everything possible, and problem still remains. So it has nothing to do with settings, the battery, or even the SD card. This is definitely a defect in the Olympus TG-830 cameras. It is such a shame too, because the photos are very good, and the video (aside from the audio) is very good as well. I also loved the fact that it is a waterproof camera that is built to be rugged. I just wish the video was better on it. Maybe they will fix this in the next version. If you plan on only taking photos, you would be happy with this camera. But I would not recommend this camera to anyone who wants to capture their priceless memories onto video (at least not if you want audio to go with it!).

UPDATE: 8/14/13 - After returning the defective ones to Amazon and Walmart, we ended up purchasing one from our local professional camera shop. I had the chance to actually test drive it before buying. And lo and behold, no hammering noise in the video!!! So we finally got a good one. I guess it just depends on where you buy it and which lot they received. After using this camera on vacation, we love it!!! It takes great photos, underwater and above. The video is also very good (both underwater and above). Just make sure underwater you are using one of the underwater settings as it will come out with much better colors underwater. I would really recommend this camera, but ONLY if you can test drive the one you are buying first to make sure it does not have the audio defect.

UPDATE: 10/2/2014 - The camera is still working great after yet another year of underwater photos & videos! Love it!
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on June 15, 2013
This is a great camera for fun outside activities. It was used in salt water, pool water, waterfalls, and the beach. You can take it everywhere with you during a vacation or outing without worrying about it breaking. I had it in my damp swimsuit pocket for hours and it worked great every time I took it out to snap off a picture. It worked well covered in sand, tanning lotion and dry salt Crystals.

It was odd to rinse the camera off in the sink to clean it. I suggest this is done and the camera left to dry before you open any of the compartments. Also be sure to clean the rubber seals well when you re close the doors. The battery life is enough to keep you shooting pictures for the day.

The camera is heavy, but it is designed to be rugged. The indoor and low light picture quality is grainy. The Auto setting has trouble triggering the flash.

In all this camera is perfect for an out door camera. It will go on all your adventures and serve you well.
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on February 20, 2014
This is my second Olympus tough camera. My first one is a SW1030 and is still working fine but is about 8 years old. I bought this one to take over the duties of photo taking on our trips. I did not hesitate buying Olympus given the experiences with my first one. It survived countless trips snorkeling, swimming haning on the beach and in tropical humidity. A few drops and being sat on countless times.

I have the TG-830 for just over two weeks and have been experimenting with the various functions in varying conditions. As with my other Olympus I am very impressed with the capabilities of these point and shoot cameras. But like all small point and shoots has some limitations. I will try to lay out my findings in short points for ease of reading.

1. Picture quality is superb just as many professional photo website reviews have noted as well. (not sure what the reviewers on here that say it takes crappy photos have been doing but it is not the camera.) I have displayed the pictures on my 55 inch tv and do not see any graininess or pixilation.
2. low light photos are good, and the hdr mode makes the pictures very well balanced, but works best on non moving subjects. they are far superior to the ones i got from my other camera.
3. The flash is limited to nearby objects which is expected but works great, used it in restaurants for food photos and subject photos it does not over expose the center of the photo and does a nice job of highlighting the object of focus.
4. Video works well have only played with it a few times, HD is smooth with no noise as noted by some reviewers. When changing zoom or when the distance to an object changes there is some minor noise created by the mechanisms but if there are other noises going on they tend to over power this. Slow mo was good but quality suffers slightly and is limited to only a few minutes of video at a time.
5. Battery Life..... saw several posts of poor battery life. NOT true. I have been using the camera for 2 weeks on the initial charge. I have taken about 100 photos and 5 videos as well as reviewed and shown pics etc to people numerous times. I did however use an external charger (my original camera came with one and just happens to use the identical battery.) Yeh for me now I have 3 batteries.
6. Camera functions are easy to use and access, although slightly different from my current one so I get a bit confused still on the buttons but if this is your first one they are easy to use and intuitive.
7. Start up is quick and multi shots are acceptable, burst mode has not been tried yet.
8. the 5x zoom is good and quality does not suffer,
9. GPS seems to work well and finds its location quickly, i have not tried the landmark function. I generally have left the gps off.

Overall I am extremely pleased with this camera. Photos are clear and sharp, has great functions, I would and have recommended it to many people. I think for the price Olympus makes by far the best all round tough cameras.

I have no reservations about recommending this product.

only 4 stars as like any point and shoot that does everything it has some short falls.
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on October 20, 2014
Overall, a really great product. I have to disclose that I am a professional photographer, so if you're expecting professional results - this is not the camera for you. If you want something rugged, waterproof, drop-safe, sand-proof, quick, easy and for taking quality shots on the fly - go for it! I've tried many cameras like this one and they have all failed. This one is easy to use, has some fun and quirky filters to play with - the GPS feature and Wi-Fi uploading features are fantastic - and it's completely waterproof. I've run it through the gamut. Saltwater, freshwater, it doesn't matter - sand doesn't even phase it. Just use your common sense people and rinse it off after use in harsh conditions like it suggests in the manual. (I have a feeling some reviewers don't actually read the manual...) I took one star off for quality of picture, but like I said, I'm an admitted snob, so take that with a grain of salt. Hope that's helpful. Cheers.
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on May 3, 2015
I've had this camera for a year and a half now and it's been the best camera ever! Olympus makes great quality cameras, long lasting and for a very fair price. I'ved used it for camping expeditions, taking pictures in the sea, touring in the city, I even used it for my last job where I had to do environmental inspections. I have dropped it about three times on hard floor and nothing happens to it, one time that it dropped on hard asphalt, everyone was shocked that it was still working and nothing had cracked! I obviously had a mini-heart attack but just made this buy even better! I also got the Olympus floating thingy that you can leash to the camera so it won't sink in the water, really handy! You can just throw it around in the water so other people can shoot and play around with it.

Picture quality is great! I am no professional photographer but I am incredibly satisfied with all the pictures I have with this camera, perfect for remembering the good times.

Battery is very very, VERY long lasting. You can take the camera out to a three day trip to casually take pictures and you will still have charge left. Unless you intensely shoot videos and look through your pictures every time you take one, then you will need to carry the charger.

It's too bad it doesn't have bluetooth or other wireless functions, but I really have no problem in plugging it in the laptop to get my pictures, it's just as fast and I'm not a social-media fanatic. The new TG-860 does come with wireless connection to send pictures to your phone so that is definitely a plus, too bad this camera will last me for a lot more years though! =)
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on February 18, 2015
Love it! So we had a trip planned to the Dominican Republic and I wanted to get a good underwater camera. I looked at the TG-850 camera and saw the reviews weren't so hot, then I looked at the older TG-830 and saw that they were very good. I sprung on this camera. This camera is TOUGH! I abused the heck out of it in the Domincan and it handled like a champ. I would suggest buying an LCD protector to avoid having sand scratch it. I did, but someone else on the trip had the same camera and theirs was scratched to high heaven by the end.

There are a ton of features on this camera! I loved the GPS to mark my tracks, and taking panoramas was a breeze with the included feature. Some of the rare gripes about this camera are some say that it has poor image quality. I found this to NOT be the case. I thought the pictures were quite crisp, better than I expected. Included are a couple I snapped on the trip.
review imagereview image
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on March 5, 2014
We purchased this to replace another waterproof camera (Sony) that crapped out recently. We really wanted to like this one, but the photo quality was much less crisp than our last one. As you are preparing to take the picture everything looks super clear and crisp on the screen, but the second you take the picture everything turns slightly blurry. We thought maybe it was just something about the screen, but sure enough when we uploaded the pictures to our computer they were slightly blurry. It does seem that the photos taken in the absolute best lighting (outdoors, in good sunshine) were better, but in slightly less-than-ideal lighting (indoors, or cloudy skies) there was a blurry quality to all of the pictures.

I know what you might be thinking, that it was some kind of "user error" like we weren't holding the camera still enough, but we are pretty avid photographers and have never had this problem with other cameras before. Plus we tried the camera under many different conditions, different lighting, etc. and my husband and I both agreed that the quality just wasn't what we wanted. I really think that the photo quality is quite a bit lower than others in this range, so we are returning it.
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on June 20, 2014
Just got this the other day and haven't got to do much outdoor testing yet. It definitely passed the waterproof testing part. No way I am testing the durability.

So many people rave on how good the pics come out, but from snapping pics around the house, it is decent but not great by any means. I'm not technical by any means, but my Sony takes way better pics.

Something that bugs me about this camera is that you can't change a some of settings in the AUTO mode. Digital Zoom and Super-Res Zoom are greyed out. So if using the camera in AUTO, no digi zoom for you and you are stuck with 5x.

The other thing that I did not know before buying is that the movies are in MOV format. I thought for sure it would be mp4.

Overall it is still a decent camera in the TOUGH line.
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on May 1, 2014
I bought these for my company, whose employees use cameras in the field and are pretty rough on them. So far they have been very durable as promised and we haven't had any issues. The pictures come out well. There are extra switches/locks to hold battery and card doors in place, but I think this is part of the waterproof/dustproof protection. Overall a good purchase.
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