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on June 21, 2015
I am a journalist who has looked for the perfect solution for recording telephone interviews for more than 30 years; and I can't believe I've finally found it. I hooked the Olympus TP8 to an Olympus VN-7200 and it recorded both sides of conversations with tremendous clarity. I was concerned that the earpiece/microphone would be uncomfortable in my ear and would feel awkward during a conversation, but found it to be very comfortable. In an absent-minded moment, I sat a yard from a loud floor fan. Before the conversation began, it picked up the loud roar of the fan but when speaking began, the sound of the fan went far into the background. That was a surprise. I highly recommend the Olympus TP8 and I highly recommend this seller. Delivery was lightning fast, and packaging was sturdy yet hassle-free.
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on January 18, 2017
This works as advertised. It's not complicated...think of it like an ear microphone. It's actually one of the best purchases I've made as a reporter for phone calls and court proceedings (I put it under the headphones to get better sound). Very simple to pop in your hear and record calls without having to use some app on a phone that requires merging calls, etc... Even better on the office phone. I just keep it on the desk next to the phone, and since my recorder is on the small side, it's easy to carry around.

The only thing I wish it did was act as a headphone as well so I can listen back after I've recorded something without having to have a separate pair of earphones or listen to it in open air. But for the price, everyone who needs to record calls and the such should have at least one of these.
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on March 22, 2017
This thing works very & I mean very well with the Sony digital recorder I have to record conversations on my cell phone. I found with this I also do not need the big recorder on my land line if I don't want to use it. This goes in your ear like an ear bud, plugs into recorder on mic jack, then it picks up anything it hears very crisply & clearly. It is a pass through mike that is definitely worth the price & very simple to use. Would definitely buy again.
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VINE VOICEon September 26, 2014
I'm a writer and do a lot of phone interviews and use this little device with an Olympus digital recorder and it works just great. You simply plug the mic into the recorder, put the mic in your ear and away you go. The audio quality is great--thought that totally depends on the volume of your phone!

I bought a 2nd as a backup because I think the wire is very thin and might be prone to breaking, but I've been using the first one for a year and it's still working perfectly. I think Olympus pretty much owns this market--and rightfully so.
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on October 16, 2012
I must say I was skeptical about this 'telephone pick-up microphone.' It seemed hard to believe that it could pick-up both sides of the telephone conversation while still allowing the wearer to hear the conversation clearly. But I tried it with my Olympus digital recorder and was very pleasantly surprised. I had no trouble hearing the incoming voice (in spite of having the pickup in that same ear) and indeed the recorder picked up and recorded the conversation quite clearly. Worked great.
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on May 21, 2016
This is an excellent item it does exactly what it's supposed to do. Very easy to use and sound quality is superb. Amazon succeeds again! I placed this order on the 20th of May. it arrived less than 24 hours later with no additional shipping cost. This is one of many reasons that I continue to come back to Amazon.
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on June 26, 2016
I bought this so that I could record phone calls from some idiot who threatened me. i tested it out, and it records both sides of the conversation very well. It's a little inconvenient, since you have to have it plugged in to your recorder and ready for action at any given time, but the audio that you are able to record makes it worth the hassle.
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on July 23, 2013
Works surprisingly well for a phone conversation. Don't buy those cheap Chinese black boxes that take a phone line and output a very weak and hissy signal to a 1/8 cable. You'd think those would work better, but this is FAR superior. I have used this to record international calls for a podcast, and it sounds about as good as the call itself did.

Hold this little mic in front of you and bit off to the side, and it sounds quite a bit better than a cheap lav. Add a clip, and you could use it as a lav. A very impressive little mic. I use it in my Zoom recorder, where it sounds great, and in my Motorola Android phone (with adapter cable) where it sounds pretty good.

If you use this with headphones on, your own voice comes through, but only very muffled. If you crank up the phone, and don't jam the phone onto your ear, then (while it picks up the phone sound well) it picks up your own voice (you who have it in your ear) at an acceptable level, but not as well. For interview purposes, you record the party on the phone with this great little mic, and then while talking to them, you record yourself on some other device. Then, you edit the two audio files together in Audacity, deleting your muffled voice coming through the Olympus, and replacing it with the other recording. Just don't talk over your interviewee.

In sum, a bargain for the sound quality.
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on December 12, 2012
I highly recommend the Olympus TP-8 because :

(1)This is all you need to record on cell phone, land line phone or headset. Conversation is clear and has good sound quality. Background noise is minimal.
Directionality .........: omni-directional
Frequency response : 50 to 16000 Hz
Sensitivity..............: -34 dB at 1 kHz
Output plug.............: 3.5 3-pole mini-plug, monaural
Output impedance....: 2.2 k ohms

(2)Very easy to use. Connect the end with the 1-inch long plug to the microphone jack of your voice recorder. Put the other end with the ear bud (3/4 inch long, 3 different-size black rubber ear bud cups included) in one ear. The 2 ends are connected by a roughly 1.3mm diameter, 4.95-feet long thin black cord.
(3)Talk on the phone like you normally do, with the ear bud in the ear.
(4)Small enough to fit in your shirt pocket. Very light weight, 8 grams.
(5)1-year warranty
(6)Questions ? call 1-888-553-4448

It takes time to research these information. Please click "Yes" below this line if this review was helpful to you.
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on May 31, 2013
This microphone works beautifully, picking up everything I say on the phone quite clearly. Things said by the other person were quieter, and had a slightly tinny quality, as though a recording of a recording, but otherwise perfectly understandable. It is a little annoying to use, because you put it in your ear, and then hold the phone up to that ear, but otherwise, it is literally the only product I have found that will allow you to record a cell phone conversation. It did not make the conversation hard to hear while recording, either, and using the phone was basically perfectly normal. The biggest problem with this product is that it can only be trusted to work with an Olympus recorder. I tried it with a Sony, and it was absolutely not working, which meant that I ended up returning the Sony recorder and buying an Olympus one at the same price. Definitely worth it, because I intend to use these products to record phone interviews for the purposes of writing about the conversations.
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