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Equivalent to 90mm lens on 35mm SLR (or full-frame DSLR camera). A good addition to the 17mm and 25mm fixed lenses from Olympus.

Lens is razor-sharp (I think this sharper than the 25mm and a lot sharper than the 17mm) and the autofocus is quiet and very rapid even in fairly dim conditions (on Oly ELP5 and ELP7 bodies). Great for portraits as others have noted. Bokeh is soft and round (see picture) while detail is razor sharp even wide open. A tiny bit of edge softness BUT only at F1.8 stopped to F2.8 this lens is extremely sharp across the entire field. Good contrast, color rendition, and flare is well-controlled (two included photos were shot into the sun).

It is a small lens, good for portability with a few other primes if you are not into zoom. Minimum focus distance is about 19.5". Focus ring is smooth and easy to control in manual focus mode. Lens mount is metal unlike cheaper kit lenses.

Bit expensive for a plastic body lens. That being said - I have used it a lot for 2 years and everything works fine, so maybe the plastic is adequate.
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on October 17, 2011
I'm using this lens with a Panasonic GF1. Even after having my micro 4/3 for 2 years, I continue to be impressed at how small these lenses are, especially when compared with the huge NEX system lenses from Sony. The Olympus 45mm 1.8 continues that trend with a diminutive size and weight. The plastic body certainly helps with bring the weight down, in contrast to the 12mm all-metal wide-angle also from Olympus. When I set the camera down, the lens doesn't tip the camera over which helps for setting it on a table for time-release shots.

There are sample videos on the internet showing the focus speed on cameras like the GF3 and E-P3. My GF1 seemed to focus a bit slower with this 45mm lens than those cameras, but it was still spot on and almost silent. It was certainly faster and quieter than the 20mm pancake. The minimal focus distance says 0.5m. For practical purposes that means that you can't focus down on someone sitting right next to you but you can if they are one seat over.

Now, you may already have one of the 14-45mm kit lenses and ask yourself 'why do I need this 45mm lens if I've already got that focal length covered?' A few reasons: (1) speed. The maximum aperture of the kit zooms at 45mm is 5.6 which is over 3 f-stops more than the 1.8. That means you get a 1/100 shutter speed as opposed to the about 1/10 shutter speed of the kit zoom. (2) bokeh. The 45mm produces that great blurry quality in the background while keeping your subject sharp. Kit zoom lenses almost never produce those great images. (3) weight. Except for the new pancake 14-45mm zoom that panasonic recently came out with, this lens is smaller and lighter than the other kit zooms out there.

The other lens in the micro 4/3 system at this focal length is the Leica-branded 45mm macro lens (f2.8). Despite the same focal lengths, the lenses couldn't be more dissimilar. The Leica is about $300 more, produces great macro shots, is over 1 stop slower, and it focuses slower. The Olympus is positioned more accurately as a fast portrait lens.

The images are sharp without distortion or any visible artifacts. But, for a more scientific look at sharpness and chromatic aberration, etc, check out dpreview or Finally, aesthetically, this is a great looking lens. If you are planning on getting a filter for it, the diameter is 37mm. It does not come with a lens hood. I personally like the silver color which looks cool on my black GF1. Even though it is plastic, it feels like a pretty solidly constructed lens.

I preordered in September and it came in 1 month later. There are some excellent sample images on flickr if you still need convincing. I would highly recommend this lens if you are planning on being invested in the micro 4/3 system.
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on February 11, 2015
Fantastic lens quality! Wish I'd had this sooner!
The kit lens that came with my Olympus OMD-E-M5 is a 12-50mm / f3.5-6.3 and I'm very satisfied with it. Except at the long end (50mm) the largest aperture is the f/6.3 - which in low-lighting just doesn't cut it.
Also, there is the problem that a zoom lens - at least one I can afford - is never going to be as sharp and contrasty as a good fixed length lens. And baby, does this 45mm from Olympus show it in spades!
As an added benefit, this is a tiny lens! At least compared to the kit lens. For anyone with a micro-four thirds mount and a smallish body, this lens is a great addition.
The only caveat is that being made by Olympus and intended for their bodies, it doesn't include image stabilization. So if you're a Pany user, be forewarned. Otherwise this lens is a real keeper - and it's relatively inexpensive (as lens go).
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on November 30, 2015
I recently switched into the mirrorless world when I was finally converted with the Olympus OM-D E-E10 Mark II. I've been very familiar in using nifty 50mm f/1.8's on my DSLR so this was of course the next logical lens for my new micro lifestyle as I love taking portraits and low light images. So far my experience has been amazing. The quality of the blur or bokeh is amazingly smooth and really compliments how sharp and detailed it is in the focused area. I also need to mention how fast this lens is because I definitely get my value with its quick autofocus abilities and smooth transitions that are also great for video. My only minor complaint is that the lens feels plastic-y and cheap compared to other lenses, but I find this somewhat beneficial because it makes it super light and great for travel.
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on November 24, 2013
If you're not in the mood to read my full review, just go with the five star rating and buy the thing.

This lens should not be your first choice if you're looking for your first four thirds lens. For this you should get an "all-around use" wide angle lens (see the ultra high rated Panasonic LUMIX G 20mm f/1.7). Keep in mind that this 45mm lens in four thirds has a 35mm focal length equivalent of 90mm. Thus you will not use this lens to take pictures of objects you are standing close to.

Why buy this lens? I bought this lens to accompany my Olympus OM-D EM-5 (highly recommended) for the purpose of taking portraits as well as telephoto uses (such as taking a National Geographic quality shot of a possibly rabid raccoon up high in a tree). The wide aperture of this lens easily allows you to take well-exposed photos with a blurred background effect. Also the combination of the huge lens and wide aperture allows you to take pictures without a flash in extreme low light conditions (almost like night vision... totally Splinter Cell style). The auto focus is fast and precise but it's kind of fun to manual focus with the easy to grip large ring.

Most importantly the photo quality is incredible. I'm big into shooting outdoor scenes and often have people ask where I "got my pictures from" as if they came from the internet. But, if you're into taking pictures of people instead of nature, you could buy this lens, spend one afternoon training yourself on its use and subsequently be qualified to make money shooting wedding photos.
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on January 5, 2015
Can't say enough good things about this lens. Equivalent to a 90mm field of view with gorgeous shallow depth of field. Small and compact. I use this lens for event work and interviews as well as detail shots/b-roll. Very versatile for a prime. Creamy natural bokeh offers excellent separation of subject from background. An absolute must have for any professional kit. Performance and quality far exceeds the modest price. One of the best value m43 lenses available. I use this lens on every shoot multiple times. My favorite prime, hands down.
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Just as all reviews have stated, very optically clear, precise, detailed. For this focal range a must have for micro four thirds. Very small, inconspicuous, with great image quality. Very well built. Highly recommended.
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on December 15, 2016
I've only had this lens for a day and it is already my favorite. I was concerned that the autofocus wouldn't work as well, but it does. I absolutely love the pictures it produces with no effort - so professional looking!
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on May 18, 2013
I quickly abandoned the kit lens that comes with the Olympus E-PL1 and E-PL5 (14-42mm) in favor of the Panasonic Lumix 20mm which is a wonderful and incredibly fast lens.

I was convinced that was all I would need, since I could use my Olympus f2.0 50mm macro with an adapter as a fast "portrait" lens.
I balked a bit at the price of the 45mm since I was convinced I was covering the same territory.

I was wrong.

This lens is perfect on my E-PL5. Why?

1) Incredibly fast (and accurate) auto-focus (This was problem with the older 50mm macro lens).
2) Small and lightweight. I don't know how they managed to get f1.7 in such a small package
3) Wonderful image quality. Google my name and you'll probably find some of my photos taken with this lens.
4) Looks great (if that is important to you). I think the silver lens on a black camera looks as a camera should.
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on January 26, 2015
So far so good for the price. A little stiff mounting but not overly so. 37mm is a small screw in size for filters. Decoration ring slides off rather easily and not sure of its purpose actually. I am ordering a rubber folding screw on hood for the lens. The focal length is a useful one and the tiny size makes nice company for a small mirrorless model by Oly or Panasonic. Kind of toy like feel but optics do the job and that is what counts.
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