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on December 12, 2013
A great read in learning how first to find yourself, recognize the narcissists you may have in your life (I was guilty), then how to recognize Mr Right Values. Ladies, you must value YOU first and foremost. Having a narcissist in my life, I could not hear my soul speak, his noise was so deafening. Once he was completely gone (sometimes it takes a while to pry them out of our lives), I could hear myself again. Trust your instincts, ladies! If you start to feel like you are losing yourself in a relationship and that other person is attempting to take control of everything, run like hell! That uh-oh feeling is there for a reason, please listen to it. The most important gift we can give ourselves is to keep our power. Ask that question boldly, "Are you worthy of ME?" Morgan, your book has made a difference. I will always ask that question!
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on September 3, 2012
Morgan Rose, the author, is an amazing woman. I purchased her book out of respect and loyalty. Then I read it and realized that this book is a huge resource for men as well. While reading Morgan's book, I began to soul search within myself as to what kind of husband am I to my wife. It has been a motivator for me to want to be the Prince of her life and certainly not the Toad.

The other powerful message that you will read in this book is just how important it is for us fathers to raise our daughters so that they won't fall into the pond of "Toads". Our relationship with our daughter(s)plays a huge role in whether our daughters find their 'Prince", or whether they keep kissing the Toads.

As an educator, I see so many young women who have not had a father role model in their lives getting into unhealthy relationships where they are left wounded, used, abandoned, and then they are on the same path and the same cycle, and with the same results. They are desperately swimming in a pond of "Toads". Morgan's book "On Becoming NaughtABimbeaux" will mentor women who have fallen into the pond and don't know how to get out. She clearly gives the steps that will empower, heal, and pave a new path for women to break the cycle, realize their self-worth, and most of all....lead them to their Prince!
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on October 12, 2014
I've been following Morgan Rose on Facebook for a while now. Morgans posts, often, have been very encouraging to me as I reflect on my previous relationships and a previous abusive marriage of 2 decades. So, when I heard about her book, I knew that I had to read it. I was not disappointed! I could not stop reading it - I read it in two days! It is an enchanting and enlightening read, easy, but Morgan has really put her heart into this book and it is very helpful. If you feel that you need really need to let go of something to move forward in your life but find that hard to do, this book will encourage you and give you guidance in letting go. I was recently divorcing and had to let go of the relationship. I remembered that one time I wanted to work so badly, but deep down I knew it wasn't working. I had been struggling with that decision, this book again opened my eyes to what I needed to do. I recommend this book to any young woman, who is just starting the relationship game, and also ANY woman who finds herself, consistently choosing the wrong boys/men. This book is a MUST read, for all women, young or old. It is very insightful and it can save you a lot of wasted time and heartbreak throughout life. Much gratitude to the author, for sharing your heart, lessons learned and insight! Your a beautiful soul, and thanks for reminding all of us females we are each beautiful too, and we ALL, deserve to be loved! - Namaste
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on February 5, 2014
This is the best self-help book for relationships. It doesn't teach you how to snare a man, it teaches you how to identify the RIGHT man, and how to weed out all the rotters! It is very readable.... you can read it from front to back, and you can dip in for advice! If you are wondering why you haven't found a man, or why you keep picking the wrong guy, look no further. This has everything from teaching you how to reclaim your power, to the daddy-daughter relationship, to understanding color analysis (so you make a good first impression!), and even a section on handwriting analysis (so you can immediately tell if you have encountered a narcissist, for e.g.!).
This isn't only for the single people out there. This book also has some interesting sections on the Biology of Bonding, how your childhood (and the man in your life's childhood) affect our relationships. I think it's really important for parents to know how their bonds will influence their childrens' ability to bond in the future.
All in all, a must read. For everyone!
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on January 3, 2014
Within the pages, you will find a journey to find yourself and love that is WORTHY of you. And with Morgan's background in psychology, I really enjoyed her clinical expertise and experience balanced with the easy-to-read stories about love. In the first half of the book, Morgan focuses on the discovery of yourself and at the end of each chapter there are exercises to journal and really ask yourself the hard questions that I tend to avoid or deny. Wow, those exercises are empowering and eye-opening! In the second half of the book, Morgan reveals the psychology of men and exposes the red flags or warning signs to be careful of.

I truly enjoyed this book and have learned a lot about what a genuine, healthy relationship is and feels like. I highly recommend everyone read this! Whether you're a father who wants their daughter to find love, or a divorced, single, or married woman, this book is for you!
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on August 24, 2015
This is a good read for girls who are in search of a partner. I would say learn about yourself and your flaws first before you set out on a journey to finding a partner as we tend to forget our mistakes while dissecting others flaws. Most of the times it's good to compromise on few flaws to save a relationship rather than compromising the relation as we as humans didn't come to this world to wander alone and struggle for our single existence but to learn from each other through multiple relationships. Weaving the relationships in the society while growing as individuals is essential to individual success.
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on March 3, 2014
This book should be read by all women, preferably before they contemplate marriage. If this book had been available to me before marriage, I would have known the man I was dating was a narcissist. With this knowledge, I would have known I could not please him, and that the problem was not "me". This book is so clear in explaining the different personalities that women should avoid. Not only does the book explain the men we should avoid, but the last chapter deals with finding the "right man", a man that every woman so lovingly deserves.
I so highly recommend this book. The message in this book can change how men treat women, and how women expect to be treated by a man.This book is empowering!
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on January 22, 2016
This book is a must read for anyone whom is struggling to find the romance you deserve. I was tired of the players, liars, manipulators, abusers and manipulators in my life so through my niece I discovered this book. As a child of sexual abuse that would always wind up in abusive relationships. The time had come for me to say enough is enough this book has changed my life.
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on January 2, 2016
Loved the journaling throughout the chapters.
Very encouraging and multiple references for additional reads.
Handwriting analogy was very informative.
I would recommend to all women who need to be reminded of their worth.
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on June 5, 2015
I got interested in the book because of the author's Facebook posts. It's a book that encourages empowering women, which is always a good thing, in my book. Not every chapter applied to me or my life, but that's ok. I found myself nodding and agreeing with parts as well. It would be particularly useful for women struggling with issues, but is a good read for women interested in self-exploration as well!
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