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on July 16, 2012
Bottom line: Reasonable service, but if there is any confusion, be sure to use the 888-804-7726 number instead of Amazon or Dish customer service.

The reps who called to schedule the appointment were very courteous and accommodating. The technicians called ahead to confirm a time and in the end did a thorough and careful job mounting the TV.

However, the work order they had was for a "free installation" which did not mention the "included wall mount bracket and HDMI cable" -- they wanted to know how I was going to pay for those. I showed them the page (which has it right in the title) to no avail. I wound up speaking with their "DASH" call center reps who were no help -- they knew nothing about a partnership with Amazon and my request to speak with a supervisor was not honored. I conferenced in Amazon's customer service, who was a nice enough guy and tried to help, but his word carried no weight with the folks at Dish.

After an hour of frustration with the install halted 75% complete, I tried the number above. It turns out that is a special number for this partnership and he immediately knew what to do. After a few attempts he was able to get the work order changed which satisfied the crew. If you find yourself in a similar situation, I would go straight to that number.
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on March 1, 2013
I ordered this installation product for a 64" Samsung tv that I bought 18 months ago and have had on a table waiting to install.
Our installation was complex (special masonry/plaster wall) and I was very impressed with the diligence and capability of the install team.

The team did a bunch of research first and when we scheduled the install they came prepared with the right equipment, knowledge, and a great attitude. They put booties on and were clean and professional throughout the job. They worked with me to position the mount and humored my need to get the bolts installed just right.

At the end of the session they did a full cleanup and walked me through the install to get my approval.

I will always hire these guys for if I get a new TV installed!
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on March 7, 2013
I needed help setting up a new, larger TV within my existing home theater setup. I could have done it myself, with a little help lifting, etc., but the time savings and expertise of some professional help looked good to me. Plus, if there had been any issues regarding the new TV I would have a pro installer to back me up regarding the situation.

The service was easy to schedule, timely, friendly and the installer knew his stuff. He even had shoe 'booties' to protect the house's new carpet. Just properly installing the TV stand would have taken me maybe 30 minutes--he had it done in 5.

When done, the TV was working perfectly and setup was just as I asked for.
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on January 20, 2013
I purchased the DISH On-Wall installation at the same time I purchased a 65" Panasonic plasma on Amazon. The first step was to call DISH and speak to someone about scheduling an appointment and answering some questions about tv type, wall type, location of outlets, etc. I was told it was no problem to install on a brick fireplace and also the Panasonic plasma would get a heavy-duty full motion double arm mount because of its weight.

The installation guys came out a week or so later at the correct time. They were polite and wore shoe covers. Upon seeing the rough-faced brick in my fireplace they were concerned about drilling into it so he called his supervisor to inspect it. The supervisor felt it would not be a good idea to install a mount into the brick masonry because of the uneven face and due to the weight of the plasma (100+ lbs.) putting too much force on the brick. He said he would research a solution, either using epoxy/longer lag bolts for the wall mount or going a different route and ceiling mounting the tv. I was ok with either option.

Another week went by before I heard from him with a ceiling mount option. He said he could order a black Sanus mount that sold on Amazon for about $200 (Sanus Systems LC1A-B1 Tilt and Swivel Ceiling Mount for Large Flat Panel 37-70-Inch TVs). I had also done some research and found a similarly priced commercial grade ceiling mount in a white powder coat finish from Atdec (Atdec TH-3070-CTW Mount for LCD and Plasma 30IN To 70IN Up to 200LBS). I emailed him the cutsheets and mounting details. It supported more weight, had four bolt attachment points rather than two, had a wider range of motion, and also in my opinion looked more attractive so I ordered it with the DISH supervisor's approval. He said if I wanted the Atdec mount I would have to pay for it out of pocket at first and then DISH would compensate me for it. He also threw in an extra HDMI cable at no cost for the inconvenience.

Going back to the installation, another couple weeks went by before the Atdec mount arrived and DISH came out to install it. This time it took them about 2-3 hours to find a ceiling joist location, install the mount, run the cabling, mount the tv, and tidy up. However, the installer did not have the cable covers as shown in the brochure photos, so he had to get them from the warehouse and come back the next day to finish.
He did not have the elbows or junction pieces so the finished product looked incomplete. He said he would come back in a week's time to finish it properly but never did. SEE PHOTOS.

Another two weeks went by and I contacted the installation manger and sent him photos of the install. He agreed it was unfinished. He had not heard from the installer that it was incomplete. He said he'd get the extra cable cover pieces and come out in a few days to finish. True to his word, he came out and finished the installation by sawing several smaller pieces with a hacksaw to make the 90 degree bend. I thought he did a good job although some may think it looks a bit rough. The installers also ran my speaker wire under the floor and drilled holes through the wood floor and coordinated the location in the basement below. SEE PHOTOS.

Overall I was quite pleased with the finished installation, except for #5 below. I believe this job was atypical because of the brick masonry and the problems it posed. I felt we came to a good solution by mounting the tv to the ceiling instead of the fireplace. It took about a month and several visits from start to finish to get everything completed. But in the end I think we made the right choices.

My reason for giving them less than 5 stars is for the following reasons:

1. The unfinished business about refunding the cost of the original wall mount ($99), or covering some of the cost of the ceiling mount which I paid for out of pocket ($215).

2. A general feeling that they were inexperienced with some installation details, esp. regarding masonry and which mount was appropriate for this application.

3. Not having the proper supplies on hand in regards to the cable covers and elbows.

4. Not completing the job 100% and not following up on all commitments.

5. Damaging/denting the back of the tv during the installation and not telling me about it. I understand accidents happen but please tell me if they do and we can work out a solution. SEE PHOTOS BEFORE AND AFTER.

******UPDATE 4/2/13******

Over a month ago I was contacted by a DISH rep about trying to make things right. He has been very willing to make everything better and bring the installation up to my satisfaction. In fact, he went so far as to offer to replace the TV for me because of the damage the installers did to the back of it. The timing is actually very good because the Panasonic plasma has started going to a black screen from time to time, so I think something on the inside must have been damaged too. I am currently out of town on business, but he assured me the new TV will be waiting in their warehouse until I return. So, based on this turn of events I am going to upgrade my rating to reflect this effort. Thanks DISH for trying to put things right. I will update again once I get the replacement TV and see the final product. But I am very pleased to get this response to my problem.
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on February 22, 2013
I had bought a 60 inch tv from amazon and was afraid that my tv stand would not be strong enough to hold my tv so after reading reviews on here of dish's wall mount service i fig. i would give it a try. I placed the order on a monday eve. and they was at my house 2 days later and was surprised they could be there that fast. After placing the order i got a call from a dish rep. telling me how the procedure went and what to expect and what my options was so i knew everything that was going on. They arrived on time and there was 2 workers and a manager with them,the main tech. guy did a great job showing how the tv would look(they used masking tape measured out to show where tv would sit) and if i was happy where the tv was going. I told them yes it looked good there and he drilled the holes and made sure that it was perfectly level(they even showed me it was) and then mounted the tv to the wall. After placing the tv on the wall we realized it was a tad to high so they took it down and moved it down to eaxactly where i wanted it. i felt alittle bad having them go through all that but they insisted it go where i wanted it so i would be happy. All in all i can say i like the tv mounted on the wall alot better and if you want your tv wall mounted and lack the tools,time or ability to do it yourself then def use dish/amazon to have it done. They def care about the customer and go the extra mile to make sure it is done right and that your happy. One thing i left out was before making any measurements etc. they showed me the diff. walll mounts they had and let me pick which one i wanted( full motion mount is what i picked).
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on December 3, 2012
I had an almost identical experience to Larry N.

Ordered a 55-inch Panasonic ST50 plasma on Black Friday and added this service to my order. Almost instantly received a phone call from Dish to schedule the installation. When I inquired about using a full-motion bracket rather than the included regular one, I was placed on hold for nearly 30 minutes before being told it would be an additional $100. At that point, I gave my credit card number over the phone, and a $100 "DISH Network - One Time Payment" charge appeared on my credit card statement.

Fast forward to a week later. Although I scheduled to have the installation between 9-12, I received a call from the technician at 7:45 ON A SUNDAY MORNING. Okay, I thought, at least we'll have this done quickly. How wrong I was.

Luis the technician (who was great, by the way) informed me that he was going to install the TV with a tilt bracket. When I mentioned the full motion bracket that I had paid for, he looked at me like I was speaking Greek. Not only was this bracket not listed in the work order, but he did not even have one in his van. It turns out that they did have the bracket in stock in the nearby warehouse, but we would have to modify the work order before they could bring it to us. This is where the fun really began.

Luis called the Dish customer service number - why he doesn't have a direct line to these guys is something I cannot begin to fathom. After being put on the phone with a customer service rep, I told her my whole story, at which point she HUNG UP ON ME. We tried again, and this time I was told that the price for the full motion bracket was actually $199, and that the additional $100 I had already paid was FOR AN HDMI CABLE!!! Ultimately, this woman gave us the 888-804-7726 number that Larry mentioned in his review.

Finally, we called this number, and although we were put on hold for at least 15 minutes, the work order was modified. Another technician showed up with the bracket shortly after, and the process went smoothly from there.

The TV is now mounted perfectly, and I have nothing but praise for the job Luis and his partner did. However, between the bungling of my order, being hung up on by customer service, and spending nearly two hours getting them to deliver a part that I had already paid for, I cannot fully recommend the Dish installation service at this time.
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on February 3, 2013
This service is exactly what I needed. I have a 42 in TV that I've purchased about 2 years ago for a bedroom. I bought it from a vendor who doesn't supply TV mounting in my area. I don't know why, I am not in a remote area. Anyway, I purchased this service from DISH/Amazon to have the TV mounted on the wall with a cable box, blu-ray dvd, and vcr connected to it. The 2 guys that came in were very professional. They covered their shoes when they came into my house. They explained to me that I could have the cables to the devices hidden behind the wall (all except the TVs electrical cord of course). I did not want that option so I let them run the cables down the outside of the wall covered by paintable moulding. An HDMI cable comes with the service, however in my case they provided additional cables as the cables that I had for my dvd and vcr were too short for mounting. Once the bracket is on the wall at the height you want they can adjust the TV from side to side on the wall until it is in the exact position that you want before they finish the install. Afterwards they vacuumed the floor and took away all empty boxes, plastic, etc. left by the mounting bracket, and cables, etc. that they have used. The only thing left was the stand that was attached to the TV before mounting. In conclusion I would say, I loved this service, hence the 5 star rating. I was looking for this kind of service when I first purchased my TV. I would recommend it to anybody who wants their TV mounted professionally. I would absolutely use this service again and probably will when I purchase a new TV for the living room.
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on September 6, 2012
I bought my mother her first HDTV flat screen and hired Dish Network to set her HDTV up for her since she had Dish Network as a provider. The installer did not want to set the TV up. It was "He said that was not his Job" I had to call the company so they would call him and tell him that was part of his job now. Then come to find out he did it wrong. The picture on the TV was bad. And it was not the TV. The dish on the roof was set up wrong and after they were told it was set up wrong no one ever came out to set it up the right was. This was a waist of 89.00. I had to hire someone else to come in and hook this up the correct way.
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on September 24, 2012
When Dish called me for the appointment, I told them I want to hang my TV on a wall above the fireplace. The gal asked me what other items do I need to connect to the TV, I said a DVD player and a sound bar or some type of sound system. I also told her that I have not bought the sound system, but it will be something simple. At that point in time, she could have told me that there would be extra charges to connect the other components - $199 for the sound system and $49 or $59? to hang the TV above the fireplace. But nooooo, she asked me if there was anything else, and I said that's it. I could have decided to cancel the order at that time if I had the proper information regarding the additional charges.

Technicians arrived on time and they were courteous. When I told them what needed to be done, that's when trouble started. The technician said there is nothing on the work order regarding hanging the TV over the fireplace and the other components.
I was on the speaker phone with the Dish guy re. the work order for over 30 minutes (the technician, the company and I were all trying to get on the same page and figure out what happened). The guy over the phone was trying to be helpful. At one point I told everyone to cancel the installation order since I was really upset. Then they put me on hold. We eventually agreed that there will not be any extra charge to put it up a wall above the fireplace. The lead technician said he will help me with connecting the other 2 components. He did says he would help me with the DVD player even at the onset since it was easy. He helped me with the sound. Mind you, this was not a 5.1 system, but a Bose GS Cinemate with 2 little speakers. I think it took him about 5 - 7 minutes.

Bear in mind when Amazon delivers the 55" TV, their people will open the box, put it in the stand and test the TV and remove the box. By the way, the team delivering the LG TV was great (***** service) But since the installation was to be done on the wall by a different party, they have to leave it in the box (since it's not on a stand). I do believe that Dish will not open any boxes (big or small) - items have to be ready to go for them to install. They will not remove any TV box either. Maybe Dish should give all these information to the customer at the front end to avoid false expectation.

The End Result: I am going to get my contractor to come in and pay him extra to hide all these dangling wires. I didn't like the way the technician proposed using the wire concealing channels. His idea was to cut pieces of it and tape it to my wall and run the wires to the bookcase next to the TV. I guessed the description of "concealing source cables behind the wall" did not include drilling through walls - so how you you conceal? The entire process was a big disappointment. I should have my contractor do this installation and save myself $249 and a lot of aggravation.

Fast forward to 10/9/2012
Joey from Dish called to apologize re. massive confusion. He said the company wants to make everything right for Amazon's customers. The wiring issue should have been taken care of and included in the price (i.e. conceal behind walls - if need be - the technician should have drill through the wall/bookcase - they have stud finders and all the tools to do all that). There should not have been any extra charge for hanging the TV in front of a fireplace. He said if you buy the installation service thru Amazon, all these would have been included in the price. Now mind you, the DVD player and my Bose Cinemate were simple hookup. We are not talking about the 5.1 or other complicated system. One caveat - if in doubt, ask the Dish representative when making the appointment. If customers had not purchase the installation from Amazon, they would have to pay extra for concealing wires behind wall, install over fireplace, extra to hook up other components.

Joey was very apologetic (so much so that I felt really bad about unintentionally raising my voice when I first talked with him). He came across as very sincere in righting the wrong. He offered a full installation refund. It's rare nowadays for company to treat customer service as a priority. I would definitely give DISH installation another chance in the future. I would have given six stars had it not been the confusion in the front end.
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on April 21, 2014
1. I was in a hurry to get next day scheduling after I purchased this dish home service, Dish folks in 888-804-7726 was super helpful and got this taken care.
2. Technicians (2 of them) came on time and gave me a call before arrival
3. This is a install over fireplace so a bit tricky than average install given the TV was a 70-inch
4. They did not have the right TV mount because some issue with stud spacing in my house.. so they asked me to buy a wall mount and gave me exact specifications.
5. They came the next day promptly.. got the TV installed with fantastic fit and finish
6. My TV developed some technical issue so I had to swap it out with Sony
7. They came again as a courtesy service to help me out in getting the TV swapped out.. this is amazing
8. Also I got an amazon gift card for buying the mount.. because the original purchase does include mount + 1 HDMI cable.

I’m using dish TV mounting service through amazon for the second time and I’m very pleased with Seattle dish TV installation team.
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