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on May 6, 2017
Good read. An interesting story and a real heart-string tug for women old enough to maybe have experienced errors/false moves committed in youth--"consequences to follow". Or, worse yet, damage caused by others who should have known better. The emotional toll on Mimi's life was profound and I do hope writing the book was cathartic. What an interesting window into the lives of "the rich and famous". It must be lonely up there in the stratosphere; it can obviously be ugly, too.
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on September 24, 2016
Subject very interesting. Story well written. An easy read that was hard to put down once you started reading. I would recommend this book.
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on September 13, 2016
I read this book in one sitting because it was riveting . Thank you Mini Beardsley Alford for sharing your story .
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on April 3, 2014
A very interesting enlightening story of Mimi Alford which not only chronicles her internship in the White House and losing her virginity at 19 to one of the world's most powerful men at the time, JFK, but also her later life and outcomes that have attributed to her present life. People shouldn't be surprised as JFK had a reputation as a notorious womaniser, even after he got married and had children. The largely male dominated media were well aware of this, but chose not to report on his dalliances as they didn't believe or care in reporting on public figureheads' private lives as long as they did their jobs. Plus JFK had established a good rapport with the media. This encounter in his wife's bedroom ignites into an 18 month affair, highlighting their various clandestine (known to some of JFK's inner circle like Dave Powers) rendezvous and trysts in various places around the country, a pregnancy scare, and drug use. She has never met Jackie Kennedy as her office was situated in the East area, whilst she worked in the West. We also get a glimpse into JFK's dark side, he had an adventurous reckless trait and even used her as guinea pig to try out some drug. He even asked her to give Dave Powers and Ted Kennedy bjs. Contrary to what some people have mentioned, Alford never once said that JFK raped her, she even helped him undress herself down to nothing but a bra on their first encounter. After reading I couldn't blame her, she was awestruck and infatuated with getting the attention of JFK, a man she clearly admired. And also with her sheltered background, lack of experience with the opposite sex, naivety and in those days sex was a taboo topic. As an intern and JFK's teenage mistress, the special treatment received from the president (such as getting to join and travel with the president's press group) got some of her more experienced colleagues angry and bitter.

Unlike Marilyn Monroe, she never expected the affair to become anything serious. However during the affair the author met and fell in love with her future husband, leaving Alford in the dilemma of having to balance 2 lives, her affair with JFK (JFK knew about her boyfriend) and her courtship with Tony. However her affair with JFK was toned down due to Jackie's continuous presence at the White House as she was pregnant with their 3rd child Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, who unfortunately dies 2 days after his birth in August 1963. We are given a glimpse to the human side of JFK, such as his grief and tears upon the death of his baby and how it had evoked a renewed sense of responsibility towards his wife and family. JFK even gave her an engagement present. Alford recalled her last meeting with JFK in New York a week before his assassination. Despite the end of their sexual affair, his exterior friendly mood and attitude towards her never wavered. He gave her $300 to buy anything she wanted, it was his wedding present to her. Even though he was disappointed in the conservative choice she picked, nevertheless he gave her a long hug and told her that he was going to call her after his trip to Texas (made me tear up). She was supposed to join him on the trip but was dropped from the roster due to the First Lady making a last minute decision to join her husband on the trip.

Her affair with JFK returned to haunt her on 22 November 1963 when JFK was assassinated in Dallas. Initially in denial about the president's death, upon seeing JFK's casket being carried out of Air Force One on broadcasted on tv, she tearfully broke down and confessed to her fiancé about her affair with him. Instead of ending the engagement, he barred her from mentioning anything related to JFK, or inform anyone about the affair. To erase reminders of her affair with JFK to appease her husband, she gave away his gifts and destroyed an autographed photo of JFK. This submissive attitude and other unresolved issues lead to the deterioration of their marriage in later years as it was revealed that Tony never forgave her for the affair with JFK. Over the years after the divorce, Alford went through a journey of self-discovery and reassurance, which is admirable as she took the bull by the horns and finally took charge of her life. Kudos to her for a good book showing that it's never too late to speak out or to stand up for one's self. This is especially highly recommended for those who want to know more about JFK.
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on November 12, 2015
I couldn't put this book down. When Mimi wrote this book, she did what she wanted to do, as opposed to what other people want her to do. It appears to be a liberating move on her part where a weight is lifted off of her. The book shows how engaging in sin has highways and byways as the effects of the affair traveled into her marriage in a damaging way. JFK uses Mimi for sex. I wish Mimi stuck up for herself in the very beginning. By reading this book, you can learn from Mimi's mistakes and apply them to your own life decisions. You learn that everyone has to love themselves first and if you give a man an inch, you set a precedent, then they are going to take a yard at your expense. Well written. Credible.
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on September 23, 2016
Great book.
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on December 3, 2013
I enjoyed the book for most part. I understand the need to get to know the author by learning the details of her life leading up to meeting JFK - and they were interesting. The final third of the book was not all that interesting....and frankly, as a result, I was happy to be finished with the book. The middle 3rd was great as it dealt with the JFK years. Very, very interesting. I will forever view JFK in a knowing and different light as a result of the book. I knew he was a womanizer so that didn't faze me...but the way he operated when he decided he wanted someone as a sexual play thing....simply assuming they wanted him too - that was an eye-opener. And the fact that he kept the relationship going despite her being a self-professed plain Jane, that surprised me. I assumed that he would only want the super-hot girls. JFK also seemed to enjoy her company in non-sexual ways. Who would have thought that to be the case.

All in all, it was a good read.
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on September 27, 2014
This is a great book, not for the usual reasons. It offers insights into JFK that are simply not available elsewhere. It completes the portrait of him that you find in the usual places. The second reason for the book's greatness is that Mimi Alford is herself a complete human being. It's not by chance that Kennedy chose her to get close to him. In literary terms, the book is handsomely written, not a word too long, and impossible to put down. It's indispensable to a full understanding of JFK and an invaluable testament to the times in which we've lived.
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on May 9, 2015
Mimi's honesty is appreciated and I was really impressed with her writing style. I actually read this book within a few days of receiving it because I couldn't put it down and I'm a male reader. This book will provide you with inside information from a first hand account that may shock you. I have decided that JFK used "relations" as a relief valve. It is shocking that he and his inner circle were so brazen and calculating. Thank you Mimi for setting the record straight.
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on June 8, 2014
Once this women was outed as one of Kennedy's conquests, the true story of a president who appears more like a lecherous creep as reporter James Rosen wrote in 2012, destroys the myth of Camelot. Although a hero of liberal progressives, this was a man who, according to the books author, did not even share the same bedroom with Jackie. Apparently his picadillos were not entirely secret. And it was Jackie's bed he used to complete his conquests on young interns. The afternoon swims in the white house pool with his conquest, his brother Teddy, and two now-identifed white house administrative women known as "Fiddle" and "Faddle" is a real eye opener, to include "Jack's" good friend whose job was to keep him supplied with "new diversions." This book makes one wonder how Washington insiders can sleep at night, or look themselves in the mirror.
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