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We are HUGE Dr. Seuss fans in our home, where I babysit our two grandsons, ages 5 and 14 months. Given the four year age difference between them, their interests and abilities are quite different. When #2 came along, with all of the instantaneous needs and demands involved with a newborn, I wanted to make sure to be able to carve out several special "one-on-one" times throughout the day with my older grandchild. One of those was lunchtime, when Baby Brother was napping and we could curl up with his choice of several Seuss books I'd read to him while he was eating his lunch. Little Brother is now awake at lunchtime, and while he's content to sit in his little chair munching away and listening to the stories I'm reading to Big Brother (even though he can't understand them yet), he definitely DOES understand - even at this young age! - that Grandma is spending focused time with Big Brother... after about a half hour or so, he gets ancy and lets me know that he wants his share of focused "Grandma-time" too! Enter "I Can Draw It Myself, By Me, Myself", and two other interactive Seuss books - such wonderful ways for my older grandchild to entertain himself and stretch his creativity and imagination while I'm focused on the younger!

We've collected every Seuss children's book, but there are three books in particular that we ordered two copies of, because they can be personalized by our little guys to make them truly "their own"! This one, along with "I Can Write! A Book by Me, Myself" and "My Book about Me, By Me, Myself" will become treasured keepsakes, little "snapshots" of where they were developmentally that they can look back on one day with a smile. Our older grandson will start all-day kindergarten in August, so this summer is the perfect time to share his set of personalized books with him. This one is just great... each page has colorful Seuss drawings that are incomplete, with his typical whimsical rhymes accompanying them, and your youngster "completes" the drawings him/herself! The back of each page is blank white, where a child can use his/her imagination to dream up and draw even more creatures. It comes complete with four crayons as well!

We've thoroughly enjoyed being able to so closely participate in and observe our grandkids' growth and development, and finding new ways to encourage both. These books have been fun tools to use toward that end! (The only drawback about having the opportunity to spend this much time with our grandkids is that as they head off to school, we're going to experience some level of "empty nest syndrome" all over again! That's okay... the laughter and memories we share makes it all worth it.)
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on May 15, 2016
My mother really likes the big orange book of beginner books. You also have a blue, purple and a green book of beginners. We think these books should be numbered so people can know which book should be read first. We believe that the orange should be read 1st. Not the blue book. But my mother really likes these books. She get really excited when she reads. She can't believe she can read english.
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on March 7, 2018
I have read my 58 year old (1960) edition of this book to our grandchildren practically every night they are with us. Our special needs grandchild, who can't read sentences yet, quotes it to me exactly word-for-word, while I turn the pages - several times each night! This year my 1Fish 2Fish finally started completely falling apart - then we found this one. It is exactly EXACTLY like the original. And maybe in 58 more years will be read by my grandchildren's grandchildren!

Some works of literature are timeless.

This is one of them!
review image
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on May 8, 2017
I have a young grandson who doesn't like being in the car for any period of time. This is great for him. He can look through the book as he's listening to the story and it keeps him occupied. And he's been introduced to Dr. Seuss in the process!

The book is just as I remember Dr. Seuss books from my childhood and the CD is of good quality. Very crisp and clear in our car CD player.
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VINE VOICEon July 11, 2011
Dr. Seuss never ceases to please the reader, especially at any age. Though it may have been unfortunate that I had not encountered the complete bibliography of all of Seuss's works, but now have the opportunity to delve back and explore the exciting and humor of his literature with greater insight and enjoyment. Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! possesses those traits throughout the book and more.

With most Seuss books, it is best to read each and every one aloud in order to experience the wide-eyed and unpredictable characteristics of Seuss's stories or simple narratives that any reader will be able to grasp. In addition to the impeccable prose of rhythm and rhyme, the illustrations and the unique images that each page contain may appear far-fetched and something from another world that only Seuss could create. But for Seuss readers and aficionados, indeed, it is a Seussical world where the creatures and oddities exist of Guffs, snuvs, Bloogs, and the Vipper of Vip as well as a pool of purple elephants.

But upon completing Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! The fun and excitement has just begun. Or follow the words of Seuss, "And you don't have to stop. You can think about SCHLOPP. Schlopp. Schlopp. Beautiful schlopp. Beautiful schlopp with a cherry on top."
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on December 4, 2016
This was one of my kid's favorite books during bedtime story time when they were little. So much so that I still have parts memorized, lol. Now my grandbabies love it. ♡
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on June 21, 2014
I got this for my little ones because I hadn't seen it in the stores before with all the standard Dr. Suess classics. After having had it for years my kids still ask me to read this to them on a regular basis. It's not very long and it's not one of those books you cringe at reading over and over to your child. I would recommend it to any Dr. Suess fans out there.
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on August 19, 2016
“One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” was one of my favorite books as a child. I grew up infatuated with rhyming and this book amazed me. Seuss introduces many odd characters through the book and laces their odd situations with even odd-er (if you will) rhymes. The way he writes is ‘child-ish’. He writes in simple english but loves to throw in made up names accompanied by illustrations of made up characters. “ Bump! Bump! Bump! Did you ever ride a Wump?” (Seuss12) A Wump, actually, is a Camel-esque animal with excess hair and a ‘happy’ posture.

Illustration and font choice play a huge role in children’s literature. In most children’s books, you'll find that many are filled with pictures and silly fonts that are meant to draw a child’s attention to the book. Seuss follows close to this guide with his illustrations but strays away when it comes to the font choice. It seems like He used the default font that came on whatever word-processor his publisher used. If I had to guess, this may be because the book is aimed more at the parent reading the book to the child. I believe that the simple font choice also opens up more space for the child’s imagination to run wild with the illustrations.

Being one of Seuss’ more famous books, it’s odd that there is no real theme, recurring at least, that I can find. Seuss only spends one to three pages on each set of characters and then completely turns 180 degrees to another set of characters and a whole different story line. Really, the book is made up of a lot of story segments that loosely, if at all, tie in to each other.

The tone of this work is “playful” (the best way I could think of to describe it).
“It’s fun to sing
if you sing with a Ying.
My Ying can sing
like anything.

I sing high
and my Ying sings low,
and we are not too bad,
you know.” ( Seuss23)
As a kid I loved hearing this book read to me. My parents would always change their voices to the character they were reading and always put extra emphasis on the rhymes and the made-up words.
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on June 7, 2016
I think that the whole set of Beginner Books is wonderful. There is the green book, purple, blue, red. I am very fond of all of them and they give a variety of stories to enjoy. When I read my kids books, it is nice to keep the same book out for a few nights of reading. When they are older, I can use this to teach them to read without having to resort to something boring like the Dick and Jane books. I plan on collecting them all in the end.
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on September 29, 2017
This was one of my daughters favorite books when she was a little girl. Now she’s having babies of her own so I bought this for her. I wish I had kept the original with the cookie crumbs smashed between the pages. 😀
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